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Another Breeder Kills Baby But Fails to Kill Herself

Mom Charged with Suffocating Baby

Serna Formally Charged with Killing Infant


Selfish, Cowardly Cunt


A man called 911 to report finding his 8 month old nephew, German Hipatl, unresponsive and the “mother”, 27 year old Leticia Serna, could not be found.  Police arrived at the apartment to find the baby boy dead with no obvious signs of trauma.  However, they did find 2 plastic bags lying near the baby’s head.

About 15 minutes later 911 calls came in reporting a woman contemplating suicide on an overpass above a highway near the apartment.  Officers and rescue crews pulled her back as she was climbing over the railing…  According to documents the bio-bitch made several statements about wanting to die because she killed her son…

After being taken to the hospital and cleared medically she was arrested on suspicion of murder.  Since then the autopsy has ruled the cause of death was asphyxiation and she is now facing Murder and Assault on a Child w/ Force—likely to produce great bodily injury resulting in death.

She is being held without bond.

There is no mention of the father…

My heart goes out to any family members that loved this baby boy and to the uncle that will not ever get that image out of his head!!


Rant On:

Why didn’t the bitch just jump?!?  German would have actually gotten justice and it would have saved tax payers an ass load of money!!!  Instead we’ll get to hear about some bullshit mental defect or fucked up childhood or some other random excuse we’ve heard a million times already!!  Tax payers will now pay for her therapy, and her attorney, etc., etc……

I help raise my 8 month old nephew.  I have him more than his parents do!!  I can not fathom a reason a baby could give to deliberately take 2 plastic bags and suffocate the life out of them!! 

This wasn’t a case of a baby raising a baby!  This c*** was 27 fucking years old she was old enough to know better!! 

Here’s hoping the cowardly c*** gets some prison justice!  Sadly, I think that’s the only kind of justice that will come close to what she deserves…

Rant Over


R.I.P. German, you deserved a Mommy that would love and protect you!!


Thanks go to Deena for the tip!

Girlfriend Allowed Convict to Torture 5 Year Old

Iacullo Accused of Torture

Couple Charged

Couple Charged with Torture of 5 Yr Old


The Convict and his Desperate Twit!!

Once a convict always a convict!!  Now before anyone gets all irate and offended I’ll explain what I mean.

The word convict, in my mind, doesn’t refer to someone that has made a mistake and served their time in prison and straightened their life up.  To me convict is a state of mind, some prisoners serve their time just to get out and re-offend.  They never stay out of trouble for long because they can’t function in society!  These same worthless fucks look for someone weaker than themselves to prey upon!!  In this case that someone was a helpless 5 year old little boy!!

Authorities, trying to protect this little boy, will only identify him as a male relative in the care of 39 year old Lori Louisa Pincus.

This little boy’s hell started June 1st and ended June 8th when police arrived and took the piece of shit boyfriend, 33 year old Carmen William Iacullo II, back to jail for a parole violation.  Seems he was caught with paraphernalia.

In that short time span this baby endured torture!  He was beaten with fists, wooden kitchen utensils, burned with cigarettes and a lighter, stabbed with scissors or pliers.  He was picked up by his genitals and dropped to the ground!!  All by an abusive, sadistic, waste of space, fucking convict!!

The little boy’s injuries included a black eye, extensive bruising of the genitals, bruising on his entire body, multiple cigarette burns on his chest, stab and cut wounds to his leg and toes, and a burn to his anus.  WTF?!?  That poor baby boy…

Just once I’d like to write about a man/woman who actually protects the child! Unfortunately, that’s not the case here…  Not only did this trailer trashy, cum-guzzling, poster child for desperation allow the abuse she enabled it!!  She kept the boy home from school so they wouldn’t see the bruises and black eye.  When police showed up to violate bitch-boy’s parole she made the little boy hide under a bed!!

The abuse came to the attention of authorities because the Cunt left the little boy home alone while she went to visit her dildo in jail on June 9th!!  After being left alone for an extended period of time he wandered outside and was walking down the street.  A friend of the gutter-slut happened to be driving by and saw him.  She stopped to help and saw the obvious signs of abuse and called the cops.  Thank you, Friend!!

The desperate twit has been charged with Child Abuse and Accessory After the Fact both felonies.  She faces a maximum of 6 years and 8 months in prison…

The abusive tw*t is charged with Torture, Child Abuse, and Corporal Injury on a Child with a sentencing enhancement for causing great bodily injury.  He also faces sentencing enhancements for prior convictions.  2006 Felony Battery.  2003 Possession of Methamphetamine for sale.  2002 Child AbuseAs I said in the beginning, once a convict always a convict!! He’s facing life in prison if convicted.

Thankfully, this little boy is a survivor!!  Here’s hoping all rights will be severed and he’ll find a loving adoptive home that will teach him to trust again and show him unconditional love and he’ll never have to lay eyes on this bitch again!!



Thanks to DD for the tip.

A Classic Example of System Failure!!

Estrada Accused of Scalding Toddler

Toddler’s Horrific Scalding Detailed

Estrada Testifies

Testimony:  Water Could Reach 134 Degrees




Abusive Slag!!


When a paramedic asked a 2 year old baby girl, being treated for 3rd degree burns to her lower legs, how she got her “ouchies” she replied, “Mommy did”.  “Mommy” is 24 year old Diana Vicky Estrada.  That is the last time I will refer to this callous c*** as any kind of mother!!

The baby’s burns started right below the knees and were so severe she had to have surgeries to save her feet and skin grafts!  She was also suffering from a life threatening infection because the bitch didn’t seek medical help for 4 days!!!  There was gauze that the idiot used to try and treat the wounds herself embedded so deep in one leg paramedics couldn’t remove it!

Of course this trashy tw*t had her explanations all lined up.  First she said she had scalding hot water in the tub to clean her curtains and the baby, who loved her baths, went into the bathroom and got in the tub on her own.  Then she changed it from the curtains to bathroom “amenities” like the soap holder.  Then there was the story the baby was sitting on the side of the tub dangling her legs in the water.  And finally she told investigators that she was upset with the little girl for going to the bathroom in her pants and she swatted her on the butt twice, took her to the bathroom, turned on the water without thinking of the temperature, placed the baby in it and turned to get the shampoo at which point the child screamed in pain and she pulled her out.  She of course swears she had no clue the water was that hot!!

She also stated that the baby was moving around in the water.  Medical experts say that is bullshit!!  This child’s burns started in a neat line under the knee.  There were no splash burns that you should see on a 2 year old that is in hot water and trying to get out!!  They say this was caused from intentional dunking!  She forcibly held this baby’s legs in the water!! In short she was punishing a 2 year old for having a potty training accident by scalding her feet and legs!!

Her 4 year old daughter had to testify against her.  She was a witness to the abuse and told investigators that the bio-bitch got mad because her sister had an accident and punished her by putting her in the shower.  She said the baby cried and she saw “red blood owies” on her legs.

As for the excuse on not seeking medical treatment right away for this baby.  The abusive slag was on fucking probation!!  In 2008 she and the father of the youngest daughter, Esiderio Ayala, pled guilty to child abuse with great bodily injury.  The oldest daughter, then around 18 months, was taken to a medical center and to be treated for a uti.  She was severely dehydrated, and had multiple bruises.  While there doctors found that both arms were broken and in various stages of healing!

Thanks to the wonderful, ever vigilant CPS and court system even before she pled guilty to the first abuse charge she had regained custody of the child!  Her sentence in that case:  6 months in jail to be served on weekends, 48 months probation, parenting classes, and she had to enroll in a program for child abusers!!  WTF?!?  What kind of bleeding heart asshole comes up with this shit???  Looks like that program and the parenting classes really worked!!  She didn’t break the baby this time just gave her 3rd degree burns!!

I couldn’t find any info on where Ayala is now.  The father of the oldest, Fabian Urrea is in prison for the murder of the whore’s husband.  Evidently they were fighting because Jorge Estrada, on leave from Iraq for the birth of the baby, had planned on raising the child as his own.  According to her testimony Estrada was reaching out to shake Urrea’s hand.  Urrea then pulled out a gun and shot Estrada, killing him.  She witnessed this while holding the newborn at the scene.  Sadly, it seems the only decent parental figure in this whole damn fiasco was murdered!  It makes one wonder how different the lives of these little girls would have been if he had survived…

Estrada was found guilty of torture and child abuse.  She was sentenced to 14 years, even though she could have gotten life on the torture alone…

Both children were in the custody of CPS.  The report on the testimony of the oldest little girl said that her adopted father was in the court room.  Hopefully, both girls will get a fresh start in a loving home and will never even know her name!!!


Rant On:

I’m so sick of CPS and the courts handing kids back to abusive fucking scum I can’t see straight!!  If the very system that is set up to protect them, places them back in harms way what hope is there???

This worthless, fucking hood-rat wannabe, skanky ass bitch should have never had the opportunity to hurt another child!!!  She should have been sterilized and had her parental rights severed!!!  She should still be sitting in prison for abusing her first child!!

For all the bleeding hearts out there that think she deserves a break because of her shitty life, FUCK YOU!!! She created her own shit by the choices she made!!!  Those babies didn’t get that choice!  Stupid fucking morons, you need to be worried more about saving the innocent babies and less about the abusers rights, childhoods, and lame ass excuses!!

Rant Over




Thanks to Kelly and Kim for the tip.




Father shoots and kills 5-year-old twins as siblings watch

Cops-California family dies murder/suicide

Salvador Acevedo shoots girlfriend, twins(5) before turning gun himself

This one is so disturbing I am not even sure how to begin it to be honest… but here we go and prepare yourself, it will break your heart.


On Saturday, May 7th, what the hell is it with Mother’s Day this year, Salvador Acevedo (45) was driving with his girlfriend Iris Oseguera (33),  their 5-year-twins and Acevedo’s three children from a prior relationship.  The couple began to argue, and Acevedo pulled out a hand gun and fired shooting Iris and both of the twins, Michael and Michelle,  in the upper torso area.  He then went to family member’s house dropped off the other three children and drove away.  The children told the relative what they had just witnessed and the police were called.


The police would find Acevedo’s vehicle, in it were Acevedo dead from a self-inflicted gun shot wound and the rest of his family, Iris was dead at the scene.  The twins Michelle and Michael were rushed to hospital where they would later die.  OMG!  I think this has to be one of the worst murder/suicides to ever grace BB.  This man killed part of his family while the other part of his family watched.  A handgun was recovered at the scene.


These poor kids, to have to see that and know he spared them… we can only hope they can manage to overcome the obvious emotional problems this will cause them.  I mean how freakin scary could this have been.  I don’t want to know EVER!


Why oh why… can’t the cowardly bastards ever just off themselves?


Thanks to Emilie B. for the tip.

Shades of Mary Kay?!?

Mom Charged with 27 Felonies of Sex with Minor

Mom Pleads Not Guilty to Sex with 14 Year Old


Sick Twisted 'Ho

30 year old Nicole Bradburn was arrested and pleaded not guilty to 7 counts of unlawful sex with a minor, 11 counts of committing a lewd act on a child, and 9 counts of participating in oral copulation with a minor.  All of the felonies “allegedly” occurred between October 1 and February 14th.  She’s being held on more than $1.6 million bail.

It seems the disgusting, desperate tw*t was having a “relationship” with a 14 year old boy she met through her teenage daughter.  Damn, how many women are missing out on their soul mates because they are still in middle school??  Maybe all mothers of teens should start letting their kids hook them up with classmates!  NOT!!!

The parents of the boy got suspicious of all the time he was spending with Ho-bag.  When asked about it, the boy denied any relationship.  It wasn’t until the father found what police describe as an “incriminating text message” from the fucking pedophilic bitch on his son’s cell phone.  The boy finally admitted that he had been having a sexual relationship with her since October.

Why would the boy deny the relationship at first?  Well, the manipulative, child-molesting bitch had him convinced she was in love with him of course!  Is it just me or does this c*** and LeTourneau seem to share DNA or at least a handbook!!

The police believe there could be other victims…  WTF?!?


-Rant On-

What in the blue, bloody hell makes a grown ass woman look at a pimple faced, gawky, voice cracking, pubescent child with no dick control and think “He’s so fucking hawt!  I’ve got to see what he’s like in the sack!!”  What the fuck is wrong with these women?!?

This freak’s daughter is probably mortified and has been embarrassed and humiliated by the one person that should have been giving her advice and helping her grow into a respectable young woman!!  Not using her as a fucking dating service or pimp!!!

This is a very impressionable age for these kids.  This predator stole his innocence!  That awkward first when neither of you know exactly what to do.  She’s stolen the sweetness of a first love from him.  It’s all a learning process.

The daughter will now go through hell if she stays at that school!  Kids are cruel and will pick on her because of her mother!  If she moves and changes school then she has to deal with leaving friends and fitting in.

Her whole life has been turned upside down because of a selfish, sick, twisted, disgusting, pedophilic c*** that evidently longs to relive her youth!!  Hell, don’t we all but we don’t all run around looking for 14 year old BOYS to molest!!

Newsflash!!  If you couldn’t find a MAN that would have your skanky ass, you should have bought a fucking dildo!!  Then your daughter’s life wouldn’t be torn apart and your stupid slutty ass wouldn’t be in jail facing 27 felonies!!!  But I keep forgetting you were in “love”.  You have no fucking clue what love is!!!

-Rant Over-



Thanks for the tip goes to Meredith!


Ian Roderiquez Tortured his Family and killed his Son

Father Accused of torturing Family, Killing Teenage Son 

Ian Roderiquez, 35, from San Bernardino, California was arrested after a neighbor heard screams from his family home. 

When police arrived they found his 16-year-old son, Richard, dead on the floor with serious wounds. The boy’s mother along with two other boys and two girls – aged 8 to 13 were also found wounded in the home. All are in critical condition. 

Roderiquez is arrested on suspicion of murder, attempted murder and torture. 

His wife, 35-year-old Sujal, was critically injured and underwent surgery this past Wednesday. 

*Police say the attack was so savage that it’s still unclear what weapon, or weapons were used.

The surviving children – Jacob (13), Gabriel (12), Daniella (10) and Yasmine (8) are all expected to recover. 

One neighbor said that Roderiquez often yelled the kids. “He was a drinker, so he would get in his moods… everybody knew him always yelling at the kids and stuff.”

**So why didn’t you do something about it bitch?!** 

This same neighbor also said the kids showed signs of desperation. “They would go around asking for food, or money and whenever something was given to them it was like Christmas.”

Question to our readers: If you had a neighbor like this, would you try and do something? I don’t understand how you couldn’t! Can’t you make anonymous reports? You can call the police – something?!

I hate that people just stand a watch and don’t ever step in to help. The neighbors may have gave them food and money – but come on! This situation required so much more!

Now there is a young man who won’t get to experience so many great things in life. Is this really the cost? 

Ian Anthony Roderiquez, 35, of San Bernardino has been charged with one count of murder, one count of attempted murder, four counts of torture, and four counts of child abuse.

*Thanks go to Sarah T. for the tip.

Drunk Breeder flips SUV with kids in car

DUI investigated in ‘horrific’ crash near Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport:

The California Highway Patrol arrested 23-year-old Christian M. Galvan of Santa Rosa after she flipped her SUV while allegedly drunk.

CHP says that Galvan was speeding when the truck hit the guardrail which caused the truck to ejecting Galvan and two of her daughter, ages 4 and 6. Not ejected from the truck was Galvan’s 2-year-old son who apparently was the only one of the children that was strapped in. He was still in his carseat.

Did I mention the truck went 350 feet after hitting the guardrail?

A lot of times in these drunk driving accidents the drunk survives innocent victims are killed. Luckily in this instance none of the kids were seriously hurt.

And it also seems that the CHP is a division of the Irony Police because prior to the crash family members say that Galvan and her husband were allegedly arguing about her drinking. What a crappy way for a husband to win an argument.

No word on her BAC so she does not make the board.

Thanks to Faithful for the tip.

Angelo Mendoza found not guilty for eating son's eyes

Angelo Mendoza Sr.

Man who bit out son’s eye found not guilty by reason of insanity:

Angelo Mendoza Sr. is the wheelchair bound man from Bakersfield, California who in a fit of PCP induced rage bit his son’s eyes so badly that he actually ate one of the eyes and badly damaged the other. His son is 4-year-old Angelo Mendoza Jr.

Mendoza Sr. was previously found mentally competent to stand trial. Last week he even pleaded guilty to the charges against him. Apparently a judge was not convinced of his mental competence and even after the guilty pleas the judge found Mendoza Sr. not guilty by reason of insanity.

This means that Mendoza Sr. could spend the rest of his life in a mental facility but it could also mean that he could be out in a few years. Meanwhile Angelo Mendoza Jr. will be disfigured and partially blind for the rest of his life while dear old dad will have three hots and a cot in someplace that isn’t prison.

That judge should be removed the bench and disbarred. And ‘they’ should gouge out Mendoza Sr.’s eyes with a soldering iron.

Angelo Mendoza found not guilty for eating son’s eyes

Angelo Mendoza Sr.

Man who bit out son’s eye found not guilty by reason of insanity:

Angelo Mendoza Sr. is the wheelchair bound man from Bakersfield, California who in a fit of PCP induced rage bit his son’s eyes so badly that he actually ate one of the eyes and badly damaged the other. His son is 4-year-old Angelo Mendoza Jr.

Mendoza Sr. was previously found mentally competent to stand trial. Last week he even pleaded guilty to the charges against him. Apparently a judge was not convinced of his mental competence and even after the guilty pleas the judge found Mendoza Sr. not guilty by reason of insanity.

This means that Mendoza Sr. could spend the rest of his life in a mental facility but it could also mean that he could be out in a few years. Meanwhile Angelo Mendoza Jr. will be disfigured and partially blind for the rest of his life while dear old dad will have three hots and a cot in someplace that isn’t prison.

That judge should be removed the bench and disbarred. And ‘they’ should gouge out Mendoza Sr.’s eyes with a soldering iron.

Patricia Lopez killed her baby

Teen Accused of Killing Baby Faces Murder Charge

Teen Accused of Killing Baby will be Charged as an Adult

In Holt, California a 17-year-old girl, Patricia Lopez, gave birth to a baby girl.

She appeared in court being charged with murder and will be tried as an adult in the death of her newborn daughter. 

According to investigators, she gave birth in her family’s singlewide trailer, used a pair of scissors as a weapon and buried the newborn in a field adjacent to the mobile home community. 

All of this unfolded when she was admitted to the hospital with birthing complications. 

At 17-years old – I’m almost positive that she was told in school about the Safe Haven Laws of California. I can’t even imagine what kind of sick, twisted shit goes through your head when you think to take a pair of scissors to “get the job done” for you.

Seriously, she could have delivered that baby, put her in a blanket and dropped her off at a fire station – no questions asked, her parents don’t know and she wouldn’t have wasted her own life at the same time.

*Thanks go to Jaqueline Ivey for the tip.

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