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Breeder hides in trailer to avoid sentencing in baby sitter’s death

Ashley Jackson

Ashley Jackson

Woman Who Skipped Sentencing For Child Abuse Arrested:

Woman who missed sentencing in overdose death found in trailer:

24-year-old Ashley Jackson was supposed to be sentenced in the death of 12-year-old Serena Garrett. Jackson brought the girl to her home in Lincoln, Nebraska to baby sit her twin infants. Sounds like the responsible thing to do right? Well, Jackson brought Serena to her home sop Jackson could smoke meth with her friends. She also supplied Serena and her other guests with booze and painkillers. Apparently Jackson really didn’t grasp the concept of a baby sitter. Serena was not only sexually assaulted by a 20-year-old party goer but she died of an overdose of painkillers.

In December Jackson pleaded no contest to Serena’s death but when it came time to be sentenced Jackson allegedly no showed the hearing. Police found her last night hiding in a trailer (go figure) that was parked on the property of a construction equipment company.

Unfortunately Jackson is only looking at five years for Serena’s death. Back in the 1950s you could be eligible for the death penalty if you were a drug dealer and someone died from your drugs. We should never have stopped that practice.

Another Selfish Breeder Blames the Devil

Mom Stabs Son 100 Times

Kids Told to Get on Their Knees and Pray

Babysittter Charged in “Demonic” Slaying of 2 Kids

Justin Plackowska

40 year old Elzbieta Plackowska was upset with her lot in life.  It seems her husband, a truck driver, was away from home more than she would like and she felt working as a maid to help make ends meet was beneath her.  Angry with her husband because she wanted to go back to Poland and he wanted to stay in the States she decided the best way to punish him would be to kill their son…

Apparently, after arguing with her husband by telephone, she found their 7 year old son, Justin and 5 year old Olivia Dworakowski, whom she was babysitting at the time, playing and jumping on a bed.  She made them kneel, pray, and told her son he was going to heaven tonight.  As Justin begged, pleaded for his life and told this emotionless tw*t he loved her, she stabbed him 100 times.    Then as Olivia begged her not to hurt her, she stabbed her 50 times because she had witnessed Justin’s murder.  She then went to church and finally to her older son’s home where he called 911.

Returning home from work, Olivia’s mother couldn’t get into the house or locate her daughter so she called the police who broke in and found Justin on the floor and Olivia on the bed.  They also found 2 dog’s bodies near the children’s.

Of course she had a few different versions of what happened when taken into custody covered in blood.  The first was an intruder killed them.  When that didn’t work she tried the bat shit crazy defense, claiming voices were telling her to do it, the kids “had evil in them” and she had to “drive the devil out of them”.  Finally, she told detectives she thought by killing Justin she would make her husband hurt the way she hurt in their relationship…  She’s been charged with 2 counts of 1st degree murder.

My heart breaks for Olivia’s mother and Justin’s father.   Be at peace Angels knowing no one can ever hurt you again.


My husband works away from home for 30 days at a time.  At least 6 months out of a year I am alone, usually more.  Do I resent having to do and deal with everything by myself?  At times yes, and then I remember he’s gone to take care of our family!!  He doesn’t want to be away from home anymore than we want him to be gone!

This selfish, egomaniacal hag viciously murdered two beautiful children because she was unhappy with her life…  She has no conscience!  She has no heart!  She has no soul!

Normally, I’d say she deserves to die, but in her case I think life in prison would be much more fitting!!  I think the inmates would teach her a very valuable lesson in humility!  If she thinks being a maid is beneath her, let’s see how she likes being Bertha’s bitch!!



Thanks for the tip goes to Jennifer

Bad Parent Sighting: Mom Seeks Live-In Child Molester on Craigslist

Invisible DarknessThanks to Sandy at spit up and shut down for forwarding this deeply, deeply disturbing item from the Orange County Craigslist forum. A mother identified only as is seeking a “mature adult female” to watch her 15 year old daughter for six months while mom goes out of the country to work.

Here’s the breakdown of this fetching position. Mom apparently doesn’t want to pay a woman to babysit. All she’s offering in return is shelter and food. But hey, you barely have to do ANYTHING to win a six-month unattended audience with a young schoolgirl! “Your only responsibilty will be make sure my house is safe and keep a watchful eye on my teenage daughter at the same time keeping me posted on her daily activity via email or phone. I will be in constant communications with you regarding my daughter.” The mom admonishes that she wants “Serious inquiries only”.

I’m sure you’ll get only “serious inquiries”, ma’am. Only they’ll be from the likes of Karla Homolka, or some similarly twisted individual who sees your daughter as prime rape material for her psychopathic boyfriend. Or maybe Jane R. Random will just keep your little girl all to herself. There’s a reason why there are agencies who handle this sort of thing – you know, places that actually screen applicants and perform full background checks, rather than just plucking someone out of cyberspace. Of course, I imagine they’re a damn sight more expensive than putting out a “Nubile teen daughter for the taking!” message on Craigslist.

I can only pray that this link has fallen into the hands of the proper authorities, and that they pay this jet-setting mom a friendly visit before she manages to step foot on a plane. Pray with me, my brothers and sisters in good parenting. Pray with me.

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