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Bad girlfriend makes 3-year-old eat her own feces

Arizona police say Nicole Candelaria forced 3-year-old to eat own feces after bathtub accident:

Nicole Candelaria

What is it with child abusers and feces? There’s either feces on the floor, on the kids or in this case used as a torture device.

27-year-old Nicole Candelaria of Tempe, Arizona, was arrested for allegedly abusing her boyfriend’s 3-year-old daughter. The girl had an accident in the bathtub. That’s not unheard of for children that age. So Candelaria did what we all would have done and told the girl it was ok, that accidents happen and she cleaned up the mess with a twinkle in her eye and a spring in her step. Ok, I made that up. What she’s really accused of doing is making the girl eat her own feces as punishment.

Police became involved when the girl told her mother what happened. When questioned by police Candelaria supposedly said that the girl lies all the time. Nothing like trying to lay the blame on a 3-year-old girl is there? Except the girl’s siblings also said that Candelaria made the girl eat her own waste. A medical exam on the victim also showed bruising over most of the girl’s body and an injury to her vagina of unknown origin. Candelaria would watch the children while their father was at work. The kids were visiting their father for the week.

With those tastefully done tattoos I wonder if she has a night job, one that may or may not involve a pole.

Thanks to Vod for the tip.

Ghastly girlfriend kills toddler by feeding her chilli powder



Sorensen, 21, has pleaded not guilty to charges  of murder and child abuse after child’s death

We don’t hear of many bad girlfriend stories, but it’s not just boyfriends who abuse and kill the children that they’re supposed to be babysitting.


Amanda Sorensen, 21, pled not guilty to charges of murder and assault after she allegedly killed her boyfriend’s toddler daughter by force feeding her chilli powder. She is being held on $1 million bond in West Valley Detention Centre.


Police were called to the couple’s Apple Valley home after Joileen suffered a seizure after the skanky slut fed it to her. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival :'(


Now I didn’t actually know that chilli powder could kill someone. I love chilli and I have a very high tolerance for it because I was raised on it since I was in utero. An autopsy is being conducted on little Joileen to determine how exactly she died, but the dangers of capsaicin overdose include airway constriction due to irritation and symptoms of overdose include difficulty breathing, convulsions and changes in skin colour. So it’s likely she inhaled it and asphyxiated.


No motive has been given as to why this bitch chose such a nasty way to punish Joileen. But the nasty piece of work has her own daughter which, surprise surprise, was unharmed. I think that the whore was jealous of Joileen taking up her man’s time. Or that she was sick of sharing resources with a child that wasn’t hers. Whatever the pathetic reasoning going on inside that bimbo’s narrow mind, Joileen never, ever, not in a million years, deserved this.


Joileen’s mother is devastated. Her mother’s boyfriend considered her his stepdaughter and described her as a “bright kid, smart, intelligent, always running around…she loved animals and horses”.


If you think the treatment of child abusers in men’s prisons is nasty, you should see what they do to child abusers in women’s prisons. I heard one story of a woman who abused her child and was sent into Gen Pop, thinking it wouldn’t be bad. They were wrong. She was beaten to within and inch of her life and had every hair on her head pulled out. And so she should. Amanda Sorensen deserves nothing less. In fact along with the usual beatings and hair pulling, I think someone should insert various sex toys and jumbo tampons into her festering snatch. Soaked in Tabasco sauce of course. Or we can see how many Trinidad Scorpion chillis can fit into that rotting hole.


Just looking at those photos of the skank, she looks like such a nasty little piece of work. A spoilt little brat.


RIP Joileen. Go look for my sister’s Bunny and look after her for me 🙂


Thanks to all who took the time to send in this tip.


****Special thanks to Aussie Sabbath for the most awesome write up.

Bad Girlfriend: Chasity Renee DuFour

Family Defends Woman Accused of Child Abuse

Mom Beat Boyfriends Boy Blind for Potty Problems

Chasity DuFour Accused of Serious Child Abuse

A 3-year-old boy was admitted to the ICU.  He was covered head to toe in bruises, partially blinded, and will have lasting neurological and physical challenges according to prosecutors.  They have charged 25-year-old Chasity Renee DuFour, the fiancée of his father, with 2nd Degree Assault on a Child and she is being held on $250,000 bond.

Prosecutors say this twisted twit shook or choked this baby boy because he had a potty training accident.  They also say she coached her 5-year-old son to lie for her.  I guess she didn’t count on that genuine honesty that children have to give away her abusive secrets.

When he was questioned by a Child Interview Specialist he told them, “Mom told me to tell she didn’t hurt ….”  He also said his brother, “hurts himself on his own,” and “gets bruises because of his allergies and because he falls off the bed a lot.”  Then went on to say that his mother would spank the 3-year-old with a spoon and shove him down when he pees his pants and when he is pushed down “he hurts from the ground and his head gets hurt.”  He said when his mother spanks she gets “super angry”…

The sperm donor/fiancée and DuFour’s family are saying the charges are nonsense.  She would never harm a child…  Her mother said in an interview, “I think that there is something medically wrong going on with him and hopefully that will come out in the end.”

For someone that would never harm a child she’s had 3 contacts/referrals to CPS.  The first was in 2008, a domestic violence report involving her ex-husband, the second was a referral in 2009 involving an assault on her son, and the third was a referral in 2011 after she tested positive for meth while pregnant with her youngest child.  But this methtard, abusive bitch wouldn’t harm a child…  Yeah right!!


Rant on:

This child has only lived with them since April and was hospitalized the end of May.  That’s one fucking month!!  In one month this child lost part of his vision and his whole life has changed!! 

How the hell could this “father” ignore all the bruising left on this child??  How could he leave a child he describes as “hard to handle” with a c*** that tested positive for meth while carrying his baby?!?  This pussy blinded, neglectful asshat needs to be charged too!!

Rant Over


Thanks go to Denise for the tip.



Kaleib Higgins found his daddy… but lost his life.

Two-Year-Old Murdered In Hopkins County

Man’s Girlfriend Charged In Springfield Boy’s Death 

Other Kids in the Home When Toddler Beaten to Death 

Disclaimer:  I’m sick.  My head hurts, my throat hurts and I fucking hate baby killers.  If you don’t want to read my potty mouth ranting, please just click on the source links and skip reading my words.  Posting comments about how you just want to read the story and have no use for my opinion, language, or name calling will only cause a negative reaction and piss off the regulars (who are particularly protective of me).  Furthermore, Trench doesn’t give two shits – never mind that he has bigger fish to fry, so emailing the tips email will only fall on deaf ears.  Now that I got that off my chest, on to what has me pissed off. 

2-year-old Kaleib Higgins was visiting his father, who just happened to learn that he was lucky enough to have contributed to making little Kaleib (I’m not referring to him as a sperm donor, as that doesn’t seem to be the case).  According to Kaleib’s aunt, Myra Lewis, Kaleib’s mother was in her late 20’s when she got pregnant with Kaleib – I’m sure she was shocked, because she was told that she could never have children.  Wanting to do the right thing, she gave Kaleib and his father an opportunity to bond.  Sounds reasonable, right?  I know this is the part where all of us regular junkies gasp and   cringe.  It’s not like that.  Kaleib’s father WANTED to be in the child’s life.  It seems that his penis sheath, 28-year-old Alexis Mayes, wasn’t as thrilled at the prospect of this ready made family.

Saturday morning, an emergency call was made to report an unresponsive juvenile male.  Emergency workers on the scene initially treated the child then transported him to the ER where they continued their efforts to revive him for 45 minutes before declaring him dead.  The cause of death was determined later Saturday afternoon – multiple blunt force trauma to the head and body.  Little Kaleib was “allegedly” beaten to death. 

Alexis Mayes has been arrested and is being charged with Kaleib’s murder.  She is being held on $500,000 cash bond.  Police are being pretty right lipped about what they think happened to little Kaleib, but I imagine they have a pretty good reason for charging that hideous c***. 

Kaleib was not the only child in the home at the time of the murder.  There were 3 other children present.  There is no mention of the relationship of the children to Kaleib, his father, or his father’s whore.  Only that CPS is handling the case. 

Is this the new trend?  I mean, it used to be the boyfriends (or vagina plugs) that were the evil, baby murdering monsters.  In the past week, we have seen more sloppy vagina wielding sea-hags that are responsible for snuffing out the lives of these little angels.  I guess this is the part where we impose the warning to all of the single fathers that we do the single mothers.  PUSSY SHOULD NEVER TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER YOUR CHILDREN (whether you’ve known about them all their lives or just for months)!!  There lives are too precious. 

 Thanks go to Angel for the tip.

Crappy girlfrield charged with murdering 5-year-old

Crapser arrested in Valentine death

Eagle Grove woman charged in child’s death

Every now and then, we get a story that comes through here where the perp’s name is just so RIGHT. In this case, Kara Crapsy is one crappy girlfriend. Authorities have charged the 20-year-old Eagle Grove, Iowa woman with murder in the death of her boyfriend’s 5-year-old daughter, Mikayla. Seriously? This hag is only 20? Man, what hard living will do to a person … but I digress.

The aptly named Kara Crapser is charged with murdering her boyfriend's 5-year-old daughter.

According to police and the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, in January police got a call to the home where little Mikayla lived with her father, Robert Valentine, Crappy, the tw*t’s two children from a previous relationship and Mikayla’s brother Robert. She was rushed to the local hospital suffering from brain trauma, then air-lifted to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Tragically, she died from her injuries.

The medical examiner determined the cause of death to be abusive head trauma, and since Crappy was the only adult home at the time when the girl collapsed, guess who’s the prime suspect? Plus, the story she gave cops – that the child was walking up a flight of stairs, collapsed inexplicably and fell down 20 stairs to bonk her head on the hardwood floor below – just didn’t wash with cops and medical personnel.

All three surviving children were taken into custody by the human services department. Crappy is charged with first-degree murder and could face additional charges. She’s being held in the county jail on $500,000 bond. Dare I hope it says something positive about Mikayla’s daddy that he has apparently NOT bailed the bitch out of jail?

And while the person who hit poor little Mikayla on the head so hard it caused brain damage is ultimately responsible for her death, I’m going to go out on a limb and repeat my favorite question – where the hell was her biological mother? A child ends up living with her bio dad in just one of two ways – either the mother is SUCH a frikkin loser that the courts take the child away, or the mother herself has given up the child because she doesn’t want it. I doubt this is a situation where Robert ripped his kids away from their mother by the sheer power of the court system and a liberal application of money. He doesn’t appear to have that kind of scratch.

Usually, we read about crappy boyfriends killing their girlfriend’s kids, so Crappy has put a new twist on things for me today. I’m sure there’s more to this story that will come out as the investigation continues. I’m hoping the authorities can develop a strong enough case to keep this evil hag behind bars and away from children for the rest of her miserable life.

Bad NC Girlfriend beats toddler into a coma

Christiana Julia Ayscue

NC woman charged after toddler beaten, skull fractured, police say:

It’s not often that we get a bad girlfriend story but we have one here today.

In Mebane, North Carolina police arrested 23-year-old Christiana Julia Ayscue for allegedly beating her boyfriend’s 2-year-old so bad that she put the boy into a coma. The boy is said to have had multiple skull fractures, a swollen brain, bruises all over his body and a cut on the back of his head. He was placed into a medically induced coma but is said to be improving.

Much like in the bad boyfriend stories the boy’s father was at work while his then live in girlfriend, Ayscue, was babysitting. No word on what sent the trailer trash version of Cameron Diaz into such a rage against the child.

After doing this site and others for so long I think I’m going to start my own dating advice site for people with little to no common sense. Don’t let anyone move in until you’ve really seen them around your kids.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Bad Girlfriend stabs girl

New Details Revealed In Stabbing Of 3-Year-Old:

We don’t get a lot of bad girlfriend stories but this one should prove that we’re not gender biased here.

22-year-old Serenity (not really) Sanchez was arrested in Portland, Oregon for stabbing her boyfriend’s 3-year-old daughter.

The boyfriend says that he saw Sanchez go into the girl’s room and heard a scream. The girl was stabbed in the liver and spleen and the wound barely missed her intestines which would have been a death blow. Luckily the girl is in stable condition.

And why did all this allegedly happen? Because the boyfriend wanted to break up with Sanchez.

Guys will only put up with crazy for so long.

Thank to Jessica for the tip.

By the way I’m all about the alliteration so if anyone can come up with a ‘g’ word to describe the girlfriends I’d be most appreciative.

Bad girlfriend accused of using sex toys on boyfriend’s kids

Manatee woman charged with sexual battery of kids:

Accused of using sex toys in abuse:

30-year-old Tawnya Rae Burrows of Manatee, Florida has been accused of sexually molesting her boyfriend’s children, ages 8, 7 and 2, with sex toys. She’s also accused of performing sex acts in front of the kids and putting porn on for the kids. It seems that Burrows would care for the kids while the boyfriend was away.

What the hell kind of sick bitch thinks of crap like this? She is no better than the stories we hear here about the bad boyfriends who sexually assault their girlfriend’s kids. Gender should make no difference.

H/T to Shadowscope.

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