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Tanked toad thumps tyke

Angela Christine Gerber mugshot

If this is what happens to your looks when you drink, I’ll never drink again!


A long lost twin perhaps?


Police: Drunken woman struck child

Tomorrow is Australia Day here. This time tomorrow, I’m going to be hanging poolside decked out in Australian flag gear, munching on ‘roo steaks, dangling a line and knocking back a few beers. However, I won’t be knocking around kids because I’m not a child abuser.

Angela Christine Gerber (33) is a drunkard and a child abuser. She bashed her child while she was blotto. Her kid told the cops that her egg donor hit her several times and knocked her once on the noggin. One officer also reported seeing a mark on the girl’s head. There were six kiddos in the house at the time, ranging from six months old to mid-teens. It seems only the victim was singled out for a flogging.

The po-po breathalysed her and clocked her at 0.142 % blood alcohol content, nearly twice the limit for motorists. She’s being held in Delaware County Jail under a $7500 bond and she’s being charged with battery and six counts of neglect of a dependent.

This isn’t the drunken dodo’s first brush with the law. Oh no siree! In 2007 she was convicted of child neglect and now she’s also being convicted of three counts of battery, driving while intoxicated and resisting law enforcement! This bitch needs to be put away and soon! A run-in with the law usually sets most people straight. But not this toad. She just doesn’t know when to quit.

There’s no word as to where the kids are going, I hope it’s with their family and away from this menace.


Thanks to Shanna for the tip!

Sadistic Pyromaniac Sperm Donor = Poor Baby.

Jeffersonville man accused of beating and burning son

Police-man burned 4-year-old son 

In Jefferson, Indiana there’s an asshole (named Logan Wallace) that had visiting rights to his two sons – ages 4 & 11 – and forgot that at the age of four potty accidents happen. So for the nine days the little guy was there he was given hell – bruises on his bottom and other places along with burn marks on his chest, genitalia, and butt; also was punched and stomped on to boot. Why? For peeing on the floor.

Shows how much of a bloody tough man Wallace is doesn’t it? He does this to a toddler. He needs to go back to the corner sucking his thumb dumbass wimp.  He has them ride the bus home by themselves to Mom’s city of residence ofLouisville alone.

Best part of it was that Mom picked up the kids and noticed there was something wrong with her littlest one and took him to a hospital where they were able to catch a laceration of the liver in time to save the four-year-old’s life.

The sperm donator got slapped with 9 counts of battery, 6 counts of neglect of the minor and held on a $250,000 cash only bond.

Tip appreciation to Mandy!

 ***Special Thanks to Eccentric Lady for the write-up.***

What are these??? I told you to bring me Popsicles!

Boyfriend burns children over wrong  snack

Take a look at that face up there… it’s supposed to be the face of grown man, a big-nosed twerp of a grown man, but a grown man none-the-less, really it’s the face of a little bitch.  Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Daniel R. Allison (24)… Danny-boy has been charged with two counts of battery, after he burned his girlfriend’s two sons as punishment for not bringing him the snack he requested.  Yes… people you read that right, he was upset that he had asked the boys before they arrived at their mother’s house to bring him popsicles, they couldn’t find popsicles so they brought marshmallows instead and Danny-boy got so upset he pulled the brothers into a bedroom closet burned the 6-year-old on his nose with a lighter and burned the 3-year-old on the wrist with a cigarette, all the while telling them if they told what happened he’d burn them more.

Really… over Popsicles, grow up asshole, seriously!

The boy’s mother Crystal Kurek (25) hearing her boys screaming from the bedroom went to see what was going on, when she found her “man” abusing her boys she did what all mothers would do and knocked his teeth out of his mouth.  No… not so much, see Crystal scolded Danny and told him, if he ever hurt her boys again she’d… wait for it… BREAK UP with him. Crystal here’s a lesson on how you handle asshats that hurt your most precious gifts; you start swinging and ask questions later.

Crystal, being the overly protective mother she is, did not seek treatment for her sons, but instead allowed them to suffer until they were returned to their father, who took them to the hospital.

When confronted with the burns on her boys, Crystal cried like a baby, begged for forgiveness and told the police where to find her bed buddy.  No… again, not so much, her story went more like this, they were injured when I picked them, oh wait… no, the older boy fell off his bike and she had no idea how her baby was injured.  We all know the police know she is full of bullshit and give her yet another chance to come clean, this time she says “the boys are getting their stories all mixed up.”  No Crystal, the one having problems keeping the story straight is you, the boys have been pretty clear on what happened when telling their father, the doctor and police.

You, Crystal should be ashamed of yourself… it’s your job to protect them, if this guy is capable of losing his shit to this degree over some freakin popsicles, what in the shit will he do if they really mess up and say… I don’t know… accidentally spill a drink (sarcasm).

Danny-boy is charged with two counts of battery, a class B felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.  Mommy is charged with assisting a criminal; she faces a maximum penalty of three years.

One question Crystal was the sex worth it? 

Thanks to Sara Jane for the tip.


Sperm contributor beat and chained his daughter to a desk

 Authorities say father trying to justify alleged behavior

Deputies say father cuffed his daughter to desk and beat her 

This here is one of those stories that will make you scratch your head and go “What the fuck is wrong with people”.  Unfortunately, I can’t answer that question.

33-year-old Donald Miller III and his live in skank, 32-year- old Lisa Faber, have been arrested to the abuse suffered by Miller’s 11-year-old daughter.  Investigators found the little girl handcuffed to a desk, malnourished and beaten.  At 11 years old, the child only weighed 56 pounds.  My 9-year-old son weighs 77 pounds, for fuck’s sake, and I think he’s skinny.  Miller apparently got his rocks off abusing his little girl while his vagina supplier sat idly by and did dick (literally). 

According to the deputies, the child was handcuffed to the desk for hours at a time, often overnight, and was forced to eat and do her homework there. She wasn’t allowed adequate bathroom breaks either.  The child was too afraid to ask her father to use the restroom so she would often just go in the chair.  Miller also made the girl sit on one of her legs which was shackled to the desk.  She would be unchained in the morning so that she could attend school.  Whadda guy.

As if chaining the child to the desk wasn’t bad enough, Miller also beat the child.  He hit her in the face, leaving her with a black eye, and slammed her head down on the desk, chipping one of her teeth.  I don’t know how he school missed that something was going on with this little girl.  They had to have seen the black eye and chipped tooth.

Miller has admitted to beating and chaining his daughter, however he denies the incident where her tooth was chipped.  His justification for the cruelty inflicted on the poor girl… She was misbehaving, of course.  *shrugs*

Donald Miller is being charged with second-degree battery on a juvenile, cruelty to a juvenile, false imprisonment and aggravated battery of a juvenile.  His hoe was charged with principal to second-degree cruelty to a juvenile and principal to false imprisonment for not stopping the abuse. I hope the dick was worth it, bitch.  There is an ongoing investigation so additional charges may be forthcoming.  The child has bee placed in protective custody and 2 other children that were living in the home were sent to live elsewhere.  There was no mention on the whereabouts of the child’s mother.  If one of you fine readers comes up with that info, please post the link.

Thanks go to Jhilhan for posting this in the Open Thread and to Calvena for sending it in via the tips link.

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