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Krazy Kiwi nearly kills son and friends

New Zealand dad’s car stunt maims teen skater

The moment when the boy falls in front of the car.

The boy falling in front of the car

Oh dear, those krazy Kiwis are at it again! The tremors in Christchurch must’ve shook them up something stupid. This tale of tomfoolery comes to you from Bay of Plenty (again) where Brendan Michael Dowd (44) a dowdy dude trying to be his kids’ friend instead of their parent, was charged with reckless driving after he was caught towing his sons and their friends on skateboards behind his car, and one of the boys fell and was injured. Not cool, dude.

The incident happened in October last year, when Dowdy and the boys were filming each other skateboarding around an industrial park. The boys took turn at being towed by Dowd and letting go, sometimes two at a time. The car was travelling at 50kph (31mph) when a 14 year old friend of the boys came off the skateboard and narrowly missed being hit by Dowd. He suffered a broken collarbone and a badly grazed face and limbs.

The judge berated him for being such a stupid immature idiot at 44 and the police said that Dowd’s behaviour was the height of stupidity. Dowd was sentenced to 60 hours of community work, disqualified from driving for a year, and ordered to pay the victim $500. He also lost some serious street cred with his sons and his wife refused to have sex with him for 6 months. Also his dog growled at him. Seriously Dowdy dude, give it up. You’re over 40, your sons don’t think you’re “cool” or “rad”. Trying to be their friend instead of their parent is not going to help them, they will walk all over you. Whatever happened to taking them camping or fishing? That’s how you get your male bonding done, not by trying to kill them!


Y’all place your Betts now – in jail, please….

I Betts this hag didn't miss any meals
Tracy Lynn Betts, Teacher’s Aide, Arrested After Daughter Was Found Naked, Eating From Trash: Police
TEMECULA: Naked girl foraged food from trash
Naked girl eating from trash cans shocks Temecula neighbors
Calif. teacher’s aide Tracy Lynn Betts arrested after her 12-year-old daughter was found naked, eating from trash

Tracy Lynn Betts, 40,is a teacher’s aid at an elementary school, so you would think she might know a thing or two about how to treat a child. You’d be wrong. Tricky Lyin’ Butts’s 12-year-old daughter was found naked, wandering the street and digging in trash cans for food, in a neighborhood near the school in which Tricky works. Oh, and the birth-beast was assigned to a special education classroom. I bet the kids in her class could probably figure out that kids need to eat….

There are so many conflicting circumstances in this case, that I hardly know where to begin. First, the egg donor was a teacher, but did not have her pre-teen daughter in school…why? Second, the child was naked and starving, but judging from the picture above, it seems that there was adequate money for food and clothing – the she-beast is nicely dressed and…ummmmm….well, a healthy weight. Really healthy. Plus, the child was being held prisoner in a BMW. Now, I’ve never had one of those, but I understand they’re pretty expensive. Economics 101 would suggest that if money was scarce, Butts could have sold the car and bought herself a bicycle. That would take care of three issues at one time.
1. Extra money from the sale of the car to use for food and clothing for the child.
2. Extra money from not having to purchase gas for the car – also to use for food and clothing.
3. Riding a bike is good exercise.

Unfortunately, it seems the birth vessel would rather have a nice set of wheels than a well-fed child. I wonder if she’ll get to take her car to the grey bar hotel when she gets her room there? Probably not.

I cannot for the life of me understand why some people consider their own personal comforts to be more important than the welfare of their child(ren). I’D be starving and naked before I’d let any of my kids do without anything THEY needed.

It seems that Betts has posted the $15,000.00 bond set by the judge, and is currently not in custody. One of the articles linked above mentioned a husband, but no one seems to know where he is either. Perhaps Tricky Butts starved him to death and buried his naked body somewhere? That’s only conjecture on my part, though. However, if he doesn’t have a really good explanation about his whereabouts for the last few weeks, he probably needs to be brought up on charges as well.

Oh, and for the coup de grace? The spokesperson for the school district that employed Betts stated that she was not sure how the arrest would affect Betts’ employment status. WHAT!?!? She needs to be fired, you eejit! My brain hurts.

A big thank you to Durham Red, Tambra, HFlowers, Erin and Lori – who all sent in tips about this worthless breeder.

3 arrested in Va. for putting kids in trunk

Police Find Kids in Trunk, Parents Arrested:

Why do some people continue to think that the trunk of a car is a safe place for kids to ride during a trip?

Anyway in Bedford County, Virginia police arrested Dwayne and Conchita Spurlock and Armentha Kennedy. There were 9 people on the car with 3 kids, ages 13, 9, and 11, in the trunk. They claim they were on the way home from a family reunion and that they were using two cars but one broke down. Oh, well i guess that makes it ok then.

Here’s a thought if you can’t take everybody without putting someone in the trunk MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T GO!!!

Thanks to Cynthia for the tip.

Elizabeth Dillon Leaves Three Kids in Car for Over Three Hours, Doesn't See Anything Wrong with That

SaddleHere’s one for the ages from Sand Lake, Michigan. 28-year-old Elizabeth J. Dillon can’t understand why authorities are so angry that she left her three kids, twins age 6 and a 22-month-old – in a running pickup truck for over three hours while she waited for a saddle shop to make her parts for a bridle. The irony is that the owner of Circle JF Saddlery in Lowell has a special room where kids can wait. But, no – Dillon decided it was better for them to wait over three hours in a running vehicle that was parked in a two-hour parking spot, while she hung out alone in the shop and watched the owner work. Nothing happened to the kids before police arrived…unless you count the baby, who was sitting in his own piss.


Dillion insists that she’s a “good mom” who made mistakes, but shouldn’t be charged with felony child abuse. Too bad she never heard of Amy Elizabeth Calvin, who found out the hard way what can happen when you leave your child in a car unattended for even a few minutes. Not to mention what might have happened if the 6-year-old had figured out how to get the vehicle out of Park. Good GOD, woman, where’s your paranoid parental imagination?!

Saddlery owner Joel Forrest, who was much less gobsmacked than Dillon, hit the nail on the head: “If you go into a gas station and you have kids,” he told reporters, “you take them in with you.” Precisely.

Dillon’s kids are back with her while she fends off charges of second degree child abuse. If i were her, I’d practice begging for mercy. Stupidity may not be a great defense, but in this case, it’s the only defense she has.

(Hat tip: Sinthyia)

Gardenia Johansson Leaves Kid in Car – But Takes Dog with Her!

Black 2002 BMWOkay. Here it is, today’s story by popular demand. Folks are already searching for this like mad, and reader SuperSnark sent it to me an hour or so ago in a link. What is “it”, you may ask? Why, it is the story of Gardenia Johansson of Scottsdale, Arizona, who was arrested after she tried to tell a Neiman Marcus parking attendant to park her BMW – with her baby still inside it.

But she took her small dog with her. You see, according to Madame Curie here, the staff at Neiman Marcus just hated it whenever she brought her bratty babe into the store. So she was doing them a favor. Whew! At least she didn’t abandon her defenseless child out of selfish stupidity! There’s a relief!

This woman is the pinnacle of self-absorption. Not only did she take her sweet-ass time in the store, but she asked her arresting officer to go pick up the gift was was waiting on back at the store. “Oh yes, I abandoned my child, blah blah blah, whatever – but the important thing is that I pick up Gracie’s gift-wrapped pendant!”

Ready for the kicker? Gardenia Johansson is a Montessori teacher. Oops, correct – she WAS a Montessori teacher. Montessori at Anthem, her former employer, has ripped her name off of the faculty page. I’ve uploaded an image capture of the Google cache which still has her bio on it. The bio reads:

Gardenia Johansson, Primary/Pre Primary Educator
Ms. Johansson is a Primary Educator at Montessori at Anthem. Ms. Johansson received her Montessori training in Sweden when she was living there. She has been involved in Montessori education for ten years. Ms. Johansson has a young son, who occupys her time when she is not at school. Ms. Johannson loves the calm spirit that is characteristic of a Montessori learning environment. She believes in helping the children in her room develop a love of learning that they will carry throughout their lives.

Ahem. Would you trust a school where the staff can’t spell “occupies” correctly? Apparently, Johansson’s son didn’t take up as much of her time as the school would have liked…

If this isn’t enough case-related snark for ya, check out SuperSnark’s write-up. She notes that this model of bad parenting had the temerity to ask the valet attendant whether leaving the baby in the car was a good idea – and when he said “no”, ignored him! Wow. Just…wow. It’s amazing this woman pulls her pumpkin-head out of her ass long enough to acknowledge that other people even exist.

Dad Hit-and-Runs “Deer” with Daughter in The Car

Deer decoyTalk about setting a bad example for a child at a young age. Joseph Clark of St. Johnsbury, Vermont was driving his Chevy when he spotted a deer in the road. The genius stopped and shined a light on the animal, to make sure that it was what he thought it was. Then, with his girlfriend and their four-month-old baby girl aboard, he sped up and ran the animal down.

Unfortunately for Einstein, the “deer” was a decoy set up by gaming officials as part of a crackdown on illegal hunting. The decoy flew 30 feet, and was so damaged that it’s been “decommissioned”. Even worse for Clark, game wardens were in hiding, watching the horror story unfold before their eyes. What a touching family moment. Now, when Clark’s daughter is a little older, he can tell her about the time he tried to run over Bambi’s mother. For now, he’ll have to cough up fines and possibly serve jail time for hunting with a Chevy without a permit.

Mom Drives Off with Pregnant Daughter’s Arm Trapped in Car

Car keysWe’re seeing a new trend in stories about moms and dads who act like assholes toward their pregnant offspring. It’s a two-for-your-money Parent Behaving Badly – a parent who puts their child and grandchild at risk simultaneously. Most of these recent stories have centered around parents attempting to force an abortion upon an unwilling daughter. But today’s story from Hopkinton, Massachusetts is unique. A police officer on duty reports that he witnessed 42-year-old Susan Revel arguing with her 22-year-old pregnant daughter over the use of their car. When the daughter tried to grab the keys from the ignition, the officer says that Revel trapped her arm with the windshield, and then tried to speed away! The daughter fell to the ground, the officer intervened, and Mommy Dearest was booked for aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Smooth move, mama. I can’t wait to hear the defense for this one in court. It’s pretty hard to get away with being a bad parent when a cop was watching the whole thing go down. Note to Revel: next time you choose to drive off with your pregnant child dangling out of the car, do it in the privacy of your own home, where nobody can see you.

New Car Death: Baby Left in SUV by Busy Dad

Chevrolet TahoeEvery summer, we see the same story dozens of times: a mom or dad forgets to drop a kid off at child care, then walks into work and abandons their offspring. Hours later, the child is dead from heat stroke and dehydration, as summer temperatures of 90 or 100 degrees Fahrenheit push the internal temperature of the car up to 160 degrees.

The latest incident occurred in Dallas, Texas, where an unnamed dad scurried into work and left his son in a sweltering Chevrolet Tahoe. A passer-by called police to the grim scene shortly before 6pm, where they removed the body of a 10-month old.

I’m not going to belabor this point. I’m sure this dad is beating the hell out of himself, and continue to do so for the next 10 years. Like my wife just said, however, "I’d find it very hard to move past a mistake that big in our marriage."

No job is worth a child’s life, folks. Let’s have a little more awareness out there, so that preventable shit like this never happens again. 

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