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Bad Boyfriend beats baby with belt over messy diaper change

Austin Hamilton

24-year-old Austin Hamilton of Tampa, Florida was recently arrested for the beating death of his girlfriend’s one-year-old son, Sincere Williams. A coroner’s report said that Sincere died from blunt force trauma to the abdomen. Hamilton allegedly confessed to police that he struck Sincere ten times with a belt and dropped him on his head after Sincere urinated on him during a diaper change.

I was spared diaper changes since my (step)kids were out of diapers when I got married. However my dad told me that I was quite the surprise geyser when I was in diapers. Considering my dad was not the most calm man I ever knew how much rage did Hamilton have to possess in order to do that to one-year-old child? He would have had to have either taken off his belt or gone to get a belt before striking the child which for most people would have been enough time to give them pause about what they were about to do. Also Hamilton had a child from a previous relationship so I doubt this was a new experience for him.

Sincere’s mother was working at the time of the beating. The couple had known each other for years and she thought Hamilton would be fine with the children since he had children of his own. However Hamilton in the past has been charged with battery, domestic violence and had been investigated by CPS. All charges were dropped but you have to think that sometimes where there’s smoke there’s a raging inferno of a forest fire sometimes.

There’s nothing wrong with screening the background of your significant other. It may save your children’s lives and yours. One possible service is which has an A- rating by the Better Business Bureau although your results may vary. You may also want to contact your local police or courts for records availability.

Thanks to Jaz for the tip and CW for the assist.

(In the interest of transparency I received no compensation for any service mentioned in this post.)

Philly Breeder was just trying to knock dog off of bed

Samuel Cabrera (Angry looking little troll isn’t he?)

Father Accused of Beating 3-Month-Old Son to Death:

Earlier this month 3-month-old Samuel Cabrera Jr. of Philadelphia was pronounced dead at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We’ll get to the who and why in a moment.

Samuel Jr. was rushed to the hospital for being unresponsive and doctor’s noticed he was covered in bruises. As is all too usual in these cases the Breeders gave conflicting stories. The egg layer stated that the bruises were from the baby’s father performing CPR. The sperm donor in question, 27-year-old Samuel Cabrera, allegedly told police that he was trying to knock the dog off of the bed. Cabrera the elder must have some massive leg strength then because reports say that Samuel Jr. had broken bones, a crushed liver, a crushed spleen and all of his abdominal organs had been crushed. That’s one hell of a nudge because it doesn’t sound anything like that he was beating the baby repeatedly in the abdomen.

Cabrera’s 15-month-old daughter is also said to have bruises and is now living with a relative. His squeeze’s kids have also been removed from the home however she has not been charged as of yet.

I lived in and around Philly most of my life. It’s kind of like a prison. Most everybody is up to some kind of no good (at least in the neighborhoods that I’m familiar with) yet when a child is harmed it can galvanize the city or a neighborhood. I don’t believe in vigilantism but if there was ever someone who was in desperate need of good old-fashioned Philly street justice it’s this scumbag. Maybe instead they should let the top MMA guys use him as a human sparring dummy. That way he could feel just a fraction of what he put his own defenseless flesh and blood through.

Thanks to Warrior Artemis for the tip.

‘Father’ beats toddler daughter to death after finding out her mother had an affair

***Special thanks to Cobalt Rose for the write up***

Richard Green

Richard Green

Father ‘murdered three-year-old daughter after finding out her mother was having an affair’:

The face you see above is that of 22-year-old Richard Green. Last year, Green discovered that his girlfriend (and mother of his child) Natalie Critchley was having an affair with another parent that she’d met at the day care where she worked. Richard was pissed. So pissed, in fact, that he brutally attacked his daughter Lia Green, repeatedly punching and kicking the 3-year-old. She was later found unresponsive and not breathing at her home in Preston, England. She was taken to hospital but died shortly after arriving. At the hospital, doctors discovered that Lia was bruised from her neck down to her legs, suffering from injuries usually only seen in car crash victims. She died from blunt force trauma to the abdomen. She had been struck so hard in the stomach that her bowel was severed. What sort of sick piece of shit would do that to ANY child, let alone their own?

Lia’s egg donor isn’t much better. She is accused of allowing her daughter’s death by not calling emergency services until Lia stopped breathing. Even as the toddler lay dying in hospital, Natalie’s behaviour was described as ‘strange’ by hospital staff. She was allegedly more pre-occupied with texting than asking after her severely injured child. She is also on trial.

Nasty and nastier.

Nasty and nastier.

Not surprisingly, social services had been involved with Lia before. A social worker had visited the home following a referral, but reported no concerns for Lia’s safety. Just two weeks later, her father battered her to death. It didn’t matter how pissed he was at Lia’s egg donor, Lia was an innocent toddler. Nothing would have been justification enough for what happened to this little girl.

R.I.P Lia.

R.I.P Lia.

What happened to Isabella Leiper?

Isabella Leiper inquest suspended

Inquest hears triple-0 call after child’s death

Girl’s inquest told dad hurt baby son 22 years ago | Newcastle Herald (This page has been removed since the inquest was suspended. However, it’s been published in the Thursday edition of the Newcastle Herald. Like Trench says, you can’t unring the bell)

An inquest is being held into the suspicious death of Isabella Leiper (9). Young Isabella suffered from cerebral palsy, which restricted her movements and meant that she needed 24-hour care. On the afternoon of June 17, 2011, Isabella was found dead in her bed by her Dad in their Clarence Town, NSW home No one else except her father was home at the time. Dad had to run to a local business to call 000 and report that he’d found Isabella dead. Now, I’m a regular visitor to Clarence Town. My dear uncle lives there. It’s a small country town, but my uncle has a landline and a mobile. I can get mobile coverage in Clarence Town and I’m with one of the crappy mobile carriers. I think it’s very unusual that Dad had to go to a local shop to use their phone to make the call.

An autopsy revealed that she’d died from multiple internal injuries caused by blunt force trauma. The coroner suggested that they might have been caused by a closed fist. Seeing as Isabella was wheelchair bound, this couldn’t be caused by a fall from regular playing. Or horse riding. Someone hit her or stomped on her to cause those injuries.

What’s been published in the Newcastle Herald but has been removed since the inquest was suspended, was that Isabella’s dad caused the death of her older brother when he was a baby. On a trip to Newcastle 22 years ago, Mr Leiper was sick of the baby boy’s crying and threw him into a bassinet. The baby boy subsequently died of head injuries. I can’t tell you if he was charged or not, until I can get a hold of the hard copy of the article again. The Herald have taken down the online article, but the original article was published in Thursday’s edition of the paper and is still circulating Newcastle and the Hunter. (Skye, do you have Thursday’s edition of the Herald? I had a copy at work, but forgot to clip out the article and take it with me)

The latest news on Thursday was that the NSW deputy coroner was suspending the inquest until new evidence can be gathered. All of the witnesses (4) had been interviewed. She said that she was satisfied that there was enough evidence capable of convincing a jury that a “known person” had committed a serious offence. In other words, they have a suspect and they know that a crime was committed. The evidence has been passed on to public prosecutions to consider whether charges will be laid.

It doesn’t take a genius to put 2 and 2 together. Dad has a violent temper, as proven by the incident with Isabella’s brother. Isabella was vulnerable and needed so much time and resources for her care. All it could have taken is Isabella needing a drink or to be taken to the toilet or even giving Dad a mouthful of cheek and that would have caused him to snap and hit her. Hopefully they can get enough evidence to nail the bastard and put him away in jail for a very very long time. Abusing a child is bad enough, but when that kid has a disability and NEEDS that person to help them with basic bodily functions, and that person turns around and abuses them, that is just a whole new low. Not to mention that this bastard already killed a baby because he couldn’t control his temper, I don’t know why his wife stayed on to have more children with him for him to kill. She probably thought it was an “accident”. Well, no. Hurting a baby because you can’t control your temper is not an accident.

Isabella was much loved at her school and a touching obituary was written in the school newsletter. All the kids miss her and feel her loss very keenly. As yet another angel departs this world, we at BB too feel her loss.

Rest in Peace, Isabella. You are no longer restricted in your movements. Run, skip, play as you never did before. Be free.

Mom beats baby to death for crying…. same story, different bitch!




 Mother charged in beating death of 20-month-old daughter

The teary-eyed face you see staring back at you is 21-year-old Lorraine Lizzette Merjil and she is facing a capital murder charge for the beating death of her 20-month-old daughter Desiree.  Ugh, I am ill already and we are just one sentence into it.

According to Jorge Sanchez, Lorraine’s live-n boyfriend, Lorraine became frustrated Saturday, July 30th with Desiree’s crying.  In his words, “she (Lorraine) repeatedly struck Desiree in the abdomen with her fists, knee and elbow while the baby was lying on her bed until… Desiree stopped crying.”  You fucking bitch, I’d like to hit you a few times in the freakin abdomen.  She was a baby she needed you to comfort and love her.  Gawd Damn it, I am in tears writing this, just thinking about this poor baby.

At about 3:30 am Sunday, July 31st, stupid bitch up there told her boyfriend the baby was unresponsive and they needed to take her to the hospital.  Well BITCH… that happens when you REPEATEDLY hit babies in the abdomen.  Fuck You!

Baby Desiree died at 4:40 am, the autopsy determined she died of blunt force trauma to her abdomen.  Shocking!!!

Stupid Bitch was arrested on August 2nd.

Now before anyone gets all fussy and decides calling this bitch names is “trashy” and wants to complain about it, I’ll save you the trouble, don’t bother I don’t care what you think about it.  Trashy I am not… pissed the fuck off I am!  If you can’t deal with that then to bad, it won’t hurt my feelings one bit if you don’t read my post.  I have said it before and will say once again, if reading that this bitch REPEATEDLY beat HER baby in the abdomen for doing what babies do doesn’t piss you off and me calling the skank bitch names does, then you have a real fucking problem and are not worth my time anyhow.


R.I.P. Desiree… no one should ever have to endure what you did baby girl.  

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