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Stepdad gets all stabby with wife and stepson

Investigators: Man who stabbed wife more than 100 times says he ‘just lost it’

What a smug looking bastard. It’s supposed to be a mug shot, not a “smug shot”!

Lawrence Clinton Chambers, 40, has been charged with murder and injury to a child after he stabbed his wife to death and beat his stepson with a frying pan.

Jemal Chambers, 43, and her 13 year old son were found covered in blood at their home in Tidewater, a suburb of Houston TX . Mrs. Chambers’ 14 year old daughter was staying at her grandma’s that weekend and escaped the attack. She became worried when she didn’t hear from her mum, and when she arrived home she didn’t see her mum’s car in the driveway. When she went inside, she discovered her mum’s body in the bedroom and ran to the neighbour’s for help. Jemal was pronounced dead at the scene by the police and her son was rushed to Texas Children’s hospital in a serious condition. He suffered blunt force trauma to the head, cuts from the knife used to kill his mum, and disfigurement to the face. Apparently his step-penis hit him so hard with the frying pan, that it shattered. So that’s a pretty hard blow!

The perp was absent from the scene but turned himself in the next day. He reckons that his wife came at him with a knife and he “lost it”. He also claims he doesn’t remember what he did to his stepson. So you blame your wife for her death, when she can’t come to her defence, and you mysteriously “forget” what you did to your stepson? Sounds like the son got a few whacks in on the step-penis, since he might be suffering from a convenient case of amnesia. Jemal had tried to lock herself in the bedroom to get away from Lawrence, but he managed to force his way inside by breaking the door frame. He stabbed her 119 times, with most of the stab wounds on the back of her head. That doesn’t sound like a man who “lost it”. It sounds like a determined murderer making sure his victim was dead!

The knife and the frying pan were both recovered at the scene. The step-penis is being held without bond and an order of protection has been issued on behalf of the boy. This isn’t the first time Lawrence has been arrested. He has a criminal past and had already served 10 years in prison for a prior conviction. Nice one, mum. Bring a jailbird around your kids. A criminal check costs $50 to do. It’s the best $50 you’ll ever spend if you decide to move a partner in with your kids. Peace of mind if they’re clean, huge sigh of relief when you kick them to the curb.

I hope these kids recover and live life to the fullest. It’s the best revenge they can get on this monster and the best way they can honour their mum.

Rest in Peace, Jemal Chambers.


Narky Narkle kills toddler

Man in court over murder of WA toddler

Man in court over Perth toddler murder

Screams at dead boy’s unit: neighbour

Screams at dead boy s unit: neighbour

No-one’s ever going to forget or forgive you for killing an innocent child!

Unfortunately, it’s the same-old, same-old. Mum goes out, leaving child with c***-plug. Child is mysteriously injured or dies while under c***-plug’s “care”. Same-old, same-old.

Wayne Murray Narkle (22) is no exception. His girlfriend Kerry Bodney went out one night, leaving her 2 year old toddler son in her home in Perth WA with the Nark. When she returned, the little boy was unconscious. She ran frantically to a neighbour’s place for help, and an ambulance was called. The toddler was taken to the hospital, but died on arrival :'( It’s not clear how the little boy died, but the doctors, police and the coroner know it wasn’t an accident.

The Nark was arrested at a unit in Bassandean, in Perth’s east. He has been charged with the murder of the little boy and was remanded in custody to appear in court today. He has not entered any pleas and the case has been adjourned till March. You’d better not fucking plead “not guilty”, douchebag. You killed that baby and you don’t get to plead for freedom. You’d better hope that you miraculously die in your sleep before you get to prison. They don’t take kindly to baby-killers in the big house. They’re going to jam that stupid gangsta glove up your arse. With your hand in it.

Kerry is heartbroken over the murder of her son (he can’t be named for cultural reasons and I’ll explain why in a minute). She’s posted on Facebook that “My son’s the only one in my heart, the rest is empty,”.

Tributes are flowing in on her page for her son, “My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to Kerry Bodney on the horrible loss of her baby boy . . . I wouldn’t wish her pain on anybody. RIP baby boy,”- Emma

“My heart goes out to Kerry Bodney on the horrible loss of her little boy, words cannot explain how she is feeling. May He Rest In Peace Beautiful Little Soul.”

“So sad at this time that your beautiful lil boy left so soon. Stay strong,” – Shauna

It was clear that everyone loved this little boy. So what fucking right did this shitstain have to take him away from his loving mum and family? He was probably jealous. Jealous that the boy wasn’t his. That he was “taking up his girl’s time”. That he got in the way of his partying. For whatever pathetic and petty reason this shitbag had for killing the toddler, He. Did. Not. Deserve. It.

*Side note: In Aboriginal culture, once a person dies, their name isn’t said anymore. This is because it’s believed that the person’s spirit won’t move on if  the person’s name is mentioned or photos of them are shown..I did find this photo for us to look at and remember the little boy, see how different he was to the shit-stain who took his life because he wasn’t “his”. Seeing that cute, cheeky look on his face makes me even more angry that this piece of shit killed him.

Follow the Moon, Little Boy.






Bad boyfriend walks free because his kids won’t testify

Man charged with baby boy’s manslaughter

Sons can’t testify so dad is acquitted

There is something very strange in the waters of the NSW Central Coast. It’s a beautiful place, don’t get me wrong. If you ever visit NSW, you must definitely visit Avoca Beach and Terrigal. It’s stunning. But some very strange people live on the Central Coast.

A bad boyfriend has been acquitted of killing his girlfriend’s baby boy because his kids wouldn’t testify against him. It all started back in 2009, when the brain-dead bastard was left alone with the 11 month old boy at the girlfriend’s Umina Beach home. You can see where this is going, right? The baby mysteriously suffered serious head injuries and was taken to Randwick Children’s Hospital, where unfortunately he died while undergoing surgery.

Fast forward to 2010. Detectives charged the 31 year old Ettalong Beach bad boyfriend with manslaughter, a year after the baby died. Manslaughter?! So the piece of shit “didn’t mean” to inflict fatal head injuries on a defenceless baby? Oh ok, then.

2013 – The key witnesses of the crime, the bad boyfriend’s two sons (which were not killed, hmm why is that?) were excused from giving evidence against their DNA donor. The boys, aged 7 and 11 when their idiot breeder killed the baby, didn’t want to send Daddy Dearest to the slammer because they loved him and because he’d tried to pin the killing on the two boys. How absolutely disgusting! Not only did this deranged dickhead kill a baby, but he also tried to blame his own kids for it!! The older boy rebutted that disgusting and cowardly pack of lies and it was proven that they were at school when the baby was injured. So go suck a fat one, needle-dick.

The prosecutor (the only person with brains in their head) argued and argued for the boys to give evidence because the crime was so serious. But the idiot judge said that the boys were excused because of the distress that it would cause them and that it would tear their family apart. Wouldn’t it have torn the poor girlfriend apart fining out that her dick of the month had killed her baby boy? The court was also told that the sperm donor may continue to blame the boys for killing the baby if they testified. He was their primary carer and they had a close relationship. Yeah, by “close relationship”, you mean he didn’t get round to killing them yet. The older boy had already testified earlier but it upset him so much that they didn’t want to put him through it again. His evidence was discounted anyway!

And now the bad boyfriend walks free, ready to kill another unsuspecting girlfriend’s baby. All because the judge ignored crucial evidence, let key witnesses get away and didn’t listen to the prosecutor. Those kids were excused from giving evidence against their baby-killing DNA donor and that decision may cost them their lives one day.

Another bad boyfriend strikes again!

Daniel Lunsford, 21, of Hampton was charged in connection with the assault of a 6-month-old child, police said.

Abused Hampton infant dies in hospital

Two charged in assault of 6-month-old Hampton child

Daniel Lunsford is a bad boyfriend and a baby killer

Brittany Whalen, 20, of Hampton was charged in connection with the assault of a 6-month-old child, police said.

Brittany Whalen is a dick-drunk whore

I’m on a roll today. It’s pouring down rain and I can’t go out to my vegie garden. So I’m inside spewing hatred and vitriol, and I have no patience for these two drop-kicks up there.

Daniel Lunsford, of Hampton VA, has done what we at BB have come to expect boyfriends to do. He assaulted his girlfriend’s 6 month old baby, which has since died from his injuries.

Daniel was “looking after” little Brayden Joseph Whalen on Dec. 29 when he hit the poor baby twice, causing lacerations and severe bruising to the left side of his face. The blows also caused internal injuries. What a motherfucker!! There doesn’t seem to be a motive for Danny-boy lashing out at the baby. but it was probably because Brayden was crying or he shat himself or something else that babies are known to do. He offered up a lame excuse (and a new one to BB): The cat jumped on him!! He blamed a poor defenceless animal that couldn’t speak for itself, and if Brittany had believed him and cared about the wellbeing of her child, the poor cat would have been carted off to the pound and possibly put down.

When Brittany saw what her live-in dong did to her precious baby, what did she do? Did she beat the crap out of the bitch-boy? Did she rush little Brayden to hospital? NO! She waited until New Year’s Day to seek medical attention for him. That’s a whole fuckin’ week since Daniel bashed the baby! What’s worse is that Brittany works as an EMT (ambo) so she knew the importance of seeking medical aid for head and internal injuries. She was more concerned about her pin-dicked pussy plug than her reason for being on this planet, her offspring, little baby Brayden.

Unfortunately, the fucktarded actions of the stupid bitch cost Brayden his life. He flew off with the angels at 12:15pm Saturday. The cowardly couple were originally charged with child abuse and failure to seek medical attention. Since Brayden has died, an additional charge of homicide was tacked on for Daniel.

Since Brayden was only 6 months old and Daniel was not his dad, how long out of hospital do you think Brittany was trying to hook another baby daddy? I’m sure stretched-out vag and episiotomy stitches will get the boys wanting a ride (sarcasm) With pin-dick up there, it would’ve been like slinging a hotdog down a hallway.

The putrid pair are on suicide watch in Hampton Roads Regional Jail. We’ll make it a watch, all right. Bring your camping chairs, alert Brayden’s relatives and fellow inmates to what the dastardly duo have done and we’ll make it a spectator sport. We’ll have buckets of razor blades, packs of rat poison, ropes and plastic bags to throw into their cells, and yell encouragement to them. I seriously hope they are tortured to fuckin’ DEATH by other inmates and that they never ever get to see another sunny day.

Rest in Peace little Brayden. As Monty Python says, “Every day is Christmas in Heaven!”

Thanks go to Rachel for the tip!

Once a killer…..always a killer

1913074_GMan kills baby, gets out of prison, kills another



This scumbag, Daron Duane Davis, of Greer SC, was placed in jail in 1995 for killing his daughter.  He spent 11 years in jail and was then released in 2006.  Well, he obviously learned NOTHING from being in jail.  He reproduced again….and killed again!!!  What a freakin’ sack of monkey shit!!  Dick smack was arrested AGAIN in January 2011 because his 5 month old daughter died of multiple head injuries, blunt force trauma, and shaking. Daron was convicted of homicide by child abuse and once again he  has been sentenced to life in prison…but this time…. WITHOUT parole….shame it took twice!  Anyway, dick smack pleaded guilty to homicide by child abuse in his daughters death and he will spend the rest of his life in prison.   She was only 11 months old and died one month before her first birthday.  The bio c*** was also charged (I’m not sure with what) and sentenced to probation.



I hope he is sterilized by every STD known to man while he is in prison!! Rot in hell you scum bag!!!


Thanks for the tips and write up go to Leslie

Killer stairs strike in the UK

***Guest post by a yet to be named UK contributor***

Rio Smedley: Toddler dies after suffering over 90 separate injuries

Rio Smedley murder: Daniel Rigby jailed for killing toddler:

Look at that adorable face above. That’s the face of two-year-old Rio Smedley. No more pictures will ever be taken of this sweet little boy. Why? Because he was viciously beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend. Yes, this is another case of a brainless, heartless incubator choosing a man over her child.

On April 22nd this year, Rio’s ‘mother’ called 999 (Trench’s note: The UK version of 911) to report that Rio wasn’t breathing. She claimed that he ‘fell down four steps and banged his head’. Ah, the good old ‘falling over/down inanimate objects’ excuse, because bastardly child abusers just love to blame random objects for the vile things they do.

Rio was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital but passed away that same day. Cause of death? A ruptured liver. He’d been beaten so viciously his liver was ‘split in two’. Eugh. What was that lady? He fell down the stairs? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I doubt falling down FOUR steps would cause a hard enough impact to SPLIT SOMEBODY’S LIVER IN TWO. He had 91 separate injuries on his body, and there was clear evidence ‘extreme violence’ had been used. Daniel Rigby, 23, Rio’s mothers’ boyfriend, was arrested and charged with murdering this adorable little boy. On November 2nd of this year he was sentenced to life in prison, and must serve at least 17 years in prison. Yeah, because 17 years is a ‘life’ sentence…. *sigh* He initially tried to blame the injuries on his grandmother’s dogs. Yeah, animals, component of the child abuser’s bullshit arsenal. Of course, authorities saw right through him.

Daniel Rigby, long may he rot.

Of course, Rio’s incubator is not blameless in this. The 24-year-old was found guilty of causing or allowing her son’s death. She left her son alone with Rigby, who allegedly ‘lost his rag’ because he had to look after Rio instead of being able to do what he really wanted, which was go round a friend’s house and get high on weed. What a guy. But wait, it gets worse. Rigby had been arrested previously for BEATING KIRSTY UP WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT. She eventually dropped the charges and didn’t kick his worthless junkie arse to the curb. I was almost gonna type that she deserved to get beat purely for stupidity, but then remembered she was pregnant with an innocent baby.

This just makes my blood boil. If the scumbag could sink so low as to beat you up while you’re pregnant with his child, surely he’s not gonna think twice about beating on your kid? Any sensible person would know that letting him anywhere near a child, let alone leaving him ALONE with one, would be a supremely DUMB thing to do. I hope they lock her up and throw away the key, but then again, this is the UK justice system we’re taking about, so she’ll probably get a couple of years, max.

It seems to me that Danny boy can only get away with beating on those who can’t defend themselves, namely unborn babies and toddlers. But then again, what child abuser isn’t a worthless, waste-of-carbon coward? I just hope he has a whale of a time in the slammer, and by ‘whale of a time’ I mean an exact re-enactment of what he did to this innocent little boy, performed on himself.

R.I.P Rio. You didn’t deserve this. I hope you’re having a great time in Heaven.

Disgusting Dads

Since lately, I have been doing regular posts about Momsters, I thought it would be an interesting switch to have a look at some Disgusting Dads.

Anthony DeSimone

First up we have Anthony DeSimone, who as taken into custody on August 1st.  Anthony has been accused of buying drugs, while having his 5-year-old son in the car.

Reports say police saw DeSimone get into a parked car and hand over cash in exchange for cocaine.  When he returned to his car, with his son still inside, he was arrested.  Police seized .5 grams of cocaine and 3.5 grams of marijuana.

He was charged with possession of both drugs.

His son was released to a family member.

Errick Noe Rios 

Errick Noe Rios has been charged with one felony count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, two felony counts of third degree assault and one felony count of domestic assault by strangulation.  Who did he assault you ask, well a 4-month-old baby, of course…why else would he be featured here?

Police were called to check on the welfare of an infant on July 25th, when they arrived Rios allowed them in and they found the baby covered in layers of blankets and clothing in a hot, muggy room and sporting facial bruises, a bite mark, scabs on its chest and back and finger mark bruises on its tummy.  Mother Effer!

After giving the usual array of excuses for the bruising, Rios admitted to hitting the baby because he would not stop crying, punching him in the mouth and picking him up by his torso so hard he’d leave marks.  He also admitted him and his wife and taken the baby to hospital in the past due to his abusive behavior and that it needed to stop.  Really genius, you think?

Rios also admitted to becoming angry with the baby the night of his birth and hit him four or five times and squeezed his stomach. He went on to further to confess to biting the baby’s face and putting his little mouth over and faucet and turning it on.  It doesn’t end there, he also admitted to engaging in criminal sexual conduct with the baby.

An examination showed the baby had three cracked ribs in addition to bruising and scratching.

If convicted Rios faces more than 40 years in prison and $65,000 in fines.

Maurice Brown Sr.

Maurice Brown Sr. back in court

Maurice Brown Jr. went missing on July 1st, two days later his body was found in a dumpster a few miles from his father’s apartment and where he “allegedly” disappeared from.

Maurice Brown Sr. told police he fell asleep for a few hours and when he awoke his son was gone and the door was open.  He claimed his son was kidnapped.  However, a witness told police they saw Brown Sr. leaving his apartment with a child draped over his shoulder and walking towards a parking lot between 7 and 8 pm that Sunday.

Police found evidence of spattered and pooled blood in the man’s bathroom, consistent with a beating.  Detectives said “Based upon the age of the missing child, the blood evidence in the bathroom, which is consistent with blunt force trauma, the affiant has probable cause to believe the child sustained serious bodily injury.”

The ME determined cause of death as blunt force trauma.

Brown Sr. was originally charged with child neglect or endangerment; those charges have since been upgraded to first-degree murder.

R.I.P. Maurice, your sweet smile will surely be missed.

Thanks to all the tipsters.


Killer Stairs My @$$!!

2 Charged w/Murder

Mother and Stepfather Charged

2 Year Old’s Death Ruled Homicide

A man was driving down the road when he noticed 27-year-old Eric Castro running with a child in his arms and stopped to see if he could help.  Castro, the future step-freak of the baby, told him he thought 2-year-old Kailee Marie Parker was having a seizure and he was going to a neighbor’s house for help.  The man started CPR while another on the scene called 911.  The caller told 911 little Kailee appeared to have been beaten.  Kailee was pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital.

Kailee’s egg donor, 21-year-old Heather Brittney McKinney Parker, left the home about 30 minutes before 911 was called.  She did call 911, while first responders were on the scene, to check on Kailee’s condition so she knew her child was injured!  How the hell is a “mother”, whose child is unresponsive and possibly seizing, not going to be right there with them every minute??  Of course if you’re a cowardly, abusive sow that is the cause of it, you probably don’t want to face up to the consequences of your actions or inactions, whichever the case may be!!

This slovenly slag’s excuse for the injuries—she fell down the stairs…  How many times do we have to hear about killer fucking stairs?!?

According to the autopsy Kailee died from multiple blunt force traumas to the head that couldn’t be explained away by an accident.  She also showed signs of older injuries from previous abuse.  According to a police spokesman, “It wasn’t just from one day or one time”.

It isn’t clear who actually abused that precious baby.  It doesn’t matter if it was the pathetic tw*t, her live in dildo, or both.  They both deserve no less than to be slowly beaten to death!!

Both wastes of oxygen have been charged with felony aggravated murder, felony murder, felony battery, and felony cruelty to children.

8 month old twins were removed from the home, but showed no signs of abuse.


While I was researching this, I came across a blog, supposedly written by a good friend of the bio-bitch.  In it she writes that the prick had to be sedated at the hospital he was so upset.  At the funeral home the c*** was laughing, smiling, and spent most of her time on Facebook with her iPhone while he looked “haunted”.

Normally, I’m not one to remark about how a person grieves because I feel it is different with each individual, but would any parent be able to play on Facebook and laugh with their child laying in a casket beside them?!?  Especially if that child had been battered to death?!?  I’m a very strong woman and I know I’m not capable of it…

R.I.P. Sweet Kailee Your smile will surely be missed..


Another System Failure: Zion Lost His Voice, Then His Life…

State Could Have Saved Maui Boy

Zion Suffered Numerous Injuries Before Death

Couple Indicted in Death of 4 Year Old

Bail Reduced for Suspect in Boys Murder


Kyle McKeown/Grace Lee-Nakamoto


4 year old Zion McKeown was taken to the emergency room by his “father”, 32 year old Kyle McKeown, and his tw*t of the month, 27 year old Grace Lee-Nakamoto.  They claimed he got his injuries from falling in the shower, attempting to perform CPR, and ant bites…

Little Zion had numerous bruises and abrasions on his body that were all caused  right before his death.  The twisted tw*t says they were ant bites…  He suffered multiple internal injuries to his lower abdomen, not the least of which was his pancreas was compressed against his spine.  Zion was half African American and was so pale from the loss of blood, the hospital thought he was Caucasian…  According to the coroner the injuries “could only have been caused by high-velocity blunt-force trauma.”  The most likely cause–someone stomping on his stomach while he lay on the ground.  That visual is killing me!  One of these worthless piles of shit stomped this poor baby to death!  I want to curb stomp both of them!!

When Zion was 6 months old DHS removed him from the care of his parents for abuse.  He was so severely injured at that time he couldn’t talk or speak normally, according to his maternal grandmother Maryann Rooney who is blaming the state for the death of this child.  “It’s their fault that he’s dead because they never even checked up.  When you do something that terrible to a child that he is permanently injured, this child could not talk, could not speak normally, why do you give him back.  He just needed a lot of love.”

She had guardianship of him and protested the states decision to give him back to her daughter, who according to Rooney has a history of mental illness and abusing her children, about a year ago.

Her daughter left Zion in the care of these two fucks.  She called to check on her son the night he was fatally injured and the prick wouldn’t let her speak to him.  The c*** got on the phone and told her, “You are no longer the mother.  He is being punished.  It is not your concern.”  She also told her not to call again.

Both have been charged with 2nd Degree Murder.  Initially they were both being held on $1,000,000 bonds but hers has since been reduced to $750,000.

If what the grandmother is saying is true this was yet another massive failure on the part of child services!!  The director of DHS in response to her allegations said, “I think in hindsight when we have a situation that involves the death of any child, I think it’s much easier to suggest there was a failure.”  Suggest??  I think the death of a child that has had previous involvement with child services due to abuse is the definition of failure, you bureaucratic pinhead!!  “We will be reviewing the facts of this case to see how it can better inform our practices going forward.”

He also says the community needs to believe the family court makes a decision based on what’s best for the child…  How was the decision to place this child, who was permanently injured from previous abuse, back in the arms of his abusers in his best interest?!?  With these kinds of decisions happening repeatedly and children being handed back to abusers for further abuse and/or death how can anyone have faith in the system??  When will there be a zero tolerance policy on abuse?  If you intentionally harm and injure your child you should lose all parental rights!  There should be no second chances!!!


R.I.P. Sweet boy, no one can ever hurt you again…




No new trial for Hannah Overton

Hannah Overton (crying salty tears)

Judge rejects claims in salt-poisoning case:

Earlier this week a Texas judge rejected the claims that Hannah Overton should get a new trial. Score one for the good guys for once.

For those of you new to the site Overton was convicted and sentenced to life in the murder of her 4-year-old foster child Andrew Burd who died from sodium poisoning. A ‘Free Hannah’ movement has formed from the media coverage and the fact that she attends a fundamental Christian church.

In his ruling the judge said that there was no prosecutorial misconduct and that all evidence that was supposedly knew was known by both parties at the time of the trial including the testimony of a salt poisoning expert who said that Andrew had eaten the salt himself. The defense at the time chose not to have the expert testify.

Of course Overton’s current attorney says that they are going to file more appeals. Unfortunately no one can file any appeals for Andrew Burd.

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