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Squalor, squatting and DCFS fail

Toddler left home alone, falls out of window

Mother charged after toddler falls from second-story apartment in MarquettePark


22-year-old Vernisha Carter gets a court date for being a failure as a parent.  What the lucky bitch doesn’t get to do is identify a tiny body or pay for a funeral.  You see, she’s a lucky fucker.  Unlike most babies that grace the pages of, little Jeremiah Carter is still alive.

After9 p.m.Tuesday night, Vernisha and her main squeeze left 2-year-old Jeremiah home alone to go fetch some food.  A neighbor found little Jeremiah on the ground outside of the supposedly vacant apartment building.  The baby had fallen from a second story window, escaping with only a scrape on his head.  He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Carter’s man claims that the pair was only gone for 5 to 7 minutes.  Anyone with an IQ higher than 15 knows you don’t leave a baby alone for ANY length of time.

The couple and the baby were squatting in the vacant apartment building and were living in squalor.  Hopefully Carter will be squatting behind bars and Jeremiah will be in the arms of a loving family with a little sense.

Just so we’re clear – Verninsha is not the only one who failed Jeremiah.  Neighbors say that they contacted DCFS about the apartment prior to this incident and got no response.  Good ol’ DCFS.

Carter is being charged with endangering the life of a child and reckless conduct. She’s due back in court in July.

How Jeremiah survived his mother’s dumbfuckery is a miracle, but I sure am glad he did.  I think he has a greater purpose in this life than government check for his mother.

Thanks go to Barroness for this tip.

Just Good ‘Ol Fashioned Evil


3-year-old stabbed to death on West Side

No bond for father charged with fatally stabbing son, raping mom

Father Charged with Stabbing Son, 3, to Death

Here’s the unmitigated deal folks…it seems that some people out there apparently have no actual respect for the sanctity of life, nor do they seem to want to somehow grasp the notion of appropriate societal interactions.  Take Gregory D. Sandifer for example…here is the paragon for all that represents malice of forethought, irrational violence, wicked intentions and just plain good ‘ol fashioned evil.

 The despicable scene opens in Chicago where Sandifer, for reasons known only to him, decided it was about time he had some sex with his baby’s mama and off and on again girlfriend.  Meanwhile, it seems that the girlfriend had managed to acquire a bit of discern in regards to the slug who fathered her child during their numerous separations and vehemently refused.  Well…you know how it is in the city and in the mind of pestilence such as Sandifer…Georgey just wasn’t going to take no for an answer.  Not only was he not going to take no, he decided to take it a step further and stab the woman repeatedly…because nothing gets a gal in the mood more than an improvised hack job on an otherwise pleasant day in the neighborhood and surrounding vicinity.  It must have done Sandifer a bit of good because he brutally raped his girlfriend, causing more injuries (emotional and physical) in the process of it all.  Because this was a process folks…most things are.

 As he was already warmed up from this assault, he quickly turned and brought his blade to the attention of his three year old son by the most brutal and inconceivable means that ever existed.  He stabbed and he stabbed…and he stabbed until the child lay dead in a pool of blood exuding from the multiple stab and slash wounds with tedious precision.

Well, not a man to leave a job unfinished, Sandifer turns to look for the mother…and he finds her.  A struggle ensues and with the good grace of luck and those above, she manages to get the knife away from our vile protagonist and toss it out the window.  Naturally, Sandifer is upset by this action, after all, he was having a helluva time with the knife and she had to go and ruin his fun time activity.  At this point, the woman attempts escape and is quickly dragged back inside by a more than seething Sandifer who punches her multiple times in the head, face and neck and…for that special touch, he pummels her with the family television.

The rest of the story is nothing more than Sandifer’s flight from the police…a bit of a scuffle with the officers and his eventual arrest in which he only surrendered because he was “tired and thirsty from fighting”…well really now, who wouldn’t be…after all, it’s been a big day for Georgey and he needs his rest.  The police tote him away and he is hospitalized for his injuries from the incursion with the law.  Jolly good.

So where does that leave the mother who was also hospitalized and is currently listed as critical.  Does it leave her in a good place in her heart because this scum bag illiterate worthless fuck of a human being not only attacked and raped and almost killed her, but he also took from her the most precious thing she has ever had…her three year old son?  Does it leave her with a sense of relief that she survived the brutality that took place that fine Friday of September 8th?  Does it leave her forever numb and burdened by the guilt and the grief and the indescribable pain that holds it all in place?  I’m sure you’ve already decided.

They say there is a special little nook…maybe a cove…in hell for people of this heinous subspecies of humans.  The kind of creature that has no regard for life and no respect for the boundaries that comprise society as a whole…the kind of soulless yet seemingly animate sewer dreg that has it inside his entire being to murder a three year old by knife…yeah, they say there is an exclusive place for them in hell.  But you know what?  This kind substandard freak of everything that can go wrong with a “human” will find long before he makes it to the Biblical accounts of fire and brimstone and eternal suffering that his soon to be new friends in prison won’t cotton much to Sandifer’s deeds.  Crimes against children just aren’t as …um…”appreciated” in the penal system and all its little penalite members…so rest assured dear reader, these inmates will surely have a special place for Georgey as well. 

Thanks to all who sent in this tip.

***Special thanks to my darling,  Gorafalo, for the most amazing write up***


Yolanda Jones gave birth the same day she took a life

The face of pure EVIL


Caregiver Charged in 5-Year-Old Boy’s Beating Death 

35-year-old Yoland Jones is a caregiver, a mother of 6, and a murder.  Oh… and she’s a c***.  

 Jones dropped off the dead body of 5-year-old Tommy Davis III to the Midwestern Regional Medical Center on September 6th.  She claimed that his death was a result of a head injury suffered when he fell on a parking block while running through the parking lot of the motel where she was living.  Davis, who was DOA,  appeared to be covered from the top of his head to his knees in bruises.  He also had  recent beeding from his nose, head, and ears. At the time she dropped off the dead child, she was in labor with her 6th child.  A rescue squad took her to Vista Medical Center East  where she gave birth that same day. 

Thank God for the dillegence of the detectives.  They viewed the video tape from the motel entrance and parking lot.  There must not have been an image of Davis falling in the parking lot, but there was one of Jones holding a limp child.  Jones also apperantly coached her older children as to what to say when they where questioned.  They retold Jones’ original story involving the parking block.  Jones finally broke down and admitted to investigators that she “snapped” when Davis wet his bed.  She beat the boy over a two day period – hitting him with a belt and banging his head on the bathtub and floor.  Mother fuck.  I can’t help but wonder where little Tommy’s parent’s were durring those two days or why Jones had him in the first place. 

Jones is being charged with two counts of first-degree murder and remains in custody at the Lake County Jail with bond set at 3 million dollars.  DCFS had a previous case involving Jones (shocking).  All six of her children are int he care of the state.  The father away they get from that devil bith, the better off they’ll be. 

 Thanks go to Denna for posting this tip in the Open Thread.

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