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PBB Roundup: Booze and Drugs Edition

Booze in carSome quickies from the world of bad parenting to round out your day. Thanks to Sinthyia for the link round-up.

– Police in Rotarua, New Zealand stopped a car when they noticed it driving erratically. Inside, they found four kids aged 5 to 14. The 14-year-old was behind the wheel. Where was mom? In the passenger’s seat, passed out. It seems that she had tried driving home, but the teenager took over when Mommy Dearest started falling asleep behind the wheel. Mum faces a small array of charges.

– A 15-month-old baby girl in Santa Clara, California got her parents into trouble when she swallowed their meth. Bad girl! Bad girl! 22-year-old Barbara Garcia, the mom, was arrested at the hospital (she was high on meth at the time!) and police picked up 48-year-old Richard Lopez, the dad, at the home.

– A Dubuque, Iowa couple were arrested after showing up high to enroll their kids (yes, PLURAL) in school. 35-year-old Brenda Brown and 43-year-old Paul Howes were picked up at Starmont High School in possession of marijuana and prescription medications sans prescription. Howes was also busted for driving while suspended. Hey, folks? I don’t want to harsh your mellow, but maybe you should wait until after you get the kids registered before you toke and pop? Just a suggestion. Feel free to ignore it…as you apparently already have.

Sigh. So much damage, so little time to blog it all…

Belfast Parents Drive Kids To Binge Drinking Parties

lepnthahood.jpgConcerned that negative national stereotypes were not being reinforced, some parents in Ireland have been ferrying their kids – along with cases of Guiness and Jameson’s – to drinking parties in the Belfast woods.
Local cabs also got in on the act, acting as delivery vehicles and ferrying booze to the partygoers.

Concerned citizens in the area banded together to put a stop to this in response to reports of violence and sexual assaults at the parties. Included in the coalition were members of the clergy, representatives from local community and women’s centers, and Social Services counselors. The effort to put a halt to these parties is being headed up by Michael Ferguson, a member of Sinn Fein – yes, THAT Sinn Fein, the political wing of the I.R.A. Which makes me think that if the I.R.A. says that something is out of control…wow. Must be a hell of a shindig.

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