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Toddlers kept in cages, but there’s more to the story

Toddlers kept in cages, but there's more to the story

A 38-year-old mother of 5, Malista Ness-Hopkins, was released on bail September 12 after having been arrested for five felony counts of child abuse on July 28. The children, ages 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6, were removed from the home by Accomack County Social Services in response to a complaint made about the home. Social workers found the 2- and 3-year-old children in cribs with makeshift tops screwed onto them. The home was said to be filthy, infested with bugs, and reeking of urine. The children were also reported to be dirty and covered with insect bites.

Usually, I would be totally unsympathetic toward any parent who treated their children this way and who lived in such deplorable conditions, but something struck me differently in this case.

First, Ms. Ness-Hopkins’ attorney told the court she was an overwhelmed single mother, which is easy to believe, with 5 children in the home ranging from 1 to 6 years old. Probably at least 3 of them were in diapers or pull-ups, which would be enough to overwhelm any parent, single or not.

Second, one sentence in the story spoke volumes to me–the young (age 33) father of some of the children died unexpectedly in May of 2016. This most likely left Ms. Ness-Hopkins depressed, grieving, alone, etc. She reportedly was a college student who made honor roll in 2010, so her issues are not due to lack of intelligence, but probably more due to depression and isolation. With no reports being made until the oldest child was 6, apparently she was able to care for them adequately until July of this year. That’s after over a year of trying to do it all on her own while dealing with the grief of losing the father to her kids. Cut her some slack, maybe.

The judge who granted bail did so on the condition she gets a mental health evaluation and follows any treatment recommendations.

The Virginia child abuse hotline number is 800-552-7096.

Thanks to Sabrina for the tip.

Jailers get no jail

No Jail Time For Couple Who Caged Children:

A pair of Adoptive Breeders from Kokomo Indiana will receive no jail time for keeping their adopted kids in a cage. Prosecutors said that the deal reached with Teresa and Jay Moody wil spare the victims further suffering. Under the plea the Moodfy’s will receive two years probation and will no longer be allowed to be foster parents.

In 2005 an 11-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl were removed from the Moody’s care because the Moody’s kept them in wire cages at their horse farm inside of a horse stall. They also disciplined the kids by withholding food.

Locals are outraged at the lack of a real sentence and personally I don’t blame them. I would like to know how this spares the victims from further trauma. I realize the prosecutors may not want to have the kids testify but this sentence is a joke.

Michael and Sharen Gravelle Convicted of Caging Kids

Michael and Sharen GravelleMy reader Aimee sent along this story today with the comment, “A hot mug of Justice is served.” The source of her glee? Michael and Sharen Gravelle have been convicted of felony child abuse and endangerment, plus a string of misdemeanor charges. The jury was out for four days before finalizing its verdict. Apparently jurors didn’t buy their bullshit line that they had to keep their 11 foster kids locked in filthy cages “for their protection.”

It’s all over now except for the sentencing. Hopefully, that sentence will have something to do with chicken wire, honey, and fire ants.

Sheriff Testifies at Michael and Sharen Gravelle Trial about Child Cages

Michael and Sharen GravelleThanks again to mgraber for this update in the case of Michael and Sharen Gravelle, the beautiful people charged with keeping their 11 special-needs foster kids locked in cages. You know, because God hadn’t been cruel enough to these kids already. This morning, Huron County Sheriff Dick Sutherland took the stand and described why the Gravelle house “didn’t look right” when he stepped inside. Sutherland described the stench of urine that hit him upon entry, and the rabbit-wire enclosures that housed the kids.

But that’s not all! Other witnesses have taken to the stand to report on how Sharen Gravelle would refer to the kids as “monkeys”, and order them back to their cages if they tried to go potty before their “scheduled time”. (That explains the piss stench, eh?) Another witness testified that dad Michael referred to himself as “Moses”. That paints as complete of a picture as you need, doesn’t it? Sharen Gravelle was obviously worn down by caring for these kids, but her husband probably pushed her forward so he could remain cocooned within his Messianic delusion. I’m amazed that these two haven’t turned on one another yet – though I suppose I shouldn’t. Couples naturally bond together when “attacked” from the outside, and dysfunctional couples even more so.

Are the Gravelles “evil people”? On one level, they’re just basket cases – in the husband’s case, narcissistic ones – who let their dysfunction spiral out of control. I can understand them getting themselves into this shit. But when they closed their eyes and their minds to the horror they were inflicting upon their kids? When they shut out reality and convinced themselves they were great parents, the facts notwithstanding? That’s when their hearts hardened, and they crossed the line from “stressed-out parent” to “abuser”.

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