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Crayons and Coloring Books? Pfft, I prefer my GUN!

3-year-old pulls BB gun on police-father,Terrence Myers abandons him 

3-year-old abandon is stolen car pulls BB gun on police  officer, father arrested 

I am pretty sure that when a police officer approaches a stolen car to look inside the last thing expected to be seen is a three-year-old child brandishing a gun. That is exactly what happened about two weeks ago now inNorth Charleston,SC. I’m sure the officer was really caught off guard because most children of this age are busy spending their days with crayons, toys, and using their moms as jungle gyms, not grabbing a gun near-by when an officer is coming to where they are, but that’s precisely what this tot did. Luckily for the officer and the toddler, the gun the little boy was brandishing was a BB gun. The little guy safely handed over the BB gun to the officer while exclaiming ‘Gun, gun!’ The child was found inside a red Montero sports car with aUtah license plate. His father, 23-year-old Terrence Myers, was driving the car.

The incident began when a police officer got a tip about a stolen car being in the patrol area. The officer turned around to verify the license plate, but as the patrol car turned around the suspect, later identified as Myers, made an abrupt turn onto a side street, parked in a drive way, and then leapt an 8-foot fence abandoning the car, and his child. Gee, thanks a lot dad. I just love going on your criminal excursions just for you to abandon me when the shit starts to hit the fan! I can only imagine what went through this poor little guys head when he watched his father exit the car and then leap over a fence without him. He must have been scared out of his mind!

While Myers was hiding out at a relative’s house near-by police called in K-9 Units to attempt to locate the suspect. Two women also approached police at the scene and said that Myers called the mother of the child who asked that they go pick him up. Police asked the mother to come to the scene for questioning. In my opinion, there is absolutely no excuse for her having asked someone else to pick up her child from a crime scene. Work doesn’t cut it, visiting someone in the hospital doesn’t cut it, the only thing in my mind that does is if she were dead, dying, or seriously injured and at the hospital herself, but even then I’d find a way off of my hospital bed to go get him. Hard to do when you’re dead or dying, but I guess I’m just stubborn.

Myers was later located at a home on a near-by street and placed under arrest. Police found a gram of marijuana in his front pocket. Myers said he ran from police because he did not have a license and he had marijuana in his possession. Too bad for him his petty confession did not impress anyone. At his arraignment bail was set at $25,000 for three charges, $5,000 for possession of marijuana, $10,000 for possession of a stolen vehicle, and $10,000 for unlawful neglect of a child. Unlawful neglect, isn’t all neglect unlawful?

Myers also has a long criminal history dating back to 2006 when he was convicted of common law robbery and strong armed robbery. Here’s a breakdown I got from one of our sources.

In Oct. 2007, Myers was arrested and charged with manufacture and possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute, distribution of crack cocaine, unlawful carrying of a weapon, resisting arrest and second degree burglary.

In June 2008, Myers was convicted of possession of meth or cocaine base and unlawful carrying of a weapon. In May 2008, Myers violated the conditions of his parole.

Myers was arrested again in Sept. 2009 when he was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of hypodermic needles and syringes. A month later, he was charged with burglary, breaking into auto tanks where fuel is stored and weapon sale / possession of stolen gun.

In Jan. 2010, Myers violated parole again. Then, in June, he was arrested and charged with possession of meth or cocaine base, resisting arrest and littering.

This little boy is three-years-old, there is no way his mother couldn’t have known he was bad news with a track record like that! For goodness sake, what in the world made her think that he was going to make a good father when long before they had a child together he was committing violent crimes and violating parole? Looking at his possession charges, they were probably getting high together and screwing so she was too high to care, but I’m only speculating. I’ll leave the rest of the speculation to our wonderful readers.

There is some good and bad news at the end of this though. The good news is no dead kids. The bad news is the whereabouts of the toddler were not reported. Having said that one can only assume that he’s with his mother (if you can call her that). Maybe she’ll learn from this, but as we’ve seen in the past many of them don’t.

 ***Thanks to Suzee for the write-up.***

Coach Phallus believe a BB gun is a motivational tool

Deputies: Man accused of using BB gun to force teen to exercise in blistering heat

Report: Dad Accused Of BB Gun Sprints Hospitalized

 Haaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaa *breath* haaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaa

Sorry.  I can’t look at that picture without cracking the fuck up.  What the Hell?  I know I’m gonna get bashed for pointing out the obvious, but does that fucktard look like a penis to anyone else but me?  Sheesh.

Anyway, Dickhead (DH for short) there is 41-year-old Robert Lynn Barker of Leesburg, FL.  DH is one of the football dad’s that we all want to strangle.  You know the ones – trying to live vicariously through there teenager in hopes to mold them into the jock they wanted to be.  DH must have REALLY wanted his 13-year-old stepson to be one hell of a football player.  After the teen became ill at a football game, DH “allegedly” told the teen that he was in need of more conditioning.  He set up cones in the yard and ordered the boy to run sprints (while wearing full football gear) in sweltering heat while firing a BB gun into the air.  Talk about motivation.

 While DH never pointed the gun at the boy, he was frightened enough to comply.  Luckily a neighbor was concerned enough to call the police.  I love it when someone has the ‘nads to do the right thing.  Most people won’t interfere. 

Barker was arrested on child-abuse and aggravated assault with a weapon charges.  He bonded out the following evening.  Later that week, he was rushed to the hospital for an apparent overdose.  I think instead of treating him, they should have hauled his cookies outside and made him run sprints while firing a BB gun at his two-toned head.

Thanks go to Marcy for this one.  Again, sorry it took me two weeks to get to this one.

NC couple use kids for BB target practice

Couple charged with shooting kids with BB gun:

Gastonia, North Carolina is a rural suburb of my town Charlotte. It basically represents all the bad stereotypes about the south.

For example 31-year-old Jessica Green Pack and her boyfriend, 23-year-old Jackie Edward Nanney, have been charged with child abuse for shooting her three kids with a BB gun. Not even as a from of discipline but for the fun of it.

Let’s see what the birth organism had to say…

“I tried to stop him, but he still wouldn’t,” said Pack during her first court appearance Wednesday afternoon.

Now let’s hear from the sponge…

“We’ll shoot cans. That’s all we shoot. I don’t shoot no kids,” said Nanney.

Can’t you just hear the banjos in the background?

All three kids, ages 4, 5 and 7, are now in custody of DSS.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Teorry Henderson Shoots 4-Year-Old Son with BB Gun (Yes, ANOTHER One!)

Teorry HendersonHoly fracking SHIT, people. This very well might signal the End Times.

Shortly after I posted the story this morning about Shawn Michael Mohan, the dad who allegedly shot his 12-day-old son with a BB gun, commenter Mommy made a rather snide remark about how I’d gotten the facts of the case wrong. The boy, she insisted, was six years old, not 12 days.

I was going to issue a well-meaning smackdown and tell Mommy to read the article I had linked to, when tipper Sinthyia emailed me. She had indeed sent me a story about a dad shooting his son with a BB gun…but it wasn’t Shawn Michael Mohan. I looked at the link she sent and, sure enough, another dad was accused this week of the exact same crime. Teorry Henderson of Groveland, Florida told police that he shot his 4-year-old in order to teach him a lesson. Why? Because the 4-year-old had shot his sister with the gun! In a “punishment” worthy of Saddam Hussein, Henderson made the boy take his shirt off and then fired at him. Unfortunately for dad, his kid blabbed about the shooting at preschool, leading Henderson to face felony child abuse charges.

Um…Mr. Henderson? Can you straighten out a few things? Like, what the FUCK was your 4-year-old doing with a BB gun in the first goddamn place?! Isn’t it your responsibility to keep your little guy away from loaded weapons? How is this anyone’s fault but yours?

I see a perfect punishment for Mr. Henderson and Mr. Mohan: a 21-BB-gun salute. Only the shooters won’t be aiming into the air.

What the hell is with the multiple BB gun incidents this week? Outside of these two cases, there are other incidents of BB gun vandalism springing up all over. Is the NRA holding some sort of contest? Sigh. I yearn for that simpler time, when I could see the words “man shoots son with BB gun” multiple times in my inbox, and safely assume that they all referred to the same story.

(Hat tip: Sinthyia. For real this time.)

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