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Meth-faced breeder and her grubby sex toy charged with bashing kids

3-year-old in critical condition after allegedly beaten by mother’s boyfriend

Cicero pair charged with assaulting children; 3-year-old in critical condition

No beauty prizes to be won here, folks.

Thanks go to Lucy on this one. She did warn me about the appearance of this aesthetically displeasing duo, but I still nearly managed to bring up my Java when I saw them.

Amanda Bishop and her fuck-of-the-month John Bonwitz (both 27) have been arrested after the egg donor’s 3 year old was allegedly severely beaten by the live-in sex toy. Police say that they found the little boy, drifting in and out of unconsciousness and being treated by paramedics, at the home in Cicero NY.  Egg donor was there, along with two other children, aged 7 and 10. All three kids had bruises and marks, but the 3 year old, being small and unable to defend himself against an adult monster, had copped the worst of it. He was taken to hospital, where he remains in a critical condition.

In their investigation, police found that Bonwitz had admitted to punching and kicking the 3 year old, which caused internal injuries. Bishop had also hit her 7 year old with a closed fist. Perhaps the 10 year old was able to defend themselves, because police only reported bruises and marks but no specific causes of the injuries.

Bonwitz was charged with assault in the second degree and child endangerment. The axe wound Bishop was charged with assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and obstructing government administration. I presume that last one is like obstructing police, and that the walking gash was trying to protect her gash plug. Judging by the mugshot, he seems to have a lot going for him /sarcasm. Such a sense of style, that sex-offender look, he should have all the girls clamouring for him! /even more sarcasm. He couldn’t possibly be a child beater or a creep, just look at him – he’s so wholesome /too much sarcasm.

The 7 and 10 year olds have been taken into care, while their 3 year old brother remains in hospital. Police are still investigating.

All the bad boyfriends on BB seem to have warning signs that they are not replacement babydaddy material. Take a look at the mugshot. John Bonwitz is filthy, looks like a sex offender and is wearing one of the ugliest shirts I have seen in a long time. His eyes have a slightly unhinged look. How can anyone look at him and think that he’s a perfectly acceptable bedmate/babysitter?

Who wants to bet that the po-po might turn up some meth when they investigate further? You don’t get cheekbones to stick out that far with just plain old exercise and sensible eating, that’s for sure.

What do a claw hammer, a golf club and a space heater all have in common?

abusive freaks

Anti-child abuse movement started
Isle of Wight man faces first-degree murder charge in daughter’s death
PIPER MOLINSKI – 4 Months – Isle of Wight/ Smithfield VA
Father charged in baby’s death
Dad charged with murder in baby’s death

No, they’re not items used for home improvement, nor are they all items that can be used for sporting events (but I think that a ‘claw hammer toss’ category in the Prison Olympics could be an interesting addition). Apparently they are all items that can be used to torture and kill a 4-month old baby. Or two. At least in Virginia…but that doesn’t surprise Trench, I’m sure.

Fortunately the authorities were able to rescue Ella Molinski from the clutches of her tw*t-rotting egg donor and the snatch-filler she allowed to impregnate her. Unfortunately, Ella’s twin sister Piper Molinski was not as lucky. While both infants were taken to the hospital with skull fractures, broken ribs, multiple bruises and burns on the bottoms of their feet, only one of them survived the injuries – Ella. Piper was taken off of life support on Valentine’s Day, and she will never be able to do all of the things that other babies get to do when they grow up…like, grow up.

EMS was dispatched to the home of Leann Webb, 23, and Robert Molinski, 22, on the evening of Sunday, Feb. 12, in response to a 911 report of an unresponsive child. I REALLY hate to see those words. What they usually signify is that a child has been beaten to death, or near death, by a parent or caregiver. As happened in this case. These girls, at only 4 months old, had been so severely abused that they both sustained multiple skull fractures, multiple broken ribs (in various stages of healing – meaning the abuse was not a single occurrence), numerous bruises, and their little feet had burns that were attributed to a space heater being placed too close to their feet. Items seized from the house as evidence included the aforementioned claw hammer, golf clubs, space heaters (yes, more than one), and bloodstained bedding. Two space heaters? WHY? WHY? WHY? I guess because they wanted to be sure they could torture both babies at the same time, and in the same manner, with as little expenditure of energy on their part as possible. Because it would put a serious strain on their time management options if they had to move the space heater back and forth between the babies, I guess. Piper died form blunt-force trauma to the head. I don’t even WANT to know which of the parental playthings was used to inflict the fatal blow – but I do hope someone returns the favor while the two useless scumbags await trial.

Both of these worthless individuals have been arrested. However, while the sperminator has been charged with first-degree murder, Eggzilla has only been charged with felony child abuse and neglect. Why is that I wonder? Did she convince the authorities that she only participated in the torture, but the mean, nasty dung-dad was the one who struck the fatal blow? I don’t give a rip if all she did was watch – she is just as responsible for that child’s death as he is. She should have taken that claw hammer to his head, and played a couple rounds of golf with the balls the good Lord provided to the sperm donor. Placing the space heater on his crotch and turning it on high would not have been remiss, either. After all, everyone enjoys a good weenie roast, right? You could place the balls on sticks and call them marshmallows after the golf game ends, too. Just to complete the campfire scene, you know.

The witch’s father is apparently attempting to secure a good defense for his little girl, when what he should be worried about is attempting to secure a good home for his granddaughters. But since the whole fam-damly was living in his house, I suppose he’s already trying to protect HIS ass(ets) as well.

And, according to Sheriff Marshall, who was one of the responding officers, the house was filthy. There were animal feces everywhere, soiled bedding, and “The inside of that house was a wreck,” as Marshall put it. Why does this not surprise me? He called it one of the worst abuse scenes he has ever encountered in his 27 years in law enforcement. *shudder*

What DOES surprise me is that Webb’s 4-year-old daughter, from a previous relationship, was completely unharmed. Usually these walking piles of excrement like to kill the previous snatch-filler’s offspring before turning on their own young. Maybe the older child was smart enough to stay out of his reach, or maybe she was able to out run him – or outsmart him, since he doesn’t look like the freshest sandwich in the picnic basket. Thank the Lord for small favors, anyway – at least one of the angels was left out of the sadistic activities. I imagine she probably saw a good bit of it,though,and will have her own demons to deal with as she gets older.

The surviving twin is still listed in critical but stable condition, according to one article, but another article mentions that she has already been released. That came from the Bishop at the church the walking incubator attended in the past. I guess none of that “do unto others as you would have done to you” sank in on her, huh? Unless she likes being beaten with hammers and clubs herself, in which case I say – let’s give her what she likes! The bishop also says that the poor mother is hurting, and reached out to him over the weekend. I hope she IS hurting! I hope it tears at her guts every day that her baby is dead, and she is the reason for that. The good Bishop went to see her to “help bring some healing to her”. I know that is his job, and I commend his motives, but I would much rather have seen someone bring some “healing” to the baby who now calls a coffin her home. I cannot work up any pity at all for this FBO who sacrificed her child’s life for a worthless neanderthal she was shacking up with. Not a drop.

I am now thoroughly disgusted, and will leave the rest of our readers to draw their own conclusions. I’m sure they’ll be quite entertaining.

Thanks go to Deena, Rachel and Korin for tips they sent in. And thanks to Malevolent April for supplying me with that information. If I locate any other articles, I will be sure to post an update.

Dumb and Dumber

Parents Arrested for Child Abuse

Horace and Susan Crooms "Dumb and Dumber"

St. Augustine, Flori-duh – a 9-year-old little boy missed a day of school. When he returned, teachers noticed he was bruised and called authorities.

The boy came home from school on May 23rd and told his father he had been disciplined. It is believed that his father, Horace Nathaniel Crooms (60), then took the boy to his room and proceeded to beat him with a belt all over his body, saying, “I told you don’t act up, I told you this would happen if you act up.”

The boy’s mother, Susan Elizabeth Crooms (49), was just outside the family’s mobile home when the incident took place. She could hear her son “hollering and screaming.” She told investigators that she told her husband not to leave marks, because, “They would call it child abuse.”

I fuckin’ looove people who are so aware of what they are doing before they even do it!

She said she saw bruises on the boy and said, “I cannot send him to school like this way at all,” so she kept him home the following day. She sent him the day after that because she knew the school knew that he was not sick. She told the boy to keep his arm covered to hide the bruises.

Mom’s plan didn’t work though, school personnel saw those bruises right away and called both the Sherriff’s Department and DCF.

I really looove people who do the right thing and call without asking questions!

Susan and Horace have both been arrested – Dad is charged with cruelty to a child, he has since been released on a $25k bond. And Mom was charged with child neglect and remains in jail on a $15k bond.

Funny, Dad got himself out and not Mom? Guess we know who’s more important here.

*Thanks go to April for the tip!

Tori didn’t have a Chance

Child dies after being sent from foster care to her parents

Toddler, 2, dies just months after being returned to natural parents

Last fall, a 2-page letter sent to Children’s Court of Los Angeles County expressed grave concern for a the well-being of 17-month-old Vyctoria Sandoval. The author of the letter, Linda Kontis, complained of the mishandling of the court system. She felt that they did not consider the risks of returning little Vyctoria to her long-troubled biological parents.

Tori would die just months later on April 24th, one month after her 2nd birthday.

Bruises of all ages had covered her little body. A rib was fractured. Blood tests suggested she died thirsty and hungry. Doctors tried for six hours to save her life after she was rushed to the emergency room.

As of today, no charges have been filed, but her parents are prime suspects.

Investigators are awaiting final autopsy reports and details of Tori’s life and health. Linda Kontis’ letter she sent the courts has opened up major questions if the system of DCFS really did all they could to safeguard the little girl. What’s worse, her letter was one of TWO that were sent regarding this precious little girl.

Her former Foster parents had made complaints after hearing about Tori and her worsening condition. A former foster family friend said she say Tori a month before she died. “She was very pale looking and gaunt in the face. I said ‘Something is wrong.’” She said after Tori’s death, she was present when the girls’ mother described Tori pulling out her own hair and pinching herself. ~ I smell bullshit.

To make matters worse…

Jennifer Dalhover, 35, is Tori’s biological mother. She is currently pregnant with her 11th child! Her father is 20-year-old Joseph Sandoval.

DCFS has over 11 reports from child abuse to domestic violence for just this family alone. When Tori was taken into custody at birth, she was not alone. DCFS had recovered eight other siblings as well. Several months before Dalhover and Sandoval had regained custody of her, they dropped out of several court-mandated programs meant to prepare them to reunify with the girl. Yet the State still gave her back!

The law states:  “ At the time she was sent home, was there evidence to suggest that she was being hurt by her parents or that she would not be safe? If not, then the law says that she should be returned.”

Do you agree?

RIP Vyctoria Sandoval

*Thanks go to Danielle and Robin for the tips.

Pitiful Dianeth Pittman

Woman Arrested in Girl’s Branding, Other Abuse

Woman jailed in child abuse is pregnant

Pitiful Dianeth Pittman

Pitiful Dianeth Pittman

Grand Junction, CO: Dianeth Pittman, 39, is accused of repeatedly throwing a 4-year-old girl to the ground and into a wall.

Pittman originally told investigators that the little girl was hit by another child with a Barbie Play BBQ Pit, but later admitted that she tripped the child out of anger, causing her to hit her face on the corner of a counter. The child had a black eye.

But the child had a slightly different story: she says that Pittman tripped her, slammed her to the floor, jerked her up by the arms and slammed her face into the wall multiple time. Pittman also branded the child with a hot knife in the abdomen and told her if she didn’t behave and if she told anyone she would do it again.

A doctor said that in addition to her black eye, the young girl showed she was at substantial risk death and permanent disfigurement. She also had swelling on her head that was covered by her hair. 

Turns out, Pittman is also pregnant with another child. Her Public Defender described her pregnancy as “high-risk” but did not disclose the concerns for the unborn baby. He explained that she may not get the highest quality of care in jail and that she may face additional charges beyond her two current felonies.

Pittman is currently being held on a $150k bond. She is also currently serving probation from a 2010 domestic violence case, and more including drug paraphernalia. 


Nathaniel Maddox abused his Daughter

OH Dad charged with abusing 3-year-old 

Father held in Suspected Child Abuse case

Nathaniel C. Maddox, 26, of Mercer County, Ohio was arrested for abusing his 3-year-old daughter after she was found suffering from a head injury that lead to internal bleeding along with bruising and blisters on her lower body. 

The child was taken to the hospital when she was found unresponsive. She remains at Dayton’s Children’s Hospital where she is in an ICU unit and listed as serious condition and IS showing signs of improvement. 

Maddox has been charged with Child Endangerment and is being held with a $500,000 bond. 

Where was the child’s mother? – not sure as I couldn’t find anything. But I thought I saw in the comments section of one of the links I found that they were separated and the little girl was on a scheduled visit with her Dad. A neighbor had also piped up saying that he always seemed like a normal parent and that with her kids they would all play together. 

Thanks go to Meredith for the tip!

Sergio Turrubiates Jr. killed the baby

Sergio Turrubiates Jr.

Turrubiates Jr. charged with second-degree murder

Charges expected in death of 19-month-old girl

Suspect in Olivia Toddler death attacked in court

Sergio Turrubiates Jr., 19 (now 20), of Olivia, Minnesota was arrested after the death of 19-month-old Tiana Moore. 

Sergio reportedly had been watching the child at an apartment that he recently had moved into with the child and her mother, Tina. The ambulance was called about 40 minutes after the mother returned from work and the child was unresponsive and had thrown up. Sergio reported that he was pulling the child around the apartment on a blanket and she had hit her head, he stated he was bouncing her on the bed and she struck her head on the end table but did not cry and was not acting unusually. At one point he reported to law enforcement that he began to shake Tiana but it was “not his hardest”. 

The family said when they saw the little girl right after she was taken to the hospital, she had bruises up and down the entire right side of her body. She was found unresponsive on her family’s apartment on Dec. 22nd. She has injuries so sever she needed immediate medical attention.

Friends say Baby Tiana was alone with Sergio that afternoon. They do not know what could have driven him to such an extreme as to hurt the little girl and eventually kill her. 

The autopsy has revealed a number of bruises on the child forehead and a large fracture at the base of her skull. The neurosurgeon that operated on Tiana stated that a significant amount of force would be required to cause the fracture and related injuries, more than the force of a child falling as the defendant indicated to police. 

When Sergio made his first court appearance for the baby’s death, he was attacked by two people after entering the courtroom. Both attackers were tackled by law officers.

Sergio has been charged with second-degree unintentional murder. 

She was her mother’s joy.

Baby Tiana

“And Tina loved that baby so much. That baby is Tina’s life.” 

Sergio’s bail was set at $2 million with no conditions. The maximum sentence is 40 years in prison. 

Thanks go to Andrea for sending us the tip.

Adopt a Child and then Kill Him


The sweet little North Carolina boy (Sean) pictured above with his Monster adoptive mother has passed.  They adoptive monster and her spouse say Sean’s death was an accident.  He was bound so tightly in a blanket that he suffocated.

Reports say that Sean told social workers BEFORE the adoption that the couple beat him. Trial testimony from Paddock’s five surviving children spoke of physical and emotional abuse almost on a daily basis and said that the children were kept from the outside world and that they were trained to lie to social workers.

“We were told to tell all social workers there was no spanking,” Jessy Paddock, testified. “The forms of punishment were ‘restriction’ or ‘time out’ – those were the terms we were to use.” She also testified that on more than one occasion Sean’s entire head was wrapped in duct tape to keep him quiet.

The monster is 47 year-old Lynn Paddock … may she rot in hell!

Bad aim or bad parent?

 21450935_240X320Several children in San Antonio went to the school nurse for routine checkups.  The nurse noticed one 8 year-old boy had bruises including some on his face.

Upon investigation it seems his father (Juan Almaguer) hit the boy with a belt for receiving poor grades.  He claimed he aimed for the boy’s buttocks but must have missed …

The mother said yes, that her husband had hit their son with a belt but the boy squirmed so sometimes the belt may have hit his back.

Doctors at Christus Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital examined the boy and determined his injuries were consistent with abuse after finding bruising all over the boy’s back, legs, and rib area.

Nothing like a good beating to make someone make better grades – huh?!? 
Thanks for the tip Aimee

Case Update on Where is the mother…

I originally posted about 5 adults being taken into custody, 10 children being removed from a home; including a 4 year-old boy whose mother was no where to be found.  The 4 year-old had new and old injuries and had been severely abused.bilde

22 year old Jamie Pitmann was in court Monday facing felony child abuse charges.  The 4 year-old tortured child is from her birth vessel.  She wasn’t living at the residence at the time of the arrest; nope, she had already planned to sign away parental rights to Sue Miller (ring leader of this odd skank group!)

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