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How long can you leave a baby in a car?

Parents charged after they ‘left baby in car OVERNIGHT after shopping trip then found him dead at lunchtime the next day’

Baby left in car for about 12 hours, parents arrested in death

Thanks go to Benighted for the tip on this one.

The title of this post is not a trick question. Nor is it a hypothesis for a sadistic experiment.

A Californian couple have been arrested and charged with one count of wilful cruelty to a child resulting in death, after they left their 4 month old baby boy in a car OVERNIGHT. Not surprisingly, drugs were also involved.

According to the police, the neglectful nincompoops Jessica Quezada (23) who is the female breeder, and her accomplice and meat swinger Israel Soto (30) who is the forgetful father, returned home from shopping on Friday afternoon with their baby in the car. They then went inside at their home in a block of flats in San Diego, without taking the baby with them. It wasn’t until lunchtime the next day, that another family member found the baby in the hot car and immediately called 911.

The baby's tomb

The baby’s tomb

Once another family member had done the dirty work of actually getting the baby out of the car, like the neglectful monsters should have done in the first place, the dopey daddy finally sprang into action and performed CPR. But it was all in vain. The little baby boy died in hospital a short time later.

At 1.30pm on that Saturday, it was 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius) outside. That car would have been an oven, with the baby being unable to free himself. He would have been hungry. He would have had a dirty nappy. Her would have been thirsty. Plus on top of all of that, he was being slowly cooked alive. The baby-broiling-breeders’ neighbours cannot believe that they would be stupid enough to leave a little baby locked in a car for 12 hours, especially in that sort of heat.

Did I mention drugs charges? Yessir, yes indeedy. Jessica Quezada has also been charged with possession of a controlled substance. Considering her, ahem, size and carriage, I highly doubt the substance was meth. It was probably pot, because it gives you insane munchies which then leads to weight gain.

Jessica Quezada contemplates mugging that cop for his donuts.

Jessica Quezada contemplates mugging that cop for his donuts.

Israel Soto being chauffeured to his new home at the Grey Bar Motel

Israel Soto being chauffeured to his new home at the Grey Bar Motel

The baby broilers have 3 other uncooked children – ages 3, 2, and 1, that are now in the care of DCF. Medical examiners will determine the exact cause of their baby brother’s death. The baby broilers will be expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

RIP little baby boy.




“My mum’s in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything”

Baby left in car with note

Woman leaves baby in shop’s carpark with note to ‘call mum if I need anything’

Police won’t investigate baby left in car


A baby was found in a shopping centre carpark with a note tacked to a blanket. The note read “My mum’s in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything” along with her mobile number.

A man whose family were parked next to the car at around 9am, were shocked when they discovered the baby all alone in the car at the Pak’n’Save Porirua shop carpark. They hung around and waited to see if Mum would come back. Other shoppers decided to join in with the waiting, as well as calling Mum to make her come back for her baby.

In New Zealand, it’s illegal to leave children under the age of 14 years alone for an unreasonable time or in unreasonable conditions and can result in fines up to $NZ2000. Similar laws apply in Australia for children up to 12 years, and can carry fines up to $22,000. Despite these laws, NZ police cannot start an investigation because no one lodged a complaint against the mother when the incident occurred.  A police spokesman said that they will start an investigation as soon as someone calls and complains. He said that children being left alone in cars happened quite frequently in the area, and that while it was unacceptable to leave the baby alone in the car, it only warranted a warning. So putting your child at risk of heatstroke, choking or kidnapping only warrants a “warning” now, does it?

My mum used to leave me and my sisters in the car while she popped into the shops. I was 10 at the time and my sisters 7 and 4. I was old enough to know to get myself and my sisters out of the car if we were too hot, and to lock the doors and honk the horn if someone was trying to break in. A baby cannot defend themselves from a kidnapper, although they may make them reconsider if they puke or poop on them! Babies can’t regulate their own body temperature and can overheat much quicker than an older child or adult can. Even though we’re coming into autumn (fall) now, it’s still been very warm and a small enclosed space such as a car can heat up very quickly. A sleeping baby is easy to carry/strap to yourself, and will give you peace of mind knowing your baby is safe.

ANOTHER Baby Left in a HOT CAR!!!

9 Month old Baby Left In Minivan at Kroger Store

Mother of Baby Left In Van Faces Charges

Unfortunately I am unable to find a name or a picture of the breeder in this case but I’ll be watching closely and hopefully have an update soon. 

Sunday afternoon a 27-year-old mother decided to leave her 9 month old son in her minivan while she went into Kroger in Sterling Heights, Michigan to get groceries.  Another shopper noticed the baby in the car and went in to shop and when she returned and the baby was STILL there 25 minutes later she got the store employees to call the police.  The doors of the van were locked and the windows all rolled up on the minivan when police arrived on scene and got the baby who was sweating and lethargic out.  The baby was treated at the hospital and released to family.  The baby’s mother came out while they were getting her child out and said “she’d forgotten about him.”  A warrant has been issued and she is being charged with one count of leaving a child unattended in a vehicle which is a misdemeanor in Michigan punishable by up to 93 days in jail and a $500 fine. 

This is yet another case of a baby being left in a car that could have turned deadly if a concerned citizen had not intervened.  Cars become OVENS in the summer and kids, especially babies can DIE when left in them.  And “forgetting” your child?  Definitely not a good defense.

Thanks Dawn for the tip!


Maine Woman Arrested in New Hampshire after leaving baby in car

Infant left in car, mom faces 1 charge

That’s the face of Renee Ramsey age 32 from Wells, Maine who left her six month old infant in her locked car on August 6th while she went shopping in New Hampshire.  Police say that the temperature in the car was 117 degrees when they broke the window and THANKFULLY got the baby out of the car.  Ramsey arrived back at the car as they were rescuing her baby and according to reports seemed very distraught.  WELL OF COURSE!  That much sets her aside from some of the parents we see here on BB that have left their children in the car but it still doesn’t make it better.  The infant was treated at the hospital and later released to the father.  Renee faces a charge of endangering the welfare of a child. 

Now if you’ll allow me to get up on my soapbox for a moment.  For 14 years I lived in Idaho where the temperatures soar well over 100 degrees on a daily basis in the summer months.  I can’t tell you how many times the news featured a story about a “distracted” new parent who left their child in the car because “they forgot about the baby” and in most cases the child died.  Now in most of those cases because the parents had “honestly made a mistake” and had lost a child there were no charges filed.  Now I’m not saying that those parents haven’t paid dearly with the loss of a child but these stories show up on the news all the time.  Perhaps more parents should invest in an alarm system that tells them when the child is still in the car.  Yes they are costly but if you ask me, priceless when compared to the the cost of losing a child.  I had two of these systems when my twins were young because I was totally afraid of leaving one or both of them in the car since I had an older child and let’s face it when you have more than one child to look after it’s easy to get distracted. 

Thanks to Jayme for the tip!!!

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