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Bad Parent Sighting: “Not my responsibility, mate”


Two child firebugs, both eight, caught in Newcastle

Eight-year-old boys caught trying to light a bushfire

We haven’t had a Bad Parent Sighting for a while. I also like to call them the alliterative term “Piss Poor Parenting”. This one was seen in the newspaper and on the news, making excuses to try to absolve himself of parental duty.

For the last couple of weeks, New South Wales has been burning. We have had severe bushfires, brought on by hot, windy and dry conditions. Some of these fires were started by natural causes such as dry lightning. Others by accident, such as hot exhaust pipes on dry grass or electricity wires arcing in strong winds. However, a few of these fires were deliberately lit.

The case I want to bring to your attention happened recently. Two 8 year old boys were caught near East Maitland in the Hunter Valley, trying to light a fire around 7.30pm. They had piled up dry grass and dead leaves and were trying to light the heap with a cigarette lighter. It was only by sheer luck that the lighter didn’t work.

Police could not press charges due to the boys’ age (age of criminal responsibility in Australia is 10 years) and released them into the care of their parents (who were obviously not caring for them as they were wandering the bush at 7.30pm at night). When interviewed by news sources, the father of one of the boys had the hide to say this:

“I have 6 kids, I can’t be following all of them around the streets all the time. It’s not my responsibility, mate.”

What the fuck. They’re YOUR children! You chose to not wear a condom or get a vasectomy and beget 6 children. You have to live with that choice. What your child did was almost attempted murder. You should be begging for forgiveness and disciplining your child.

6 kids and unwilling to care for them. Old Mate needs to stand up once in a while. Same with his missus. Get a new hobby. And no, getting drunk down at your local pub while your unsupervised litter run rampant doesn’t count as a constructive way to pass one’s time. Some suggested hobbies would be getting a job in a nuclear reactor, keeping your phone in your underwear, getting kicked in the balls, wearing tight underwear, getting cardiovascular disease or diabetes etc. See where I’m going with this?

Mother dearest of the other boy involved said that her boy will be “grounded for a week”. Yeah, that’ll show him! NOT! “Grounded” = more likely playing Xbox while Mother also goes down to the pub and drinks away her welfare check. At least she took some responsibility for him unlike the aforementioned useless Old Mate. But this lack of proper discipline and consequences is probably what led to this kid thinking he could do whatever he liked, with no consequences to his actions whatsoever.

The police involved with the case, being mandated reporters, have reported both kids to be “at risk” to DoCS (Social Services). They were unsupervised and getting into a potentially very dangerous situation because their parents couldn’t be bothered to keep an eye on them. This is a small victory for the people of Maitland, who could have lost everything because of two very silly little boys and their inept breeders. Once you get the attention of DoCS (whether you really are abusing your kids or not), it’s very hard to get them out of your life. Social services will be investigating these useless people very thoroughly.

Sorry for the long ramble, but we have had fires close to us and it was very scary. To think that people could have lost their homes and livelihoods because of poor breeding just makes my blood boil.

Discussion point: Should parents be held responsible for their children’s criminal actions, if the child is under the age of criminal responsibility? Perhaps some fines to diminish the breeders’ pub money might straighten them out.

Starting them on the path to a productive life while they’re young…

Man Apparently Uses Toddler To Steal Package Off Seattle Couple’s Doorstep (VIDEO)

Surveillance video shows man using toddler to steal for him

As you can see in the surveillance footage, a bad dad encourages his toddler daughter to steal a package from a North Seattle doorstep. The homeowner realised the package went missing after he tracked it online, but when he watched the CCTV footage, he saw the bad dad park the stroller outside the house and send the little girl up to the doorstep. When she returned with the package, he put it in the stroller and they continued on their merry way.

The homeowner, while amused at first, was later deeply disturbed by the bad dad using his little daughter as an accomplice and worried for the little girl’s wellbeing. It’s very possible that she has no idea that what she’s doing is wrong. And why would she? She’s a young and innocent little child who relies on her parent to teach her the difference between right and wrong, and she probably thinks that this is a game. Unfortunately the bad dad seems to be teaching her that wrong is right and vice versa. What other wrong things could he be teaching her to do?

Who wants to know what was in the package that the little girl took? $15 worth of dog vitamins!! Knowing the history of other bad dads on BB, this one might just feed them to her under the guise of “lollies”.

A few years ago, a kid my Mum taught was involved in a burglary scheme set up by his bad dad. The first warning sign was that the kid was missing a lot of school because bad dad didn’t have a job and would use the little boy to break into people’s houses while they were at work. Bad dad went to jail, but the damage done to the little boy’s education was significant. I don’t know what became of him, but I hope he caught up and found some good influences in his life, and didn’t go down the same path as bad dad.

Aussie Sabbath has a Bad Parent Sighting: Last night as I was working my second job, a little boy no older than 8 years old strolled up to the bar and wanted something to eat or drink. I don’t know what he wanted, because as soon as he turned up, I sent him away because he was underage (I’m not going to risk a $5000 fine for serving a minor). He came back and tried to talk to another bartender. She sent him away too. Eventually he came back with Dad and then Dad got him some soft drink. Firstly, the rules are quite clear: if you are under 18 years of age, you cannot be in the bar area without a guardian. Secondly, who sends their 8 year old kid all by themselves, in a crowded venue anywhere? Surely Dad could’ve peeled himself away from the game for 5 mins to ensure that his young son didn’t get kidnapped, molested, lost or mugged. Or that he didn’t fall over and hurt himself. The sheer laziness of some people!! I was ready to call security to remove the little boy if he came back again by himself. Didn’t want to do it, but it would’ve taught the lazy bastard of a Dad a lesson. Little boy’s Mum would’ve torn him a new one.

Back to the parcel stealing toddler: When I saw that the toddler was able to walk perfectly fine, I thought of this blog (the fat kid in the stroller is really sad and borders on abuse). Sure the toddler can walk all by herself and doesn’t need the stroller, like the kids in that tumblr feed, but then bad dad would have nothing to put the stolen packages in.

Central Coast child left in locked running car

Central Coast child locked in car

Child locked in car treated by ambos
Child locked in car treated by ambos


A two-year-old girl was found locked inside a running car in a garage at Buff Point, NSW. Luckily paramedics were able to free her and after being examined, she didn’t need any medical treatment. Police have been notified of the incident, but it’s looking suspicious. Firstly I don’t believe she found the keys and went into the garage, unlocked the car, got in and started the car herself. This simply wasn’t a case of Mum going to the shops and leaving her in the car. It also wasn’t a case of her being forgotten. It’s more likely someone put her there!! But why? Did someone put her there to get her out of their hair? Was it some sort of misguided time-out measure? Or was it something more sinister…?

The NSW Central Coast (where Buff Point is) is just an hour away from where I live, and we have had very hot days, the hottest on record. 13 people on the Central Coast alone were treated for heat-related illnesses, and this little sheila was lucky she wasn’t in direct sunlight. But the biggest danger wasn’t heatstroke, not by a long shot. She could’ve died from carbon monoxide poisoning from the car fumes in an enclosed space, which would’ve also put paramedics at risk. She could’ve put the car into drive (or reverse) and stepped on the accelerator, ploughing through the garage wall. It could’ve been a whole lot worse than what it was.

Even if she did manage to get hold of the keys, go into the garage and start the car herself, that just speaks volumes about her parents’ supervisory skills. Where were they? Surely they would’ve heard her start the engine, if she really did get hold of the keys. Either way, it’s neglect at best and attempted murder at worst!

She was very lucky she didn’t die. Very lucky.

Bad Parent Sighting: Do-Nothing Dads at Bob Evans

Bob EvansDo you have a Bob Evans near you? I apparently don’t, as I’m a good 2,000+ miles outside of the Bob Evans heat map. But Mamacita at Weekly Scheiss has one nearby. Unfortunately, what should’ve been a non-eventful trip for biscuits and gravy turned into a Bad Parent Sighting, as MC was forced to witness two large families where the women were to busy child-wrangling to eat. What were the men doing? Stuffing their faces and being zero help to their wives. Mamacita effectively issues a fatwa against these self-absorbed pricks:

A male who just sits there and takes care of himself while all around him chaos ensues, watching his wife deal with it all and expecting her to in the first place?  That’s not a man.  That’s a big oversized baby-boy, and shame on him.

She urges these poor women: "RUN AWAY". Solid advice. grab the kids, run away, and don’t look back. We’ll show up in 12 months with a camera crew, and take good, long pictures of what a year fending for themselves does to these misogynistic bottom-feeders.

Bad Parent Sightings: The Crayola Marker War

Crayola markersMy wife Kim just finished up all of our back to school shopping, during which she saw her fair share of parental mischief. She reported back to me (I was, thank the gods, spared the trip to Targét) that parents were running one another over to get the last of the dwindling supplies. The local schools in the Seattle suburbs hand out highly specific lists of items to purchase for the start of the school year – THREE bottles of Elmer’s Super-Adhesive Non-Toxic Water-Soluble glue! FOUR boxes of Crayola Thin Line Markers! – and woe unto the unfortunate parental unit who arrives to find nothing but generic crayons left on the shelves. Because Goddess forbid a child arrive at school with Rose Art crayons instead of Crayola, branding him a social pariah, and condemning him to a years worth of dodging rocks at recess.

Kim, sadly, observed first-hand what happens when the stock of a vaunted item reaches nil, when at the end of her final Target trip she saw two parents fighting over the last pack of Crayola markers. There was no need in the end to call in the Keystone Rent-a-Cops, but according to Kim, "It nearly came to blows." And that’s not right. Come on, parents – we’re all in this together. Let’s please refrain for fighting one another until the start of the school year, and instead shore up our hatred and animosity for those who most deserve it: our children’s teachers.

Have a Bad Parent Sighting to report? Let us know!

Bad Parent Sighting: The Rooftop Playroom

roof.jpgBig thanks to AJ at Thingamababy for this link that makes you shake your head and exclaim, “Oh no they didn’t!” I’ll grant you, it’s not conclusive, but those toys don’t look like they’ve been haphazardly thrown on top of the roof. AJ goes over the same thoughts in his head, debunking hypothesis after hypothesis before coming to what seems the only logical conclusion: these parents have a trip from Child Protective Services looming in their future.

I neglected to ask AJ where he lives, so I could figure out if I’m anywhere near these people. Hmmm…now that I look at it more closely, there’s something familiar about that fence…and the roof…and the location of windows on the house…and that toy xylaphone looks fami – oh. Oh. Um…hold on, folks, I need to go get a few things off of the roof…

Bad Parent Sightings: Just Use Your Diaper, Kid

huggies.jpgI’m getting caught up on reporting the Bad Parent Sightings. Here’s one from reader Panfilo Garcia, about a dad who couldn’t be bothered to help potty train his little girl:

I was in a convenience store in Austin, Texas, and this guy had just made his purchase. His daughter, who must’ve been well past the age of 3, says to him, “Daddy, I need to go potty,” to which he replied, “Nah, we need to leave. You’re wearing your Pamper.” Way to encourage the potty training, dad. With you as a parent, perhaps she’ll be potty trained by the time she leaves for college. (Another thing I hate, the use of “Pamper” in place of the word diaper.)

Ouch. Refusing to potty train and destroying the integrity of the Pampers trademark? Double whammy! Then again, I’m sure the folks at Huggies have a secret longing in their heart to have their product genericized.

If you’ve sent me a Bad Parent Sighting, it will go live later this week. If you haven’t gone all Big Brother on your fellow parents yet…what are you waiting for?

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