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Murder/Botched-Suicide–Lisette Bamenga

Internet Research Helped Kill Kids

Mom Faces Murder Charges

Bronx Siblings Gassed and Poisoned

29 year old Lisette Bamenga, a teacher, found out her husband had allegedly cheated on her, having a baby by someone else.  Her reaction was to murder their kids and unfortunately fail at killing herself…

This selfish, vindictive c*** admittedly searched the web to find out how to poison 5 year old Trevor Noel Jr. and 4 month old Violet Lily.  She gave them grape juice laced with windshield wiper fluid.  When that didn’t seem to work she put them in the bathtub to drown them, she then dressed them, took them to the kitchen, covered the windows with plastic, turned on the gas and slit her wrists.

A neighbor called 911 to report a gas leak.  First responders found the useless bio-bitch unconscious with minor cuts on her wrists.  Tragically, they were unable to revive the children.

In one of the suicide notes she left was written:  “You got what you wanted, me and the kids are in a better place now.”

She’s facing 2 counts of 1st Degree Murder.  Her lawyer is already screaming about her rights being violated because police interviewed her at the hospital.  He’s trying to get her statements thrown out.  — “I poisoned them.  That didn’t work, so I drowned them,” and “It’s not fair, Trevor had a baby with another woman,”

This man arrived home, after working his shift with the NYPD, to total devastation.   My heart breaks for the father and family of these angels.


Rant On:

I can understand the anger directed at a cheating spouse.  I get divorcing him and taking half of everything!  I can even understand, to a point, wanting to hurt or kill his ass!!  What I can’t wrap my mind around is killing your babies because your husband screwed around!!  I don’t care if he had 20 different kids running around by 20 different women; no one deserves the loss this man is suffering!

Why do the selfish, cowardly fucks insure the death of the babies but they always seem to survive!?!  She didn’t drink the juice she poisoned those babies with or research how to properly slice her damn wrists in order to die, but she made damn sure they wouldn’t survive!!  She poisoned, drowned, and then gassed them…

Those babies were innocent and deserved to have a full life!!  Children aren’t pawns to be used to hurt someone!! 

Rant Over

R.I.P. Sweet Babies

Thanks for the tip goes to April.


Lucila Rojas Admits to Murdering Baby

Jean sent me this update on Lucila Rojas, the New York City woman who threw her dead baby into the trash. After putting police on a wild goose chase, Rojas has since admitted that she suffocated the baby on the bus on the way home from the hospital. The child was reportedly the result of a rape, and she decided that the babe should “sleep forever”. Someone should have told Ms. Rojas that abortion is legal – but murder runs you 25 years to life.

Lucila Rojas Arrested for Murder of Her Missing Baby

Lucila RojasI was watching a Family Guy rerun last night which had a Lindbergh baby spoof. In the scenes, the Lindbergh’s son is playing on the toilet when he accidentally flushes himself. Immediately, Papa Lindbergh concocts a story regarding his “kidnapping”. His wife points to Amelia Earhart, who’s standing in the bathroom doorway, and asks, “But what about Amelia? She saw everything!” Lindbergh gets a dark look in his eye and menaces, “Leave her to me.”

It’s funny when it’s on an episode of Family Guy, of course, but not so much when it occurs in real life. Lucile Rojas presents us with our latest case of “missing kids who didn’t really go ‘missing'”. The 25-year-old bronx, New York mother first insisted to cops that her 3-week-old baby was taken by gunpoint by a man dressed all in black. That, of course, should have been the cops’ first tip-off that something was wrong: given the choice between giving up their baby to a gunman and being shot, most moms would eat the bullet. Rojas’ story indeed soon crumbled, and she admitted dumping her kid in a trash bin somewhere. Now, police are charging her with an array of crimes, including evidence tampering, endangering a child’s welfare, and murder.

Rojas, whose shifting story immediately put the police on notice, claims that the baby “choked” and suffocated, so she dumped him. Yeah. We’re really believing that, hon. Unfortunately, discovering the true cause of the child’s death is going to be a haul: authorities are now forced to scour Pennsylvanian landfills for the poor child’s body, thanks to Rojas’ lies.

In my book, this case should draw an automatic murder sentence, whether the child is found or not. Not only is that the most likely scenario, but it would send a powerful message to parents who try and pull this shit in the future. But, who knows. Maybe sometime in the next few days Rojas’ conscience will get to her, and she’ll tell the whole truth. For a change.

(Hat tip: Taliah)

Letteschia Bins: Young Teen Mom Chucks Baby out the Window

Apartment windowWhat is a baby? To most people, it’s a precious spark of the Divine. To 14-year-old Letteschia Bins, however, it must have been a damned inconvenience. How else do you explain this teen mom’s decision to toss her 7-pound infant out the window of her fifth-floor Bronx apartment?

This case is all kinds of fucked up. Bins’ mother is reported as saying the baby “may” have been her daughter’s. What, she lived under your roof, and you didn’t notice that she was pregnant? Or that she freaking gave birth? As is typical in such cases, we have two parents behaving badly: the irresponsible and murderous teen mom, and the mother who raised her. And please – none of the “it’s so hard to be a teen mom” crap. I know it is. My wife was a teen mom. The overwhelming majority of teen moms end up excellent parents. Some may have fleeting thoughts of harming their kids; the difference is that the refuse to act on them.

The child died of blunt force trauma from the fall. Bins is facing murder charges after confessing that she threw her kid away like a sack of garbage. I assume New York State will press to try her as an adult. As well they should. A 14 year old is old enough to know what will happen when she tosses her newborn down into the street.

Father Slashes Autistic Son to Death

Bronx, NYWell…Happy Fucking Thanksgiving, America. I wish I had better news to bring today. I wish I could say that, out of respect for the holidays, the world’s crazy parents took the day off. No such luck. Instead, we have the story of 50-year-old Bronx, New York resident Jose Stable, who called police yesterday from pay phone and informed them that he had slain his autistic son. Police found 12-year-old Ulysses’ throat slashed, and Stable with a set of knives at the ready. They also found signs that he had attempted to clean up the crime scene.

Father Stable reportedly suffered from “anger management issues”, and has a history of run-ins with the police. The boy’s mother hasn’t been in the picture since he was 2. Add all of this up, combine it with his attempts to cover up the crime – and what does it spell? Not mental illness, that’s for sure. This guy was sick of dealing with his autistic child, plain and simple. He decided to take the “easy way” out. I hope this bastard doesn’t get prison; a nice, quiet stay in jail would likely suit him just fine.

Miracle Baby Survives Parents’ Murder-Suicide

crime-scene.jpgThe only thing “good” about this story is that the lone survivor, Alexa Then, is only five months old, and won’t remember a thing about the time she almost died in a pool of her parents’ blood. No one took 43-year-old Nelson Morena seriously when he screamed out of his apartment window one night that he was going to kill himself. Sadly, Morena carried through on his threat. Even more sadly, he first stabbed his girlfriend Angela Then to death before turning the knife on himself, leaving their baby to fend for herself for nearly 48 hours. Rescuers were amazed to find the infant still alive; reports say that the stench of decay in the residence was overpowering.

“Holy freaking crap” doesn’t seem adequate here, for some reason.

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