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Nipple biting nanna, welfare bludging daughter – winners all around!

Mother ‘bit her 16-year-old daughter’s nipple during vicious and bloody domestic fight’

Joy(less) Young – those eyes are seriously creepy looking.

This story was posted by Benighted on our Open Thread a while ago. It’s too freaking funny to not be posted.

Joy Young (38), who appears to be the opposite of her namesake, was arrested and charged with child abuse after it was alleged that she bit her 16 year old daughter’s nipple during a fight.

According to police, Joy (who was not a Joy to be around) was arguing with her daughter Diamond LaCrystal Simmons about a social security check at their Vero Beach home in Flori-DUH. You see, 16 year old Diamond LaCrystal is the proud mother of a 2 month old bouncing baby boy. Shine bright like a Diamond indeed…So anyway, an argument broke out because Diamond was trying to apply for Social Security money so that she could spend it on herself instead of her baby. That shit didn’t fly with Joy, because Diamond would always go out and leave the baby with her. A tussle broke out and nipples got bitten.

A bit nipple bleeds a lot, and police were greeted with a scene reminiscent of the scene from The Shining where the blood rushes out of the lift. The officer noted that Diamond had a massive bloodstain on her shirt and scratches on her face. Joy emerged from the fracas without any injury.

Joy must have some super sharp teeth to get through a tshirt and a bra in order to bite Diamond on the nipple. I’m not sure how the mechanics of that would work, to be honest.

As you can see, this story was too funny to not publish. A ridiculous name, strange method of abuse, welfare fraud and all round trashiness. Thanks go to Benighted for this gem.

Same story, different name and face

Man held in death of girlfriend’s daughter in Phoenix

Police: Man admits to abuse after child dies

Update: Man admits to abuse after child dies 

What we have here is another boyfriend and another dead toddler.  Honestly, I don’t know WHY we fucking rewrite this shit.  We should just keep a template like MadLibs and just change the name, location, date and method of murder in each story.  Since I’m up to my ass in alligators and there are so many other dead babies to write about, I may just do this shit MadLibs style.  

In Pheonix, AZ, Police have arrested 18-year-old Martwain Mackey following the death of his… you guessed it…. girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter.  Mackey called 911 in the wee hours of Saturday morning from a pay phone (do people still use those?).  He told the operator that the toddler wasn’t breathing.  When police arrived, Pussy-Boy was holding the unresponsive little girl who had obvious signs of trauma. 

Mackey admitted to abusing the toddler and her 1-year-old sister prior to being taken into custody.  I guess he wasn’t smart enough to point the finger at the “usual” suspects (i.e. the bathtub, stairs, or coffee table), so he just ‘fessed up.  He claimed that he was the only person responsible for abusing the girls  – they were in his care while their mother was at work.  The abuse he admitted to included biting and, what else?, blunt force trauma., of course!!  He admitted to all of that, but denied causing the death of the older child. His explanation for injuring the toddler was that she had choked earlier in the day and was left unconscious.  He believed hitting her and biting her would prove to be more effective than seeking medical care.  He was wrong.  His reason behind the younger child’s injuries?  Biting was his idea of discipline.  Fuck.

The toddler’s sister was located in a nearby apartment where Mama Bear was sleeping.  She was taken to the hospital in stable condition.     

Mackey has been dating the children’s mother for 6 months.  She works nights.  How many times have we seen this scenario?  She came home from work and went to bed, unaware that there was a problem with either child until police knocked on her door and she woke up to a nightmare.  

Mackey is being charged with first-degree murder and two counts of child abuse.  The mother has not been charged, but there is an investigation to determine how long the abuse has been taking place. 

Thanks go to Jacquelyn, Tina and Jennifer for the tips.

Angel Camacho Didn’t Live Up To His Name

“Devil” Camacho

Cleveland man admits beating his girlfriend’s toddler to death

Angel Camacho accused of fatally beating 2-year-old Iris Rivera 

37-year-old Angel Camacho is no fucking angel.  In fact, he might just be the devil in disguise.  Either way, I hope the sorry pile of bat guano suffers the same fate that he delivered to 2-year-old Iris Rivera.

 Camacho was the vagina filler to little Iris’ mother.  I’m not blaming Iris’ mother (whose name I can’t find) for this one.  Apparently Iris’ mommy was hospitalized, on June 16th, due to difficulty breathing and had no choice but to leave her five children with the bastard.  He had two children of his own so I can almost see why she would have trusted him in this situation. 

 The following morning, Camacho dropped the children off to Camacho’s mother’s ex-husband.  He (the Ex) noticed that Iris wasn’t breathing and quickly called 911.  When paramedics arrived at the house, Iris was dead on the living room floor.  Did Camacho think no one would notice that he dropped of a dead baby?  Sheesh. 

 The coroner said that Iris died from blunt impacts that caused injury to he organs and caused internal bleeding.  Her small intestine was separated and there was damage to her liver and burns on the backs of her hands.  In addition, she was covered in bruises and abrasions and had a bite mark on her arm.  I can only imagine that little Iris did a fair bit of suffering before taking her final breath.  Fuck.

 The dickhead was indicted on four counts of endangering children for violating a duty of care, torturing or cruelly abusing the child and administering corporal punishment. The coward offered up guilty plea and admitted that he was responsible for Iris’ death in exchange for the charges being dropped.  He faces 15 years to life in prison.  I hope he gets the maximum.  I also hope that he is the recipient of many hours of unsupervised play time in the prison shower.  We all know how inmates love baby killers. 

Thanks go to me for this one.

Danielle Lewis Used Her Baby Boy As A Chew Toy

Dallas mother, 19, bit 5-week-old son all over his body, police say

Mother bites baby and abandons it at hospital

I couldn’t find a picture of 19-year-old Danielle Patrice Lewis.  I imagine the one I chose has to be a pretty close likeness to this baby biting, c*ck gobbling, thunder c***.

On August 17th, Lewis was kind enough to take her 5-week-old son to Children’s medical Center in Dallas, TX.  So far she sounds like a decent person….. Right?  Wait – lemme finish.  She decided that she didn’t want her precious baby boy any more, so she left her little bundle at the hospital.  Still no sign of a bad parent there.  Actually, we kinda wish more of these teens that find themselves unwilling to care for a newborn would make such a brave decision.  It certainly is a better option than, let’s say, a dumpster.  Too bad Lewis didn’t drop her son off before she fucking bit him all over his tiny body.  Poor little guy.  Per the police report, he had human bite marks on his shoulders, back, butt, legs, and even his genitals.  Um… What the fuck?  The bigger “What the fuck” is the fact that Lewis claims that she bit the child to keep him quiet.  Geeeeee.  I wonder how that worked out for her.

The good news is that she didn’t want the baby.  He was taken into custody by Child Protective Services and put into foster care.  He is expected to have a permanent placement in about a year.  So it sounds like he may have escaped any more abuse by his pathetic excused of an incubator.  I’m hoping that he is placed in a loving home where he gets kisses and cuddles galore.

Lewis is being charged with injury to a child and is being held at the Dallas County Jail in lieu of $15,000 bail.  She really should be smeared with agave nectar and tossed onto a fire ant hill.  Stupid tw*t. 

Thanks go to me for this one.

Picture of the bitch – added thanks to Amsfast

WV man bites baby on the face

Couple arrested on child abuse, neglect charges:

You know I’ve been trying to not make fun of West Virginia (Is that Dueling Banjos I hear?) however they make it kind of hard when they give us stories like this.

State police in WV have arrested Vanessa Ann Stanley, 26, and Joey Allen Watts, 25, on child abuse charges. Watts allegedly took her own 15-month-old son squeezed the baby’s cheeks to the point of bruising. Stanley on the other hand allegedly bit the baby on the face. Stanley is not the baby daddy.

The baby daddy was the one who contacted police.

Thanks to Angie for the tip.

Bad Boyfriend bites baby

Ohio man admits repeatedly biting Mich. 2-year-old:

23-year-old Michael Schweibinz of Columbus, Ohio pleaded guilty in a Cheboygan County, Michigan court to biting his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son. He claims that he was trying to teach the boy not to bite other people. I have seen parents use that method in the past but I think there may be a little more to this story considering the injuries the boy had. The boy had man sized bite marks on his torso, back, neck, arms, face, buttocks and genital area.

Now when I’ve seen real parents use this method they don’t bite hard enough to leave marks and especially don’t bite the kids butt and genital region.

The birth organism has also been charged in this case probably for allowing this to happen.

Thanks to Carissa for the tip.

Tampa woman beats son over boyfriend’s stolen iPod

Tampa mom accused of biting, beating teen son:

An unidentified woman from Tampa, Florida has been arrested for beating her 13-year-old son. Police alleged that the woman began beating the boy because she believed that the boy stole her boyfriend’s iPod. She allegedly bit the boy repeatedly and hit him with an 18 inch long board. When the boy’s older sister tried to help him she got beat with the board too.

Isn’t it nice to see where some people’s priorities lie? I guess she thinks some guy’s penis is more important than her own flesh and blood.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

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