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Kiwi Kookout…5 year olds are not on the menu!

Man admits burning boy’s face with heater

I haven’t posted for a while and I’m sorry for my absence. As some of you may know, Australia has just had a federal election and we’re still reeling from the results.

A 46 year old New Zealand man is in jail after allegedly causing disfiguring facial burns to a 5 year old boy. According to reports, the man held the boy’s face up to the grill of an electric heater, causing 3rd degree burns. The reason for this sadistic sizzle? The dickhead was trying to “punish” the boy for knocking over the heater and leaving scorch marks on the carpet. Here’s a newsflash, pin-dick. Put on a jumper when you’re cold. Saves on power bills. And I highly doubt the pack of lies he told in a pathetic attempt to justify this cruel treatment. Electric and gas heaters have a safety cutoff switch that activates when the unit is tipped over. If this had indeed happened, it wouldn’t have scorched the carpet nor burned the boy’s face. I think Pin Dick just wanted to feel like a big man and torture something smaller than himself to find some sort of twisted glee in his otherwise miserable existence.

It’s not clear what the relationship is between the boy and the man, but you can guess he’s either a sperm donor or a dick of the week. The news report also says that Pin Dick is unemployed, which doesn’t have a great deal of bearing on the situation. But couple that with the possibility that this grub could be the boy’s mother’s sex toy, and it paints a very grim picture indeed.

The boy was discharged from hospital, burned from chin to eyebrow. He has started on the long road to recovery, with multiple skin grafts and light therapy. They should take the skin off the maggot and use it on the boy, but personally I would be skinless than wear the skin of that crapwad.

The shitbag will be sentenced on November 13.

“Anti-Christ” baby burnt alive in Chile

Chile arrests 4 over ritual baby burning

Four arrested in Chile over ritual baby burning

Baby girl sacrificed on bonfire after sect leader says tot is the Antichrist, Chile cops say

Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete, leader of a Doomsday sect and baby killer

Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete, leader of a Doomsday sect and baby killer

Here we have yet another example of religious nutjobs who think they’re doing the Good Lord’s work by injuring or killing children.

4 people have been arrested for the horrific burning of a baby girl in Chile. Police say that the four people, including the baby’s birth vessel, took the 3 day old baby to a hill in the town of Colliguay, near the port of Valparasio. There, they stuck tape over the baby’s mouth to silence her screams of agony. She was strapped naked to a board, and after the group called on some spirits or demons or whatever crazy shit, they chucked her onto the bonfire and left her to burn.

The baby’s egg donor, Natalia Guerra (25) approved of her baby girl being burnt alive. The reason for the baby BBQ? The group thought that the world was ending and that the baby girl was the anti-Christ. An officer from the police investigative unit says that this little sect formed in 2005 and was led by Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete (36) who was present at the burning and is now on the run. The officer added that everyone in the sect are professionals, some are vets, flight attendants, filmmakers and draftsmen. Everyone had a university degree or had been well educated.

Gaete is allegedly still on the run and was last seen travelling to Peru to by ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic brewing plant that he used to control the minds of his sect (much like the wine and wafers at communion).

I’m speechless on this one. It’s sad to say that I’m not surprised that this kind of fucked-up shit happens. Burning to death is probably the most slow and agonising ways to die. And don’t get me started on religion. It’s scary that some people are so engrossed in these little fairy tales that the lines between reality and fantasy start to blur.

Rest in peace baby girl.

Ugandan woman tortures 3 year old

Woman arrested over child abuse (photos here)

Uganda: Woman Arrested Over Child Abuse

I’m not going to include photos here. 1. They’re copyrighted and it won’t let me transfer. 2. They’re very graphic. Look at your own risk.

A Ugandan woman has been arrested for torturing her 3 year old child. Mariam Nakyejjwe and her gash-plug of a husband have been torturing little Farhad Mubiru who had horrific burns all over his little body. He had large burns on his hands and feet which have turned septic because his disgusting breeders didn’t get him any medical help. He had scars on his butt cheeks caused  by endless canings. The little boy also had scars and burns on his back. What the fuck could a little boy do to deserve such horrible treatment? Absolutely nothing is the correct answer.

Mangy Mariam told police that it was the sperm donor who was torturing the little boy and that he was being caned for soiling the bed, and that at one point the little boy was caned into unconsciousness. Well, mangy Mariam. Even if you didn’t do these things yourself, you’re still guilty of allowing these things to happen to your own child! You’re just as bad as your sperm spitting vag filler!

The craptastic birth vessel has been put into police custody. African jails are nothing like the posh hotels that are in the US and Australia. They are filthy, the guards corrupt and they often hang people. This is the perfect place for all child (and animal) abusers to go.

Thanks to SoloCare for the tip!

Jesica Linscott and Rowland Dow abuse and run


Roland Dow, Jessica Linscott Reportedly Seen in Mass.

Wanted couple from Plaistow arrested in Florida


Please take a look at the “happy couple” above.  Please, if you know them, contact the police.  They are wanted for viciously injuring the woman’s 3 year old son.

The “mother” Jessica Linscott 23 and her 27 year old boyfriend Roland Dow, of Plaistow, NH, are wanted by police in connection to the severe burns and bad head injury 3 year old James Nicholson is being treated for.

The sweet baby’s grandmother Helen Nicholson is the boy’s biological father’s mother.  Her son had a fatal overdose when baby James was just 3 months old, but that hasn’t stopped her from loving her grandson more than his c*** rag of a mother.  Nicholson has been video chatting with the youngster from her Melrose home, and has even gone out searching herself.

This poor little boy has had two brain surgeries, the second to put in drains to allow fluid build up to be drained away from his brain.  According to his grandmother he’s wrapped up from his hand to head and covered with gauze.  The good news is that he’s regained his ability to see after having been abandoned at Exeter hospital on November 15th 2012.

Please contact the police if you know where these two scum bags are.  They tried to literally kill this little boy.  They need to be in jail.  There is no good reason for a child to EVER be injured so seriously.  This child was abused so severely he needed brain surgeries.  PLURAL.

After reading this case I looked for more up to date information, but all I was able to find was that the police are also looking in MA for these wastes of life.  I sincerely hope that grandma Helen Nicholson gets custody of this little guy and he never ever hurts again, while these two burn for a long. LONG time..

 Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

***Extra special thanks go to Jackie for the write up.
***Update.  Submitted by Jackie after the original story was submitted.  (I suck, I know).
“We Just burned a child, damaged his vision and dumped him at the hospital-We’re going to go to Universal Studios Florida” **There are a lot of terrible stories of abuse on this site.  I don’t there is is a “good” story of child abuse any where on this site or the world. I really want to thank Malevolent April for letting me write this story and update because it’s really gotten under my skin and impacted me. **
This one though is infuriating.  The “love birds” Jessica Linscott and Ronald Dow of NH really are the scum of the earth.  They were caught yesterday(11-29-12) in Universal Studio’s Florida after watching an afternoon parade.  When the crowd broke up police were able to move in an arrest them.  U.S. Marshall David Cargill Jr. said “I find it very sad these two were located in an area designed to bring joy and happiness and children.  I couldn’t agree more David, except my thoughts are a little it-ok a LOT more profane and nasty.  I also think it’s a shame they weren’t drowned by an angry mod on the jaws ride..that or thrown from the top or Hogwarts to the shop stones below.
Rockingham county attorney is quoted as saying on Wednesday 11/28 “We were feeling pretty confident 24 hours ago that we were going to have them soon”.  Law enforcement spent a lot of time searching through clues to track down this couple after receiving a call about the injures young James was being treated for at the hospital.
Incubator Jessica Linscott is charged with failing to get her son medical treatment when he was having seizures as a result of the abuse he suffered, failing to protect him from hard, and multiple counts of child endangerment.  I hope they find some unpaid parking tickets, unreturned library books and everything else they can to get as much jail time as humanly possible.  Her piece of human excrement boyfriend is charged with assault of burning the child’s fingers and wrist and for hitting the baby hard enough to cause a traumatic brain injury. He also faces multiple charges of child endangerment. They dropped of James at the hospital with massive bruising, brain injury, vision damage, and burns.  Mummy Dearest tried to say that the injuries were self inflicted; I wonder if she used the either of the steadfast excuses of either the stairs or the bathtub too!
Both are in jail in Florida and it is unclear at the current time if they are fighting extradition to New Hampshire or if they will be arraigned in Florida.

AZ Breeder flicked her Bic on child's genitals

Jennifer Barnes

Gilbert woman accused of abusing boy:

Gilbert woman abused adopted son with lighter, police say:

Yet another child hurt, yet another set of CPS fingerprints:

I’m sure you know by now that I make no secret that I was adopted. I probably drone on and on about it. I don’t know what my situation was like before I was adopted. What I do know is that my parents treated me as if I was their own flesh and blood from the time I was adopted until they passed away. I really hope that 39-year-old Jennifer Louise Barnes of Gilbert, Arizona doesn’t treat her biological family the way she allegedly treated her adopted son.

Barnes is accused of torturing her 10-year-old son in ways I don’t think we’ve ever seen here before on (P)BB. According to the boy’s testimony she put dog feces in his mouth then duct taped his mouth shut, sodomized him with a toothbrush, burned his genitals with a lighter and a curling iron and tied a necklace around his penis until it bled.

No word yet on whether this adoption was just another cash grab however some reports say that CPS had been called several times before and nothing was ever done.

Not surprisingly Barnes’ family says that the allegations are false even though a doctor says that an examination backs the claims up. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear from one of them soon.

Anyway to not appear misogynistic I am going to let the female readers and commenters determine what the appropriate punishment that ‘they’ should lay down. I only hope it involves a blow torch at the very least.

It also has to be asked why are so many people turned away from adopting a child because of stupid reasons and trash like this gets to adopt?

The system is broken.

Thanks to Tina for the tip.

"I TOLD you NOT to go to sleep!!!"

St Paul Teen Set on Fire Speaks

Teen Burned By Mother’s Boyfriend

Teen Burned by Boyfriend

The above picture is Antoine Willis age 19 of St Paul, MN.  Antoine was burned by his mother’s boyfriend of 8 years in late July.  According to reports 54 year old Curtis Reed was walking around the house with hammers and stuff saying “Don’t go to sleep, don’t go to sleep.”  Antoine says the threats began after Reed threatened his mother, Alexis Moody, with a knife.  She says she woke up to Antoine on fire.  She tried to put out the flames but Reed followed with lighter fluid and kept spraying it on Antoine until he ran out of the house with Reed in pursuit.  Reed just said, “I told you not to go to sleep, I told you not to go to sleep!”  Moody says, “Nobody deserves to be set on fire, burned alive, that’s not right.” Doctors treated Reed for minor burns before he was arrested on assault charges. 

“Why doesn’t Curtis like Antoine? Because Antoine isn’t going to let Curtis put a hand on his mom,” said Derrick Sanders, Willis’s cousin.

Police said they have been called to that address 30 times in the past five years, with seven calls reporting domestic disturbances. Investigators also say that Reed is a suspect in a string of robbers at a dozen bars in northern Ramsey County.

Antoine is being treated for second and third degree burns and is expected to have scarring from the burns.

Another shocking act of violence against a child that could have been prevented.  Antoine we wish you a speedy recovery and commend you for standing up for your mother!

Thanks to AJ for the tip!!!

What are these??? I told you to bring me Popsicles!

Boyfriend burns children over wrong  snack

Take a look at that face up there… it’s supposed to be the face of grown man, a big-nosed twerp of a grown man, but a grown man none-the-less, really it’s the face of a little bitch.  Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Daniel R. Allison (24)… Danny-boy has been charged with two counts of battery, after he burned his girlfriend’s two sons as punishment for not bringing him the snack he requested.  Yes… people you read that right, he was upset that he had asked the boys before they arrived at their mother’s house to bring him popsicles, they couldn’t find popsicles so they brought marshmallows instead and Danny-boy got so upset he pulled the brothers into a bedroom closet burned the 6-year-old on his nose with a lighter and burned the 3-year-old on the wrist with a cigarette, all the while telling them if they told what happened he’d burn them more.

Really… over Popsicles, grow up asshole, seriously!

The boy’s mother Crystal Kurek (25) hearing her boys screaming from the bedroom went to see what was going on, when she found her “man” abusing her boys she did what all mothers would do and knocked his teeth out of his mouth.  No… not so much, see Crystal scolded Danny and told him, if he ever hurt her boys again she’d… wait for it… BREAK UP with him. Crystal here’s a lesson on how you handle asshats that hurt your most precious gifts; you start swinging and ask questions later.

Crystal, being the overly protective mother she is, did not seek treatment for her sons, but instead allowed them to suffer until they were returned to their father, who took them to the hospital.

When confronted with the burns on her boys, Crystal cried like a baby, begged for forgiveness and told the police where to find her bed buddy.  No… again, not so much, her story went more like this, they were injured when I picked them, oh wait… no, the older boy fell off his bike and she had no idea how her baby was injured.  We all know the police know she is full of bullshit and give her yet another chance to come clean, this time she says “the boys are getting their stories all mixed up.”  No Crystal, the one having problems keeping the story straight is you, the boys have been pretty clear on what happened when telling their father, the doctor and police.

You, Crystal should be ashamed of yourself… it’s your job to protect them, if this guy is capable of losing his shit to this degree over some freakin popsicles, what in the shit will he do if they really mess up and say… I don’t know… accidentally spill a drink (sarcasm).

Danny-boy is charged with two counts of battery, a class B felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.  Mommy is charged with assisting a criminal; she faces a maximum penalty of three years.

One question Crystal was the sex worth it? 

Thanks to Sara Jane for the tip.


James Moss, Bully with Anger Management Issues

Father admits he beat, burned son before pushing him into an oven

Father jailed for stuffing young son in oven for $20 theft

Staten Island man sentenced to four months to be served on weekends

I don’t know about all of you but I’m rarely satisfied with any sentence handed down to the asshats we see here and this one is no different.

Let’s start from the beginning.  Last May, 6’2”, 270 lb James Moss (53) of Staten Island, NY beat, burned and stuffed into an oven his then 9 year-old-son.  What was his offense you ask?  Well, daddy dearest thought his son stole $20 from his wallet – an accusation that I have not yet seen as confirmed but it really doesn’t matter either way.  Moss stripped his son naked and beat him with a kitchen spatula but that wasn’t enough.  He then heated up two burners on the stove and held his son’s hands to them until his skin began to peel.  Finally, he punched him in the face and forced him to crawl into the oven (thankfully it was not turned on) all while shouting at him he would burn him alive.  His son pleaded to be let out and Moss relented only to toss his still naked son outside onto the front porch.  He did eventually let him back into the house where he forced him to sit on the floor “like a dog” until his mother got home.  Yes, all of this and not once did it occur to him to seek medical attention for the second-and-third-degree-burns to his son’s hands or the various cuts and bruises to his back and legs.  His mother took him for treatment when she arrived home.

All of this is horrific and heart breaking but, in my humble opinion, not even the saddest part.  The little boy (his name is published but he is, after all, a surviving victim and a child so, I chose not to include it) had this to say to the judge about his, ahem, “father”:

“He made a big mistake but really somewhere in his heart, he is funny, loveable, caring and a great father in the whole entire world.  Everybody in my family is giving him a second chance…will you? I just cannot see my dad taken away from me.  If he’s not with me, I’m nothing.”

You see, children think their parents (the good, the bad and the ugly) walk on water.  If you’ve ever overheard any playground chit chat it often involves a little ‘my dad can beat up your dad’ or (my personal favorite) ‘my mom’s way prettier than your mom’ and things of that nature.  What can this little boy say about his “father” ‘my dad’s such a big man he can beat me, burn my hands to a crisp and not seek medical attention for me while I writhe in pain’?  I’d love to think that this little boy has such a beautiful heart that he truly forgives his father and wants nothing more than to have his family unit back together but the cynical side of me, which far outweighs the rainbows and sunshine side by a good 90/10 ratio, says that he was either coached or that he doesn’t know anything beyond this treatment; that he’s never been taught to love and respect himself enough to know that he did not in any way deserve this torturous punishment.

This fucker was facing 7 years in prison but is only serving 4 months on weekends followed by 5 years probation.  The justice system may have given him a second chance but what about the second chance he failed to give his son?  What about the permanent scaring both physical and emotional this little boy is going to carry around for the rest of his life?  It’s a parents’ job to teach and guide not torture and humiliate.

Baby boy let me tell you, if you have to go searching for the loving and caring side somewhere in his heart, it probably isn’t there.  You are a wonderful little man and deserve a whole lot more than this.  I hope your “father” spends the rest of his days making this up to you and you spend the rest of yours teaching your “father” how to be at least half the man you already are.

Thanks go to Shelly W. for the tip.

Pitiful Dianeth Pittman

Woman Arrested in Girl’s Branding, Other Abuse

Woman jailed in child abuse is pregnant

Pitiful Dianeth Pittman

Pitiful Dianeth Pittman

Grand Junction, CO: Dianeth Pittman, 39, is accused of repeatedly throwing a 4-year-old girl to the ground and into a wall.

Pittman originally told investigators that the little girl was hit by another child with a Barbie Play BBQ Pit, but later admitted that she tripped the child out of anger, causing her to hit her face on the corner of a counter. The child had a black eye.

But the child had a slightly different story: she says that Pittman tripped her, slammed her to the floor, jerked her up by the arms and slammed her face into the wall multiple time. Pittman also branded the child with a hot knife in the abdomen and told her if she didn’t behave and if she told anyone she would do it again.

A doctor said that in addition to her black eye, the young girl showed she was at substantial risk death and permanent disfigurement. She also had swelling on her head that was covered by her hair. 

Turns out, Pittman is also pregnant with another child. Her Public Defender described her pregnancy as “high-risk” but did not disclose the concerns for the unborn baby. He explained that she may not get the highest quality of care in jail and that she may face additional charges beyond her two current felonies.

Pittman is currently being held on a $150k bond. She is also currently serving probation from a 2010 domestic violence case, and more including drug paraphernalia. 


I thought only women had hot and cold flashes…..

Related to Cina?

Well, it seems that Derek John Piskorski has been having those change of life flashes as well. Or, at least forcing his girlfriend’s 3-year old son, Noah, to have them. And guess what? He’s not using hormones to do it!!! Nooooo…..he’s using the heater, scalding water, and a freezer.

Noah Scheurman was found to have been burned and stuffed in a freezer by the boyfriend of Katey Lynn Scheurman, his incubator. You can read all of the gory details here. Sweet Katie did not do anything to help or protect her child from this monster because…..ummmmm….can you guess? Can ya? Huh? That’s right contestants – because SHE LOVED HIM!!!!! The boyfriend, not her child, that is. The next question up for grabs is what you all think I might think should be done to this piece of walking scum. Those who have been posting here for more than six months can help the others with their answers, and no penalty will be given for cheating. Because those who have not been here for at least six months will probably have no idea who I am. I am the reason April did a happy dance on the OT yesterday. Quiz is over – everybody gets an ‘A’! But I digress.

Little Noah was held under 130 degree water by Derek until his skin sloughed off, and he had grill marks on his hands from having them pressed against a wall heater. Then Derek got really creative and stuffed him in the freezer for a while. Maybe he hoped the freezer would reverse the damage done by the heater and hot water. No, stupid, that’s not how it works.

Oh, and while the boy was in the freezer, the birth organism looked into Noah’s eyes, and did NOTHING!! She needs to be sent to jail too, in my opinion.

As a footnote, the mother’s sperm supplier also let the child play with razorblades. I guess he thought it was a good way to teach him carving techniques. No, not really.

Update: The monsters have been sentenced. He got 26 years, and she only got 6 months. Somebody slap that judge, please…..They both should have gotten life, or better yet, death. I need to go vomit now.

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