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Tramelle Sturgis, Failed At Every Turn


Despite pleas for help 10-year-old boy dies from abuse 

Cops say child duct taped and beaten unconscious at the hands of his father 

10-year-old dies from abuse at the hand of  his father 

Tramelle Sturgis was a ten year old boy from South Bend, Indiana; a boy that deserved a future and should have lived a full life, but that life was cut short at the hands of his own family. Now he’s a headline in a disturbing and truly heartbreaking case of a system’s failure. Tied up and beaten with a club by his own father for hours, this little boy could not endure this horrible abuse. Tramelle suffered numerous injuries, both old and new, including a broken arm and leg and multiple bruises all over his body, some fresh, others in various stages of healing. His exact cause of death has yet to be determined, but my guess is internal bleeding and blunt force trauma.

His father, Terry Sturgis, has been charged with one count of murder and two counts of felony battery. His grandmother, Dellia Castile, is charged with three counts of felony neglect of a dependent. Terry Sturgis was living with his mother, Dellia, and his five children, including Tramelle. Apparently Grandma Dellia was A-Okay with her son’s beat down parenting techniques and refused to step in and stop the abuse he was doling out to not only Tramelle, but also Tramelle’s siblings.

Now, it’s bad enough that this child was beaten to death and had been abused for a long time before hand, but what makes it even more tragic is that the abuse Tramelle had been suffering had been reported, not only to the Department of Child Services, but also to police. DCS visited the home, but I guess they never heard that appearances can be deceiving and determined everything was honky dory, when in fact it was not. It appears case workers have yet to realize how incredibly crafty abusive parents and guardians can be.

You’d think by now with all the cases popping up all over of abused, neglected and murdered children, they would get the hint and start digging a little deeper during these home visits to check out tips of abuse. Not only did they get the tip about what was going on in the Sturgis’ home, but they got a detailed description of the injuries and abuse from an anonymous caller, who not only spent 20 minutes on the DCS hotline describing what Tramelle was going through, but practically begging for someone to come and help.

According to reports, the anonymous caller pleaded, “Please go tonight. Please go. I’m not saying this just to be saying this. Please go. Something has got to be done.” The caller goes on to say, “If they go there right now, they’ll see how them kids is beat if they go there right now because I don’t want it to get on the news and see the boy died and then everybody come forward and they gonna say, ‘Well, why did nobody come forward from before?”  And whoever the anonymous caller was, they were absolutely right. After Tramelle’s death, his father’s cousin, Denise Ervin, and her son, Theodore, say they didn’t see this coming, but later admit to the signs being there.

This boy never stood a chance and the failure of the system and his own family to protect him is just unacceptable. That a stranger can care more for a child’s wellbeing than their own flesh and blood does is so disheartening and sad in a way that there really are no words for. It is utterly pathetic that in this day in age a child isn’t safe even from their own family. May this precious child rest in peace and get the justice he deserves.

A “Thank You” shout out to Deena for the heads up on another stellar example of a craptastic procreator.

R.I.P. Tramelle

** Special thanks to Booboo Kitty for the write-up.**


This Cook needs to get forked

Nasty piece of trash
Glens Falls man accused of sexually abusing infant

UPDATED: Glens Falls Police make arrest in assault of 7-week-old

Ex-wife speaks out about suspect in Glens Falls infant assault

33-year old David Cook is a big man. He’s strong, authoritative and a strict disciplinarian. Oops….what I meant was, he’s a baby beating bully who sexually assaults those who are too small to defend themselves. His first wife spoke out to a reporter and listed, in great detail, the horrors he had subjected her (and her child) to before she divorced him. It was absolutely horrific. She said the final straw was when he stabbed her in the stomach with a fork. But this is not about his first marriage, it is about a seven week old baby girl belonging to his current girlfriend.

It seems that the 21-year-old mother, who has not been named, left her infant with her sperm slurpee for two days so she could go visit a friend. Although it hasn’t been explicitly stated, I don’t think the baby belongs to baby-raper above, which means that the mother already had a new man less than two months after the child was born. Cook, wielder of the one-eyed wonder snake that so fascinated the mother, abused the baby repeatedly during those two days. In addition to a broken leg and head injuries, there were undisclosed genital injuries. Genital injuries. Lord, help us all. The repulsive waste of DNA caused extensive injuries to the genitalia of a seven week old baby. But at least he owned up to it, right? That should earn him some brownie points. I’ll bake the brownies – I hear arsenic and belladonna are great seasonings for chocolate treats.

Cook not only admitted to causing the injuries, he also explained in graphic detail how he inflicted them. He said he was angry because he thought his woman was whoring it up with someone else, so he took it out on the baby. He claims that the broken leg was a result of him “yanking” the baby’s leg until he “heard a pop” while changing a diaper, and the genital injuries occurred when he was cleaning her. I have changed thousands of diapers in my life, and not once have I EVER had to ‘yank’ my child’s leg, or injured my child’s genitals while cleaning him/her. No mention was made by Cook concerning the head injuries. The doctors are checking to see if the injuries match the BS version provided by the snatch-stuffer. I’m betting not. Additionally, older injuries were found that were attributed to ‘falls’. Right. Because we’ve never heard that one before. One article even gave some detail about the falls, indicating that Cook claimed the child fell when a dog bumped the bed she was on. What kind of dog?!? A freakin’ Alsatian? A saint Bernard? A GreatfreakingDane?!? MY ARSE!!! No dog bumped the bed – a vile pecker-pustule lost its temper. The baby is still in critical condition. The boyfriend reportedly sent a text to the birth vessel on Saturday expressing a desire to kill himself for hurting the baby. Too bad he didn’t follow through. He also claims that he is sorry for what he did – I doubt that. From the look in his mug shot, he seems kind of proud of himself. The only thing he’s sorry for is the fact that he got caught. Then, to top it all off, the coward tried to run away when the baby was taken to the hospital – on a bicycle, no less.

Authorities are reviewing the older injuries to determine whether to file additional charges. I think that’s a great idea! Are they taking votes? Suggestions? Bribes? I think the incubator should be charged as well, for leaving her child with this monster even after he had previously abused her. And for putting the booze ahead of her baby. And for waiting another day before seeking help. Yup, she did all of that, and more.

I have just as much vitriol for the birth-beast as I do for the abuser, because she was told on Friday that her child was injured, but she was having too much fun getting sloshed to bother checking on the baby. She waited until the next day before going home, and then she waited a few more hours after ‘noticing’ the injuries before she sought medical help for her beaten infant. Did I say a few more hours? What I meant to say was “all night”. Yup, she noticed the injuries Saturday evening, but didn’t take her precious baby to the hospital until sometime Sunday morning. Why? Because the tube steak asked her to wait. He told her that this would “come back on” him, and that he would be accused of “rape abuse” or “rape assault”. Now I’m glad the media DIDN’T print the details. if the perpetrator himself characterized it as “rape” in any form – oh, Lord, I need to throw up now. As of this posting, no charges have been filed against the boozing she-beast, nor have I found a pic of her. She is being labeled a “witness”. Really? Witness? How about Participant? Facilitator? Or pimp, since she left her child to be raped by her snatch-master…..

My sincere hope for Cook is that he is treated with the same respect in jail that he showed to that poor, defenseless baby. A few “falls”, maybe a vigorous “cleaning” of his genital area, and let’s not forget the “wishbone pulling” contest. Choose teams and grab a leg, boys – who ever gets the biggest part wins. Don’t forget to make a wish!

I need to go now, before I burst a blood vessel or something. I think I need to eat a couple hundred Tums to get rid of the bile in my gut, too.

A big “Thank you” to Melanie and Kelsey for sending in tips. We couldn’t run this site without all of the help we get from our faithful readers.

"Evidence of Pain"

Parents Arrested for Death of 3 Month Old

Family Defends One, Blames the Other

Autopsy Inconclusive on Cause of Death

Calvin Pitts and Amanda Deleon


7:55am June 11th, a young mother placed a call to Denver 911 reporting a 3 month old baby boy not breathing.  Police and paramedics arrived and transported little Sinai Pitts to Swedish Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 8:40am.

Police arrested 21 year old Amanda Deleon and 28 year old Calvin Pitts on Felony Child Abuse charges.  They’re waiting on the cause of death to up the charges to murder.

3 month old Sinai had obvious signs of trauma and “evidence of pain” according to the reports.  Both old and new injuries that they say can be dated back.  This baby was just 3 months old how fucking far back can it go?!?

Bet you couldn’t guess both breeders have had issues with the law before!  Guess what the majority of the charges were…  Yep, drugs!!

Bio-bitch up there has a record of various drug charges, shoplifting, robbery, and assault.

Bio-prick’s list includes sexual assault, carrying a concealed weapon, and a long list of drug offenses.

Neighbors said they rarely saw them but some said they heard the baby crying all night…

“Mostly through the night you could hear the baby crying for hours.  Hearing stuff like that it’s kind of sad.  You don’t know if they’re hurt or what’s going on”, said neighbor Mike Sanchez.  “He was little baby.  He couldn’t defend himself.”



“Evidence of Pain”– when I first read that I was stunned for a moment.  I’ve never read that in any of the research on any other write-up.  Little Sinai’s injuries included two broken legs, a broken left wrist, a burn on his left thigh caused by the c*** scalding the skin off with a wash rag, a scab on his chin, a burn on his right foot where the swine supposedly dropped a cigarette on him,  and ear injuries!!!  The prick also said he burned him with a wet towel he heated in the microwave for 2 minutes then wrapped around the baby’s leg!  This baby had 2nd and 3rd degree burns!!  Both of these wastes of oxygen have admitted to these injuries!!  Here’s the new link


I’m not going to rant on this case.  I’m going to respond to the Cunt’s defenders who are already getting their time in the spotlight!  An aunt has come forward saying how she is not capable of doing anything like this!  Yeah.  Yeah.  We’ve heard it all before!! How she just fell on bad times and was homeless for awhile.  I’m sorry but what does that have to do with the murder of this innocent baby??

And my favorite quote: “She is a loving person and she loves kids.  She’s been taking care of kids since she was a kid, and she has never hurt anybody in her life.”  Well, let’s see, she was arrested for assault and robbery so evidently she’s not the same person she was when she was a child!!  Could have something to do with her being a druggie bitch maybe!

I can understand the need to disbelieve that someone you’ve loved and cared about their whole lives would be capable of such an atrocious act, but it’s time for a dose of reality for all the defenders!

Wake the fuck up!!  This baby was abused his whole life.  3 short months is all he got on this earth and it was 3 months of pain and suffering!!  Even if, and that’s a huge IF, the Cunt didn’t actually abuse this child she knew what was happening!  The police and paramedics recognized it as abuse on the scene!!  It wasn’t hidden!!!

She shares the same guilt as the dickless ball sack!!  They should both be tortured daily for the rest of their worthless lives!!


Thanks to Barbara and Monica for the tip.


R.I.P. Baby Boy




They won't take me alive… ok maybe they will

Father stabs himself to avoid arrest

Parents charged with child abuse

Ok so let me start by saying I have been absent and this story (which I found and sent in) has been sitting in my inbox (with several others) for weeks.  I can’t let my girl April down, I just had to work through some stressful shit, but I am back now bitches so let’s get to it. 

Back in January, a 2-month-old baby boy came into Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville, NC suffering from head injuries and a broken leg.  The investigation resulted in warrants for both the father Martin Resendez (24) and mother Jessica Jones (21).

Daddy being the cowardly baby beater he is was not willing to take his punishment.  When police arrived at his mother’s residence to arrest him he barricaded himself in a bedroom.  His mother eventually unlocked the door and let the police in.  Once inside they located the barricaded room and made entry and found baby beater unresponsive with a self-inflicted knife wound.  If it were me… I’d have turned around walked out and claimed to have seen nothing, but I guess being police officers with sworn duties and all that wasn’t an option.  Needless to say the call paramedics for his sorry ass and he was airlifted to very same hospital that discovered his baby boy’s injuries.

On February 2nd he was arrested at the hospital and taken to the North Hampton County Jail, he has since been released on $125,00 secured bond.  He is charged with three counts of child abuse inflicting serious injury and due back in court March 31st.  Mommy was arrested on February 3rd, charged with three counts of misdemeanor child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  She has been released on a $1600 secured bond.  

As of February 12th the baby boy was progressing well at Pitt Memorial Hospital.

Idaho Breeder charged with snapping leg of 2-year-old son

Michael R. Edinger

Idaho Man Accused of Breaking 2-Year-Old Boy’s Leg Due In Court:

Soulpatch McDouchebag over there is Michael R. Edinger of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. He was arrested about a month back for allegedly breaking the leg of his own two-year-old son. Edinger and his fiancee took the child to the ER and tried blaming the break on the child’s ‘clumsiness’ and that the child fell down the stairs. Again here is another case where police and mdical profe4ssionals are way smarter than you. They know what to look for when it comes to abuse. As a matter of fact they found many other injuries that were in the process of healing.

Eventually Edinger is said to have admitted to ‘losing his temper’ while changing the boy and twisted the boy’s leg and slamming it on the floor snapping the bone. To all the Neanderthals out there like this jerkoff if you don’t weant to change diapers then don’t have kids. And if you do have kids you’re going to have to change diapers. That’s all there is to it. Kids shit themselves at that age, a lot.

They should dangle this assclown’s legs in a gator pit and watch them do the death roll on his legs.

Thanks to LeAne for the tip.

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