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Bad Boyfriend beats baby with belt over messy diaper change

Austin Hamilton

24-year-old Austin Hamilton of Tampa, Florida was recently arrested for the beating death of his girlfriend’s one-year-old son, Sincere Williams. A coroner’s report said that Sincere died from blunt force trauma to the abdomen. Hamilton allegedly confessed to police that he struck Sincere ten times with a belt and dropped him on his head after Sincere urinated on him during a diaper change.

I was spared diaper changes since my (step)kids were out of diapers when I got married. However my dad told me that I was quite the surprise geyser when I was in diapers. Considering my dad was not the most calm man I ever knew how much rage did Hamilton have to possess in order to do that to one-year-old child? He would have had to have either taken off his belt or gone to get a belt before striking the child which for most people would have been enough time to give them pause about what they were about to do. Also Hamilton had a child from a previous relationship so I doubt this was a new experience for him.

Sincere’s mother was working at the time of the beating. The couple had known each other for years and she thought Hamilton would be fine with the children since he had children of his own. However Hamilton in the past has been charged with battery, domestic violence and had been investigated by CPS. All charges were dropped but you have to think that sometimes where there’s smoke there’s a raging inferno of a forest fire sometimes.

There’s nothing wrong with screening the background of your significant other. It may save your children’s lives and yours. One possible service is which has an A- rating by the Better Business Bureau although your results may vary. You may also want to contact your local police or courts for records availability.

Thanks to Jaz for the tip and CW for the assist.

(In the interest of transparency I received no compensation for any service mentioned in this post.)

Nasty bitch ties up, beats and starves her 4 year old

Police: 4-Year-Old Girl Starved, Beaten, Tied to Bed

Laketha Moore, 36

Yeah I beat my child, whatcha gonna do about it?

This smirking slut up there is Laketha Moore (36) of North Las Vegas is nasty and foul. She regularly tied up and starved her 4 year old daughter, as well as beating her with a belt.

The abuse was discovered during a routine maintenance check on the birth vessel’s flat, at Loma Vista Apartments. A maintenance worker found a belt connecting the bedroom and bathroom doors. This was obviously not part of the design of the apartment, so the worker decided to investigate further. When they opened the bedroom door, they discovered the 4 year old girl tied to a bed, surrounded by filth. She was starving.

According to police reports, the birth vessel had been leaving her daughter tied to a bed in her bedroom, 10 to 12 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week. She’d also been beaten with a belt until she fell unconscious. The little girl complained that she was hungry because “Mommy ties me up all the time”. How heartbreaking 🙁 Apart from starvation, her injuries included a black eye, cuts on her nose, a bruised ribcage, back, ankles and matted hair. The birth vessel placed a bin next to the bed so that the little girl could go to the toilet. Hang on, isn’t she tied up? How would she be able to use the bucket if she were tied up?

The birth vessel’s excuses for this abhorrent treatment was that the little girl often ransacked their apartment, and that the little girl wouldn’t eat any food. I’m pretty sure that for a kid to eat food, you actually have to GIVE them some! Not surprisingly, the fridge was full of a wide variety of foods, so the birth vessel wasn’t starving. As for ransacking the apartment, that’s what kids do. You can punish them and tell them not to, but somehow there’s always toys everywhere. If you don’t want to clean up every two seconds, don’t have kids. Works for me!

The bitchy birth vessel has been charged with 31 counts of child abuse, each count standing for each day she left her child tied up and home alone. Counsellors say that the little girl will have difficulty erasing the memories of the abuse inflicted on her by her birthing unit. The little girl has been placed in child protective custody until she can be placed with a relative or a foster family. Please, let her relatives abhor this whore’s actions and step up to the plate.

Cheers to Steve for the tip!

To readers in the Las Vegas area, there is a march being held on April 22 – Million March Against Child Abuse. More information and Facebook page here.





NZ breeders had been abusing their kids for years

Trial for couple’s long-term child abuse begins

Tokoroa couple found guilty of child abuse

We haven’t heard from NZ for a while. But every so often, something comes up which is just horrific. I really wish I could find mugshots of these dog-turds.

A  craptastic couple of crud-buckets, from Tokoroa NZ, have gone on trial for the systematic abuse of their two kids. Stanley Williard Hamon (46) and his penis-sheath Elizabeth Tanya Matangi (33) appeared in Rotorua District Court facing 13 charges between them. Those charges include four counts of assault with a weapon, three counts of assaulting a child, three counts of threatening to kill or threatening grievous bodily harm, and four charges of wilful ill-treatment (i.e. child abuse). They had been abusing their children for a period of 11 years! And no one noticed until now? The prosecutor explained that this case wasn’t like TV where they have DNA everywhere. But surely there would be bruises? Neighbours who heard yelling and screaming? I guess there are none so blind and deaf as those who will not see nor hear.

The egg donor pleaded guilty to two charges of wilful neglect, which the sperm spitter has also been charged with, but she pleaded not guilty to the rest of the charges. Harmful Hamon pleaded not guilty to all the charges. Of course he did. Scum like him never believe they do anything wrong. They think that they can do whatever they like to whomever they please. The judge discharged hamheaded Hamon from the charges of threatening grievous bodily harm and assault with a weapon. Um excuse me?! He fucking cut his daughter with a knife and threatened to chop her fingers off!! Sounds like this was the same judge who kept sentencing baby bashers to “home detention”. Luckily Hamon might lose a few fingers in prison. Or some toes. Or other bodily parts. Or his life.

The puke-inducing pair hit the kids with various household items, beat them with a leather belt, and the scumbag sperm dispenser had threatened the boy with a rifle and said he would bury him in the forest. The putrid penis also ran a knife over the girl’s fingers and threatened to cut them off. The kids’ heads were also flushed in the toilet and they were also belittled and berated. You all know what’s going to happen to these bad breeders when they go to jail, their treatment of their children is but a mere premonition of the punishment they’ll receive from their cellmates…

The poor daughter was so distressed by the sight of her breeders that she couldn’t give evidence in the same room as them! The jury were also very upset by the testimonies of the children. At least, this will help them put these shit-heads in prison where they belong! The jury took all of three hours to reach a unanimous guilty verdict on the tw*terific two.

The egg-donor admitted before the trial that she’d kidnapped two girls out of DCYF’s care! She probably thought they “stole” her daughters. That her children were her possessions and that no one else can take what’s hers. Selfish bitch. Big Bertha should put a size 12 boot through her jaw. And another one through her c***.

The couple have been remanded in custody and will be sentenced on March 14. I’ll update when I find out what they’ve been sentenced with. Let it be life! There’s no word on the kids, but I presume they’ve been taken far, far away from these mutated morons.


Gruesome Twosome, and then some….

baby beater
Arrest report 2 Ellens burg kids… Ellensburg couple Two arrested Ellensburg couple 2

I couldn’t find any pictures of the two winners in today’s nagging write-up, so I’ll have to find other ways to nag. Those who have been reading for the past couple of days will get it…

Anyway, it seems we have another FBO who has more affection for her snatch-supplier than she does for the two children she popped out of that same orifice. Ashly Eli, 23, will now have to go to the local hospital if she wants to spend time with her children, oh wait…no she won’t – she can’t – since she’s sitting her sorry arse in jail right now. Her two babies are in the hospital because her flavor of the month, Reuben Mulamba, 27, is apparently one mean SOB, and Ashly is obviously saddled with as much cowardice as Reuben has meanness. What a great match, huh?

The details are pretty horrible, and I had to wait a while after reading before I could begin to write, but here it is… An 8-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl were both beaten so badly that they had to be rushed to the hospital. Both children were beaten with belts, an electrical cord (one article said phone-charging cord) and a piece of wood, and pliers were also used. Why? Because they misbehaved. According to one report, they would be struck all over the body up to 20 times for an infraction; but no details yet on what kinds of heinous deeds these two hardened children committed to earn such punishment. My guess is that they were probably just being normal children, and the short-tempered arse-munch couldn’t deal with any childish behavior but his own.

Both children had bruises, abrasions, cuts and open wounds in various stages of healing. Folks, for those who don’t already know, that means this abuse went on for an extended period of time. Weeks, according to the doctors. Many of the injuries had been left untreated for so long that they had already become infected. The boy is now listed in stable condition, but the girl is still critical. They have both been removed from their mother’s custody and placed in the care of the state.

To make all of this worse, Eli knew about the abuse, and even admitted witnessing the assaults and then failing to get medical help for the children because she was afraid to get the law involved. There are several things wrong with that. First, she witnessed the assaults – plural. Most rational parents would witness, at most, ONE assault on their children, and we at BB would likely witness only a single act of aggression in the first assault. Why? Because after the animal laid his hand on our child(ren) the first time, he would likely be either in a coma or dead. Second, she did not seek immediate medical attention for her children’s injuries. Anna Teig, who was interviewed for one of the above linked articles, said it best…”I could never imagine my son hurting and not taking him to a hospital.” That’s because you have a conscience, Anna. Vicki Carlson, another neighbor, added, “…to let somebody do that to your kids – I have two kids of my own, and there’s no way.” Again, someone with a conscience. Both women claim not to have known anything was amiss with the neighbors. I certainly hope not! Third, the reason she declined to get immediate help for them was to save her own sorry butt. I’m not even gonna go there – I’ll let the readers handle that one. Triple FAIL for this worthless hag, and all in only one sentence worth of information. I would say that must be a record, but since I’ve been writing for BB a while, I know it is not.

And while the judge has only charged them with assault and criminal mistreatment, he at least had the good sense to set a high bail for each of them – 1 million for him, and $750,000.00 for her.

To wrap this up, I will quote one of the neighbors again…Ms. Teig was also quoted as saying, “It’s unbelievable that it could happen.” Well, Anna, come and read a few of the cases here, and this won’t seem quite so unbelievable any more. Horrendous, yes. Unbelievable? Not so much…

I have found several links to this, including a copy of the arrest report, and they are all located at the top. If any of our readers run across pics of these two, please post a link,and I’ll try to add it to the article.

Thanks to Debbie and Depraved Nymph for the picture link above.

Burns, belts and potty training

Mother and boyfriend charged with scalding daughter


Child Endangerment charges for scalding of toddler

On June 10th a grand jury in Dayton, OH handed down indictments against Christina Allen (26) and her boyfriend Jeremy Ely (27) in the scalding of her 3-year-old daughter.

Acting on a tip one week earlier, from the little girl’s grandmother the Dayton Police paid Ely and Allen a visit.  There they would find Allen’s daughter suffering from severe burns to her hands and marks to her body that appear to be left from a belt, on of them measured 11 inches.  The burns were so severe that the baby’s skin was peeling off her fingers… did I mention that the burns had been there two freaking weeks! Yep, she let her baby suffer in pain for two LONG weeks, probably felt like eternity to a 3-year-old, no worries though mom was treating them with over the counter medications.

Why would some one let their baby suffer for two long weeks with burns, well if you ask Allen she’ll said she was scared to seek treatment for her baby because she was scared her “man” would hurt her and if you ask Ely he’ll tell the truth (shocking I know) and that is that they didn’t take the baby to the hospital because, he’s a RSO on parole and didn’t want CPS notified or his ass to be sent back to jail.

Ely told police that the little girl had burned herself while washing up after a potty training accident, ok that’s possible, but what about the 11 inch belt mark.  Explain that, did she hit herself with the belt too?  With severely burned hands? Jeez, she’s one tough 3-year-old.  I think I figured it out… she was trying to frame him… yep that’s it those crafty 3-year-olds, always trying to manipulate the law to their benefit.

Ely has been charged with four counts of child endangerment and Allen has been charged with two counts of complicity to commit child endangerment and one count of child endangerment.

Kudos to grandma for standing up for granddaughter and calling the police.  We love her bunches!




Leon Burns thinks he 'probably went too far'

Charges Filed in 5-Year-Old Boy Beaten To Death:

28-year-old Leon D. Burns of Gary, Indiana has been charged with the beating death of his 5-year-old son Leon Walker.

Allegedly he tied down his son and beat him repeatedly with belt and his fists because he says the boy lied about stealing a roll from the oven.

Then they tried blaming the injuries on the boy’s mother. I say they because also arrested was Burns’ main squeeze, 32-year-old Rochell Johnson was also arrested for being present at the time of the fatal beating and did nothing to stop it.

And all Burns has to say about it is that he “probably went too far.”

Ya think?

You went too far when you beat the boy previously for lying. And for making him do exercises for being ‘disrespectful’. He was 5-years-old. 5-year-olds don’t get the concept of respect.

There are additional atrocities mentioned in the article. I am too disgusted to post them all.

Thanks to Taran for the tip.

Progress Report – Everybody Fails!


A six year old Texas boy has been taken from his mother, Franki Hill, 32, and her live in abuser after the boy was found to have belt marks from his waist to his mid-thigh. He also had other bruises and abrasions. Kenneth Chastain, 33, was arrested for family violence, but the tw*t who should have protected her son bailed the penis out less than 24 hours later. She said she asked him to discipline her child.

Look at your kid, idiot! That’s not discipline, that’s abuse! I can’t say that I’m really surprised at her actions, having read the rest of the article. She apparently has three other children in FL, and an infant who lives with a relative. All had been removed from her care by protective services. So WHY was the 6 year old still there? Was he invisible when they went to collect the others, or did they think that leaving one with her would be OK? The six year old is now in the protective custody of the state. A little on the late side, but at least he’s still alive.


Thanks to April for the tip.

Drink Till You Puke


But this time it wasn’t the parent….it was the child.

Jason McGlown, 36, is the father of a mentally disabled child. His 13-year old son took his teacher’s drink, and the idiot sperm donor decided to be creative with the discipline. He made the boy drink juice until he vomited, and then beat him with a belt so severely on the back and buttocks that he left multiple bruises.

Again, people, there is a difference between spanking and beating. Anything that leaves a bruise or welt is abuse. If you cannot tell the difference between the two, please, find yourself another means of discipline. Putting bruises on your child and calling it discipline is like going up to your best friend, punching him as hard as you can in the face, and calling it a ‘bonding moment’ or a greeting. Freakin’ eejits!

Thanks to Leeanne for the tip.

Sooner State Strikes Again


Maybe that should have read: Sooner state dad strikes again…and again….and again….and again. My first anal orifice of the day is Tony Eugene Pouncil, a 40-year old Bartlesville man. It seems that he decided his son’s grades were not up to par, so he beat him black and blue with a belt.

Pouncil has been charged with felony child abuse for beating his 8-year old son, and leaving “extensive bruising and red marks on both legs, his arm and shoulder”. As if that weren’t enough to seal his fate, he began cursing and yelling while he was talking to DHS and the police. I hope they tacked on a DOC charge for that as well.

Parents….the only thing you will teach your children by beating them black and blue is just what an animal YOU are. I understand that some parents spank their kids – I’ve been known to swat my kids’ rear ends from time to time, but I don’t use a belt, and I don’t leave bruises. If your discipline techniques leave bruising or welts on your kids….you might want to find a different form of discipline. Or you could do what this guy did, and end up in jail, with your story profiled here. We’ll be happy to straighten your *ss out, won’t we, my friends? The floor is now open for comments……

Thanks to Jenny for the tip.

Man charged with strangling toddler with belt

Father Charged With Attempted Murder Of Child:

What is it about dirty diapers that bring out violent tendencies in some men?

23-year-old Miguel Alejandro Torres-Delarosa of Palm Bay, Florida did something that’s usually reserved for the idiot boyfriend’s who aren’t fathers. While watching his kids his 2-year-old son let loose in his diaper because that’s what 2-year-olds do. Police allege that because his son soiled his diaper it caused Torres-Delarosa to strangle his son with his belt.

Think about that for a second. That’s not exactly what I would call a rage attack. After the toddler soiled his diaper the sperm donor would have had to either go get a belt or take off the one he could have been wearing before wrapping it around the boy’s neck. Either of which should have given him enough time to realize what he was doing was wrong.

The boy’s mother noticed that the boy had marks around his neck and his eyes were swollen after she picked him up from his father’s house.

The boy is thankfully alive and under a doctor’s care.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

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