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Bluffton Breeders burn baby’s body

Bluffton Breeders burn baby’s body

Barnes and Arnold

21-year-old Breanna J. Arnold and 30-year-old Zachary S. Barnes of Bluffton, Indiana, have both been arrested in the death of Arnold’s 3-year-old son, Owen Collins. The couple and an unnamed teen were using drugs when they discovered that Owen was dead in his bedroom. Rather than call police or an ambulance, you know, the right thing to do, Barnes and the teen allegedly put Owen’s body in a cardboard box, took his body to a wooded area and set the box on fire after dousing it with nail polish remover. In the meantime someone called police asking to do a welfare check on the residence.

Very few things will bring a community together like a missing child. Strangers will drop whatever they’re doing to help in the search for a missing child. What a missing child search also does is bring in multiple law enforcement departments to help investigate. In this case it was the Marion police department that found the woman who gave Barnes and the teen a ride into the woods and she of course must have told them about the box and she also led them to Owen’s body. Investigators allegedly got admissions of guilt from the teen and Barnes. The teen has been arrested as well.

Now the drug they were using has not been identified but according to some reports meth making materials were found in the home. While the cause of Owen’s death has not yet been determined Barnes allegedly admitted to police that they would put ‘dope’ in the kids’ bottles and ‘watch them have fun’. Are you for real? Is this what meth does to your mind that you think it’s funny to give your kids a drug that has been a blight in most poor rural areas? Not to mention what makes you think that your tweaker ass is smarter than multiple law enforcement agencies. Did you think that reporting Owen missing was somehow going to absolve you of your actions?

I really need to start working on that formula for meth that sterilizes tweakers.

In case you have no common sense here are the dangers of having kids in a meth lab.

Thanks to Brigette for the tip.

UPDATE 5/12/2015: It was revealed recently that according to the autopsy Owen died from blunt force trauma to the head and no drugs were found in his system. No word yet on what caused his fatal injuries.

UPDATE 6/17/2015: Barnes has pleaded guilty to the murder of Owen Collins. Under the term of the plea deal he’ll more than likely be sentenced to 50 years and have to serve at least 75% of that sentence before being possibly eligible for parole.

UPDATE 7/6/2015: The teen that’s allegedly involved with this atrocity has been charged as an adult. His name is Zachary Barker.

UPDATE 8/9/2015: Zachary Barnes was sentenced to 50 years in the death of Owen Collins.

UPDATE 9/2/2015: 17-year-old Zachary Barker has pleaded guilty to abuse of a corpse and meth dealing,

UPDATE 1/19/2017: After pleading guilty to preparing meth in a home occupied by children, Breanna Arnold was sentenced to 20 years behind bars.

What Happened to Mariha Smith?

If that smile doesn't melt your heart, you may not have one.







DNA confirms remains in burned home those of Mariha Smith

Mariha Smith’s Mother says her sister may know something

Detroit Police make arrest in gruesome murder of little girl

Mariha Smith Case: person of interest arrested

Man with Mariha link sent back to jail

Police in Detroit, MI issued an Amber Alert Sunday, July 24th for little Mariha Trenice Smith.  Meanwhile, police were also investigating an arson fire in a vacant building about a mile from the home Mariha and her mother and siblings were sharing with her aunt.  A badly burned child’s body was discovered in the burned out vacant home.  Autopsy results confirmed the body was little Mariha.  The only bright side, if you can call it that, is that Mariha died of asphyxia before her body was burned.  I call it a bright side only because she wasn’t burned alive.  She shouldn’t have died by any method but, in my opinion, being burned alive is significantly worse.  To be fair, I’m clearly still alive so I could be wrong but it really doesn’t matter.

Now, onto the investigation of Mariha’s death.  Mariha, her three siblings and her mother were living with Mariha’s aunt, Quanita Smith and her boyfriend, Darnell Cheatham (19 or 20, depending on the article).  Mariha’s mother, Konesha Smith, said the last time she saw her little girl was around 3:30am Saturday night/Sunday morning and she was sleeping on the floor with her sister and two younger brothers.  Konesha slept, or passed out whichever, on a nearby couch.  She woke up around 10:00 Sunday morning and assumed Mariha was watching TV with the other children.  Around 12:00 she realized that Mariha was not in the house and no one had seen her since 3:30am.  That’s when she finally notified police.

Police arrested Darnell Cheatham, the aforementioned boyfriend, Friday, August 5th.  He was identified by several family and community members as the man seen in a grainy surveillance video buying $.41 of gasoline from a station near the burned out vacant house.  He failed his first go round with the polygraph test but police didn’t have enough evidence to hold him.  Did I mention that the aunt, Quanita, also failed her polygraph test?  Well, she did.  They’re still looking for her but Cheatham is sitting his alleged murdering ass in jail but only on probation violation charges.  No one has yet been charged with Mariha’s murder.

So, all of this is disgusting and horrible but why are they here?  Well, technically, Cheatham isn’t a breeder (as far as I’ve been able to find) but let’s take a look at Konesha.  Although she and her four children were not living with her boy toy, she was living in a house with a man who, according to just about every family member quoted, just wasn’t right.  Now, I totally get that times can get hard.  You should be able to lean on family to help you out but by all accounts she had more than one sister, why the hell did she subject her children to this man?  What the hell was a 5-year-old child doing up at 3:30 in the morning and then sleeping on a floor while mommy dearest camped out on the couch?  How was she missing for possibly 10 hours before her mother noticed?  I have way too many questions to list but the bottom line is, this baby girl died at the hands of a boyfriend who should never have had access to her to begin with.

ATTN: Women of the world (men, too)

RE: Child Safety


RIP baby girl – you didn’t deserve this.

Thanks to Dawn and the divine Ms. A(pril) for this one.

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