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Greedy mum sets the tasty arm of the law on her hungry son

NC mom has son arrested for stealing her Pop-Tarts

Latasha Love, N.C. mom, has son arrested for allegedly stealing her Pop-Tarts, report says

Somehow, I highly doubt that Pop Tarts are "made with real fruit"...

Somehow, I highly doubt that Pop Tarts are “made with real fruit”…

Latasha Renee Love (37), of Charlotte NC, called the po-po on her young son. Was he threatening her with a knife? Did he steal her car and crash it into a tree? NO! She had her son arrested and put through the juvenile court system, for the heinous crime of eating some POP TARTS!

The silly police officers actually turned up and arrested the poor kid, and charged him with misdemeanour larceny. The police estimated the value of the stolen goods to be a grand total of $5 and commonly found as a staple food item in most supermarkets throughout the USA. On Wednesday last week, a reporter waited two hours to speak to Greedy Mum. G.M. parked her car round the back of her house and briefly made an appearance on her front porch, but only to swear at the reporter and slam the door.

Oh come on now, Latasha. Where is the Love? Surely you could have shared the Pop Tarts with your son? Pop Tarts aren’t exactly a fine wine or vintage cheddar. The poor kid probably thought they were for him, seeing as Pop Tarts are marketed towards children. Greedy Mum has had problems with disciplining her son in the past, probably because she couldn’t get out of her mobility scooter or waddle fast enough to keep up with him. So she palmed the responsibility off to someone else.

The misdemeanour case against the poor boy will be heard in a juvenile court. At the expense of Greedy Mum.

Aussie’s Native Natterings: Pop Tarts used to be widespread here in Australia in the 90s, but now they’re only available in specialty shops. They’re really expensive (like $10 for 8 of them). I only like them occasionally, and I bought a 24-pack on the cheap once ($10). I shared them with my sisters, who expressed disbelief at the fact that Pop Tarts are a “breakfast food” in the US. We also laughed at the box because it claimed that Pop Tarts were a “good source of 8 vitamins and minerals”. You can’t get the full range of flavours here, only what the shops import. The last lot I had were Fudge Sundae.

Feeding your kid Pop Tarts for breakfast on a daily basis should be child abuse. Those things are seriously unhealthy.

Thanks to Muggle for the tip!

More Pop Tart deliciousness

More Pop Tart deliciousness

Queen City Breeder caught driving high with kids in the car

Timothy Leon Johnson (Wait, what?)

Stoned man driving with 3 children in car, police say:

I got two things to get out of the way first. Trench’s current hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina is the Queen City, not Cincinnati. I’ve never heard of a Queen Cincinnati. Secondly that is in fact the dude’s mugshot and not his driver’s license picture.

Anyway the dude in question is 33-year-old Timothy Leon Johnson. He was stopped in Charlotte for not only being allegedly high as fuck but for also having weed in the car. Also in the car were a 6-year-old boy, a 6-year-old girl, and a 14-year-old boy. Now the article doesn’t say Johnson’s relation to the children but since he was charged with child abuse I’m going to assume they’re either his, his girlfriend’s who was in the car with him, or some combination of both.

Johnson was stopped at 6:47 pm. To me that sounds like a real winner who was smoking dope all day then had to pick the kids up. Do you know what kind of people drive while they’re high or drunk? Addicts, that’s who.

Try to tell me that weed isn’t dangerous.

Thanks to Holly for the tip.

Breeder sexually abuses baby for bondage boyfriend

Enos and McDougald

Couple arrested for sexually abusing a one year old girl:

Mother, N.C. man charged with sexual abuse of 1-year-old:

As I’ve said before on some of my other websites I know a lot of people who are into BDSM relationships. It’s not my cup of tea but it seems to work for most of the couples that I know that are into it. However the couples that I know don’t introduce one of their kids into it.

Not so for 35-year-old Darlene Enos of Charlotte, North Carolina. Police say that she met 41-year-old Vincent McDougald on a bondage website. McDougald is said to have traveled from Laurinburg, NC to Charlotte to meet up with Enos. That’s where they say that McDougald raped Enos’ 1-year-old daughter.

McDougald allegedly admitted to another woman that he met on Yahoo that he did these things to the girl. Luckily the other woman contacted authorities. He allegedly used the screen name of BlkDominNC.

Police say that not only did Enos admit that McDougald raped his daughter but that she took place in the rape as well.

Again I have to ask how does someone ask someone who they barely know to have sex with their child and why in the blue hell would the birth organism say yes? Is your life that fucking empty that you’re in such need of a vag-filler that you would allow him to rape your 1-year-old daughter. Why the fuck would you agree to that?

What ‘they’ should do to her is they should make her feel like her daughter did when she was raped but I doubt they would find anything big enough to be bigger than her gaping maw of a diseased snatch.

Local Breeder leaves kids out in the cold

Lastaria Brown

Last week here in Charlotte, NC it was colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra. I’m from up north so when I say it’s cold it’s cold.

Apparently that didn’t matter to Lastaria Brown (how do you even pronounce that?) of West Charlotte who was arrested last week on child neglect charges. It seems her 3-year-old and 18-month old were found out in the 20 something degree (F) weather in just their diapers. An 11-month-old (do the math on that one) was found to be inside the home. I couldn’t find word on where Ms. Brown was at the time but I’m hoping she wasn’t getting her hair done and if she was she needs to get her money back.

Brown was arrested back in June for similar charges when she allegedly left the kids home alone then. No word on why Brown still had the kids.

Thanks to our own Deena for the tip.

Charlotte Breeder leaves baby in car at Wally World

Police: Mother leaves infant in car for 45 minutes on hot day:

Woman saves baby locked in hot car:

22-year-old Starkiya Jones of Charlotte, NC has been charged with misdemeanor child abuse after leaving her 2-month-old baby in her locked car while she spent 45 minutes in Wal-Mart.

A passerby tried to break the window of the car and then got the attention of firefighters that were across the street. The passerby said that all took place within a span of 25 minutes.

When Jones returned to her car she claimed that she had only been in the store 10 minutes.

Luckily the child was only dehydrated and was released to the father.

Now as most of you know I live in Charlotte. It’s been really fucking hot lately. My AC is broke so I know just exactly how much the heat can effect someone. I almost passed out yesterday just from getting the door for the pizza guy and I’m a 41-year-old man.

Since the heat index has been past 100F it’s only a miracle that this child wasn’t killed.

To make matters worse Jones has gone on local TV trying to defend herself saying that she was only in the store for 20 minutes.

10, 20 or 45 minutes, it doesn’t fucking matter how long it was if you leave your kid in 100 fucking degree weather in a car in a Wal-Mart fucking parking lot. You say that angels were looking out for you and your daughter. You’re only half right. They obviously needed to look out for your daughter because of you.

Thanks to my lovely and talented wife Jade for the tip,

Charlotte toddlers killied in home alone fire

Mother charged after toddlers killed in fire:

Mother of dead children had been charged before:

This is how bad it is for me working at ‘The Sweatshop’. I live in Charlotte but since I work second shift I had to hear this story from someone who doesn’t even live around here. At least I don’t think she does. If she does Jade and myself will have to get together for a beer.

Anyway, 26-year-old Orgal Paulette Opata of Charlotte, NC left four of her children home alone. No word yet on what the reason was she left the house but that’s neither here nor there. What is here and there is that the kids were left home alone with a kerosene heater.

I’ve never been a big fan of kerosene heaters. Personally I think their two dangerous to keep in a house. I just think they’re bombs waiting to go off but that’s just me. However even if I did have one in the house you would have to be potentially brain dead to leave one running in the house with four unsupervised children.

Neighbors were able to save two of the children but Josiah Hawthorne, 2, and Gabriel Hawthorne, 14 months, were unable to be rescued.

Opata has been charged with murder and was previously charged back in October for leaving kids home alone.

And as a public service here are some tips on using a kerosene heater safely.

You’ll notice it says do not let children operate it.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Mother charged in Charlotte beating death of child

Mom charged in toddler’s death:

I previously posted about Elijah Burger here. He was toddler who was beaten to death by his DSD, Andre Hampton, in a run down Charlotte motel room. Now his mother, Lashinna Burger, has also been charged in his death.

So far CMPD is being tight lipped about what led them to arrest Burger.

2-year-old beaten to death in Charlotte

Allegations of violence before death:

Andre Hampton was arrested for beating 23-month-old son to death in a rundown Charlotte motel room. When EMS workers took Ellijah Burger from the motel room he had lashes across his chest.

Lashinna Burger left Elijah with Hampton even though Hampton has a history of abuse. Hampton had been previously arrested for domestic violence against Lashinna Burger but both cases were dropped due to ‘lack of evidence’.

Ladies, if your man has beaten you it isn’t a far stretch that he will beat his own son if you’re not around. If he beats you he doesn’t love you no matter what he says.

Baby dumped in Charlotte McDonalds

UPDATE: Baby Left In SW Charlotte McDonald’s Restroom:

I love it when local stories make the national news and by love it I mean not really.

Anyway, an hours old newborn was abandoned in a McDonald’s restroom in Charlotte, NC today.

A man took the infant into the women’s restroom and ran out of the building. A customer found the baby. The baby was rushed to the hospital, examined and was found to be healthy.

What’s the problem you ask? Doesn’t North Carolina have safe haven laws? Why yes, yes we do. The baby can be up to seven days old but must be left with a responsible adult. A McDonald’s restroom is not a responsible adult.

I wonder if the man was on his way to a responsible adult only to freak out at the prospect. Either way police are saying that the mother could face charges.

Which leads to another issue. State safe haven laws are to confusing from state to state. In some states a police station is a safe haven. In some states it isn’t.

There needs to be a federal safe haven law.

Oprah Winfrey Asks David Crespi: Why Didn’t You Just Kill Yourself?

David Crespi with Oprah WinfreyLast month I wrote about David Crespi, the Charlotte, North Carolina banker who “snapped” one night and murdered his twin daughters, Tess and Sam. Shortly after the killings, Crespi called 911 and confessed. The case is so baffling that Oprah Winfrey made it the focus of her Tuesday show. Crespi’s wife Kim has already talked to the media before, but this is the first time we’ve heard from David himself.

The article linked above contains bits and pieces of Winfrey’s interview with Crespi, and the second linked video (“Crespis Discuss Mental Illness”) contains a snippet of the broadcast. Oprah asks a question I’ve been wondering as well. If, as Crespi reported to police, he was so stressed out about finances and caring for his family, why didn’t he kill himself as opposed to his twin daughters? His nonsensical answer: I tried it before, and I promised my wife I wouldn’t do it again.

Oprah’s response? “I wished you had promised her not to harm your daughters.” To which Crespi responds, “I wish I had too.”

In this case, I still fall on the side of Crespi being mentally ill. We know that he had been switched to Prozac four days before this incident, and that a post-crime evaluation ruled Prozac was “not a good drug” for Crespi to be on. (You think?) Listening to him talk on Oprah, and reading the transcript of his chat with detectives, it’s obvious that this is a mentally unbalanced man whose capacity for logical action was impaired. The “logic” that is threaded through his actions is the same logic that gripped Andrea Yates, driving her to murder. The question for society is: Could this tragedy have been prevented? And if so, how? More aggressive treatment? Better monitoring? Pre-emptive confinement?

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