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Nobody Deserves to Sit

Toddler died of Methadone overdose, Social Workers failed 

So, I’ll admit that I may have watched one or two episodes of the Steve Wilkos show in my life. Judge me if you will, but something about that bald headed, chair throwing, polyester-clad ape is moderately endearing to me. Maybe it’s the fact that he puts up with about as little bullshit as I do from lowlifes who neglect or abuse their children. Maybe it’s due in part to his vast repertoire of hideous bowling shirts. I’m not sure. One characteristic of Steve’s show that I quite enjoy is the fact that if you’re accused of wrongdoing against a child or spouse, he refuses to let you sit down. As a general rule, he’ll tell his guests “If you haven’t made your child comfortable, then why should you be comfortable on my stage?” – Though not necessarily in those words. One particular episode that stands out in my memory featured a really classy mother who called Steve for help because she was “afraid her boyfriend was abusing her child”. It turns out he was – both physically and sexually – and that she had at least some prior knowledge of it. The bio father actually made an appearance too, hollering and flailing, until it was revealed that he paid no child support and rarely saw his son. Thus, the episode was rightfully entitled “Nobody Deserves to Sit”. Sadly, the same principle applies to the story of little Jayden Lee Green.

Beautiful blue eyed baby Jayden was found dead in his parents’ bed a month shy of his second birthday. At a time when he should have been discovering toy trains, finger painting, and learning the joy of puddle jumping, he was being fed drugs in a filthy hovel by his neglectful parents Jamie Green and Sonia Britton. Adding insult to injury, child protection agencies were aware of a potential risk to Jayden even before he was born. It seems the birthing bitch Sonia Britton was fond of heroin. Surprised? Me neither. In fact, she enjoyed the drug so much that she continued to inject it regularly during her pregnancy with Jayden. When child welfare agencies caught wind of the “alleged” drug use, they made Jayden Lee the subject of a child protection plan upon his birth. Apparently, the agency wasn’t too interested in protecting baby Jayden, since the plan was soon discontinued. A second plan was initiated, but Jayden was never removed from his parents’ clutches. In another brilliant display of heroism from Britain’s social services, officials scratched their heads as Green and Britton falsified information, failed to co-operate and continued to use drugs right under their noses. The pair later admitted they “knew some tricks to get around screening”. Combined with the moronic nature of British officials (think Baby P case) the neglectful junkies’ deception led to the eventual death of their baby boy.

Here are some excerpts from what I like to refer to as the “failure report”:

“What was lacking was the authoritative challenge to this lack of co-operation, there was a lack of enforcement of consequences. There was a lack of challenge by practitioners across the range of agencies. The extent of the parents’ lack of engagement, avoidance and dishonesty grew over time and although this was recognized by practitioners there was insufficient challenge by professional and no sustained, planned approach to protecting the child.”

The report specifically states, referring to Jayden as “Child K”, that his death could have been avoided entirely:

“The only way that Child K’s death would definitely have been prevented was if he had been placed away from his parents. The opportunity to do this was lost due to the failure to follow through on the initiation of care proceedings. However, a better-planned and authoritative approach to the family may also have prevented his death.”

Nice, well a fuckload of good that does now – and I have no doubt that the same blundering idiocy will be applied when handling the next at-risk child. Once again, British child protective agencies demonstrate to the world that they don’t give a flying goat fuck about children.

The report later detailed that Jayden Lee had suffered head injuries at 7 weeks and 11 weeks, for which the same explanation was given, and had also sustained injuries to his face and 21 and 23 months at which point the excuse was again re-used. Britton and Green are accused of murdering little Jayden Lee by force-feeding him methadone in order to keep him sedated. Fucking fuck. Because they were neglectful bastards and they’d rather get high and pass out in a puddle of drool than play with their healthy, active almost-two-year-old boy. The fact that this bitch was somehow, by the grace of God, given a healthy baby despite her abuse of the fetus should have woken her up to her second chance at life and motherhood. But instead, she and her sperm snake continued to ignore the fact that they were parents, not cleaning their apartment or going to work, lying to officials and abusing and poisoning their baby.

After a three week trial at Bristol Crown Court, Green was convicted of manslaughter and causing cruelty to a child and jailed for nine years. The jury cleared Britton of manslaughter but convicted her of child cruelty and causing or allowing the death of a child. She was jailed for four years.

I am so fucking done with writing this right now. Four fucking years. I can’t even find words to describe the injustice that was done here.

During the trial, jurors heard the deplorable conditions baby Jayden was subjected to. Bags of garbage on the floor, drug paraphernalia everywhere – including in the baby’s crib – dirty potties left for days. Jurors also heard that the fatal dose of methadone was not the first one that had been given to Jayden.

Failure of social services was again detailed for the jury. “Sonia Britton and Jamie Green were aware that health care professionals, drug workers as well as social services were monitoring their behaviour as well as trying to help them,” prosecutor William Mousley QC told jurors. “They created an image with those professionals that they were looking after Jayden Lee. Of course nobody knew they were giving methadone to Jayden Lee.”

“While both of them cared about Jayden Lee, he was not their priority. They were drug addicts, whose need for drugs came before Jayden Lee.”

Fuck that. No they didn’t. Nobody did. And that’s why nobody deserves to fucking sit.

R.I.P. Jayden Lee

***Special Thanks to Sarea Snow for the write-up.** 



Mother drowns her baby live on Skype

Mother drowns baby daughter in bucket while boyfriend watches live on Skype
Norwegian Mother ‘Drowned Baby Girl In a Bucket Live On Skype As British Boyfriend Watched Online’

Holy mother of fuck. I’m sure some haters around here will call me redundant or ask me to come up with new material — but I’ll say it anyway. What the fuck is wrong with people these days?

Norwegian “mother” Yasmin Chaudhry is one fucked up individual.  She stuck her one-year old daughter’s head in a bucket as a form of discipline for waking up and disobeying her. And she did it live on Skype while her internet boyfriend watched.  She claims she didn’t intend on killing her, and even called emergency services. The little girl died the next day.

These two assholes are blaming each other for the little girl’s death. She says that he told her to do it as a form of discipline. He says that it was her who wanted to teach the little one a lesson. They both deny that they were trying to kill the baby. Ps — they were internet lovers, her in Norway and him in Britain. They’d actually met in person only once.

Yasmin was initially arrested on suspicion of negligence because of inconsistencies in the stories she gave to police and the paramedics, but is now facing a preliminary charge of murder.  Norwegian police prosecutor Kristin Rusdal confirmed a preliminary murder charge had been filed against the British man and said police were discussing extradition. Officers from Oslo flew to GB to question the boyfriend with the help of Scotland Yard.

If convicted, they only could face a minimum of eight years in prison.  EIGHT fucking years? A baby died here motherfuckers!

Yasmin has a 5-year old as well, who has been taken into custody.

RIP sweet little one.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tips.

Anne Atkins Seduces Her Own Son Online So You Don’t Have to!

Anne AtkinsTalk about taking the cake. This story is nowhere as egregious as others we’ve profiled, but…damn. The “ick” factor cannot be denied. Musings of a Girl writes about a Daily Mail article by journalist Anne Atkins, in which one of Atkins’ friends dared her to try and “befriend” one of her own kids through a social networking site. So Atkins did what any good mum would do: she hopped onto the Bebo network, and created a fictitious persona for a 17-year-old girl called CheshaKitten – a sexed-up reference to Lewis Carroll, and a bit of an inside joke to boot. She then proceeded to make her teen son Ben fall in love with her.

Uh, I mean, with “CheshaKitten”. Not with her. That would be creepy and wrong…right?

Needless to say, Ben was pissed when he found out, though he seems to have gotten over it. I imagine that, after 13+ years of dealing with his mother’s whacked-out shit, he’s gotten used to her crazy by now. How does Atkins feel about crushing her son’s feelings? Ben, after all, had fallen in love with his mum – er, I mean, CheshaKitten! Says Atkins The Elder: “I felt wretched, probably much worse than Ben did. But at least I’d won my bet and proved that with ingenuity and guile one really can pretend to be anybody on the internet.”

Yep. ‘Cause winning a bet? WAY more crucial than your son’s emotions.

Now…ready for the Grand Finale? Anne Atkins is A VICAR’s WIFE. Atkins came to prominence as a commentator when she denounced a celebration by the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement at Southwark Cathedral. Wow. Religious fundamentalism, homophobia and creepy Oedipal deception? What a woman!

So, for the record: being gay? Disgraceful in the eyes of the Lord. Seducing your son over the Internet? Now you’re speaking God’s language!

(Hat tip: Emari)

Spot the Bad Parent: International Custody Case Turns Ugly

Molly CampbellThe case of Molly Campbell is one of those where you know someone’s on the wrong side of their child’s best interests; it’s just not straightforward determining who that someone is. In this case, the nod appears to go to Molly Campbell’s father, And Sajad Rana, who stands accused in a Pakistani court of "abducting" his 12-year-old daughter from the remote Scottish island where she lived with her mother and taking her back to Lahore. Why did I scare-quote "abducting"? Because Molly Campbell looks perfectly content to be with her dad…and has nothing but contempt for her mother, Louise Campbell, of whom Molly says: "If she loves me she’ll let me stay here."

Louise Campbell, of course, counters that this is not in Molly’s best interests, and that Rana is a monster of a man who has "brainwashed" his daughter into preferring him to her mother. She also contends that Rana wants to force his daughter into an arranged Muslim marriage – a contention that Molly denies. Sorry, but mum lost me with the "brainwashing" charge. Whenever a parent accuses another of "brainwashing" their child, you’re almost certainly dealing with a case of sour grapes, involving a heavy denial of reality on the part of the accuser. Let it go, Ms. Campbell. You’ve obviously screwed the pooch on your relationship with your daughter; time and distance is obviously what she needs right now.

John Hogan: I’ve Already Been Punished!

John HoganOkay, I’ve had enough of this. John Hogan’s gone too far with his little "poor me" routine, and it’s turning my stomach. Hogan, as you will remember, is the UK dad who grabbed his two kids and dashed off the balcony of his hotel room in Greece, killing his son and injuring himself and his daughter. Hogan was in court yesterday, where he was arraigned on charges of murder and attempted murder. While there, he claimed that he never intended to harm his children, and even had the balls to say that his son’s death was far worse punishment than even his own demise would be.

Bullshit, dude. Your son’s death is his punishment for having a fucked-up dad who couldn’t hold it together enough to avoid concrete-diving with his offspring in tow. You’ve not even begun to be punished. I’ll bet my life’s savings (okay, a meager bet) that it was this same self-pitying, maudlin crap that led you to conclude you and your kids needed to kiss the sky in the first place. Your wife threatened to pack up and leave your loser ass, so you lashed out at her in the most hateful way possible. Spare us your tears. I don’t believe for a second that you’re crying for anybody except yourself.

Manslaughter for John Hogan? What the Fuck, Greece?!

John HoganNot only does it look like John Hogan is not carrying through on his plan to kill hmself properly, but the British dad who killed his son in a murder-suicide leap stands to serve no more than a brief stint in jail. According to the Daily Record, Hogan will plead guilty to "the Greek equivalent of manslaughter", which could have him out of prison in four years. That’s four years for jumping with his son and daughter off of a hotel balcony, a leap that killed the little boy and landed the remainder of them in the hospital.

I need to understand Greek law better, I guess. Apparently, there’s a provision which allows you to maintain that, although you leaped with your children to your mutual death, you never intended to kill anybody. I feel for Hogan’s hard-knock life and all, and hope he gets the treatment he deserves. But four years for murder? That’s like giving my kid a "time-out" for stabbing someone.

Sorry, but I’ve got nothing else to say here. This is one of those moments where my faith in humanity is at an ebb. 

John Hogan Starving to Death by Popular Demand

John Hogan in hospitalUgh. The John Hogan case has got to be the most heart-rending tragedy I’ve encountered in years. New information is leaking out slowly, come of it contradictory. One news report claims that Hogan tossed his son Liam to his death before jumping with his daughter in his arms; another report claims he cradled both kids close before plummeting to what ought to have been his own death. Whatever the truth (either version is despicable), one thing is certain: Hogan wants to do the job right this time. He’s refusing all food and water, and practically begging to die.

As an added twist in this already twisted tale, the Daily Mirror reports that suicide runs in the Hogan family: both of John Hogan’s brothers killed themselves within the past 10 years. The Mirror also mentions that, shortly before the first brother killed himself in 1996, their father died due to complications from multiple sclerosis. Having lost my own dad to MS, I’m no stranger to that pain.

Hogan has, by these accounts, tried to make the most of a fucked-up life. But does that begin to excuse what he’s done, or ameliorate his share of the blame? How many people have faced down similar suffering without chucking their kids off of a balcony? Is it a tragedy that he’s starving himself to death – or should the world simply scoff and say, "You should’ve chosen starvation the first time, asshole"?

What do you think? Does John Hogan deserve any sympathy and compassion? 

John Hogan’s Wife: He’s a Good Father, Despite Killing His Own Son

John HoganThe wife of John Hogan, the man I christened a "total bastard" after he jumped off of a hotel balcony window with his son and daughter, is defending her husband. Natasha Hogan claims her significant other’s actions were "totally out of character".

Um…okaaaay. Apparently, society’s definition of "good parent" is becoming more lax by the second.

I have to admit, there’s something oddly admirable about this "stand by your man" attitude. And in the aftermath of what’s happened, I can understand wanting to cling to what remains of your family as hard as you can. On the other hand, I know that if I were ever to do what Hogan did – regardless of circumstance, regardless of how depressed or drunk or whatever I was – my wife would leave me in three seconds flat. She’d have divorce papers filed within minutes of the funeral.

And I wouldn’t blame her one bit.

Total Bastard John Hogan Kills Son in Suicide Jump

GreeceRecently, I caused a stir on DadCentric when I maintained that people who commit suicide are selfish pricks. I stand by that contention. It’s perfectly possible to have compassion for someone who’s suffering to the point of self-immolation, but revile them for saddling their survivors with so much pain and grief.

At the time, I maintained that the only thing worse than offing yourself was taking your family with you. Now, I’m sorry I ever uttered such foolish words. Brit John Hogan is currently hospitalized in Greece after jumping from a hotel balcony with his 6-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. His son died. The daughter survived. Sadly, so did Hogan, who claimed he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing. (Apparently, drunkenness is the catch-all excuse for everything from killing your kids to hating the Jews.)

The reaction in Greece has been…well, let’s say, unforgiving. A crowd of people apparently surrounded Hogan stretcher after the jump to heap abuse on him. And the director of University General Hospital, Panayotis Spatharakis, was quoted as saying: "I feel that once he recovers and understands what he has done he should commit suicide." yeah…They’re hard-core in Greece like that. They’ll gladly fix you up…then leave you alone with a length of bedsheet so you can get it right the second time.

Britain Proposes Electronic Tags for Delinquent Parents

tagging.jpgBig Brother is watching you – but only if you’re not paying child support. A new proposal put forward to reform the country’s crappy Child Support Agency would slap electronic monitoring devices on parents who are in arrears on the money they owe their kids. Supporters of the legislation say that tagging would be more effective than prison, since it would allow the parents to work toward paying off their debt. What’s not clear is what the newly-remodeled CSA would actually monitor – and whether they’d have the staff to respond to infractions. When we last left the CSA, they had a backlog of 170,000 cases – and that number was going UP monthly. We’re all for cracking down on delinquent parents who don’t pay, but shouldn’t this sinking ship patch the holes in its hull before installing a gold-plated steering wheel?

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