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Miss. Breeder charged with dumping newborn…again

Police release more details on abandoned baby:

Cora Lynn Watkins

25-year-old Cora Lynn Watkins has been arrested in Houston, Mississippi, for allegedly abandoning her newborn baby in a storage shed. She allegedly gave birth alone, left the baby wrapped in a blanket then returned to work. Luckily some children heard the baby crying. The article states that the kids got some family members but it’s unclear, to me at least, if they were Watkins’ family members. Either way the baby was taken to the hospital and at last report is doing well.

However this isn’t the first time that Watkins has done something like this. She was arrested back in 2010 for abandoning a baby at a Salvation Army. She received probation for that offense and was just released from probation last month. I doubt this time she’ll be so lucky.

It may have been a while since we discussed this but baby dumping like this is so unnecessary. All 50 states have Safe Haven laws where you can drop a newborn off safely with no questions asked. Specifically in Mississippi you can drop a newborn up to 3 days old at a hospital, adoption center, emergency room or EMS station.

Once again I have to ask are the safe haven laws so unknown that this keeps happening?

Thanks to Amy for the tip.

Amanda Hein left her newborn in a bar toilet tank because she was ‘depresssed’

Amanda C. Hein. Any guesses on what the C stands for?

Amanda Hein, accused of killing newborn, ‘suffers’ from major depression, says her attorney:

Defense: Woman accused of killing her newborn at Starters Pub suffers from depression:

Last August 27-year-old Amanda Hein gave birth to a baby boy inside the bathroom stall of a Pennsylvania pub. Instead of, you know, trying to take care of the baby police allege that Hein placed the baby inside a trash bag that was used to line the bathroom’s trash can and then placed the baby in the toilet’s tank, before returning to her friends at the bar. Her attorney is now offering up the defense of Hein suffers from depression, self-mutilation and other mental problems. Shit, he’s not even trying postpartum depression, Just regular old depression.

Let’s stop right there. It’s no secret that I suffer from depression. I have since I was a child. I attempted suicide on multiple occasions. My depression has allowed me to do some pretty embarrassing things even as an adult but murder was never one of those things. I realize everyone’s depression and metal health is different but I refuse to buy that she hid her pregnancy and killed her baby because of depression. If you suffer from major depression you’re not exactly a social butterfly wherein you party with your friends at bars. The prosecution seems to agree with me…

“I think that it’s going to be admitted that she was pregnant, that she gave birth in that stall that she in fact suffocated this baby and killed it. I think that what we’re going to see in this case is some kind of mental health defense perhaps at best,” Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said during a November interview with WFMZ.

The prosecution is deadly serious too. They are seeking the death penalty against Hein. For Pennsylvania that’s pretty serious since the last person they executed was Philadelphia’s own Gary Heidnik who raped, tortured and killed several women in his house of horrors. Unfortunately that was 15 years ago under Governor Tom Ridge. Don’t hold your breath on seeing Hein strapped to a gurney.

Not only that but lawyers need to stop making it seem like any one with even the slightest mental health issue is a potential danger. This is one of the reasons why too many people are afraid to seek help for themselves.

Thanks to Jessica for the tip.

Teacher who needs to be taught a lesson

Reyes charged with beating & abandoning 1 month old

Teacher charged with assaulting her infant


Tamara Reyes


Local news stories painted a slightly different picture of Tamara Reyes.  The 37 year old was on maternity leave from Memorial High School when she snapped and dropped her newborn off at her local middle school.

The news reported that on June 10th a 28 day old girl with minor bruises was abandoned on the Weehawken middle school steps.  It sounds like someone was attempting to use the safe haven act to their benefit which would have been almost commendable.

In reality Tamara Reyes of Weehawken New Jersey, the now former special ed teacher at memorial high school in New Jersey ‘may have’ thrown her newborn from the car before driving off .  She left her baby bleeding, crying and laying face down a hot side walk, in 90 degree heat.  A short time before that her colleagues had given the heartless bitch a baby shower.

The mother to a student in the middle school found the baby, scooped her up and brought her to the nurse.  The police were called.

I say ‘may have’ because it has not been determined if Tamara beat the baby or simply tossed her from the car.  The injuries were reported to have been consistent with being tossed from the car though.

The police pulled over Tamara where she confessed to what she had just done, one news report said that she admitted “I just killed my baby! “.

Tamara waste of air Reyes, 37, was charged with aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child and child abuse only hours after she was released from a Jersey Hospital where she received a psychological evaluation.

She is now sucking up the local taxes in the Hudson county correctional center while awaiting trial.

The little girl, known as K.R. had a fractured skull and broken bones.  She was listed in critical condition and has since had a host of surgeries.  She is doing better but she is still fighting for her little life and still is listed in guarded condition.

By the way, what Tamara did was criminal at best.  The Safe Haven Act does NOT punish parents for leaving any child at a hospital, fire station, ect…  If you do not wish to parent a child or can not for any reason then it’s still an option.


***A special thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write up!!***



From one dumpster to another

Not a nursery unless your a rat

Newborn survives toss down NYC trash chute

Authorities believe the baby survived the eight-story fall because he landed on a pile of garbage and the compactor was jammed

Newborn in New York City survives toss down trash chute; mom charged with attempted murder

You know.  When I was 18 I knew how to not get pregnant.  Not only did my mother discus birth control with me, health class in high school gave us the low down, my friends knew what was up and were more than willing to share the wealth… the list is endless.  To take it a step further, I knew that if I got pregnant that I would have to face the fucking music.  I knew I would have to tell the responsible boy, my parents, a doctor, everyone.  I mean, how do you even hide a pregnancy?  Even more, how do you deliver a baby a not scream loud enough to wake the dead and still manage to sneak the bundle by undetected? 

These are all good questions for 18-year-old Laquasia Wright of New York, NY.  Wright has been arrested on charges of attempted murder and endangering the welfare of a child after she “allegedly” dumped her newborn down a garbage chute from the eighth floor of the housing project where she lives with her mother and other relatives.  That’s right – the poor little man went from cum dumpster to garbage dumpster all on the day he was born.  Umm… Happy Birthday…. I guess. 

Lucky for the baby, a maintenance worker at the project heard the baby’s cries coming from the trash compactor.  And thankfully the compactor was broken and the accumulation of trash broke the babies fall.  He was taken to the hospital and was last listen in stable condition. 

As for Laquasia, she was being treated at the hospital.  It’s believed that she was hiding her pregnancy from her family and that she gave birth a short time prior to dumping her baby in the trash.  I hope that prior to her release from the hospital that she has she uterus removed with a rusty meat cleaver.  That should prevent any further unwanted pregnancies. 

New York is on of the states that has a version of the Safe Haven law – the Abandoned Infant Protection Act.  The law gives parents up to 30 days to leave a newborn in a hospital, police precinct, firehouse or other safe location. As long as the baby is has not been injured and the parents are not suspected of any crimes, they can remain anonymous.  So, there is really no reason for the murder (or attempted murder) of an unwanted baby.  Laquasia was the second jizz receptacle in 2 weeks to have dumped a baby in a garbage can.  The other baby wasn’t as fortunate as Laquasia’s *ahem* son.  That baby was found alive in the garbage in a hospital restroom, but later died.  The mother of that baby, 23-year-old Dawa Lama, was facing charges of assault, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child.  She may be facing additional charges now that the infant has died.  When will these whores wake up and realize that murder is not something that you can take back.  Doesn’t it make more sense to give your baby a chance to live a long, healthy life without your selfish ass in it than have to have to share a cell with someone bigger and meaner than you that’s missing her baby? 

Thanks go to Joy, Jaymie and another tipster that asked to remain anonymous for the tip.  Thanks go to Emilie Barlow for the tip on Dawa Lama. 

She's got her mother of the year award in the bag

Infant’s body found in bag floating in pond

First of all I know that was a gross pun.


Cassidy King, 25 of Moberly Missouri, had a ‘home’ birth in what I suspect was a trailer between April 17th-25th.


There is nothing in this world better then the birth of a newborn baby. They smell like heaven and the whole idea of a newborn makes my maternal instincts kick right in. In fact I am delighted by babies in general, even ones that are not my own. Yes, I am that creepy lady who spots a baby in public and immediately has to ask the parents a million questions while I make stupid faces at the baby. It’s not a habit; it’s a compulsion which I think most mothers understand completely.


Cassidy is not one of those mothers though. Her instincts told her to wrap her newly born son in a towel, put him in a duffel bag and toss him in a pond. Court papers and updates have not said if he was born alive or dead but charges are pending so I think it’s safe to assume he was not still born. At this point I think we are all just waiting to hear what killed him when the forensics come back. Disgusting.


The story broke on mother’s day, when someone walking the property belonging to Cassidy’s sister spotted a duffel bag floating in a pond, they retrieved it only to find it contained the body of the newborn baby boy. Personally if I found something like that I would have lost my shit. Mother’s Day would forever be ruined for me.

Cassidy’s sister Jamie, recognized the duffel bag as being “commonly used by Cassidy'” which is what she told the police. The towel used to wrap the baby also had Cassidy’s full name on it.


Cassidy ‘confided’ in a male friend that she recently gave birth to a child weeks ago and was ready to turn herself in. I use confided loosely since the entire town including the police knew it was her.


She has been charged with abandonment of a corpse which is a class D felony and carries a 4 year prison sentence. I really expect her to be charged with some more things once the details are worked out. She pled not guilty during her court appearance.

I just want to point out Missouri has joined the safe haven law and any child under the age of 1 can be given up to a hospital, fire station etc with no questions asked. The child will then be adopted out very quickly and LIVE in an adopted family.

Who the heck knows what ignorant reason Cassidy will give for not using that law to her advantage. Of all the options available for unwanted children she choose this one.

Thanks to Deena for the tip.


**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.**

Jessica Blackham left something in the toilet at the circus

SC woman accused of leaving newborn in toilet 

Mom: Woman who left baby in toilet can’t remember 

25-year-old Jessica Blackham gave birth to a 6 pound baby boy on February 4th.  She gave birth to the little man at the Circus!  Now there’s a tale to tell your friends when you tell them about the birth of your bouncing baby boy.  Well, Jessica might want to leave out the part where she birthed the baby in the toilet and then left him there, in the cold toilet water, to die 

Blackham is telling the same story that most of the whore’s we see that leave their newborn babies to die.  She didn’t know she was pregnant and she can’t remember the birth.  Yeah fucking right.  I used to not buy the “I didn’t know I was pregnant” spiel until I had a friend that gave birth.  I work with the girl.  No one knew!  She found out the week before she gave birth (it was her first missed period), and gave birth the following weekend.  She thought she was miscarrying, but she certainly remembers the 4 pound baby that she passed through her vagina.  So, I’ll buy that she didn’t know she was pregnant – especially since her own mother couldn’t even tell she was pregnant, but I am clearly not buying that Blackham just happened to black out during the delivery and didn’t have her wits about her to retrieve the baby from the toilet.  Liar, liar!!  Maybe she was drunk on cotton candy and in a hurry to get back to the clowns in their little car…. Who fucking knows?

Bi-Lo Center workers found the asphyxiating baby and called police.  The baby was thought to have been left for approximately 90 minutes after his birth – the mmost crucial time for a newborn to be kept warm.  He was suffering from hypothermia, which could lead to infection or respiratory problems if not treated quickly.  Well, lucky for the baby, Bi-Lo Center employees have their shit together; one called 911 while a co-worker pulled the baby out of the toilet and used a finger to pull the mucus from his mouth.  The 911 operator instructed the pair to wrap the infant in a towel and use a string to cut his umbilical cord.  Thanks to the quick actions of the two men, the baby’s prognosis is positive. 

Now back to Blackham – She claims that she felt ill while she was at the circus.  She excused herself to the toilet.  Later that evening, she went to the hospital for bleeding.  The articles don’t state if the hospital knew she had given birth.  One would assume…  It only states that Blackham was arrested Tuesday after she came to the police station with her family members. 

Blackham, who is also the “mother” of a 4-year-old, is being charged with one count of felony child abuse and one count of unlawful neglect toward a child.  She is being held on $30,000 bond and could face up to 30 years in prison. 

Blackham’s baby is in the custody of DSS.  She’s married, but estranged from her husband.  There was no mention of if the child was even his.  She’s skanky enough that it wouldn’t shock me if she needed the Maury Povich show to determine who the father of the child is. 

On a side note:  Here is some Safe Haven info.  It appears that most states have it.  I wish more idiots (like this one) would fucking use it! 

Thanks go to Nichole for the tip.

Angelica Swartout killed her baby


Angelica Swartout, 20, worked at a motel, which is where she apparently gave birth and dumped her newborn in the trash. 

So weird that there are lots of stories lately with baby-momma names that refer to Angels when they clearly are not. 

This devilish angel’s own family is who tipped off the police. 

It started when she told them her baby died in the hospital back in October. But when the family started to arrange funeral plans they couldn’t find a record of his birth or death.   Swartout comes from an adoptive home too – she herself was adopted into a family and able to grow up happy. Why didn’t she let her own son do the same?   Now authorities are sifting through the local landfill to try and recover the remains so the family may provide a proper burial. 

Investigators say Swart­out, admitted in an interview with them Wednesday that she killed her son on Oct. 18, shortly after giving birth to him while she worked a night shift at the motel. Swartout told detectives that she wrapped her dead son’s body in a sheet and placed it in a trash bin outside the motel — then finished her shift and went home. 

There’s more background to this story too: 

Swartout’s large adoptive family could not keep her from developing a methamphetamine habit that Lewis said continued through the early months of her pregnancy.   Although investigators believe that the baby’s father did not remain in contact with Swartout after she became pregnant, they still want to locate and interview him.   Family members told police that while Swartout was apprehensive about becoming a mother upon learning of her pregnancy, she appeared to become more excited about it as her son’s birth neared. Swartout’s family held a baby shower for Swartout earlier this year. 

Angelica Swartout now sits in jail with charges of aggravated murder.

Thanks got to Papersnake and Deena for the tip.

Danielle Lewis Used Her Baby Boy As A Chew Toy

Dallas mother, 19, bit 5-week-old son all over his body, police say

Mother bites baby and abandons it at hospital

I couldn’t find a picture of 19-year-old Danielle Patrice Lewis.  I imagine the one I chose has to be a pretty close likeness to this baby biting, c*ck gobbling, thunder c***.

On August 17th, Lewis was kind enough to take her 5-week-old son to Children’s medical Center in Dallas, TX.  So far she sounds like a decent person….. Right?  Wait – lemme finish.  She decided that she didn’t want her precious baby boy any more, so she left her little bundle at the hospital.  Still no sign of a bad parent there.  Actually, we kinda wish more of these teens that find themselves unwilling to care for a newborn would make such a brave decision.  It certainly is a better option than, let’s say, a dumpster.  Too bad Lewis didn’t drop her son off before she fucking bit him all over his tiny body.  Poor little guy.  Per the police report, he had human bite marks on his shoulders, back, butt, legs, and even his genitals.  Um… What the fuck?  The bigger “What the fuck” is the fact that Lewis claims that she bit the child to keep him quiet.  Geeeeee.  I wonder how that worked out for her.

The good news is that she didn’t want the baby.  He was taken into custody by Child Protective Services and put into foster care.  He is expected to have a permanent placement in about a year.  So it sounds like he may have escaped any more abuse by his pathetic excused of an incubator.  I’m hoping that he is placed in a loving home where he gets kisses and cuddles galore.

Lewis is being charged with injury to a child and is being held at the Dallas County Jail in lieu of $15,000 bail.  She really should be smeared with agave nectar and tossed onto a fire ant hill.  Stupid tw*t. 

Thanks go to me for this one.

Picture of the bitch – added thanks to Amsfast

Baby born and dumped from 2nd story window

Police: Mom threw newborn out of window:

Doctor: Mom who threw baby out window was in ’emotional pain’:

In Reisertown, Maryland 21-year-old Rebecca Diane Himes is said to have delivered her baby at home and then proceeded to wrap the baby in a plastic bag and toss it from the 2nd story window of her home.

Luckily the baby landed in some bushes and was relatively unharmed.

The Breeder has not been named yet because she hasn’t been charged with a crime yet. Why the fuck not?

Himes mother said that she didn’t know her daughter was pregnant.

Supposedly Himes showed ‘deep concern’ about the baby’s condition after the incident.

I think it sounds more like she was showing deep concern if she was going to get arrested. It’s not like she accidentally shot the baby out of the window on delivery. If she had any real concern she would have gone and gotten pre-natal care.

Maryland does have a safe haven law.

Thanks to Christine for the tip.

More on Ashley Cox

Mom accused of leaving newborn in prison trash remains jailed on $2.5M bond:

I originally posted about Ashley Cox here. She is the 20-year-old Kentucky woman accused of dumping her newborn in a prison trash can. She was there visiting an inmate. She claims that she didn’t know she was pregnant and her family backs her up on this.

However I still don’t see even if by some miracle of stupidity she didn’t know she was pregnant what killing her baby had anything to do with that. Especially now that I have found out that Cox has been accused of not just dumping the baby in the trash can but also shoving toilet paper in the baby’s mouth in order to suffocate her.

I wonder how her family feels about that?

Thanks to calvena for the update.

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