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“Explain to him in the next lifetime why he dead”

"Explain to him in the next lifetime why he dead"

Mekielle Pullins

In case you ever wondered if monsters exist in our world, read the story about 22-year-old Mekielle Pullins of Indiana.

Back in July, she triggered an Amber Alert when she allegedly abducted her own kids, ages 2, 3, and 7. Luckily, they were found to be unharmed and have been placed with the Indiana Department of Child Services. It’s what she did while she was on the run that’s been grabbing headlines.

Pullins is accused of allegedly abusing one of her kids while recording it and sending the videos to the kid’s father. Investigators say Pullins covered her son’s mouth and nose and recorded the child struggling to breathe. That’s not even mentioning the messages she sent to the boy’s father…

“Bout to call police so they can come get his body.”

“Explain to him in the next lifetime why he dead.”

“I’m stabbing (the child) 2 night I hate him.”

“I wish u never gave me him. I don’t love him or you. U used me for a baby and money then left me on the side of the road and left kids n shelter with not one call in weeks.”

She even allegedly threatened to molest the boy and sell him.

It’s one thing to be mad at your child’s father for being a deadbeat dad, it’s another to choke your own child to get back at the father. We all know how hard it can be to try to get child support out of someone who refuses to pay it, but if a dad won’t pay, an innocent child shouldn’t have to pay in his blood.

However, she just wasn’t mad, she was violently insane. Hopefully, the kids can find a better life either with their father(s), other relatives, or through the foster care system. She should never be allowed near a child or see the light of day ever again.

(Thanks to Lady Gray for the assist)

Hospital of Horrors

Wilkes County man sentenced to 26 to 33 years for abuse of child at Baptist Hospital

Man pleads guilty in assault of 2-year-old girl

On March 27, 2011 2 year old Maddison was sent to Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC after suffering from seizures. It was discovered that Maddison had a skull fracture and bleeding on the brain. The cause of those injuries has never been discovered because what happened next to that sweet little girl is unthinkable and completely avoidable.

While sleeping in her hospital bed, little Maddison was poked in the arms and belly, she was backhanded, hit and punched, she had her leg repeatedly twisted and her nose was squeezed over and over in multiple attempts to suffocate her.

While she slept IN HER HOSPITAL BED.

You always here about children being hurt in their homes, but this little girl was in a hospital bed. She was supposed to be safe. Security videos taken of her hospital room show Jacob Andrew Minton, 28 beating little Maddison over a 5 hour period while her mother sleeps nearby.

My first question after reading this was where were the doctors? The nurses? Wasn’t anyone watching this little girl? The nurses were only alerted that something was going on after the little girl’s monitors kept going off. For 5 hours though?

When authorities talked to Minton he claimed that he was impaired from drugs he got from the girls mother, Melissa Holland. His attorney, Cara Smith stated that her client “…didn’t know what he was doing.”At the time of the hospital attack, Holland, who was pregnant at the time with Minton’s child did not wake up because she had taken Xanax, an anti anxiety medication.

Minton, who has coached youth athletic teams in the past, did not try to excuse his actions. He was apparently horrified to see what he had done to Maddison via the security tapes. He plead guilty to 11 counts of attempted first degree murder and 4 counts of assault on a handicapped person. (Maddison was considered handicapped because she was sleeping at the time of the attack) in Forsyth Superior Court and was sentenced by Judge Todd Burke to 26-33 years in prison. Holland was not charged as there was no evidence that she hurt Maddison.

Holland has since lost custody of Maddison and her older sister (unnamed) who is about 6 years old. Maddison, who had to learn to walk and talk after the incidents on that day is said to be doing well.


I was a single parent with two little boys for 10 years and I know how lonely it can sometimes be, but no man is worth risking the life of your child, ever. Women need to be more careful who they let into the lives of their children. Minton is said to have been sexually assaulted as a child, a trauma that he never received care for. You have to wonder if Holland would have allowed him near her kids if she had been aware of that. These are things we need to know about our partners and other people we are letting near our children.


In April 2011 Brenner Children’s Hospital was placed on probation when the adequacy of their security measures was called into question. The hospital is said to have increased security measures and all employees took a mandatory course on how to handle abuse that happens at the hospital.


Thanks to Mary for the tip


******Special thanks to Amanda for the write up.

Man Cuts Unborn baby from wife.

Jeffery Reynolds accused of stabbing pregnant wife, cutting fetus out of stomach
Louisiana man slashed wife’s throat, cut unborn child out of her abdomen, sheriff says

This story is pretty screwed up.  It’s the story of Jeffery Reynolds, 28 of Walker Louisana who got a lot knife happy.  The mug shot above shows him sporting what looks like a pretty good bruise. I hope it’s the the start of many many more for what this animal did.
Reynolds must have snapped, but the motive is currently unknown, in an attack on his 7 1/2 month pregnant wife during which he slashed her throat, performed a crude c-section, and stabbed his baby to death. I have said and will continue to talk about the innocent, the beauty and the gift that babies are.  I can’t imagine what that poor woman must be going through.  One minute she was preparing a nusery, prewashing tiny little clothing, checking the diaper and wipe stock and the next she’s in the hospital fighting for her life and mourning her precious little child.
No one knows why,  police are hoping that at toxicology report will supply a motive.  The couple also has a 6 year old son, whom was seen in the company of his wacko dad a few hours before the attack. That child is currently in the care of relatives. Sheriff Jason Ard described the scene of the attack like this “I’ve seen crime scenes before but this was a very challenging crime scene. They all are, but this one was one that I, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this.” 
Police have charged Reynolds with 1st degree infanticide and 2nd degree attempted murder.   He is being held in leui of $500,000 bond.

What the hell is wrong with people. You don’t want another kid, get a divorce, leave. Don’t cut an unborn baby out of a woman who by all apperances wanted this baby.  Someting is seriously wrong with this guy.  The mother has been upgraded to stable condition and is expected to recover.  I hope her first stop leaving the hospital is to the divorce attorney. It might be wrong but I hope Jeff Reynolds be cut up in jail. 


***Thanks for the tip and write up go to my darling, Jackie.

The Devil Made Another Mom “Do It”?

Mother charged with slashing the throats of her two children
Mothers accused of slashing childrens’ throats

The Prince of Darkness has been super busy lately.  He’s got a lot of shit on his plate, ya know, with the state of mankind and all the bad stuff,  he’s behind.  But, he still had time to get into the head of 39-year old mom of two, Sherry Kay Resser, and you know how this story goes…..

Last Saturday, Sante Fe, NM mom, Sherry Kay Slasher…I mean Resser seemed normal to her friend and those around her, up until she slashed the throats of her two sons ages 6 and 8 with a box cutter. A witness who had dropped the “son slasher” off after they had dinner with the boys said she had spent most the weekend with Sherry.  She didn’t notice or think that the kids were danger. The unidentified woman, who wishes she could have done more (don’t all witnesses say that?), also said that Saturday, Sherry “had this look, where she would just look at me, and it was like an empty gaze”….Hmm, drugs? Whatever the gazey look was, it wasn’t good because without warning Sherry ended up slashing her boys’ throats.”‘Why did you just hurt me like that? Why did you just do that to me?’” the witness said she heard being screamed by one of the boys. Can you imagine having your mom come at you with a box cutter, just slicing away? Holy Shit.

Sherry then put the boys in her car and drove them to Christus St. Vincent Hospital, where one of the boys had to get stitched up.  The Devil didn’t make Sherry do it yet though, first, a family friend was blamed for the slashed throats of her sons….well, and that’s what Sherry told police.  That lie didn’t fly seeing as the boys filled the cops in on mommy being the slicer.  They found the box cutter wrapped in tissue  inside a dumpster at the hospital, so that’s when good ol’ Satan shows up to save the day…uh, oops, I mean bad ol’ Satan to make a defense. He brought along his buddies bipolar disorder and schizophrenia too.  Sherry told investigators that besides her having the mental illnesses, she began having bad thoughts and decided to cut her sons’ throats before anyone else could harm them, or worse, the devil could take them away.  Alright…this is my problem; she was slick enough to lie and hide the weapon, so this whole crazy, “devil made me do it, I’m mentally ill” crap doesn’t jive right with me. But she drove the boys to get medical attention so maybe she is hearing voices and being controlled by her mental disease? Meh…I don’t know, but the why does the Devil get dragged into it? Oh yeah…cause it’s bullshit.

Anyhoo…Sherry faces charges of attempted murder, child abuse and tampering with evidence and she is being held on $200,000 bond. When the judge read the charges to her and asked her about legal counsel, Sherry (who btw has no prior arrests or record) whispered that she could not afford a lawyer but didn’t want to be represented by a public defender….Seriously? Wow.   I think that mental illness defense might trump the devil in this case.

Her two sons couldn’t be placed with the father because he’s a criminal *shocker!*…..but they are safely in the care of the state. What do you all make of this slicin’, dicin’, devil blaming, bitch?  Are you buying the mental illness/devil did it routine? I myself think there is more to this story, and I have some questions that I can’t get answered from the reports I read. Has she been treated for mental illness before? If so, how serious was it? Was she medicated?  Why were the kids in danger from the devil, when they were obviously in danger of their mom? And is it just me or does whole thing scream drugs? Illegal and/or legal drugs?

Thanks April and thank you very kindly for the tip Lisa  

**Special thanks to Shannie for the write-up.** 

Just Good ‘Ol Fashioned Evil


3-year-old stabbed to death on West Side

No bond for father charged with fatally stabbing son, raping mom

Father Charged with Stabbing Son, 3, to Death

Here’s the unmitigated deal folks…it seems that some people out there apparently have no actual respect for the sanctity of life, nor do they seem to want to somehow grasp the notion of appropriate societal interactions.  Take Gregory D. Sandifer for example…here is the paragon for all that represents malice of forethought, irrational violence, wicked intentions and just plain good ‘ol fashioned evil.

 The despicable scene opens in Chicago where Sandifer, for reasons known only to him, decided it was about time he had some sex with his baby’s mama and off and on again girlfriend.  Meanwhile, it seems that the girlfriend had managed to acquire a bit of discern in regards to the slug who fathered her child during their numerous separations and vehemently refused.  Well…you know how it is in the city and in the mind of pestilence such as Sandifer…Georgey just wasn’t going to take no for an answer.  Not only was he not going to take no, he decided to take it a step further and stab the woman repeatedly…because nothing gets a gal in the mood more than an improvised hack job on an otherwise pleasant day in the neighborhood and surrounding vicinity.  It must have done Sandifer a bit of good because he brutally raped his girlfriend, causing more injuries (emotional and physical) in the process of it all.  Because this was a process folks…most things are.

 As he was already warmed up from this assault, he quickly turned and brought his blade to the attention of his three year old son by the most brutal and inconceivable means that ever existed.  He stabbed and he stabbed…and he stabbed until the child lay dead in a pool of blood exuding from the multiple stab and slash wounds with tedious precision.

Well, not a man to leave a job unfinished, Sandifer turns to look for the mother…and he finds her.  A struggle ensues and with the good grace of luck and those above, she manages to get the knife away from our vile protagonist and toss it out the window.  Naturally, Sandifer is upset by this action, after all, he was having a helluva time with the knife and she had to go and ruin his fun time activity.  At this point, the woman attempts escape and is quickly dragged back inside by a more than seething Sandifer who punches her multiple times in the head, face and neck and…for that special touch, he pummels her with the family television.

The rest of the story is nothing more than Sandifer’s flight from the police…a bit of a scuffle with the officers and his eventual arrest in which he only surrendered because he was “tired and thirsty from fighting”…well really now, who wouldn’t be…after all, it’s been a big day for Georgey and he needs his rest.  The police tote him away and he is hospitalized for his injuries from the incursion with the law.  Jolly good.

So where does that leave the mother who was also hospitalized and is currently listed as critical.  Does it leave her in a good place in her heart because this scum bag illiterate worthless fuck of a human being not only attacked and raped and almost killed her, but he also took from her the most precious thing she has ever had…her three year old son?  Does it leave her with a sense of relief that she survived the brutality that took place that fine Friday of September 8th?  Does it leave her forever numb and burdened by the guilt and the grief and the indescribable pain that holds it all in place?  I’m sure you’ve already decided.

They say there is a special little nook…maybe a cove…in hell for people of this heinous subspecies of humans.  The kind of creature that has no regard for life and no respect for the boundaries that comprise society as a whole…the kind of soulless yet seemingly animate sewer dreg that has it inside his entire being to murder a three year old by knife…yeah, they say there is an exclusive place for them in hell.  But you know what?  This kind substandard freak of everything that can go wrong with a “human” will find long before he makes it to the Biblical accounts of fire and brimstone and eternal suffering that his soon to be new friends in prison won’t cotton much to Sandifer’s deeds.  Crimes against children just aren’t as …um…”appreciated” in the penal system and all its little penalite members…so rest assured dear reader, these inmates will surely have a special place for Georgey as well. 

Thanks to all who sent in this tip.

***Special thanks to my darling,  Gorafalo, for the most amazing write up***


Your Own Abuse Demons Are No Excuse to Hurt Your Daughter

Father suspected of major crimes against his 8-year-old daughter

Family reels as sheriff suggests father may have tried to kill daughter

Sheriff: Injuries indicate father tried to kill his daughter

Man accused of crimes against daughter claims he’s been abused

Fair warning friends – Mama is super pissed about this one and my opinions are running rampant. If you’re feeling sensitive today, you may want to move on until your big people panties are out of the dryer.

What should be one of every parent’s worst nightmares?  Waking up in the middle of the night to find your child missing?  Well, that’s exactly what happened around 3:45 a.m. Wednesday, July 27th when Ray Salvador Coriell’s wife called police to report her 8-year-old step-daughter missing from their Bakersfield, CA home.  Panic quickly engulfed the neighborhood as the family frantically knocked on doors asking if anyone had seen her.  Everyone assumed a stranger had broken into the home and kidnapped the girl.  Unfortunately, we know that not to be the case since we all know the special breed of evil we feature here on our pages.  She turned up roughly 6 hours later nine miles away, badly battered and completely unaware of where she was or how she got there.  Thankfully, she was found by an upstanding citizen who gave her water and immediately contacted police.

The little girl was taken to Kern Medical Center where she is recovering from her physical injuries and being guarded for her safety.  Her injuries included a black eye nearly swollen shut, multiple bruises and abrasions, some of which required surgery, as well as evidence of sexual assault.  So, you ask, which breeder was it?  The step-mother?  The bio-mom’s fiancé?  Nope, the responsible party is none other than the piece of pig shit father.

Thursday, the day following his little girl’s disappearance and on her actual 8th birthday, Coriell sent a text to his wife stating something to the effect of “I love you, goodbye.”  Concerned about her husband’s state of mind and still unaware that he was the only suspect in his daughter’s attack, she called the police and they surrounded the home with crisis negotiators and such trying to diffuse the situation.  Normally I would say that suicide is an extremely selfish act and you should consider the impact on others before taking your own life but in this case, I think I’ll make an exception.  Next time, don’t bother pussy footing around with telling someone about it just do the world a favor and rid us of your worthless self.  Anyhoo, after a 7 hour stand off, Coriell was arrested on a warrant for kidnapping with the intent to rape; intercourse with a child under 10-years-old; kidnapping a child under 14-years-old to commit lewd or lascivious acts and attempted murder.  The attempted murder charge stems from the severity of her injuries.  Police believe he intended to kill her and very well may have thought she was already dead when he dumped her off in a dirt field under a full sized sofa.  He’s being held on $1 million bail.

He’s now claiming that he was sexually abused in the past and he wanted to die.  Fuck that, asswipe.  How do you think your daughter feels right about now?  How could you put that same feeling on your own flesh and blood?  I have a huge and I mean gargantuan chip on my shoulder regarding people who use their past experiences as excuses for their anti-social behavior as adults.  Get the fuck over it.  Everyone has shit in their past, some more stinky and abundant than others, but that in no way gives you an excuse or even an “explanation” (as some bleeding hearts are fond of using as a synonym for excuse which it absolutely is not) to treat anyone much less a child in the same shit-tacular manner in which you were treated.  It wasn’t right when it happened to you and it still sure as shit isn’t right for anyone else.

I digress….

The bio-mom’s not sure what to believe; she wants to wait to see what the sheriff’s department says.  Seriously?!  This fucker is the only suspect in your daughter’s vicious, nearly fatal attack and you want someone else to form your opinion for you?!  What the hell is wrong with you!?  You’re her mother for crying out loud, act like it!  Get pissed!  It’s your right and responsibility to hate this fucker for all you’re worth unless, of course, you truly don’t give a shit then well, you’re about as worthless as he is.

Here’s to this little girl getting as far away as humanly possible from her genetic contributors and getting the help and counseling she’s surely going to need to help her through this and on to the bright future on the other side of this abyss.  Also, a little shout out to the step-mother who seems to be one of the only adults who really care about this little girl along with her maternal grandparents who have already petitioned for custody of the children.

Thanks go to Monique for the tip.

Concrete Evidence that she is a Psychotic Momster.

Mother tried to kill her baby with concrete block

Holy Hair do! Elizabeth Garcia 19, ofMarathon….. FloriDUH was originally charged with carrying a concealed weapon when deputies were called to her residence and she confronted them with a knife on August 18th.

What officers did not know was that earlier that day she had attempted to kill her 2-month-old daughter with a block of concrete.  Elizabeth had a wild hair up her ass when she held her daughter by the arm and repeated to hit her little girl in the face with a concrete rock.  A woman confronted Elizabeth and two men eventually stopped her from continuing to abuse her daughter. The entire incident was caught on video as well but when officers arrived at the home later that day everyone failed to tell the police what had happened earlier. Eventually the video was given to police and Elizabeth was charged with attempted murder of a child and abuse of a child.

 **Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.**

NC Breeder tries to kill kids by crashing car

She's single guys.

Lincolnton woman charged with trying to kill kids:

Police: Children Say Mother Tried to Kill Them in Car Wreck:

Yes, that’s a woman. Anyway the alleged woman is 41-year-old Teresa Caffrey of Lincolnton, North Carolina. She’s been arrested on child abuse charges for crashing her car. It’s not because her kids weren’t restrained (they weren’t). It wasn’t because she was drunk (she may have been). It was because she allegedly crashed the car on purpose in an attempt to kill her daughters, ages 7 and 8.

What’s remarkable about this is that the kids told police that their Breeder crashed the car on purpose. The kids supposedly told witnesses that ” ‘Mama wrecked the car on purpose’ and that she was ‘mad at daddy’ and that’s why she crashed the car. Caffrey is estranged from the baby daddy. Luckily the children only had bumps and bruises.

Just as an addition to the story that I find funny Caffrey was also charged with possession of a controlled substance at a detention facility. Sounds like she may have been trying to sneak a little something something into the jail.

Anyway it’s only a maladjusted selfish piece of trash that takes their infantile man-drama out on their kids.

Thanks to my lovely and talented wife Jade for the tip.

When life gives you lemons, beat yourself with them.

Police: Pregnant woman shoots boyfriend near children

Patricia Jaggon could be a Milli Vanilli double and president to the lazy (crazy) eye convention at the same time.  She could also hold the title for being the biggest hood rat I have had the displeasure of doing a write up for.

Bobby Cord 58 is Patricia’s ‘boyfriend’. Bobby came to her apartment to retrieve his belongings before he left her for good. Patricia 28
could not even keep a man 30 years her senior.

There was 7 children from age 1 to 12 in the apartment and Patricia was also 6 months pregnant.

Instead of putting on her big girl panties she went into her bedroom and got out a gun. Then Patricia shot Bobby in the arm and chest. Patricia even called the cops and when they asked where the suspect was she replied “I’m right here!”

If this wasn’t interesting enough the children ratted Patricia out on a few things, they claim to have over heard her say that after she ” kills him she was going to put lemons in a sock and beat herself with them.”

I might be naive but… what the fuck does that accomplish? You beat someone with fruit to prevent bruises, not beat yourself. Right?

One of the kids also said that she was only with him because he drove a nice car.  Now before any old men get excited, let me make this clear. Driving a nice car may get you a 28 year old beastly looking bitch BUT it will also get your ass shot.

No mention on the children and how many if any were her’s.

Patricia Jaggon was arrested for attempted murder. I am pretty confident that she will adjust to her new prison life.

 ***Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.***

Fernando Solano Jr, is a woman and baby beating pussy

Soledad Man Arrested For Giving Baby a Bloody Nose  

Fernando Solano Jr. is quite a catch.  On January 23rd, Solano Got a hair up his ass to beat his chick and his 18-month-old baby.  The object of his affection told police that he beat and kicked her, held a knife to her throat, cutting her multiple times and he choked her.   Nice guy, right.  I wonder if he has a brother.  He, then, turned his aggression on his baby.  She also told officers that Solano claimed that he was going to kill her and her ex-boyfriend and then run away to Mexico.  I guess he was just gonna leave the baby there, parentless. 

I’m not sure what lead to the beating or why Solano was even in the house.  This wasn’t his first domestically violent outburst and of course he didn’t want to get carted off to the pokey, so he did what any pussy would do – He ran… To the bowling alley.  A witness called police and told them that there was a suspicious looking douche trying to catch a cab outside.  The witness said that he was sweaty a nervous looking.  I guess he’s not as bad ass as he thinks he is.

The victim had injuries consistent with her story and the baby had a bloody nose.  There was no word on whether either needed medical attention. 

Solano was arrested for attempted murder, domestic violence, violation of a restraining order and child endangerment.  Maybe a fellow cell mate will bash his fucking bulbous skull in.  I hate fuckers who hit women and children. 

Thanks go to Deena for this one.

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