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Three for one…it’s a Monday…

3 indicted on child-abuse charges in Wood County

It’s Monday, I’m still tired from the weekend, and I wake up to this…

Three different cases, two dead children, and one six-month old with a fractured skull, but, thankfully still alive.

Nathan J. Brenner, 35, of Liberty Center, Ohio, has been charged with murder and three other charges in the death of his girlfriend’s 2-year old daughter, Emma Zehnpfennig. Emma died of severe head trauma, after spending a week on life support in Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. The boyfriend was ‘caring for’ the child when the injuries occurred. Apparently, the phrase ‘caring for’ is the new euphemism for ‘beating to death’, although the details of the abuse were not listed in this article – other than ‘head trauma’, of course. No word on the mother, Tabitha Zehnpfennig, or whether she has anything to say about the death of her baby. She has not been charged. Please, people, listen to me – no penis is worth the death of your child. Buy a dildo if you can’t live without sex, but don’t HIRE one to watch your kid for you! Geez….

Erin N. Taylor, 19, of Bowling Green, has been indicted on endangerment charges for the injuries to her 6-month old son, whose name was not listed in the article. The infant was taken to the hospital with a fractured skull and ‘other bleeding injuries’. WTF?!? How many injuries can a 6-month old have? Don’t answer that, it was a rhetorical question.

Rebecca Steinmiller, 25, also of Bowling Green, has also been charged with endangerment and is currently still a guest at the Gray Bar Motel (a.k.a. Wood County Jail), where her sorry arse has been sitting since May 11. I’m not sure why she has only been charged with endangerment, since the baby is DEAD, but there it is. 3-month old Carter Steinmiller died on May 5. The endangerment charges stemmed from a broken arm sustained several DAYS before the child was taken to the hospital. Steinmonster…oops…Steinmiller… called 911 on the evening of May 5 to tell them she had just awakened from a nap and found her baby not breathing. Good grief, people, I know babies are allergic to parents getting a reasonable amount of sleep (mine never wanted me to sleep for more than a couple hours at a time when they were that small), but the last time I checked, taking a nap was not enough to induce anaphylaxis in an infant. The cause of death has not yet been determined, but I would be greatly surprised if it was anything less than parent-induced. After all, this stellar parent DID withhold treatment of the broken arm for more than 4 days. The husband’s name was not mentioned, and I am wondering why, since he was present at the time,and should have been held equally responsible for the medical neglect, if nothing else…

That’s going to be it for me today – three strikes, and I’m out. I need to go hug my own babies for a while now, and remind them how much I love them.

May Karma join forces with Lady Justice to make this one b*tch of a day for the abusers.

I received no tips on this one – I actually stumbled across this one on my own.

Teaching your child to lie…for all the wrong reasons

Mother tells daughter to lie for molester

Another day, another story of a worthless tw*t who likes her tube steak more than she likes her offspring. This sorry excuse for a mother allowed an even sorrier excuse for tw*t-rocket to molest her kid…and then took the molester along with her own child to visit the home of another friend (who had a daughter of her own), so he could share the love with others. I’m willing to bet she didn’t have the approval of the other girl’s mother, though. I also wonder why she felt she had to expose others to his sick tendencies – was he getting bore with just one girl to abuse, and she felt that providing him with more variety would make him stay with her a while longer? And it’s not like she didn’t know what was going on, either….she told her daughter to LIE for the bastard when the friend’s daughter reported him. Oh, and did I mention he was already a convicted child molester? No? Yes…he was. More on that piss-poor sentencing decision later – I’ll move back to the focus of this incident for now.

The nasty-looking pirate wanna-be up there is Jackie Wayne Robson, 48, of Porter, Indiana. He was apparently ‘dating’ a woman who has a child under 14, and molested the daughter. Fast forward a couple weeks. Girlfriend takes him to the home of a friend where he goes into the bedroom of the friend’s daughter, exposes himself, and propositions both little girls. He told them he would do something that would “feel good”, and that he would not tell their mothers. Because we all know that preteen girls only refrain from sex with old, ugly men because they are afraid of getting in trouble with mom. *gag, retch* Where did Popeye get that line from anyway? Is there some sort of handbook from which child molesters can obtain lame come-ons that are supposed to make children and young teens swoon at their feet? I think I need to puke…

As bad as the one-eyed wonder up there is looking to me, the mother sickens me even more. She knew the bastard had touched her daughter, and when her friend’s daughter ratted on him, she threatened her own daughter and made her lie for him. What a sorry, nasty whore. I’m not sure which one of these idiots I want to see punished worse, the pervert or his pimpette. They both need to be thrown naked into a pen of raging bucks (deer, not human), covered in doe-scent, and left for a couple of days…or until there is not enough left of them to identify, whichever comes first.

Luckily, the friend thought protecting her own daughter was more important than keeping skankbaby for a friend, and had BubbaOne-eye arrested. At least there was one sane parent available. Good job, mom.

Now, back to the criminal past of Robson. He has a prior conviction for molesting an 8-year old girl in 2008. For that little infraction, he received three years…but the judge, in his infinite wisdom, thought that suspending all but 90 days of that sentence would be a grand idea. Well, at least it worked out well for the pedophile – he got the opportunity to molest more unsuspecting children. Good job, judge. And if even one person comes here to tell me that this mother did not know he was a child molester, I may start swearing again. There are several reasons that this little bit of information would piss me off, and I’ll happily list them for you now.
1. It’s BS. She freakin’ knew.
2. If I’m wrong about the first reason, then she’s just a plain moron. Google, anyone? It’s free, and you can find out crap like that before you let some sick kiddie diddler near your kids.
3. Even after she knew, she freakin’ told her daughter to lie for him.
4. Any man who goes into a bedroom with two young girls at the home of a friend – there’s something wrong with that.

This case is just one more example of why I think child molesters should all receive the death penalty. They cannot be cured, and they WILL re-offend, if given the chance. One dollar, one bullet, no more children abused. Simple.

At least the judge in this case (so far) is demonstrating better sense than the last one. Robson is currently sitting in jail, charged with two felonies, with a $50,000.00 bond. Now, if we could get him to add a couple or three more zeroes to that, I’d be just tickled pink. And I hope the mother gets arrested herself for obstruction, pimping, lying to the cops, and child abuse – just for starters. Then we can work our way up to something that will really get her some time.

My heart goes out to the girls who were assaulted, especially the one who now has to live with the knowledge that her mother is a selfish beast too.

Gruesome Twosome, and then some….

baby beater
Arrest report 2 Ellens burg kids… Ellensburg couple Two arrested Ellensburg couple 2

I couldn’t find any pictures of the two winners in today’s nagging write-up, so I’ll have to find other ways to nag. Those who have been reading for the past couple of days will get it…

Anyway, it seems we have another FBO who has more affection for her snatch-supplier than she does for the two children she popped out of that same orifice. Ashly Eli, 23, will now have to go to the local hospital if she wants to spend time with her children, oh wait…no she won’t – she can’t – since she’s sitting her sorry arse in jail right now. Her two babies are in the hospital because her flavor of the month, Reuben Mulamba, 27, is apparently one mean SOB, and Ashly is obviously saddled with as much cowardice as Reuben has meanness. What a great match, huh?

The details are pretty horrible, and I had to wait a while after reading before I could begin to write, but here it is… An 8-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl were both beaten so badly that they had to be rushed to the hospital. Both children were beaten with belts, an electrical cord (one article said phone-charging cord) and a piece of wood, and pliers were also used. Why? Because they misbehaved. According to one report, they would be struck all over the body up to 20 times for an infraction; but no details yet on what kinds of heinous deeds these two hardened children committed to earn such punishment. My guess is that they were probably just being normal children, and the short-tempered arse-munch couldn’t deal with any childish behavior but his own.

Both children had bruises, abrasions, cuts and open wounds in various stages of healing. Folks, for those who don’t already know, that means this abuse went on for an extended period of time. Weeks, according to the doctors. Many of the injuries had been left untreated for so long that they had already become infected. The boy is now listed in stable condition, but the girl is still critical. They have both been removed from their mother’s custody and placed in the care of the state.

To make all of this worse, Eli knew about the abuse, and even admitted witnessing the assaults and then failing to get medical help for the children because she was afraid to get the law involved. There are several things wrong with that. First, she witnessed the assaults – plural. Most rational parents would witness, at most, ONE assault on their children, and we at BB would likely witness only a single act of aggression in the first assault. Why? Because after the animal laid his hand on our child(ren) the first time, he would likely be either in a coma or dead. Second, she did not seek immediate medical attention for her children’s injuries. Anna Teig, who was interviewed for one of the above linked articles, said it best…”I could never imagine my son hurting and not taking him to a hospital.” That’s because you have a conscience, Anna. Vicki Carlson, another neighbor, added, “…to let somebody do that to your kids – I have two kids of my own, and there’s no way.” Again, someone with a conscience. Both women claim not to have known anything was amiss with the neighbors. I certainly hope not! Third, the reason she declined to get immediate help for them was to save her own sorry butt. I’m not even gonna go there – I’ll let the readers handle that one. Triple FAIL for this worthless hag, and all in only one sentence worth of information. I would say that must be a record, but since I’ve been writing for BB a while, I know it is not.

And while the judge has only charged them with assault and criminal mistreatment, he at least had the good sense to set a high bail for each of them – 1 million for him, and $750,000.00 for her.

To wrap this up, I will quote one of the neighbors again…Ms. Teig was also quoted as saying, “It’s unbelievable that it could happen.” Well, Anna, come and read a few of the cases here, and this won’t seem quite so unbelievable any more. Horrendous, yes. Unbelievable? Not so much…

I have found several links to this, including a copy of the arrest report, and they are all located at the top. If any of our readers run across pics of these two, please post a link,and I’ll try to add it to the article.

Thanks to Debbie and Depraved Nymph for the picture link above.

Parenting tip: animal killers do not make good babysitters!

Donald Bayne - hairy bastard

Link 1 Link 2

The lovely photo above is the result of death by electrocution…oh, wait I’m getting ahead of myself again. That’s what I hope this walking wank gets for what he has done. The mother is just as responsible, IMHO, but we’ll get to that later. Donald Bayne, of the porcupine hair fiasco, has been charged with torturing a baby and first-degree child abuse. Yes, folks, at the ripe old age of 23, this guy already knew what he wanted to do with his life – torture defenseless babies. He appears to be pretty good at it, too, if the extent of sustained injuries can be used as an indicator of natural, raw talent. The injuries to the 9-month old baby girl include multiple skull fractures and internal injuries. Although both articles mention that this waste of DNA punched the baby in the head (yes, PUNCHED) multiple times, nothing is mentioned about his hitting her anywhere else. But since ‘internal injuries’ is a term usually used to describe soft tissue injuries to the torso, I wonder what else this scum-licking scavenger did to cause such injuries. At least he’s saving the taxpayers a little bit of money, since he already confessed to punching the child repeatedly in the back of the head because she was crying in her playpen and wouldn’t stop. We all know how well that technique works at silencing a screaming, crying child…almost never, unless the child is killed – then it’s pretty much guaranteed to work in his/her favor. Dead babies rarely cry, after all….

Did I mention that this fine specimen of a man neanderthal had been previously convicted of beating a dog to death? Yup, he was. Which leads me to the egg donor’s role in all of this. I refuse to believe that this girl did not know that the author of her uterine utopia had previously been convicted of such a heinous crime. After all, it was public record. And since she knew what he was capable of, she should have, at the very least, had sense enough to keep the doggie death-dealer away from her offspring. Instead, she has him babysit for her. Good call, mom! Now your child is irreparably damaged – but, hey, at least you got some good sex out of the deal, right? The baby, on the other hand, suffered damage that is “severe, and likely long-lasting,” according to County Prosecutor, Tony Tague. Here’s hoping Donald suffers some of the same while incarcerated – perhaps he can be made to walk like a duck, so he can be called Donald Duck by cellmates who like Disney cartoons.

I don’t know if any readers have sent in tips about this or not, since I ran across the article this morning on my own, and wrote it up before checking with Malevolent April. Anyone who has sent a tip, or has additional info they want to add, will be added (and duly thanked) as soon as I find out.

Thanks are due Melissa, who sent in a tip, and April who posted an additional link in comments.

Trashy boyfriend uses stun gun on 5-year-old

Police: Man Zaps 5-Year-Old With Stun Gun:

One of the themes at one of my other blogs News of Doom, which is almost a companion site to PBB, is women who leave their kids with their violent, stupid, and all around trash boyfriends. This is one of those stories except the Doom is turned down to about a 3.

I don’t know if he was left alone with his girlfriend’s kid but he must have been since 23-year-old Christopher Patrick Sullivan of Lexington, Ky. is on the run from police. It seems that he didn’t like the way his girlfriend’s 5-year-old son answered his homework question so Sullivan zapped him with a stun gun.

When you see this douchebag’s mugshot you won’t be surprised.

The moral of the story is ladies, don’t leave your kids with your trashy and violent boyfriend.

Amanda Hamm Faces Judgment for Choosing Loser Boyfriend over Her Kids (UPDATED)

Amanda HammHoly hell! Did I go a whole day without updating?! Trust me, it wasn’t (sadly) for lack of material. When I attemped to log in late last night, I found that my password had been reset due to some…um, unpleasantness at b5media.

But I’m back in action now, and here to tell you about a case I’ve been meaning to write up since last week. Apparently, the new trend in child abuse is killing your children in order to pledge fealty to your loser boyfriend. We’ve already seen this go down in the case of Shalinda Glass. And if a jury comes back with a “guilty” verdict this week, we’ll be able to say the same thing about Amanda Hamm, a Decatur, Illinois mother of three. Well, a former mother of three: her sack-o’-shit boyfriend, Maurice LaGrone Jr., has already been convicted of murdering them by rolling the car they sat in into the lake, staging the scene to look like an “accident”. And prosecutors allege that Hamm was part of the conspiracy, choosing to kill her kids so that this scumbag wouldn’t leave her.

The victims in all of this? Six-year-old Christopher Hamm, three-year-old Austin Brown, and 23-month-old Kyleigh Hamm.

The jury’s still piecing together whether they believe Hamm had foreknowledge of the crime. I haven’t followed the case closely enough to declare one way or another. At the very least, this disgrace of a mother stuck by her boyfriend during the trilal, proclaiming the whole thing was a tragedy. She had to know beforehand what the prosecution knows: that LaGrone hated the kids and wanted them out of her life. The only question is, did she attempt to rescue her kids as they drown…or did she sit there, stone-faced, and watch them sink?

It’s too awful to contemplate. You’d like to think that no mother could do that to her kids. Unfortunately, regular readers of PBB know just how possible it is for some parents to do the unthinkable.

UPDATE: Commenter T asked why there were nine charges of murder, but only three kids. Here’s an elaboration of the indictment:

The charges accuse Hamm and Lagrone with three separate counts of murder for each of the three children. One count charges each with causing the death of each child, another accuses each of causing the car to go down the boat ramp knowing it would kill each child, and the third accuses each of causing the car to go down the ramp knowing that doing so created the strong probability of death for each of the children.

On another note, here’s a great article about the case that describes Hamm as a lifelong follower. Even Hamm’s mother has a hard time believing she’s innocent. Also, an officer testified that Hamm told him she knew the boyfriend was “planning an accident”, and that she asked to play with her kids one last time.

Ugh. Bitch.

(Hat tip: Diamond)

Sarah Smith, Boyfriend Claim Ignorance, Not Malice, in Daughter’s Vodka Poisoning

Sarah Smith and boyfriendWhen I was traveling once for business, I arranged for a limo service to take me from the airport to the conference I was attending. I arrived in Chicago at 8am, settled into the back seat of my ride, and poured myself some water from a decanter in the sidebar. “Um, sir,” the driver asked politely, “what are you doing?”

“Uhhh…getting a drink of water,” I replied nervously. I was 22, and green in business travel. Should I have tipped the driver before drinking? Were you not supposed to drink the water in Chicago?

He chuckled. “That’s not water, sir. That’s vodka.”

I sniffed it and, sure as shit, he was right. Being a virtual tea-totaler at the time, I didn’t drink anything until I got to the conference. But damn, it would have made the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America waaaaay more interesting.

Given that, I can almost believe 19-year-old Sarah Smith of Denver, Colorado, who claims that she had no idea her boyfriend’s “water bottle” contained vodka when she used it to mix her three-month-old daughter’s formula. Kristina Delaroche damn near died after spiking a blood alcohol content of .384, which is 20 Irishmen times the legal limit in Colorado. But it doesn’t add up. At the very best, boyfriend Ryan Delaroche (the baby’s father) sounds like a total, absolute, irresponsible dick. First off, who walks around – nay, DRIVES around – with a water bottle full of vodka?! He was in the store buying diapers, and mom and baby were in the car, when the incident happened. Second, police report that Superdick dropped the mom and baby off at the hospital and drove off. Way to represent, homes. Your child is potentially dying, and you leave to…what? Cover your ass? Dispense of the evidence? Your ass should have been in that hospital with them. There was nothing more important that you had to be doing at that moment. Nothing.

The El Paso Department of Human Services has custody of the girl while they sort this mess out. I’m not buying this was an “accident”. At best, it was gross negligence. What about you guys? Do you think this was an innocent mistake…or something more?

(Hat tip: Karen Rani)

Shalinda Glass Faked Son’s Abduction after His Death at Boyfriend’s Hands

Geontae GlassKeith Tipton and mgraber sent me this story earlier today about Geontae Glass of Gadsden, Alabama, who was reported missing after his mother Shalinda Glass said she left him in the car to go get some juice. I was all set to write up a post about what a neglectful mother Glass was for leaving her kid in the car. Haven’t we seen enough horror stories about that lately? But then hot tipper Rebecca wrote in with the horrifying follow-up. Poor Geontae was never missing: his mother’s boyfriend, Kevin Andrew Towles, apparently killed him – and Shalinda staged the carjacking to cover it up.

Early reports are that Kevin Andre Towles was an abusive asshole, and that he beat Shalinda. You know what? I don’t give a fuck. How could she? How could she be so disloyal to her own son that she would betray him even in death?! Her first instinct when she discovered that Towles had killed her beautiful five-year-old boy should have been to pick up the nearest heavy object and bash that fucker’s head in. Helping hide his body? That’s cold-blooded. That’s a big fat Judas kiss planted on Geontae’s cold forehead.

Oh, and where was Geontae’s body, you may ask? Inside of his mother’s car, locked up in Towle’s garage. Real fucking bright, huh? The property was one of several “safe houses” that Towles owned. Apparently, Mr. Badass was some sort of narcotics dealer. Exactly the kind of person I’d want my kids growing up around.

What a beautiful, beautiful little boy. How sad that he had to be cursed with such a failure of a parent.

Pregnant Cop Stabs Live-In Boyfriend

So who’s behaving badly here: 30-year-old Shawntay Smith, or the nameless live-in boyfriend to whom she took the Ginsu? It’s impossible to say. This New York Post article won’t specify if the boyfriend is even the father of her current child; it only emphasizes that Smith is “petite”, and that her beau is Hulk Hogan-esque. That does nothing to tell us why Smith felt compelled to whip out a kitchen knife during a fight and go all Lizzy Borden on his shoulder. All I’m hoping is that Smith’s other four children weren’t in the Bronx apartment at the time of the assault.

Come on, newspeople, throw us a bone here. Was she defending herself from a physical attack? Did he leave the toilet seat up? Stories of bad-behaving parents are no fun when we don’t know who to blame! I’ve got a whole sack of schadenfreude here taking up valuable real estate!

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