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Face tattooed Breeder indicted for beating infant blind

Joseph Rucker McFall

Cobb man accused of beating infant:

Father indicted in beating of 8-week-old son:

We here at BB have no problem with people who have tattoos. I have one myself although in retrospect I wish I never got it but that’s neither here nor there. However we do have a problem with certain tattoos. Those would be the face and neck tattoos. While some tattoo and body modification enthusiasts wish that tattoos like these would be considered socially acceptable they are not. Unless you’re in a band or you’re Mike Tyson it gives off an aura of being unemployable and/or a criminal.

Case in point, our subject of today’s post, one 30-year-old Joseph Rucker McFall of Cobb County, Georgia. McFail was recently indicted for beating his then 8-week old son so violently that the boy now has permanent brain damage and is blind.

While the boy’s mother was in the hospital with pneumonia the baby was being taken care of by her mother. The grandmother left the baby in the room with tattooed loser briefly before he went running out of the house. When the grandmother returned the baby was not breathing. The boy was not expected to survive.In addition to the brain damage and blindness the baby was also said to have fractures of the ribs and arms. McFail has been in jail since October which was the time of his arrest. Thankfully the boy’s mother wants nothing to do with McFail.

If you’re wondering what the tattoo in Hebrew means supposedly it says “God has his eye on you.” Apparently McFail couldn’t heed his tattoo’s advice.

You know I just noticed that I kept writing his last name as McFail. I don’t know why that keeps happening.

She threw up on her bed, so she was thrown against a wall

Pregnant mum threw tot against brick wall, court hears

Bashed child to have lifelong disabilities


This case happened back in 2011, but it’s only been now that the birth vessel and the sperm donor have been sentenced.

Melissa Ngati (25) of Deer Park VIC, threw her toddler daughter against a brick wall over and over again. Why? Because she threw up in her bed! Kids often randomly throw up and they sometimes don’t get enough warning from their tummies to make it to the toilet in time. Just the other week, a kid in my mum’s class threw up on his spelling book. Mum didn’t yell at him, she just threw away the spelling book and sent the kid to the sick bay. Then she cleaned up the spew and went back to teaching the class. While vomiting is disgusting, it’s still a normal bodily function. Just grit your teeth and clean it up.

What makes matters worse (not that it could get much worse) is that the egg donor was 36 weeks pregnant at the time! Given that babies seem to be living milk fountains, what was she going to do when the baby pukes? Throw it against a wall too? How could she even summon up the energy to beat on her own child? The bitch got gestational diabetes as punishment for being such an abusive tw*t. I hope that the diabetes caused her baby to grow so big that it ripped her snatch in half as it came out!

The 2 and a half year old girl suffered a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain and extensive bruising. Her birth incubator had thrown her against the wall more than 3 times, then kicked and punched her as she lay on the ground. Just imagine that, a tiny body being brutally bashed by the person who gave birth to her and should have been caring for her. The walking birth canal didn’t seek help for the child she viciously attacked, and then when she did, she told medical staff that the girl fell off the trampoline. Okay folks, tick that one off of your BB abuser excuse bingo card. Fell off the trampoline. Got a nice diagonal happening here. The medical staff saw through that dirty lie, and the birth vessel admitted to hurting the girl.

The bad birth vessel admitted she threw her toddler because she “snapped”. Like we haven’t heard that one before. Snapping is slapping your child once then regretting it. This was a long and sustained attack. It wasn’t snapping, it was meant to kill. She also admitted that she never loved her daughter like she did her other children, aged 3.5 and 6. Christ, this bitch has MORE kids?? She said she never felt a bond between her and her daughter. What a nasty, nasty piece of work. She probably tried to kill her daughter to make room for the one she was about to shit out.

Due to her birthing unit’s actions, and her sperm donor’s apathy, this little girl will be disabled for life. She will always walk with a limp, she struggles to use her left hand, she has moderate hearing loss and can’t see out of her left eye. She is paralysed on her right side. All because of her disgusting and foul incubator.

The incubator has been charged and pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury. Both she and the sperm dispenser also pleaded guilty to reckless conduct endangering a person, because they couldn’t be bothered taking their child to the hospital in time. The court psychologist said that the birthing unit was deeply remorseful. Yeah, I’ll bet. Abusers know just how to act to get a lighter sentence. The magistrate said there is a high chance of reoffending and the barrister was trying to get a low non-parole period for the birth vessel, saying that she would have support networks and classes to attend when she got out. Well maybe if she attended those parenting classes when she felt out of control, she wouldn’t be in the dock?

At least there are no dead babies here, but that’s the only small consolation here.



14-month-old blind after being assaulted by mom's boyfriend.

Boyfriend charged with assault of toddler 

Assault results in blindness 

Baby blind after being shaken  

On Saturday November 19th at the Troy City Court, Asa Madsen (30) was ordered held without bail, on charges of reckless assault of a child (D felony) and criminal contempt in the second degree (A misdemeanor) for harming his girlfriend’s 14-month-old daughter and leaving her blind.

Tuesday, November 15th a neighbor called 911 about a child who had fallen in the bathtub and had a concussion, according to the baby’s mother Elizabeth Taber.  Police not believing the evil child beating bathtub excuse opened an investigation. Guess what that investigation uncovered….it wasn’t the bathtub…shocker!

According to the police reports tough guy up there shook the baby so violently she had retinal hemorrhages to both eyes and is blind, she is being cared for at Albany Medical Center. The injuries could be repaired through surgery but there are no guarantees.

Here’s the kicker to the whole story, see Madsen living with Taber and her daughter is in violation of a restraining order put in place in August after a domestic dispute between Madsen and Taber.  Um… what in the fuck!  Am I missing something?  Did this woman seek to protect herself from this guy and then let him move in and now her baby is injured and may suffer a life-long disability.

All I can say is please God… don’t let her excuse the baby fell in the bathtub be her attempting to cover for him.

Thanks to Kathy K. for the tip.

OK so here’s an interview with the bio-dad and he seems to be under the impression mom was covering for the boyfriend to cover her own hide (his words).

Father of injured toddler: mother is partially to blame.



"He'll never be able to see again."


Doctors say 4-year-old abuse victim is permanently blind 

Police say Boy, 4, has extensive brain damage 

For the third time in a year a 4-year-old Albuquerque boy is starting his life over, but this time he has a life long disability due to abuse suffered at the hands of foster parents.

Sandra Caraveo and her boyfriend Marcos Gomez became the foster parents to the little guy and his 2-year-old sister in the summer, after he was removed in November from his biological parents and another family member for abuse.  They were supposed to be giving him a better life; he has already been abused by mom and dad and then moved to another family member who took their turn abusing him and finally these two wastes of oxygen.  Just fucking heartbreaking, at 4-years-old all he has known is abuse.  I just want to hug him.

The weekend of October 8th Sandra took the lil’ guy to the hospital after he complained that he couldn’t see and was feeling his way around the house.  Gawd…the image of this baby feeling his way around the house is like stabbing me in the heart over and over.  They told doctors that he had just complained Saturday of not being able to see, however doctors believe he had been immobile for more than a week.  More than fucking week…what the fuck!

So, you are probably saying Deena… what caused the lil’ guy to lose his sight and how do they know it was due to abuse.  I’m getting to that, right now!  Well, the doctors can’t pinpoint the exact cause of his blindness but do know that it was due to a lack of oxygen to the brain.  They are saying any of the following could have caused the lack of oxygen: suffocation, being violently shaken or a hit to the head.  I say “they” try all the aforementioned techniques on these fuckwads and see which one results in blindness. But hey, that’s just my humble opinion of what “they” could try, in the name of research of course.

The lil’ guy’s 2-year-old sister showed no signs of abuse but has been placed in a new foster home.

Caraveo and Gomez have been charged with child abuse resulting in great bodily harm.

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