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Zombie arrested for killing her baby and then trying to eat her

PHOTO: Couple Arrested For Beating Their Baby To Death And Trying To Eat Her

HPD: Mom, stepdad charged after badly beaten tot found at southeast Houston motel

Suspects Arrested, Charged in Infant’s Death at 4749 Reed Road

This has to be THE most horrifying mugshot ever to grace BB.

Thanks to Benighted for this one, via the open thread. It’s a bit late, but it has so much potential. That mugshot, it has to be an out-of-season Hallowe’en costume. Or is the zombie apocalypse upon us?

The zombie, Ginyear Jones (23) and her handler John Frederick Caldwell (also 23) are facing serious charges after the zombie’s 1 year old non-zombified daughter Melony Jones was found to be badly beaten in a motel room in Houston, TX. She was bruised, had broken bones and lacerations, and perhaps not surprisingly, bite marks. The poor little girl later died of her injuries, while her zombie breeder faces eternal damnation, to wander forever in search of brains, until someone removes her head or destroys her brain.

The zombie’s handler trotted out the tired old excuse that Melony “fell off the couch”. Yeah, and onto some false teeth that magically bit her? Pull the other one. The police then had to bring in their Zombie-English translator and managed to get the message that it was the zombie handler who hurt little Melony.

Police have charged the zombie with two counts of injury to a child, and charged her handler with injury to a child and serious bodily injury. Now that poor Melony is dead, I believe the charges will be upgraded to murder. I’m not up there with law and order, but because Ginyear is a zombie and not a human, wouldn’t they just shoot her through the head instead of bothering to arrest her?

So many questions to be answered, but a poor sweet baby is dead.

Rest in Peace, Melony.

‘Monster mother’ gets life for battering son to death

(Trench’s note: again this is another repeat that I took to long in posting but in respect to Cobalt Rose who took teh time to writre it up I’m posting it anyway.)

‘Monster’ mother jailed for at least 18 years for murdering her two-year-old son by battering him to death over a long period of time:

Sadly, it’s a story that we get on BB all the time. A vile piece of filth who has absolutely no business raising children gets pregnant, has a child and ends up brutally killing said child. Of course, the fact that it happens all too often doesn’t make it any less tragic or horrific. This time, the victim was a boy by the name of Keanu Williams. He was just two when his ‘mother’, 25-year-old Rebecca Shuttleworth, ended his tragically short life.

Rebecca Shuttleworth

Sometime in early January of 2011, Rebecca brutally assaulted Keanu and then left him to suffer without medical attention for over 48 hours, only calling emergency services on January 9th when she realised that Keanu wouldn’t ‘get better’. By that point it was too late. By the time paramedics arrived at the home in Birmingham, England, Keanu had already passed away.

At the time of his death, Keanu had nearly forty injuries on his tiny body, including a fractured skull, bite marks, burns, bruising and a ‘fist sized’ tear in his stomach. There was some bruising on his torso that indicated he was repeatedly struck with a rod or stick. It was severe abdominal trauma, from being repeatedly punched or kicked in the stomach, that ultimately killed Keanu.

Today (June 25th 2013) Rebecca Shuttleworth was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing her little boy, whom she had ‘resented’ since his birth. She had allegedly taken pills whilst pregnant with Keanu in an attempt to abort him. Call me crazy, but if she didn’t want Keanu, why not, I dunno, give him up for adoption? He could have been given to loving adoptive parents desperate for a child, but instead he was horrifically abused and neglected throughout his short life by a vile, piece of shit excuse of a ‘mother’.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Keanu and his mother were known to social services, but Rebecca was allegedly such a good liar that she had convinced her social worker she was an ‘attentive’ mother, and all the while she was brutally beating her little boy. Rebecca’s boyfriend Luke Southerton (who is not Keanu’s father) was cleared of murder but was convicted of one count of child cruelty after allegedly biting Keanu in an attempt to get him to stop biting other people.

Keanu’s grandfather is now claiming that he once saw bruises and bite marks on his grandson, and other families have now said that they too had suspicions that Keanu was being abused. People at Keanu’s daycare had noticed injuries on the little boy, but when they asked Rebecca, she claimed that Keanu was simply ‘clumsy’ or had been injured by one of his siblings. (Two of the oldest excuses in the child abuser’s book).

Well Hell, why not, um, CALL THE POLICE? Why not take Keanu AWAY from his abuser? If one of you blockheads had just made one call to police, little Keanu could have been saved. Instead, Keanu is dead. Battered to death by his own mother. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Despite his horrific home life, Keanu was, according to family members and daycare workers, a ‘delightful little boy’ who ‘remained cheerful despite everything’. Isn’t that just heartbreaking? He was probably so used to his mother assaulting him that he thought it was normal. That just makes me want to cry thinking about it.

Twat kills her son, wins lotto, then goes to jail

Mum celebrated lottery win months after killing son

Rebecca Shuttleworth jailed for minimum of 18 years for son’s murder

Baby killer Rebecca Shuttleworth celebrates lottery win while awaiting trial

Was it really necessary to get a close-up of this fugly twunt?

A nasty bush pig by the name of Rebecca Shuttleworth (25) has just been sentenced to at least 18 months prison for bashing her 2 year old son Keanu Williams to death, after subjecting him to months and months of cruel abuse. In her mugshot, you can how cold and dead her eyes are. There’s no soul in there, no remorse for what she did to her little boy. That is the face of a psychopath.

In January 2011, paramedics found Keanu’s lifeless body at the flat of the worthless wench’s former sex-toy Luke Southerton (32) in the Ward End area of Birmingham, UK. The sex toy had called the ambos claiming that Keanu had stopped breathing, was pale and not feeling well. Unfortunately little Keanu died from this “mystery illness”, which ceased to be a mystery or an illness once an autopsy was performed on the little boy’s body. Medical examiners found 37 external injuries on Keanu’s body, including bruising to his lower chest, abdomen and back and bite marks. He also suffered a fractured skull. There were, what the ME’s called, “tramline bruises” on Keanu’s body, indicating that he’d been hit with something like a rod or a stick. But none of those injuries were what killed little Keanu. Not even the fractured skull, which would have been like a migraine in a vice with rusty nails poking out of it. The killer injury was a fist sized tear in Keanu’s intestines, which caused internal bleeding and most likely killed him.

Luke Southerton was convicted of one count of child cruelty – for the one time he hit Keanu – and was sentenced to a suspended 9 month sentence and 200 hours of community service. Southerton is not the father of Keanu, and I doubt that the  tw*t even remembers who the real father is.

If killing her 2 year old son wasn’t bad enough, a couple of months after her little boy died, she was filmed celebrating a lottery win with her new lesbian lover. So she couldn’t show any love or tenderness to her little boy, or any remorse for killing him, but she can be elated over a $16,000 windfall? This is how psychopaths operate, folks. They only care about themselves and things that benefit themselves. They see people as either obstacles or as means to an end. Unfortunately, this worthless tw*t probably saw Keanu as an obstacle to her slutting around, so she got rid of him. She saw her partners as tools to use to fulfil her own needs. How anyone can take up with a known baby killer is beyond me. This bitch’s face was plastered all over the news, yet the new love glove was desperate enough to shack up with her. It’s a shame, that $16,000 probably got wasted on legal fees so that love glove can try to keep her bitch out of prison. Well, you failed, sister. What will be dealt out to Worthless will be 10x what she did to her own child.

The judge described the useless slag as a cruel, manipulative and deceitful woman (i.e. a psychopath) before sentencing her to a minimum of 18 years in prison. There will be a case review into how the slag managed to hide her violent ways from the many professionals that came into contact with her and Keanu. I can save you the trouble. It’s because she’s a psychopath. She can manipulate other people into only seeing her as a good and caring mother. She does not care about the feelings of other people, she only cares about what she can get out of them. If she cannot get anything out of them or they prove to be a hindrance to her own goals, she destroys them. Once she’s in prison, it will destroy her, because she’ll find it near impossible to manipulate a situation that is beyond her control.

Rest in Peace, little Keanu.

A chair with teeth? What a novel concept….

Adrian Morgan Allen
Man jailed on assault charges; 18-month-old ‘extremely critical’

That charmer above, with the “eff me, I’m hot” look on his face is Adrian Morgan Allen, the man with the biting chair. He lives in Bristol Township, PA, with his girlfriend, and what used to be three children. Because of A-demon No-man Allen, however, there are now only two still living in the home. The third one, an 18-month-old identified only as B.A., currently calls St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children her home. She is in critical condition suffering from major head trauma, among other injuries. Allen has been arrested for the first-degree felony aggravated assault of baby B. A. For the rest of this article, and until I find out the child’s actual name, I will refer to her as Beautiful Angel (BA), or just Beautiful, for short. Because she is – both beautiful AND an angel.

This guy is apparently only slightly more clever than a dead plant, since he did what many baby-beaters on this site attempt to do. He blamed the injuries on an inanimate object. That in itself would not make him more clever than a dead plant, but since he attempted to attribute human qualities to the chair, I gave him extra credit for using his imagination. Apparently his chair has teeth, and bit the child too.

I think I’ll start at the beginning, or as close to it as I can figure. Nakia Adams, the uterine apparatus that expelled three children, apparently needed a vacation – because she had left her children in the care of this creature while she was out of town. He is not the father of any of them. Why does that not surprise me? While Nakia was out of town, Beautiful was severely injured by the clitoral response unit. He claims that she pulled on a stack of 4 wooden chairs, and they fell on her. Well, you say, that could explain the head injuries, and a certain amount of bruising – but the medical professionals disagree. They’re pretty smart that way. I think even if they had been inclined to give A-demon the benefit of the doubt, after finding the other (and older) injuries, that bird flew right out the window. In addition to the head trauma and obligatory bruising, doctors found that she also had a broken arm, broken ribs….and a freakin’ BITE mark on her triceps! For those of you who are unfamiliar with anatomy, the triceps muscle is the one on the underside/back side of the upper arm. I just wanted to point that out to you, because we have had abusers (and commenters) in the past who have tried to convince us that most children chew on themselves for fun. Not in this case – not unless Beautiful wore dentures, and took them out and used them to bite the back of her arm. Anybody here think that might have happened? I thought not.

In addition to the recent injuries, Beautiful also had a leg in a cast from a spiral fracture inflicted back in January, and burn marks on the backs of her legs even older than that. The doctors said that the injuries were consistent with child abuse. Ya think?!?! My question for the doctors is: if the child had a cast applied in January, and there were already burn marks on her legs at that time – then why in the blue depths of HELL was she not taken from the mother then? You wanna know why? Do ya? Huh? I’ll tell you….because the walking incubator told the doctors that the injuries had been inflicted by a babysitter that she had since fired. The spiral fracture was blamed on Beautiful’s 8-year-old sibling. Way to go, mom! Let an arse-munch beat your kids, then defend him, and then blame your other kids! Gotta admire that loyalty – too bad she didn’t apply it to her kids rather than the slithering snake that crawled beneath her sheets. After this latest incident, however, she admitted that all of the injuries had occurred while Beautiful was in the care of A-demon. Yet, she left her precious baby with him for an entire weekend! She needs to have her arse arrested too. They should start with gross stupidity and endangering the welfare of a child, and work their way on up through criminal negligence and any other charges they can make stick. She is just as responsible for her child’s condition as the vag-filler is, because she knew he was an abusive piece of buzzard-dung, and left her kid(s) with him anyway. What a sorry excuse for a mother!

A few more details, and then I’ll let you go. The injuries were inflicted on Sunday morning, but A-demon waited a while before calling the mother – and then only told her that Beautiful was ‘sick’. And she wasn’t taken to the hospital until Nakia returned sometime later that evening. Oh, and A-demon made a statement to the cops as well – “I knew this would look bad on me.” Only because you caused it you worthless, oxygen-stealing waste of DNA… What a flocked up bunch of dodo birds this is!

The good news (if there can be any good news in something this horrible) is that the judge has set the boyfriend’s bail at one million dollars.

Thanks for this tip go to one of our newer readers, Abc. Abc just provided us with Beautiful’s given name. It is Kamille. I think I will leave her name in the article as it is though. Thanks again, Abc.

"I don't want the police in my business"

Mom allowed child to be abused, officials say

Ladies and Gentlemen meet Shanika Ann Riley (23) and she is very protective…but not of her 3-year-old son.  Her protective nature is directed more towards the “man” that abused her baby boy and left him, with bite marks, a broken leg and split liver. What in the ever loving shit!  Shanika has been charged with allowing another person to inflict great bodily harm upon a child.

Police responded to Regional Medical Center on August 24th, after Riley’s son was identified as having visible bruises.  Riley told officers she allowed a woman to keep her child from August 8th  – 12th  and when she picked him up he had these bruises.  Um, what?  The medical examination proved her story to be bullshit, as the little guy had bite marks, bruises to the chest and back, a broken, leg and split liver from blunt force trauma.  Some of the injuries were healing indicating they were old, while others were fresh.  Betcha didn’t see that coming did ya??

Riley’s excuse for not seeking treatment for her son, “she didn’t want police in her business.”  Well, isn’t that special.  Look stupid asshole, if some one hurts your baby, the only time you don’t want the police in your business is…if you have already taken care of the problem and just need to hide the body!

Riley stuck to her story of a woman, whom she only knows by her first name was caring for her child for four days and she picked him up looking beat down and she just let him suffer to keep po-po out of her business.  Her son was telling a whole different story and it went something like this… “A man hit me” and when asked how the man hit him, he balled up his fist.  Interesting… it appears we have a mystery “man” in mom’s life that she wants to protect.

When the police questioned Riley regarding the “man” that her son described she became highly aggravated and began to scream at L.E. that the “man” had nothing to do with her son’s injuries.  Funny isn’t it, she gets all upset and screams in defense of the “man” when he is being accused of injuring her son, where was that protective nature when she “picked up” her injured son from the mystery babysitter.

The little guy is receiving additional medical treatment and has been placed in the care of his grandmother.

Riley faces up to five years in jail if convicted.


Another selfish tw*t, another shitty douche, another abused child

Toddler abused, mother and boyfriend arrested 

Fort Myersresident faces child abuse charge

I can’t say any more that the title doesn’t already say.  These stories are starting to seem like deja-fucking-vu. 

19-year-old Mayte Ruiz and her snatch-snack, Michael Anthony Lopez (19), are in a smidge of trouble after Ruiz’s toddler was found with obvious signs of abuse.  When I say “obvious”, I don’t mean just the bruises and cuts that were on the babies face and body; I’m talking about the bite marks on his little bottom.  BITE FUCKING MARKS!!!!  ON HIS ASS!!! 

When police questioned these two child abusing losers about the bruises, Lopez claimed that they were caused by… wait for it…. He tickled him too hard.  That’s a new one.  Ruiz shook her head at this claim, indicating that the assfuck was lying.  While it looks like she’s not covering his ass, she’s still in trouble for allowing the abuse to happen in the first place.  Lopez admitted, later, to biting the boy.  What a prince. 

The child’s (step) grandmother, Sandra Morse, was the one who alerted the police.  Go Grandma!!  You may have saved his life. 

Lopez was arrested for the abuse.  Ruiz is being charged with neglect. 

This is what we consider a happy ending.  No dead babies thanks to a quick acting grandmother. Yay!

Thanks go to Alysia for the tip.

“Oh my god, he looks like he’s been beaten to death”

District attorney seeks death penalty in Candler child’s slaying

4-year-old beaten to death, mother’s boyfriend charged

Slain Candler boy’s-family releases statement

Father of murdered boy releases statement


Oh my god, he looks like he’s been beaten to death,” was the statement a 911 caller heard from the sobbing mother of 4-year-old Trenton Scott, just after 6 am April 19th.  Heather Denise Bensen (29) woke up that morning to discover the beaten, bruised and bitten body of her son.


Police would arrest Heather’s live-in boyfriend, William Godfrey Hedden (24) the next day and charge him with first-degree murder and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.  Hell Yeah! Let’s get in line to plant some smooches on this prosecutor, me first!


There are several articles about the phone call to 911, the condition of Trenton’s body, what Hedden has been charged with but not a whole lot on what police believe actually happened in the to Trenton in the home that night.


Police searched the home the three shared and confiscated bed sheets, a syringe with needle, beer bottles, liquor bottles, a glass pipe, and plastic bag with marijuana residue, prescription pill bottles and child erotica.  Dental impressions were taken of Hedden’s teeth to make a match to bite marks on Trenton’s back, chest and buttocks.



The following are statements from both sides of Trenton’s family:


Statement by Kristy Benson and Tara Diaz, sisters of Heather Benson and aunts of Trent Scott:

“We are writing this on behalf of our sister, who is understandably not able to write such a letter after suffering the most tragic loss someone could suffer. Her son, our nephew, was such a loving, happy, sweet boy. He loved to play with his cousins. They would run around and chase each other or go on missions and have the most fun. He loved baseball, football and wrestling. He was going to start karate this summer and was so excited about learning how to break a board. Trent loved playing outside with his mommy, playing in the floor with her, but most of all cuddling with her.

“Our family will always remember his smiling face and his big hugs. We will always cherish the time we had with Trent and will always wish we had more time with him.

“We would like to thank everyone who has prayed for us. Your support and kind words are greatly appreciated and have touched us a great deal. God Bless.”

Justin Scott, the father of 4 yr. old Trent Scott, who was found beaten to death Tuesday morning at his mother’s home in Candler, issued the following statement to News13 this afternoon:

“I’m devastated and shocked at the events surrounding my son Trenton’s death. He is a beautiful, sweet boy who loves wrestling (especially John Cena). He loves any activity that involves the outdoors and is a big sports fan. He loves his school and neighborhood friends. Outgoing and kind hearted towards anyone he met. I, my friends, and my family will miss him so much. I love Trenton and take comfort knowing that I will see him again at our Father’s table in heaven.

Thanks to leelee ob for the tip.


R.I.P. Trenton, a beautiful soul, gone too soon.


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