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Daughter soiled herself, so father beats her…TO DEATH!

Mya, pictured here with her father Matthew Carr, was allegedly beaten to death, doctors found signs that the child had been abused in the pastA young father has been charged with killing his five-year-old daughter after flying into a fit of rage when she accidentally soiled herself.

I am so sick of these skank ass parent wanna be’s that I really want to punch the computer!! Matthew Carr, 22, of Baltimore has been charged with killing his 5 year old daughter because she soiled herself!! Matthew called 911 at 10:30 on Monday stating he found his daughter unresponsive in a bath tub.  Paramedics arrived and saw the injuries to the child and knew ass hat was a fat liar!! Detectives took notice that the bathroom looked to have been recently cleaned and smelled of bleach.  Myas clothes had been washed in the sink…the detective said it looked like Matthew had attempted to clean the crime scene.  Baby Mya was taken to Sinai hospital with injuries to her arms, legs, broken ribs, face fractures, blood in her nose, and blood near her vagina! Apparently some of little Mya’s injuries showed that she had been abused before.  Holy Hell I feel sick…this poor child, I can not imagine how horrible her death was!!  After Matthew realized his bull shit stunk he confessed to police that “Mya had an accident and he went into “a fit of rage!”  that he “repeatedly beat baby Mya, all over her body, with his hands, because she had an accident’.  What a looser!


Matthew did NOT have custody of Mya and she was visiting him alone at the time he attacked her.  Matthew was denied bail…because he was a flight risk & a risk to public safety! Ummm why not deny bail because he murdered his baby??? WTF??? Matthew was charged with first degree murder, child abuse resulting in death, a lesser murder charge, assault charges, and reckless endangerment. IF convicted…why would he not be convicted…he faces life in jail…why not death???


All I can say is, if this ass hole gets life in jail I hope he is bum holed by every Jon in there, with razors strapped to their penises!! I hope he gets every STD possible with no treatment and I hope he suffers a long, agonizing, painful death!!  Son of a bitch!!


RIP baby Mya, because that man can no longer harm you.  I pray for you and your family, and I hope your daddy rots in hell!!


Thanks for the tip goes to Nadia.


***Special thanks for the write up goes to Leslie.

Dalyrie McFadden’s daddy wished him an (un) Happy Birthday


Police: Father stabbed 1-year-old, hid body in basement

Man charged with stabbing 1-year-old son to death

25-year-old Hari Close celebrated his son’s first Birthday (which they had in common) by making sure he didn’t see his second.

The day of Dalyrie McFadden’s first birthday, Close was contacted by his on again / off again girlfriend (also the baby’s mother), Jessica McFadden,  to see if he would see his son on the special occasion.  Close didn’t show up until after McFadden had gone to bed.  She woke to the sounds of Dalyrie crying and found Close carrying him out of her room.  The three of them then went to bed… together.  The following morning, Close and McFadden left the home, walking in opposite directions, but leaving the sleeping baby home alone.  When McFadden returned from taking her older child to school only 10 minutes later, Close and Dalyrie were both MIA.

Officers were called to the home, where they found a trail of blood from the mother’s bedroom to the basement.  It was there that they found little Dalyrie.  Stabbed multiple times in the neck, his tiny body was lying in a pool of blood and wrapped in a deflated air mattress.  He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Mcfadden was contacted on his cell phone and asked to come in for question about his son’s death.  Of course, the monster claimed he found Dalyrie bleeding from his neck and put him in the basement.  He was only guilty of not calling 911. He told officers that he gathered a bloody sheet and clothing and placed it in a plastic bag inside a box and left it inside a vacant house.  Well, he must have forgotten about the bloody knife that was inside the box.  I think prosecutors like to call that “evidence” or “exhibit A”.

McFadden told police that this was not the first time the evil fucker tried to hurt Dalyrie.  He once tried to choke the baby and police were called once because he had bitten Dalyrie’s ear. Police found no evidence during that call and the baby seemed not to be in distress, no charges were filed. Court records also showed that McFadden sued Close for paternity earlier this year.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster, if you ask me.

Hari Close is being charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond.

Hari Close’s father (Also named Hari Close) is a funeral director in Baltimore and is the president of MD mortician board.  He claims his son was raised in a Christian church, a 2 parent home and was given great opportunities for education.  Sadly, none of that stopped him from being an evil bastard.

Thanks go to Amanda for the tip

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