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Missing and in danger – Zaine Lee

Zaine Lee, aged 1, from Bakersfield CA is missing. He has been kidnapped by his mother and is presumed to be in the company of her and his half-sister. He is in danger because his egg-donor does not have custody of him due to drug and alcohol issues. He was last seen on Christmas Eve last year. Egg donor may still be in California or may be travelling to Washington or Oregon. If I can find a photo of the egg donor, I’ll put it up.

If you see this little boy or have information about his whereabouts, please call the National Centre for Missing & exploited children on 1800 843 5678. Or the Kern County District Attorney’s Office 1661 327 7111.

Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver

2 14-month-old children found with duct tape over their mouth, hands bound

After writing about baby-beating boyfriends and penis-protecting mummies, I have to admit this article made me giggle. As a child-free young woman, the thought has popped into my head from time to time to do this to annoying children. But there is a big difference between thinking that something would be funny and actually doing it. And duct tape hurts like hell when you tear it off bare skin.

Jose Picazo and Sorida Carabantes of Bakersfield, CA were arrested last week. Jose was accused of duct taping two 14-month-old’s mouths and hands together. Now why would he do a strange thing like that? The answer is simple and completely logical:  because they were fighting! Yes, Jose duct-taped their mouths to stop them from yelling and crying, and he duct-taped their hands behind their backs to keep them from hitting each other! I know duct tape is a very useful tool and it can be used to fix just about anything, but I didn’t know you can use it to “fix” angry fighting children. Or maybe not.

Now I’m trying not to laugh. I know it’s not funny and that it’s child abuse, hence why it’s on this blog. But it seems so logical, despite the fact that it’s child abuse. It’s like when Mr. Bean decides to repaint his flat so he wraps everything up in newspaper, sticks a firework in a can of paint and leaves. It’s stupid and it’s disastrous (especially when Mr. Bean’s friend ends up wearing paint because he comes by to get his hat) but it’s just so logical. This is a totally Mr. Bean thing to do.

Mr. Bean  Picazo and Mrs. Bean  Ms. Carabantes have been charged with felony child endangerment. Sorida’s in the poo because she knew Jose duct-taped the kids together and didn’t do a thing about it. There were other kids in the house that weren’t “fixed” with duct tape (perhaps they were “fixed” ages ago) and all of the children in the house have been taken into protective custody.

Thanks go to Chelcie for the tip (and the laugh). Please don’t think I’m a monster for laughing at this, but it reminded me of Mr. Bean and after all the darkness of dead children, I needed a laugh.

Your Own Abuse Demons Are No Excuse to Hurt Your Daughter

Father suspected of major crimes against his 8-year-old daughter

Family reels as sheriff suggests father may have tried to kill daughter

Sheriff: Injuries indicate father tried to kill his daughter

Man accused of crimes against daughter claims he’s been abused

Fair warning friends – Mama is super pissed about this one and my opinions are running rampant. If you’re feeling sensitive today, you may want to move on until your big people panties are out of the dryer.

What should be one of every parent’s worst nightmares?  Waking up in the middle of the night to find your child missing?  Well, that’s exactly what happened around 3:45 a.m. Wednesday, July 27th when Ray Salvador Coriell’s wife called police to report her 8-year-old step-daughter missing from their Bakersfield, CA home.  Panic quickly engulfed the neighborhood as the family frantically knocked on doors asking if anyone had seen her.  Everyone assumed a stranger had broken into the home and kidnapped the girl.  Unfortunately, we know that not to be the case since we all know the special breed of evil we feature here on our pages.  She turned up roughly 6 hours later nine miles away, badly battered and completely unaware of where she was or how she got there.  Thankfully, she was found by an upstanding citizen who gave her water and immediately contacted police.

The little girl was taken to Kern Medical Center where she is recovering from her physical injuries and being guarded for her safety.  Her injuries included a black eye nearly swollen shut, multiple bruises and abrasions, some of which required surgery, as well as evidence of sexual assault.  So, you ask, which breeder was it?  The step-mother?  The bio-mom’s fiancé?  Nope, the responsible party is none other than the piece of pig shit father.

Thursday, the day following his little girl’s disappearance and on her actual 8th birthday, Coriell sent a text to his wife stating something to the effect of “I love you, goodbye.”  Concerned about her husband’s state of mind and still unaware that he was the only suspect in his daughter’s attack, she called the police and they surrounded the home with crisis negotiators and such trying to diffuse the situation.  Normally I would say that suicide is an extremely selfish act and you should consider the impact on others before taking your own life but in this case, I think I’ll make an exception.  Next time, don’t bother pussy footing around with telling someone about it just do the world a favor and rid us of your worthless self.  Anyhoo, after a 7 hour stand off, Coriell was arrested on a warrant for kidnapping with the intent to rape; intercourse with a child under 10-years-old; kidnapping a child under 14-years-old to commit lewd or lascivious acts and attempted murder.  The attempted murder charge stems from the severity of her injuries.  Police believe he intended to kill her and very well may have thought she was already dead when he dumped her off in a dirt field under a full sized sofa.  He’s being held on $1 million bail.

He’s now claiming that he was sexually abused in the past and he wanted to die.  Fuck that, asswipe.  How do you think your daughter feels right about now?  How could you put that same feeling on your own flesh and blood?  I have a huge and I mean gargantuan chip on my shoulder regarding people who use their past experiences as excuses for their anti-social behavior as adults.  Get the fuck over it.  Everyone has shit in their past, some more stinky and abundant than others, but that in no way gives you an excuse or even an “explanation” (as some bleeding hearts are fond of using as a synonym for excuse which it absolutely is not) to treat anyone much less a child in the same shit-tacular manner in which you were treated.  It wasn’t right when it happened to you and it still sure as shit isn’t right for anyone else.

I digress….

The bio-mom’s not sure what to believe; she wants to wait to see what the sheriff’s department says.  Seriously?!  This fucker is the only suspect in your daughter’s vicious, nearly fatal attack and you want someone else to form your opinion for you?!  What the hell is wrong with you!?  You’re her mother for crying out loud, act like it!  Get pissed!  It’s your right and responsibility to hate this fucker for all you’re worth unless, of course, you truly don’t give a shit then well, you’re about as worthless as he is.

Here’s to this little girl getting as far away as humanly possible from her genetic contributors and getting the help and counseling she’s surely going to need to help her through this and on to the bright future on the other side of this abyss.  Also, a little shout out to the step-mother who seems to be one of the only adults who really care about this little girl along with her maternal grandparents who have already petitioned for custody of the children.

Thanks go to Monique for the tip.

Danielle Mailloux – Maybe she doesn’t want any more kids?

Woman arrested on suspicion of stabbing her 6-week-old

Mother arrested for allegedly stabbing infant daughter

On May 15th in Bakersfield, California, deputies were dispatched for a situation in regards to an infant child. Upon arriving, they found a six-week old baby girl suffering numerous stab wounds to her tiny body. She was in stable condition.

The child’s mother, Danielle Mailloux, 24, was arrested and booked for attempted murder.

“We believe that a kitchen knife was used, a kitchen-type knife.”

A neighbor recalls hearing a lot of yelling. “The lady just kept yelling and then two minutes I saw cops all over the place and an ambulance.”

The baby’s father is who called authorities when he got home and found the infant. He didn’t know who long she had been like this once he got there.

This isn’t Danielle’s first round with this type of situation. Back in 2009 she was investigated when she had a baby stillborn. Bakersfield police were  called because of unusual circumstances surrounding the death. Both parents were questioned, and an autopsy was performed, but concluded that that the baby had died of drug exposure.

What kinds of drugs? Methamphetamine of course! She was never charged with the death. 

As for this new baby with stab wounds, “They brought the mother out in cuffs,” the same neighbor described. “She was blank, had no expression on her face, and they put her in the car.”

It was not released as to what caused Danielle to stab her baby numerous times in her upper body.

“None of the wounds are life-threatening, it appears the child is going to recover from her injuries.”

Thank Goodness!

Thanks go to Deena and Kristi for the tips!

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