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“I tried to beat her back to life….”

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Child abuse charged in girl’s death
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From Stocton California: The Great Pumpkin in the pic above reminds me a lot Gary Coleman (“Whachu talkin’ bout, Willis”) from Diff’rent Strokes. Anybody else see the resemblance? I don’t mean the physical appearance, I mean the look that just screams, “I KNOW your’re not talking to ME!!” Somebody needs to smack that look off of his face. BTW, that mug is Demetrius Anderson, 23. He beat his girlfriend’s 2-year old daughter, Brenee Potter, to death. Then he hit her a few more times to try to revive her. Ummmmm…WHAT!?!?! *rubs eyes* Pop quiz, readers – and there is only one question, so it’s a pass or fail grade: Will beating a dead 2-year old bring the child back to life? Anyone? Anyone? Ferris? Does anyone think the answer to that was “yes”? Or even “maybe”? I thought not. But, apparently genius-boy up there knows more about that than we do, because he thought he could circumvent the laws of nature and beat the child he had killed back to life. I cannot fathom the sheer stupidity necessary to even come up with such a lame excuse.

For anyone who failed the last pop quiz, I will now give you a chance to redeem yourself. Question: Will beating a crying child make them stop crying? Well, that WAS kind of a trick question. In the real world, most of us know that violence does not prevent crying – unless it is accompanied by death. So, the answer is both yes and no. This manimal beat Brenee because he was frustrated that she was crying. Good job, Demonius, she’s not crying anymore. Or breathing, for that matter. Hopefully you won’t be for much longer either.

According to news articles, Demonius has been charged with child abuse resulting in the death of a child under 8. Personally, I think it should be capital murder, but since I am not the DA no one has consulted with me on that topic. *sigh* This waste of flesh claims that when Brenee would not stop crying, he threw a doll at her face, and when that didn’t work, he threw HER. On to a tile floor, no less. He said that she looked dead, so he punched her several times in the head and stomach in an attempt to revive her. *blink, blink* WHA????? What medical school did this guy attend that taught this form of CPR? Oh, yeah, the school of Dr. Dumbarse. For medical wannabes who like to create their own cadavers to practice on, apparently. Demon needs to head on over to K-mart and buy himself a clue or something, because I do-na theenk dees ees how dees theeng works, Lucy.

When the child arrived at the ER, she was found to be sporting multiple skull fractures, internal abdominal bleeding, a dislocated elbow, and a bulging left eye. Oh, and all of the toenails on her right foot were gone. I think I just had a mini-stroke. Missing toenails? The red I am seeing right now must be a result of the brain bleed I sustained just from reading that tidbit of information. I wonder what he says caused the toenails to disappear…perhaps the doll he threw at Brenee’s face chewed them off? What kind of hideous monster does such a thing? That orange-clad penis tortured the little girl before he killed her. Hangnails hurt like a mo-fo, and this sorry sack of useless biological matter ripped her toenails OFF!!! No freakin’ wonder she was crying!

There is no word yet on where the egg donor, Tangier Arias, 23, was when the beating took place, but that is irrelevant as far as I am concerned. I was inclined to cut her some slack, and maybe feel a bit of pity for her because she just lost her baby – until I read this:

“Anderson admitted to having anger-management issues, Stockton police said. At the time of his arrest, he was on probation for a previous domestic-abuse conviction.”

The pecker-petting procreation vessel knew her snatch-snacker had anger issues – he was already on probation for domestic violence!!! Anybody wanna make bets that he has hit her already, too? It wouldn’t surprise me if she was the one who had him arrested the first time. I’d actually be surprised if it WASN’T her. She left her child with someone she knew had anger issues. I hope she gets charged with neglect – accessory to murder, if they can swing it…. AAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! Why do these breeders keep sacrificing their children to the god of casual sex? I need to go vomit, now….

The only good thing I have seen in this entire fiasco is the bail amount. The judge has set bail for the baby-killer at 1 million. And as an added bonus, he also set bail for probation violation at $25,000.00.

I hope his trial judge (and jury) are as smart, and provide him with a nice, long vacation at the grey-bar motel.

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