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Children and animals removed from house in Clarence

Authorities investigate animal hoarding and child welfare case in Clarence

Amie Burkley, shown, and her husband Matthew were issued tickets to appear in Clarence Town Court after their animals were seized and children removed.

Amie Burkley hides away

The only thing on this planet that is worse than child abuse is animal abuse. I say that because at least children have cognizance of what’s happening to them and have some ability to fight back (if you’ve ever been kicked by a toddler or had your hair pulled, they’re pretty bloody strong!) These breeders of Clarence, Buffalo NY not only allowed their four children to live in filth and be neglected, but they also hoarded animals that they knew damn well they couldn’t care for!

The property of Matthew (37) and Amie Burkley (36) was raided after receiving a tip that four horses had died a few weeks ago. Animal control officers described the home as something out of a horror story. The house absolutely honked of animal shit and piss. Officers found a small pig, six dogs, numerous cats, prairie dogs and guinea pigs inside. More than two dozen other animals and livestock were found existing in a tumbledown metal barn outside, sick and starving. That’s a whole lotta caca being produced!

Two of the four children were home at the time of the investigation and they helped officers identify and round up the critters. The kids weren’t sick but they were underdressed for the chilly weather and were outside with no shoes and socks on. Still, living in a house full of animal shit and possibly mentally ill parents is not in the best interests of kids. The four kids are aged from 15 years down to 7 years. They’re now in the care of their relatives.

3 dogs had to be euthnanised and some horses may also had to be put down. The couple have been in trouble before for keeping more animals than they could provide for. It was found that there was only half a bale of hay that was supposed to feed all the live stock. To give you an idea of how inadequate that is: my sister used to have a pet rabbit. We’d give her half a bale of hay per fortnight and she’d devour half of it and poo on the rest of it. That would only feed a rabbit for two weeks, not various llamas, horses, goats, chickens and geese. Geese shit stinks by the way.

The breeders have expressed remorse over the events and did have good intentions for the animals. But as the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. They allowed animals to die from malnutrition and lack of veterinary care, and their children were forced to live in a home full of animal crap. Animal hoarding is a mental illness and often the animals are neglected, along with any children living in the home with the hoarders. Often hoarding stems from feelings of loneliness, but the breeders have four children to keep them company. Hoarders are also a danger to their children as they will often lash out if the child has the sense to throw anything away (or in this case sell or give the animals away).

Luckily no dead children and most of the animals were saved. The breeders been charged with least 5 charges of animal cruelty and four counts of endangering the welfare of a minor. They will appear in Clarence Town court at a later date. The town is working with other agencies to help rehome the animals and a sign has been placed on the Burkley’s door saying “Unfit for Human Habitation”.

I used to have quite a little menagerie of animals. We had a cat, a rat and a rabbit. Unfortunately the rabbit died a few months ago, but our animals were always healthy, had plenty of food and lots of exercise. We even took the rat to the vet after we found a lump on her (unfortunately it’s malignant) but we cared about our animals enough to get them vet care when they needed it. Animals, like children need care and attention. Neither the children nor the animals in this story got that.

Step-father beats 10-year old boy to death with a rolling pin

Boy, 10, Allegedly Beaten to Death by Stepfather Had Made 911 Calls for Help
Buffalo boy, 10, called 911 repeatedly before stepdad allegedly beat him to death
Boy’s murder leaves neighbors shocked
DA: boy beaten to death while tied up 

Alleged Murderer and child beater: Ali-Mohamad Mohamud

“He came out, and he dragged that kid by the neck in the house. He dragged that kid in the house, and the kid was hollering,” said one woman.

“They’re really nice people, except for the father,” said Kathy Kulbacki, who’s familiar with the family. “He’s pretty loud. I’ve seen him yell at the kids for playing in the field,” she stated.

DeGeorge said he could not disclose details, but he confirmed that there have been “seven or eight” 911 calls placed from the boy’s house since 2010.

Since then, it has been revealed that Ali had made at least two phone calls to 911 to report that his Somali stepfather was hurting him, according to WKBW.


I’m sorry… how can the entire neighborhood In Buffolo, NY where 10-year old Abdifatah Mohamud was beaten to death in his basement be in so much shock when so many people knew what an asshole his mean stepfater, Ali Mohamad Mohamud, was?  Police were called to the house numerous times by the boy. People saw his step-father drag the boy inside his house by his neck? What in the motherfuck is wrong with this picture? One question remains —- WHERE THE FUCK IS HIS MOTHER? I literally read 14 articles about this case, not one mentions Abdifatah’s mother.

This story is so hard to stomach, an unfortunate part to this “job” here at The details just have my stomach in knots and my face wet with tears. Ali Mohamad Mohamud didn’t just murder Abdifatah. He bludgeoned him , even tortured him. He tied his hands, stuffed a sock in his mouth and taped it shut with duct tape. Then, Mohamud took a baker’s rolling pin and, not once or twice, but 70 times struck the boy, who a for a full year earlier had cried out for help.

And just like SO many other senseless murders of children, this story is akin to others that we write here….  a catastrophic failure of a system that is meant to protect children.  When will it ever end?

Meanwhile, this murdering step-father has been arrested – thank God. He admitted to what he did – thank God. Mohamud is facing second degree murder charges. He remains behind bars without bail. He appeared in court late last month after the murder, but the judge denied access to the public including the victim’s grieving family.  Now he awaits his fate and prosecutors have 45 days from his initial court hearing to present the case to a grand jury, if they indict him then his case would go to trial.  I vote for death, or at least life without the possibility of parole. I vote we let his cellmate and any other inmate that he’s in close contact with, know what he did. Then I vote we pass out rolling pins.  I’m a huge advocate for “an eye for an eye”.

May your RIP sweet Abdifatah. I’m sorry that we failed you. I’m sorry that your mother apparently failed you too. If all this was going on in your home, I know she knew and she did nothing. In my opinion, you’re dead because she didn’t protect you.

Thanks to Marcy, Rose, Annette, and Denise for the tips.

RIP Abdifatah

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