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Greetings from Lady Gray

Greetings from Lady Gray

I want to take a moment to say how excited I am to be a part of the new Bad Breeders! I started reading all of Trench’s crime blogs, and especially Bad Breeders, many years ago, and to now be a contributing writer alongside my friend and mentor is exhilarating. I hope readers will enjoy my articles and opinions, and I hope positive things happen with the site back in business.

My heartfelt thanks to Trench for giving me a chance to publish my thoughts on the same page as him, The Master Crimefighting Blogger.

We’re Back!

After a long absence, Bad Breeders is finally back.

The reason I stopped writing for the site was because I didn’t have the time to maintain such a popular site, and to be quite honest, the stories we would post were playing havoc with my depression. Well, now I have the time and I have a better handle on my depression so I felt there was no better time than the present to bring the site back.

However, things are going to be done a little differently this time. The first thing is, joining me in writing for the site will be my proofreader and editor Lady Gray. She’s going to be a great addition to the site because she has an extensive background in the child welfare field. Secondly, this site is going to take a new direction. Instead of just naming and shaming suspects, we’re going to use these stories to address the problems behind the stories. This will no longer be a site where you go just so you can be outraged. We want to make a real difference. Lastly, the site is going to be more PG rated. In order to be more respected we need to tone the language down.

As far as the old posts go, they’ll eventually be around in one form or another, I just haven’t decided if they’ll be part of the main site or if I’ll have them archived separately.

If you followed the site before on social media, you’ll need to follow the new links posted at the top of the right hand column for your social network of choice. If you were on the mailing list before, you’ll need to sign up again.

So hopefully, you join us in this new journey going forward.

2011: The Year in Bad Breeders

I know we’re a little late getting this together but as we did last year rather than picking just one Bad Breeder of the year I asked the writers here to pick the stories that most impacted them from 2011.

First up is Suzee…

Looking back at 2011 here at BB there are several stories here that affected me a lot. Baylee Stenman comes to mind because this happened in the city that I reside, and the magnitude of the injuries that ultimately caused her family to take her off of life support at 3 years of age is heartbreaking. Even more heartbreaking is the fact that her mother’s boyfriend, the person who killed Baylee, showed no warning signs whatsoever and Baylee’s mom left her in his care to go to work. How heartbroken she must be that she didn’t have much time that fateful morning as she was running late for work and gave Baylee the last hug, kiss, and ‘I love you” while Baylee was alive as she was going out the door.

Then there is, Anna Riggs and Brandon Riggs. Those two sold their four-month old child to their drugs dealer for drugs and money. They also did this after they had someone else taking care of the child for a long period of time, and the boy was never seen again until police arrested someone for something unrelated to the current case against the Riggs’ and told them what was going on. The sale was done to supposedly to ensure the Riggs’ wouldn’t back out of an adoption agreement. How sad that a child only held a monetary value for both sides.

Finally we have Michael Suchodolski. Michael decided that when his 17-day-old daughter Karmen Johnson wouldn’t stop crying he would shake her. He shook her so hard that she showed signs of needing to go to the hospital and thank goodness the fucker took her there. This baby girl suffered several serious injuries to her head and brain, but somehow started to make a miraculous recovery. I only hope that she continues to make the same progress she has been, and that her worthless “father” will get what he deserves. He faces a maximum of 15 years, but he just might face some good ole prison justice.

Next up is Cynical Me…

Maleeya Marie Murley Avalon – Maleeya was a beautiful baby girl with a great smile. The things that she endured at the hands of Molly Jane Roe, who is not Maleeya’s mother, were horrendous. Roe is the personification of evil!

In a fit of rage, because she was mad at her boyfriend, Maleeya’s father, she not only threw this 17 month old baby, causing her to hit her head, she brutalized her. This demented, callous slag tortured this baby in ways that are unfathomable to most. She did everything she could to cause this child pain and torment in a very short time span. Maleeya had bruises all over her, she was raped, bit, and lastly suffered from a head wound and was eventually removed from life support.

I will never forget Maleeya’s smile!

I will also never forget the soulless eyes of Molly Roe!!

Chloe Honeycutt – This story stands out because of the senseless of the actions that cost gorgeous 9-year-old Chloe her life.

The breeder, Karen Honeycutt, had at least four DUI convictions previously. She was drunk and drove to pick her kids up from school. Her BAC was .22 a few hours after the crash and the toxicology report showed marijuana in her system. She was doing around 100 mph in a residential and school area when she lost control of the SUV. She had 3 of the 4 kids she was picking up in the vehicle with her. The only child that was restrained was her 8-year-old son. Both Chloe and her step-brother were thrown from the vehicle. He survived with a broken back.

Little Chloe died in the arms of a mother that was driving with her own children. Loraine Yelton held her in her arms singing and talking to her. Afterwards, her older brother, walking home from school, came upon the scene. Recognizing the SUV he approached and found his sister…

We see these cases all of the time. This tragedy was utterly and completely preventable. My heart still breaks for the loss of this angel…

Karen Honeycutt is, plain and simply put, a drunk! She broke her neck in the wreck, if only it had paralyzed her from the neck down so she could never place another drink or joint to her lips again!!

There are so many others I could list here, but the story that affected me the most this year and I always find myself looking for updates on and my whole family has heard all the horrific details, I didn’t write. It’s one that I’m not sure I could have written. It’s one of MamaEagle’s.

Christian Choate– The torment and torture of this thirteen year old boy is heart wrenching! Locked in a dog kennel, beaten, choked, and tortured, the only activity he was allowed, other than being abused, was to write. Just thinking about the things he wrote tears my heart out…

He was failed by everyone. Doctors, teachers, CPS, judges, lawyers, his breeders, his step-beast, his sister, and the list goes on and on!

I have never felt the kind of animosity and hatred I have for every sadistic piece of shit responsible for Christian’s miserable life!!

Now from Deena…

Crystal Valdez and Cesar Ruiz – Christopher Valdez

Crystal Valdez and Cesar Ruiz come to mind when I think of the stories that affected me the most of 2011. You see these two had a history of abusing Crystal’s son Christopher and that abuse would end Christopher’s life on, what should have been, his fourth birthday.

There was no party planned for Christopher, Mom had not purchased him a single gift. Instead his aunt and uncle, after hearing that Christopher was sporting a black eye for Thanksgiving, forced their way into the family’s home and found Christopher’s cold and beaten body wrapped in a blanket. The apartment was packed and it appeared Mr. and Mrs. Baby Beaters were going to make a run for it.

As I researched Christopher’s story the only pictures I could find of him showed a sad-faced little boy, with big brown eyes that ached for some love and tenderness. That face and those eyes will haunt me forever. R.I.P. Christopher.

Pyro Mom GUILTY – Sharon Hinojosa

The highlight of the year for me was one sentence.

“She will die in prison…”

That sentence gave justice to two beautiful children, Anthony and Alayna Hinojosa. Sharon Hinojosa burned her babies alive in October 2009 and on November 9, 2011 a jury found her guilty of two counts of First Degree Murder. Her sentence soon followed and she was given life in prison, meaning she WILL die in prison.

I was elated as I followed this case from beginning to end, crossing my fingers and praying that there would be no loop-hole that allowed her to get away with killing her babies.

Thank you to Wayne County Prosecutors, the jury and every single person who testified on behalf of Anthony and Alayna.

And from Danielle…

It’s so hard to pick a story that affected me the most, because they all affect me so much –all in different ways. When I write stories about babies or kids being tortured for years, like the Irish traveler who tortured her 8 kids for 8 years, I close my eyes and see all those kids scared to death of what’s next. Or, when kids are starved or beaten for stealing food, like Leonel Garcia Morales did to his daughter or Venette Ovilde did to her 8-year old… I just can’t even begin to fathom how you deny your babies with a basic necessity like food. Stories of junkie parents putting their babies in harm’s way to get that high and methtards with labs in their homes where the kids live, it’s all too much to bear. Kids in cages, or chained up, or locked in a room full of feces, living in squalor – I’ve written about all of those this year. And we can’t forget all the c***astic selfish bitches out there that don’t protect their little ones from their boyfriends – I hate them the most. But… dead babies/kids touch me the most and unfortunately, for me to list all of the dead baby/kid stories I wrote in the past year would take up too much space. A child dying for any reason is an unbearable thought, if I ever lost either of my girls I don’t even want to think about what I’d do. So when a parent participates in the death of one of their kids, I just can’t ever get over it.

To pick one story, out of the 91 stories I wrote in 2011, I’d have to pick the story about the mother of 3, LaShanda Armstrong. If you remember, she was the mom who drove her van into the Hudson River with her 3 kids inside. Moments before the van was submerged in water, her 10-year old son was able to escape through a window and stood watching his mother and 2 siblings as the van disappeared into the river. The newspapers, as well as her supporters, claimed that she was a woman at her wit’s end. That she had a steady job and took great care of her kids, but was in a bad relationship and it sent her over the edge. That he was controlling and cruel and she’d recently found out he was cheating. Boo-fucking-hoo. I said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times… if life is that tough and you really feel like you need to take your own life, leave your babies out of it. My heart still breaks when I think of the 10-year old that survived and what he must be going through and feeling. I pray and hope that he’s alright and living his life full of love and hope for the future.

I can’t end my year-end wrap up without mentioning two evil dwellers of Gloucester, Va, Brian and Shannon Gore. This story affected me not only in 2011, but will likely stay with me for the rest of my life. These two disgusting wastes of human life did the most despicable of things to their daughter. A daughter that no one even knew about… she had no birth certificate and there was no record of her even existing. When authorities found her, she was caged in an upside-down crib, she was naked and emaciated, covered in her own feces, and found to be eating her own dead, flaking skin. Her blonde hair was matted to her head and chunks of it were missing. Not to mention that she had Down Syndrome and cerebral palsy. Poor little thing…

Further searches of their property turned up a pine box with the remains of an infant boy inside. Another child that no one knew about. What’s so heartbreaking is that these two scumbags won’t face murder charges for the infant’s death because medical examiners were not able to determine a cause of death because the remains were too badly decomposed. The Gores also had a healthy, bouncing little 1-month old boy who was well cared for and thriving.

I follow this story to see what will become of the two most disgusting people I’ve ever had the displeasure of learning about. I can only hope that they pay severely for their crimes. That they never see the light of day again and never have the chance to hurt another child.

Now from our own malevolent one who this site would not be possible without her. Of course I mean April…

Oh. How do I pick one child from 2011 to remember when I remember them all. I know their names; I know their faces; I know their stories; I feel their pain; I have cried countless tears. I love these children who aren’t mine to love and I do it with every ounce of my being.

First on my list are Calyx and Beau Schenecker. On Friday, January 28th, 2011, police in Tampa discovered 50-year-old Julie Powers Schenecker in the backyard of her home. She was covered in her children’s blood. Inside the home, dead, was her 16-year-old daughter, Calyx. Her 13-year-old brother, Beau, lay dead in the family mini-van which was parked in the garage. Both teens had been shot to death.

In the days prior to the murders, Mama Schenecker “allegedly” purchased the gun and started making plans to silence her mouthy teens. Mission accomplished.

Julie’s husband, US Army Colonel Parker Schenekcer, was stationed overseas at the time of the killings. While I’m sure he never saw this coming, he is being accused of negligence for leaving his wife to care for the kids when he knew she was mentally unstable. I’m sure this is a sorry attempt being made by the defense to get this selfish bitch off with an insanity plea.

Another beautiful baby that never leaves my mind… 3-year-old Tristan Robinson.

March 1st, 2011, little Tristan’s burned body was found in the oven in the home he shared with his mother, 24-year-ol Terrie Robinson. An autopsy determined that Tristan was alive prior to being put in the oven, making Terrie one of the most evil murders I have read about on this site since I stumbled across it YEARS ago.

His beautiful smile haunts me. So does the horrendous way he died.

April 13th, 2011, prompted by a series of gruesome images via text message, a call was made to authorities to do a welfare check on 2-year-old Gatlin Armandariz and his 8-month-old brother, Luke Armandariz. The text messages were sent by the boy’s 28-year-old father, Gabriel Armandariz., to their mother. One of the images was a picture of little Luke’s lifeless body…hanging.

The pictures were not a joke. They were not a spiteful attempt to just frighten the boy’s mother. They were, in fact, real. A 10 hour search turned up the bodies of the two babies.

The estranged couple was due in court the following week for a custody hearing. Gabriel Armandariz took matters into his own hands.

Like I said, there are so many that broke my heart. I could list them all day. Instead, I’ll end with this:

Eating a Popsicle was Ame Deal’s last mistake
Alone, in a footlocker, she was left to bake

Jori Lirette was decapitated;
For his mother, on the curb, is where his head waited

Lauren Belius was a twin that was murdered
By a man who said God told him to hurt her

Earnest Oveal Jr, named after his dad,
Was beaten to death because he made THAT man mad

So many stories that all sound the same
And I can recall each one by their name

Shaken baby Syndrome, blunt force trauma to the head
Not eating their dinner, wetting the bed

Beaten, torture, some even raped
I can’t count how many kidnappings were faked

Babies forgotten, in the back seat
Left inside cars, out in the heat

Murder / suicide seems to be a new trend
Tell me, when will this madness end

I lay here and cry, my face soaking wet
Hoping, some day… We won’t need

Again this year last and certainly least it’s your misanthropic and misogynistic leader, El Jefe, Trench Reynolds…

In 2011 not a lot of stories have stuck out in my mind. I guess I’ve blocked most of them from memory. What did stick out in my mind for 2011 was all of the justice that was denied.

The obvious one that comes to mind is of course Casey Anthony. All the evidence pointed to her being the murderer of her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony, in my opinion. But when push came to shove prosecutors could not prove the cause of Caylee Marie’s death which led to Casey Anthony’s acquittal. In my estimation she literally got away with murder and there will never be justice for Caylee Marie.

In the wake of the Anthony verdict prosecutors in North Carolina gave Elisa Baker a plea deal in the death of her stepdaughter, Zahra Baker. Again, another case where all evidence pointed to the obvious suspect but without a definitive cause of death I feel the prosecutors got scared and offered her the plea. She was sentenced to 14-48 years behind bars. If justice was served she would be at least in prison for life if not facing the death penalty.

The last story where I feel that justice was denied was in the case of Adam Herrman. Adam went missing in 1999 at the age of 11 but wasn’t reported missing until 2008. His adoptive parents, Doug and Valerie Herrman, were collecting government benefits in Adam’s name long after he disappeared. In 2001 they were sentenced on fraud charges of less than a year each. Adam has yet to be found and his adoptive Breeders have yet to be charged in his disappearance.

Hopefully in 2012 we’ll see more abusers get the sentences they deserve but you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t hold my breath.

And I would be remiss if I did not thank the readers and supporters of BB. Without you none of this would be possible. Here’s wishing everyone here at BB a fortuitous 2012.

Overzealous Father Punches Son for Losing

Angry dad arrested for ‘punching his eighth-grade son after he lost basketball tournament’
Man arrested for punching son at youth basketball tournament

Plenty of parents have disturbed many by their actions at their child’s sporting events. Parents have heckled children at sporting events, fought with referees, and even dooked it out with each other for some of the most ridiculous of reasons. Please, for all the parents out there with children in sports, it is supposed to be a fun activity. Yes, we expect there to be competition, but if you want your kids to have fun and learn from their sport, don’t embarrass them by being unsportsmanlike and down right  barbaric.

A Minnesota father, 52-year-old Steven Wilson, took his sons recent loss at a basketball tournament hard. He was more upset than anyone at the event. In fact, he was so upset that he did something parents and coaches had never seen before. He held his 14-year-old son, who hasn’t been identified, down with one hand and then repeatedly punched him in the face when they had been walking down a hallway together after the sons loss.

Several parents had to physically intervene and separate the two, but not before the father had hit the boy several times. While parents fought to remove the man from the boy others called police to the scene. Wilson was arrested on the scene and charged with fifth degree domestic assault. He spent the night in jail and posted a $10,000 bond without conditions. If convicted he faces up to a $3,000 fine, 90 days in jail, and also a no-contact order.

Child protective workers were notified by police to check on the boys well-being. The Eagan Athletic Association is also looking into further penalizing Wilson by banning him from future basketball games.

The only positive note is the boy did not need any medical attention outside of being looked over, and we have no dead kids to report.

CPS and Mother Repeatedly Fail Two Children; Luckily They're Still Alive

Police: Man beat, whipped, starved girlfriend’s young children
Seattle man accused of forcing girlfriend’s son to panhandle

That is Vincent James Pierce. He has graced our pages here for charges of second-degree child assault-domestic violence, and two counts of third-degree child assault-domestic violence in King County Superior Court. He is being held in lieu of $300,000 bail.

According to police, they learned of Vincent on December 4 after he called 911 to report that his girlfriend’s oldest child a 10-year-old boy who has not been identified, was missing. He told police that the boy had gone out to play 90 minutes earlier, but had not returned. He then called police back 6 hours later to report that the boy had come back. Unconvinced the authorities came to the home to see for themselves if the boy had returned, only to find that he had not. The search for the boy continued for another two hours, when at 4:30 PM, the boy finally returned back home to his apartment.

When questioned by police, the boy told them that Pierce had sent him out to the Space Needle in downtown Seattle to panhandle. He says he was out for more than six hours begging for money and had not eaten anything at all that day. He also said he didn’t return sooner because he didn’t gather enough money. Video evidence at the apartment showed Pierce speaking to the boy at 9:30 AM and then leaving him.  It was also observed that the boy was only dressed in a pair of seat pants and two long-sleeved shirts on that cold December day while he was out.

Investigators would later learn of severe abuse this young boy endure, along with his 5-year-old sister. Three weeks prior to this incident, the boy had been beaten for stealing food. A Swedish Medical Center found an untreated broken wrist and rib, according to charging documents. They also found what appeared to be cigarette burns on the boys feet. His little sister was also found to have injuries. She is said to have two black eyes, as well as bruises to her forehead and marks on her back from a belt. She was also described as “grossly dehydrated and underweight.”

Speaking with police, the children’s mother said Pierce frequently beat her children. He will hit the children with a belt over 30 times, sometimes lasting over an hour. She also said Pierce would use his hands to slap the children across the face. She also told them that this was common practice and that she had lost track of how many times the children have been beaten by Pierce. She admitted, through tears, that she knew her sons wrist was broken, but didn’t take him to the doctor because Pierce told her not to. Pierce, allegedly, bent the boys fingers back so far that his wrist broke, in front of her, the consequence for being caught taking food. According to charging papers, Pierce also beat the boy with a cord until he bled, and he has scars from it. His little sister also reported repeated abuse at the hands of Pierce. Police also wrote the court saying, Pierce would force the children to sleep outside the tent they were staying in while homeless. He also has been said to have sat on the children.

Also, four days previous to the boy being reported missing, a nurse at the University of Washington Medical Center contacted authorities after examining Pierce’s girlfriend’s children. The girl’s face was bruised and puffy, and the boy had a black eye. Why weren’t the children taken into CPS custody then?

Apparently, the mother of these two children was afraid of Pierce. Every time she tried to intervene with his beatings of her children he would attack her. I’m sorry, I don’t care if he’d attack her. If it were me, I would have intervened the first time, let him attack me, give him back whatever he gave me until he was worn out, and when he was unconscious taken my children and ran for my life. This mother needs some kind of charges pressed against her in my opinion. Maybe if she’s given a second chance she will have learned from all of this, but we’ve seen how that works out all too often too.

This will get your blood boiling even more though. According to a spokeswoman for the area’s CPS, they had received repeated calls of concern for the children because they were homeless. CPS tried to keep tabs on the family because of this, but the spokesperson has said, “Being homeless does not constitute child abuse. If we have concerns about exposure [to the outside temperatures] or not eating ther’s more we can do.” However, CPS did investigate and found no indications of abuse, yet they now say they believe the boy is not enrolled in school. If the five-year-old girl was described by police as “grossly dehydrated and underweight” that took some time for her to get to that point. How could CPS have missed it? She had to have been showing signs of that, but I suppose if you cannot keep track of a homeless family you have a good excuse to them.To me, they don’t have a good excuse. These four were reported to have stayed in Nicklesville, a Seattle homeless camp last year, and lived homeless in other parts of King County as well. You would think that they’d have more frequent follow-ups for a family you get lots of calls about that are homeless. I’m not saying everyone who is homeless is guilty of abuse, but there were signs here that I don’t feel should have been missed. CPS has failed numerous times on this case, as has the children’s mother. Let’s hope that the ball doesn’t get dropped again even though Pierce is now being charged and is still in lock-up.

Good news is no dead kids.

*Special thanks to all who sent this in*


5 Murders and a Suicide in NC

NC woman shoots five kids in head

Fifth person dies from Greensboro murder-suicide

The selfish actions of this mother are unthinkable. Normally, I would use extremely harsh words for someone like this, but I am going to refrain from doing so. After reading many articles about this case, I came across one in which the killer’s mother, Frances, finally spoke to the media. She has heard people call her daughter a “no-good mother” and said that her daughter was not a no-good mother, and also asked that people not judge her daughter. The judgement will be given whether anyone likes it or not. I will, however, save this mother the pain of reading the hurtful things I could say in writing this story. She has suffered enough. I am not going to make her have to suffer any further with the names and insults I could throw in. Now, on to the details.

On November 20, 2011, Mary Ann Holder,36, who was involved in a love triangle, would shoot five children in the head, and then turn the gun onto herself inside her parked Ford Explorer shortly after 10 AM that morning.

It all started with a love triangle with Randall Lamb, 40. The affair had been ongoing for the last four years, and it came to a bitter end on November 20, when she arranged to meet him in a college parking lot. At this meeting she shot Lamb in the shoulder, and injury from which he has recovered. Before she shot him, Lamb, Holder, and Lamb’s wife had been trading accusations of harassment and stalking according to court documents. Lamb’s wife had also recently threatened to file a lawsuit against Holder for alienating her husbands affection.

Holder then drove off to go meet her 14-year-old son, Zachery Smith, to pick him up from a sleep over. What Holder didn’t realize, is Lamb called his wife after the altercation, and his wife would go on to call police. A half hour after these calls were made a police officer discovered Holder’s black SUV. Holder was found dead inside with a gunshot to the head, and Zachery critically wounded in the back seat. There were also two hand guns found in the vehicle. One of which was in Holder’s lap.

Officers would then move on to Holder’s home in the Pleasant Garden community and found her son, 17-year old Robert Dylan Smith, dead. They would also find Makayla Leigh Woods, 15, Richard Suttles (Holder’s nephew who was living with her), 17, and Hannaleigh Suttles(Richard’s sister and Holder’s niece who was living with her also), 8 all critically injured. Hannahleigh would die on Monday from her injuries. Richard and Makayla were rushed to a hospital and placed on life support, both were removed from life support after clinging to their lives. The only silver lining here is 15 lives have been saved by organ donations made from several of the deceased victims. 12 lives came from two of the victims alone. All five victims were laid to rest yesterday.

Police are continuing to investigate despite two letters written by Holder taking responsibility for the shootings and apologizing for all the pain she has caused. They say a clear motive has not been determined.

There are several more details about the affair that I have left out. The affair and what was going on between Holder, Lamb, and Lamb’s wife doesn’t matter. What truly maters here is five young lives were ended, and no one truly knows why Holder took their lives. May all of them rest in peace.



Baylee Stenman Loved Her New Puppy

Man Accused of Killing Young Girl Headed to Trial

911 call after toddler found unconscious released

Police investigate death of a 3-year-old girl

This is another one that is hard for me to get through folks. One reason, is my only daughter is the same age as the victim, this also happened in the city I have lived all my life, not more than two minutes from my home, and lastly the nature in which she died. This story has really rocked our city. Not one single person here doesn’t know her story. If you don’t have any tissues you may want to go get some.

On July 28, 2011, Leo Ackley, 25, would take Baylee Stenman, 3, to his mother’s home after he found her unconscious and unresponsive on the floor of her bedroom next to her bed and could not wake her up. He claims he drove her to his sister’s house because he did not have a phone. He was also watching Baylee’s six-year-old sister at the time because their mother, Erica Stenman, was at work. In the days following Baylee’s death CPS removed Baylee’s older sister and place her with her biological father.

Leo’s sister, who was at his mother’s when he got there, told him they needed to head to the hospital, so they headed off to Bronson Battle Creek. While en route his sister called 911. During the call she explains they are on their way to the hospital. The dispatcher asks what happened to the child. The sister explains that Baylee seemed to be “knocked out” the dispatcher then advises the two to pull over and wait for an ambulance, which they do. While on the phone waiting for Emergency Personnel to arrive you can hear on the recorded call Leo saying, “Was sleeping on the bed, she must have fell off and **** hit the chair.” The sister repeats this back to the dispatcher. The dispatcher does ask for more information about the boyfriend to which he says he was the one watching Baylee.

Once at the hospital police were called. Baylee’s death was immediately deemed suspicious based upon the extent of her injuries. She had severe bleeding behind the eyes, and her brain was swelling. In fact, her brain was so swollen it was coming out of the bottom of her skull. She also had bruising on her neck. There were two bruises on both sides, just below the jawline, and about halfway across her neck. She was placed on life support, and three days later, August 1, 2011, would be removed from life support surrounded by family and friends. Her organs would be donated the following day, and her funeral held on August 3, 2011.

It wasn’t until September 29, 2011 that Leo Ackley would have an arrest warrant issued for the murder of Baylee. He was arrested the same day by the State of Michigan’s Fifth District Fugitive Recovery Team at a relatives home in Delton, MI. The reason the arrest warrant took so long is after autopsy results, which revealed swelling of the brain stem and retinal hemorrhaging, was authorities were waiting results from two other specialists to determine how the case would move forward. They wanted a clear picture of when and how Baylee’s brain was injured that way they could determine who she was with at the time of her injuries that caused her death.

Leo Ackley has been arraigned on charges of open murder and first degree child abuse. His case has also been bonded over to Circuit Court as of November 22, 2011 at a preliminary hearing. That day in court had some very emotional testimony. One of the most heartbreaking being that of Erica Stenman, little Baylee’s mother. She is documented as having said, “I didn’t have much, I only had fifteen minutes to get out the door. She came up and sat on my bed, she said, ‘Mommy, what are you doing?’ and I said, ‘I’m in a hurry honey, I’m running late for work.’” She then goes on to say that he boyfriend called her crying and seemed really upset. She said, “He said he thinks Baylee is having seizures.” Erica then rushed to the hospital to see her daughter. She said that when she saw her daughter, that Baylee was not talking or moving.

Leo Ackley still maintains his innocence and that Baylee had to have struck her head on something from falling out of bed. It has also been noted that there has never been any evidence of Leo being violent to Erica or her two children until the incident with Baylee. He does have some defenders out there, and I’m sure we’ll see the likes of them sometime.

Baylee’s older sister is still at her biological father’s home, but a custody battle has ensued.

There is a support group on Facebook for Baylee and the justice she deserves. Baylee enjoyed riding her bike, riding in the truck, swimming, and her new puppy. She also enjoyed spending time with her family and friends.

   Rest in peace Baylee. Swim and ride bikes with the angels.

***Thanks go to me for the tip***

Kids Found in Dog Kennel

Police: Two Nebraska children found in animal kennel

Nebraska mom Ashly Clark busted for caging two young sons in animal kennel

Sorry folks, there is not going to be a lot of flash and flare with this one. I have another story I worked on that wore me out, so this is going to be all business. But first, I would like to give a special thanks to everyone who sent a tip in on this one. So many of our readers flooded the inbox of BB with tips that we can’t just thank one person. So, once again, thank you so much to all who sent this one in.

Now let’s get down to business. Back in October of this year, police were called to do a welfare check on children at a trailer home in North Platte, Nebraska that housed four children by an anonymous tipper. When police arrived and entered the home, they were immediately met with the stench of urine and also found trash and feces throughout the home. YUCK! I will never understand how people can live like this! Police have said that everyone living in that home was living in squalor. I personally feel that this is an understatement.

While further searching the home an officer soon found two boys, ages 3 and 5, in a 30-by-42-inch wire dog kennel that was also wired shut! Don’t worry though, “mommy dearest,” Ashly Clark (22), provided them with a small children’s mattress for them to sleep on while they were caged!  When asked about why the boys were sleeping in the cage she told officers that she put them in the kennel at night to keep them from climbing out of the trailer through a window. What the hell?

There was also a couple living in the trailer- Bryson Eyten 25 and Samantha Eyten who is 24, with their 8 year-old and 8-month-old children. Those children were not kept in kennels, but were subjected to the deplorable conditions. Police said “All of the adults were aware of the situation and were aware of the kids were being housed in the animal kennel and did nothing to stop it or report it.”

Although the children were all living in such poor conditions police have noted that none of the children appeared to be physically abused or malnourished. Still, all of the children were removed from the home and placed with state authorities, and Clark, the Eyten’s, and 20-year-old Lacey Beyer (who was also living in the trailer) were arrested that day. They have all been charged with two counts of first-degree false imprisonment, two counts of felony child abuse and misdemeanor child abuse, based on the condition of the house. All four have been arraigned on the current charges, bail was set for $50,000, and they all asked for a public defender. They have also been ordered to have no contact with the four children who were removed from the home.

Good news for this one is no dead kids.

2010: The Year in Bad Breeders

Rather than pick just one Bad Breeder who was the worst in 2010 we thought that we’d bring the worst from each blogger here at (P)BB.

First up is ihavekids2…

Adam Baker – This one kills me for several reasons. First, it’s practically in my (and Trench’s) backyard. Second, this child survived CANCER … only to (probably) die at the hands of her breeder and/or step-breeder. This little girl got handed the shitty end of a short stick in life and she survived it, only to get moved to the other side of the world from everyone who knew and loved her, and might have helped her. Neither “parent” cares enough about this child to want to see her murder solved, probably because they themselves are responsible for it. And her biological mother is a shitbag too, because if she’d been part of Zahra’s life, like a mother is supposed to be, she might have been able to save this child.

James Edward “Juicy” Clampit – This is the guy who accidentally killed his baby son when he threw a soup bowl at the child’s mother while she was carrying the baby in her arms. I can almost wrap my head around the idea of parents intentionally harming or killing their kids. That’s evil. I get it that evil exists and manifests in horrible ways in this world. But for a parent to kill his child accidentally because he had a fit of rage and was just too stupid to control himself? That takes the cake for me. It is the height of negligence and fucktardary. If Juicy would have just taken a deep breath and counted to 10 he might not have tossed that soup bowl at his missus … and their baby boy might still be alive.

Adam Theall – This is the human excrement who executed his 3-month-old baby boy with a shotgun in front of police. I have a vivid imagination, and in one of my previous lives as a police reporter I have SEEN what a shotgun blast does to an adult body. I can envision what it must have done to a tiny, defenseless baby. Not only did this bastard murder an innocent baby, he did it in a horrific way intended to have the most impact on the witnesses. My heart breaks for the child’s mother, and for the cops who had to witness the murder. And I admire the incredible self-restraint it must have taken for them to not simply put a bullet in his head. No jury in the world would have convicted them if they had done exactly that.

Lyndsey Fiddler – Bitch put her 10-day-old baby in the washing machine and turned it on. I don’t care how fucked up you are on drugs or booze, shouldn’t there be SOME moment of moral awareness when you realize you don’t do that with a baby? And her utter lack of remorse is what bothers me most. Instead of being devastated at the loss of her child, this bitch tried to cover up the murder … by blaming her OWN mother.

Steven Nicholson – This one is my top pick. This is the shitbag who scalded and drowned not one, but TWO, of his babies to death in the same tub on the same night. First off, I don’t care HOW morally loose our society has become, having two babies with two separate women just months apart makes you nothing more than a penis with legs. Whether these babies’ deaths were accidental or intentional, Nicholson gets my vote for baddest breeder of the year. If it was an accident, why the fuck wasn’t he watching them? If it was intentional, why the fuck is he still breathing the same air as the real humans?

Next up is Jhilhan…

Jewel Marie Hendricks was the mother who decided that twins was just too much for her to deal with so she came to the conclusion that smothering her “least favourite” was the best course of action.

I think the words “least favourite” haunted my mind for weeks after first reading this article by Angel. I remember her saying : “…And she loved Daniel more than she loved Robert.” The concept still utterly floors me. The idea that should could take a two month old infant, break his clavicle and then wrap it in a blanket and shove it between her and the couch, knowing full well the baby would suffocate. Not only that, but then fall asleep for two and a half hours knowing that your baby is dying next to you. How does one do that? The very idea just rips my heart out.

I cannot find anything written about her husband and how he reacted. He was asleep in the next room when this monster smothered his baby boy. This frustrates me. This woman was married. Her husband apparently attempted CPR and called 911 immediately when he his wife alerted him to the fact one of the babies wasn’t breathing.

I have always felt that parenting was meant to be a two person job. I have seen single parents do a swell job on their own, don’t get me wrong, but ideally, having help and family support of some kind, makes a world of difference. My husband and I took turns with our little guy. If one of us was getting frustrated, the other would step in ASAP, no bickering, no questions asked…it was all about the little guy and our love for each other. The multiple levels of betrayal this woman has stooped to is mind boggling. Her betrayal of the child she killed. Her betrayal of the child that lives…that little boy gets to spend the rest of his life knowing HE was the “favourite” and the brother he will never get to meet, died for it. She also betrayed her husband.

If I may quote Dr. Seuss…””A person’s a person, no matter how small.” I want that to be repeated over and over at that bitch’s trial in February of 2011. She smothered him to obtain quiet, a “Better life.” Murder. This was an educated woman who just threw away a gift because it was inconvenient. She was able to look at a pair of two month old babies that she carried and decide which one lives and which one dies AND carry out the execution herself. Monster. Plain and simple.

In an update, it claims the father gave up custodial rights as well and the little boy has been adopted. I’m curious as to why the father gave up his rights? I am pleased to know perhaps the surviving child may have chance with parents who will not think him a burden and hopefully will never pick a favourite over him someday.

Now from Deena…

Dominick Calhoun was tortured for 4 long days by his mother’s live in boyfriend Brandon Hayes. He died after being removed from life support on April 12, 2010.

The particular story angers me for many reason bust mostly because, Corrine Baker, NEVER loved her son ENOUGH. She smoked crack while pregnant with him, causing him to be born with some developmental issues, she didn’t love him enough to stop the drugs for his little life.

Dominick peed his pants while sitting on the couch, at the apartment he shared with his mother, brother and Brandon Hayes. Brandon was enraged and so began the torture that ended his life; once again his mother didn’t love him enough to take him out of that house.

She has offered several excuses, Brandon beat her and held her hostage, but she left during the 4 days to seek medical treatment for herself, once again not loving her son enough to take him with her or to tell her parents who took her to the doctor about what he was enduring inside the apartment. Instead she phoned her boyfriend while out and conversed with him and even pledged her love, all the while her youngest son was slowly dying.

Had her sister not stopped by to purchase drugs from Brandon, who knows what may have come of Dominick’s body, because she is the one who notified his paternal grandfather, who brought the police and rescued the lil’ guy but it was too late. His small body had succumbed to the injuries, which included, burns, bruising; brain swelling and he even had his eyes gouged. All of this because he had accident, an accident mostly due to his developmental issues that were no fault of his, but his mother’s inability to clean up her act while carrying him.

Brandon referred to Dominick as a “crack baby that deserved to die” and die he did and both of these monsters make me sick! As much as I despise Brandon, I think I despise Corrine all the more for her failure to protect her child, she had failed him so much before, why couldn’t she this one time put him first? Why couldn’t she take him away or give him to his father who loved him or even one of the grandparents who loved him as well. She has stated she loved her son and tried to protect him but Brandon would beat her as well… I don’t care what he did to me, but I would die myself before I let my child endure what Dominick did. I have never been able to get the images of his last days out of my mind, as a mother I cannot bear to think about it.

A lot has been done here in Michigan to remember Dominick and most of it has been spear headed by Dominick’s paternal grandfather, who was brave enough to step in and try to save his life and did not let him die in vain. Because of Dominick this year needy children in state custody were given shoes, all donated by members of the Justice for Dominick group. I am proud to say I am a member of that very group. I lit a candle for him on his birthday and participated in the Facebook birthday party in his honor. He may have been young, when he was murdered but his light will shine for years to come and many will remember those big blue eyes forever.

Now from Nicole…

As I look back on 2010 I can think of a few great moments and a few very sad moments for me. One of my highlights was finding this site and soon becoming part of the clan!

I wish to touch base and bring up two sad stories that rocked my world this year.

First – I found this site because of Ethan Stacy. This little boy looked like the sweetest little creature. I can’t even imagine to horror he went through: begging his father not to send him to his mother’s, only once there being beaten, tortured and killed all while his mother got married and took pics on her cell phone and all within 9 days! – The horror of what they did to his sweet face to try and detour finding his identity – It gives me chills thinking about it and gives me nightmares. I have the biggest lump in my throat just giving you highlights. This story upsets me so much I can’t even go on.

Reading April’s original post and how passionate she told the story of what happened to this beautiful, wonderful and precious little boy not only read exactly the way I felt about the situation, but made me horribly aware and kept me freakishly attracted to this site!

Second – I hope and pray to the powers that be that Quindell Sherman dies. This horrible monster is the exact reason why there are people out there that believe in vigilante justice. I so wish I was present at the time he was arrested just so I could be the one to put a bullet in head and walk away knowing I did this world some good.

The things he did to his 3-month-old baby make me want to vomit. He threw him up the air, dragged him around the street, and slammed him to the ground and more. They found him hiding in a dumpster standing on top of the baby – I can only hope he was dead by then. All of this in broad daylight in front family and neighbors.

There are many others that have affected my daily thoughts and actions. These two stories in particular stood out and I will certainly never forget them. I have my calendar noted and will be following the trials for The Sloops and also for Casey Anthony – both I believe will be the biggest of 2011.

I wish everyone on this site, writers, readers, regular posters, onlookers and anyone who stumbles upon this site like I did a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Fan favorite and the driving force behind this site, April, offers up this poem that she posted in the comments about Stephanie Sloop

My daddy loved me very much
He kept me safe and warm
You took me from my nice, safe home
And delivered me to harm

Why’d you do it mommy
I was your little boy
Nate picked me up and shook me, mom
And threw me like a toy

He punched me and kicked me
Until I was black and blue
You didn’t even leave him, mom
When he filled my mouth with pooh

You loved him more than you loved me
I see that now, it’s nice
But just for you, you stupid c***
I paid the highest price

I hope you can sleep at night
Though haunted by my cries
I’m in a safe warm place again
Up in Heaven’s blue skies

Sleep well, mommy, in your cold, dark cell
And dream of me tonight
When Bertha climes into your bunk
She’s gonna DO you right

I hear they like pretty blonds in jail
Your gonna fit in well
And when they get through with your skanky ass
You’ll see them again… someday…. In Hell

Fuck you Stephanie Sloop – I hope you fucking rot!

♥ April, the mean girl

I hate Stephanie Sloop. She is another prime example of a selfish whore who’s vaginal needs were inconvenienced by an innocent child. One she could have left in the custody of a very loving biological father.

And last and most certainly least it’s yours truly, Trench Reynolds…

For 2010 there’s only one story that sticks out in my mind as the worst of 2010. As IHK2 mentioned above it happened kind of local to us which is only one factor in why I thought it was the worst. Another factor is that the story is so unbelievable you’d think it was from a really bad episode of CSI Miami. Between the fact that Adam Baker would drag his daughter from all the way around the world to be with what has been deemed the Sheen Cow or Elisa Baker’s propensity for grifting, in my opinion, it still seems like a poorly written story from a trashy detective magazine.

What makes it even worse is that poor Zahra Baker was a sweet child, who seemed to not have a harsh word towards anybody, was also disabled having lost her leg to cancer and had to wear hearing aids in both ears. Not to mention what we still don’t know. We don’t know how she died. We don’t know who killed her yet. We don’t know why she was killed. I think those unknowns make it just as bad as the fact that her body was brutally dismembered and just thrown away like a broken appliance that no longer serves a purpose.

Then throw on top that no one has been charged yet for Zahra Baker‘s death. A brutal murder to one so young and so helpless cries out for justice. I’m not talking about vigilante justice either. I’m talking about the kind of justice where there’s no doubt what so ever that the correct person or people have been tried, convicted and sentenced.

On a personal note as a lot of you know 2010 was a very tough year for me and I want to thank each and every one of you who helped me out. From my fellow bloggers to the ones who made donations to the readers who have commented or e-mailed their feedback.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you. And here’s wishing that we didn’t have to write any stories in 2011.

Fan mail for once

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. With the new job taking up most of my time and not being able to blog from there I’ve been mostly uninspired. However we did get a nice e-mail from a guy named Mike. This really isn’t for me as it is for the other writers of (P)BB.

I love your style.

I’m a History Major headed for law school, with a history of extreme physical and mental abuse as a child.

I am blessed with two beautiful children of my own and have broken that cycle of violence.

I felt compelled to tell you that I love your RAW, politically “incorrect” descriptions of these low life pieces of human fucking trash.

It’s inspiring and entertaining and helps to refuel my hatred for these oxygen wasters.

I hope to finish my Law degree and work exclusively finding new and fitting punitive measures for this splinter cell of criminals that, in my opinion, gets off too easy for their crimes.

Fight the good fight. and thank you.

Thank you Mike and best of luck on your career. With writing like that you could write for BB. It would be nice to have another male perspective around here.

But it’s not just my style. Oh I do have my funny names for suspects and made up terms but the other writers who have worked with me since I took over the site are the real stars of this site. People like Angel, April and IHK2 are the real reason this site continues.

In the early days of blogging it was all about raw pure emotion before the most popular blogs got corporate. I’d like to think that the three of them and the others who have worked with us have carried that blogging tradition on. While I think the writers here are more than talented they’re also human and allow their passion to make this blog even better. I strive to be like them.

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