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Michelle Nguyen jailed for leaving baby to die in hot car

Michelle Nyugen, 21, leaves the Melbourne Magistrates Court last year. (AAP)

Nothing can save you now, lazy druggy tw*t

Melbourne mum jailed for baby car death

Melb mum to be jailed over car baby death

Michelle Nguyen (21) from Melbourne, VIC, was too lazy to bring her sleeping baby girl Thy Tran (10 months) inside from the car. So she left her there, with the good intentions of “checking up on her”. Well, we all know what the road to hell is paved with, don’t we? Yes, neglectful Nguyen fell asleep and left little Thy to die a slow and uncomfortable death from heat exhaustion and hyperthermia.

When the stupid egg donor finally called paramedics for her baby, they found her body temperature was around 41.5C (106.7F). The normal body temperature is 37C. This incident occurred in November, on a warm spring day (which would’ve been a hot day, because we don’t do mild weather in Australia!)

Michelle, who surprise, surprise is a heroin addict had done this before. The night before Thy died, neighbours found her locked in the car crying, and knocked on Michelle’s door. She had been in there for an hour and a half before the neighbours found her. It was her usual practice to leave the baby in the car to sleep, despite countless warnings from family, friends, neighbours and authorities not to do it.

Her bottom-feeding lawyer told the court that Michelle was a heroin addict who had two young kids and was raising them by herself without any support, stable accommodation blah blah blah. Oh, cry me a river, dickface. If she truly cared about her kids, she would’ve quit riding the white horse and sought help from the Salvos or Vinnies or whoever to find work and get stable accommodation. When you have kids, it’s no longer “me, me, me”. Michelle’s selfishness and incompetence cost her her baby girl’s life. Nothing can excuse her actions.

The worthless junkie birth dispenser has been sentenced to just 4 years jail for her act of dumbfuckery. She will only serve 9 months’ of her sentence before she’s eligible for parole. The grubby lawyer suggested that she not go to jail because she didn’t mean to kill her baby and that putting them in the car was the best way to get them to sleep. Yeah, get them to sleep…permanently!! How did this walking crock of shit get through life? Or even law school for that matter? The prosecutor agreed to a shorter than usual minimum term because it was an “accident”. So gettting high as a kite off heroin, making your kids sleep in the car and then forgetting about them is an “accident” now? I hope the egg-donor “accidentally” overdoses in a piss-filled laneway somewhere. Or gets locked in a hot box that you see in prison movies and is “accidentally” forgotten about.

Rest in Peace, little Thy Tran

Bendigo baby dies in hot car

Baby girl dies in hot car in Bendigo
Two babies die in tragedies at Bendigo, Gisbourne (The second story refers to a 1 year old girl being backed over in her own driveway. Not necessarily child abuse, but a result of poor supervision and not watching where you’re going. Still very sad.)



This story is from a month ago but is relevant because we all know that you don’t leave babies or children in hot (or cold) cars. And also because you guys will be coming into spring/summer soon. It’s summer over here at the moment and I feel we’ll have more cases of children and babies being left in cars on blistering hot days.

A baby girl has died after being left inside a car in Bendigo, VIC – just a day after Ambulance Victoria warned parents not to leave children in cars.

The 6 month old baby was left in the car and fell unconscious around 7pm on the 11th December. After a call to 000, the precious little girl was taken by paramedics from a late-model Commodore to Bendigo Hospital. She died of cardiac arrest shortly after arrival, despite the concerted and valiant efforts of the ambos to save her.

The temperature for Bendigo at that time was 30.1C (86.18F), according to the Bureau of Meteorology. But it would’ve been a lot hotter inside the car, like an oven! And for a small baby that can’t regulate her body temperature, it would’ve been hell! How could a parent even think to subject their poor little baby to such terrible conditions?

A 27 year old woman was interviewed overnight but was released without charge. I don’t know whether she was the baby’s mother or a relative or neighbour.

A number of people from surrounding homes were visibly distressed and were being consoled by police. It’s clear that people knew the baby and that she was much adored by her neighbours.

The case has been turned over to the Homicide Squad and detectives are still investigating how the baby ended up being left in the car.

Now for my two bob:
I don’t care if this was an “accident”. Actually I don’t like that word – it implies that no one was at fault. You do not leave babies in hot cars! Ever! I don’t care that they’re sleeping and you don’t want to wake them, I don’t care that they’re a pain in the bum to shop with. I don’t even care that you “forgot” the baby was there. Don’t do it! Check your back seats, resettle the baby if he/she wakes, save shopping for another day for when you have a babysitter. But don’t leave them in the car to die!

This poor little angel never got to experience her first Christmas (a joy for all kids and kids at heart!), she’ll never get to experience the beauty and the wonder that this earth can offer. All because of a stupid decision (or lack thereof) on the part of her “parent”. Whoever you are, you snuffed out this little girl’s life because of your stupidity, your dumbarsery, your laziness and your selfishness. May she haunt you for the rest of your miserable days.

RIP Baby Girl. What a horrible way to die.

Thanks a bunch, Malevolent April for letting me get these stories up. The time differences will mean that there’s always something to read, no matter where you live!

Baby dies in hot car – just across the street from the police station

4-month-old dies in car in Lufkin parking lot

Investigation: Huntington man forgot to drop baby off at daycare

The carseat where a 3-month-old Texas baby died after her father allegedly forgot to take her to daycare.

I have mixed feelings about this one, folks. Normally, I’m pretty clear on how I feel about the death of a child at the hands of a parent. But I’m of two minds on this one.

Christopher W. Stanaland, 27, of Huntington, Texas went to work on Tuesday morning at a printing and office supply company after dropping his son off at school. He claims he “forgot,” however, that he was supposed to take his 3-month-old daughter, Isabella, to daycare. He found her dead in her car seat several hours later.

Texas, as we know, is hot as hell in the summer and the baby probably had an agonizing death roasting in that hot car. Even more tragic – and ironic – the company where Stanaland works is across the street from the local police station. So this baby died surrounded by numerous adults who could have helped her, if anyone had thought to look for her.

It’s illegal to leave children alone in the state of Texas and the case will get a grand jury review, police say.

I have a lot of questions on this one. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – I don’t know how anyone “forgets” their child, even a small, quiet baby who probably spent most of her time in the car sound asleep. It is NOT like forgetting your car keys, no matter what the so-called memory experts say. They can research it all they want, it’s NOT the same and anyone with a heart and brain (and a child or two) should KNOW that it’s not the same.

Also, did NO ONE walk past this car in those entire seven hours? Not even another employee on the way into the building? And why the hell did the baby’s daycare center NOT call to find out where she was? I was 15 minutes late dropping my kids to daycare one day and my cell phone was ringing as I pulled into the parking lot – the center director called to see if everything was all right and if my kids would be in that day. Imagine, if this baby’s daycare center had done that, it might have saved her life.

Ultimately, however, no one is to blame for this tragedy except Stanaland himself, and that’s where my mixed feelings come in. On the one hand, I can feel empathy for him because police say he truly seems devastated by what he did. On the other hand, he is an adult and (supposedly) a parent, and he should be aware that when you’re a parent you have to vigilant about your children every moment of every day. Forgetting your child in a hot car takes a level of distractedness and carelessness that can only be considered criminal.

So while I feel for him and his family, I still think this guy needs to be charged in his daughter’s death. He was unquestionably negligent, whether it was intentional or not. And maybe if more people were prosecuted for leaving kids in the car, more people would be aware of the dangers and think twice about where their kids are before they get out of the car and lock the door behind them.

Thanks to Holly for the tip on this one.

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