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Port Stephens man faces trial for abusing baby

Dad allegedly fractured baby son’s ribs

A Port Stephens dog dropping is facing trial after he allegedly bruised and burned his baby son. The dog dropping made a series of admissions to authorities and was committed for trial yesterday. Mrs Dog Dropping is also facing charges and has had her case adjourned.

The dog dropping is accused of inflicting a series of injuries including haemorrhaging, fractured ribs and bruises to his baby son, who was only a few weeks old at the time. Let me guess, the baby boy wouldn’t stop crying so dog dropping thought that hurting him might shut him up? Mr and Mrs dog dropping had three children, but one died of SIDS in 2010, before the baby boy was born at the end of 2011. Yes, “SIDS”. So they lost one child, presumably to a mysterious cause, yet they treat the next baby like a piece of garbage? WTF?? I think the dead child should be examined a little bit more closely, given that the next baby was horribly abused.

The baby boy suffered a seizure (probably from a head injury) in December 2011 and was taken to hospital. A scan revealed haemorrhaging near the baby’s brain, and other injuries were discovered including bruising to the baby’s ears, eyelids, abdomen, heel and an indentation on his forehead. An MRI scan showed haemorrhaging consistent with the baby being shaken. How awful! The bad breeders were interviewed by social workers, medical staff and police and the boy plus the remaining sibling were taken away by the Department of Family and Community Services.

The dog dropping suggested ideas for how the baby got a dint in his head and why he had broken ribs. He told police that the baby’s forehead was burned on a light globe when he was playing with the baby by swinging him. An expert shot that idea down, saying that the globe in question could not generate that much heat to cause burns (probably one of those energy saver bulbs). As for the fractured ribs, both Mr and Mrs dog dropping said that Mr dog dropping fell on the baby. Plausible. But the fractures were 2 weeks old, and neither had sought help for the baby, who was probably shrieking in pain and dog dropping had tried to shut him up by hurting him even more.

Dog dropping will face Newcastle District Court next week.


Daniel Hamberg, War Hero? Or Murderous Summer’s Eve Impressionist?

Man, now accused in death of Colerain Township baby 

Man accused of murder in Colerain child’s death

Here’s one of those stories that make me angry…Well, all these child abuse stories make me pissed to the core, but here we have Daniel Hamberg (28) former U.S.M.C., of Fuckberg, Ohio.  He placed a 911 call about a month ago saying that Cohen Barber, the 13-month-old son of Heather Noonan, who he lived with, was having seizures and stopped breathing. Hamberg’s story goes something like, “Cohen was playing at the top of about five stairs and jumped down them, it was a game he habitually played”…and then “his arms went straight out and he was biting down”.  The mother of the boy, who wasn’t there when he ultimately died, totally agrees with Hamburgand says that he would never hurt her son. *eyerollanother oh so loving mother* Cohen didn’t die right away, he died shortly after arriving at the hospital from a fracture at the base of his skull and a brain hemorrhage.

This is thing, there are loads of ignorant supporters for this guy over at the link, and they swear just because the guy served in the Marines and got hurt in the war that he could never hurt a kid. I say this fucking case was investigated for a month; Doctors said the injuries were suspicious, and if the cops are going to give special “thoroughly” investigative privileges…it’s going to be to a man who fought for his country. So guess what Hamberg supporters?  You lose dipshits.  Million Dollars bail, and a murder charge, fuckos. He also was has a few traffic violations and an assault charge that didn’t stick back when he was 19.  My father was a Marine, and a Purple Heart war hero, he would be the first to tell you that there are fucking douche bags in the Corps, just like there is everywhere. I’m interested to find out how this case plays out, I have a feeling he will be taking a plea…like the sucka he is.

Thanks to Erin for the tip.

**Thanks to Shannie for the write-up.**


Edna Figueroa was the victim of her mother’s vaginal occupant

Mother and Boyfriend Charged In Shaking Death Of 3-Year-Old

Two Charged in Conyers 3-Year-Old’s Death

3-year-olds can be a handful.  I’ll admit, the only time I swatted my son’s butt was when he was three.  He had his own ideas and they didn’t work with what I had in mind all the time.  Never, not once, did I ever consider shaking him.  Even the thought of his darling little head snapping back and forth makes me sick to my stomach.  So why is it we see so many shaking deaths on this site?  Am I the only one that this image frightens to the core?  Little Edna Figueroa suffered just that.  She was shaken to death be the man who was occupying her mother’s vagina.  

Yaneth DeLaCruz Alvarez and her daughter’s murderer, Raul Solis, took Edna to the emergency room March 5th.  She was unconscious, unresponsive and having difficulty breathing upon her arrival.  She died the next day.  Doctors say she suffered extensive brain hemorrhaging – a tell tale sign of being shaken or hit in the head. 

After emergency room staff reported the “possible” child abuse, police began an investigation.  The vagina plug admitted to shaking Edna because she was misbehaving.  Misbefuckinghaving?  A 3-year-old?  Unfuckingheard of.  So shake her to death.  One wonders what Solis would consider a suitable punishment for MURDER!!?? 

Alvarez and Solis have both been arrested.  Avarez is being charged with cruelty to children in the 2nd degree for failing to supervise her children, which lead to her daughter’s death.  Solis is charged with murder and cruelty to children in the first degree. 

This story is getting fucking old – the mother who fails to protect their children and whose fuck buddy murders their child.  Women – if getting laid takes precedence over your child, please please please buy a vibrator.  They’re inexpensive and they will not murder your children.  Will it ever end? 

Thanks go to Arianie for the tip.

Brandy Lynn and Kirk Seevers Abuse Twin Two-Year-Olds

brandy-lynn-severs.jpgIt may be a matter of “he said, she said” but the facts are that twin two-year-old sisters were horribly abused by one or more of their adult caregivers.

Calista Torres had bruises covering her forehead, stomach, back, inner thighs, knees, face, and bottom. A CAT scan revealed an acute and chronic hemorrhage to her head. Callista’s sister, Raquel kirk-seevers.jpgTorres had healing fractures to her right forearm and a spiral fracture to the tibia of her left leg. Callista’s injuries required surgery to relieve the swelling in her brain.

Kirk Seevers who is charged with injuring to his 2-year-old stepdaughters is now pointing the finger at his wife, Brandy Lynn Seevers who’s facing the same charges. Brandy and her husband have been questioned twice by both Corpus Christi police and Child Protective Services. Brandy is sticking to her story.

Brandy told police she heard a “thump” from the baby room. When she went to check it out, she found her daughter, Callista, “unconscious, shaking on the floor and her eyes were back in her head.”

Kirk’s original story was that he saw Callista on the floor “breathing deep and wheezing.” When asked about the bruises covering Callista’s body, Brandy said that she “had not dropped any children” and Callista “bruised both her legs after getting them stuck in the corner of of the baby bed.”

While Brandy and Kirk’s stories were slightly different, neither admitted to causing the injuries. However, in the second interview, Kirk’s story completely changed. When asked who injured Callista, he said Brandy caused the injury. They were potty training the twins, and he watched Brandy pick Callista up in a rough manner. Then he saw Callista’s head hit the door frame of the bedroom, and described the force as enough to move her head backwards. When he went to check on Callista and saw her lying on the floor, he picked her up, and then took her to his wife. Brandy took the child to the hospital.

Kirk also said that he had witnessed Brandy assault the children in the past.

At the hospital, Brandy told the investigator that her daughters would not behave and were defiant. She went on to say that she felt helpless when the “girls would look at me with that face! I hate that face!”

Brandy was questioned after Kirk changed his story, and only minor details were different from her original story. She continued to deny injuring her twin daughters.

Brandy Seevers was convicted of abusing her seven-year-old daughter back in 2005 and is still on probation for that felony charge. She had received counseling and taken anger management classes following the 2005 abuse case and was cleared by Child Protective Services to take care of the twins. Kirk Seevers has a clean criminal record, and has never been part of a Child Protective Services investigation. The twins real father, Xavier Torres, has filed a lawsuit, asking for full custody of the girls. He and his ex-wife, Brandy Seevers share custody.

I haven’t had this much fun guessing who did it since the JonBenét Ramsey case. In both cases, my gut tells me it was mom who did it, while dad sat by and denied any abuse was going on. What do you think?

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