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4 year old girl saves mum’s drugged arse

Girl, 4, calls for help after high on drugs mum passes out while driving pick-up truck

So NOW Alicia Pruitt is awake…just in time to realise what a useless wastoid she is.

A brave 4 year old girl from Texas made the call she never should have had to make…she called 911 after her useless druggie incubator Alicia Pruitt (24) fell asleep at the wheel of her truck and ran off the road. Luckily it was on a rural road, with barely anything to hit.

Police say the little girl used Alicia’s phone to ring them and tell them where she was and what had happened. When they arrived, they found the useless stoner slumped over the wheel, truck in gear with the engine running, and her foot still on the brake. Thank fuck for small miracles.

When the pothead awoke, she was in a daze and managed to mumble to officers that she had been smoking K2 – synthetic marijuana – and had also taken a bunch of illegally obtained narcotics (i.e. stolen pain meds).

Officers lauded the intelligence and bravery of the little girl and rewarded her by placing her in the care of relatives, away from the useless stoner bitch. Pruitt has been charged with public intoxication, possession of drug paraphenalia and possession of a controlled substance. No mention of any charges of child endangerment or neglect.

Tiffany Marie Scott makes meth in her child’s closet

Meth Momma

Meth Momma

Woman arrested after finding meth lab in child’s closet

Tiffany Marie Scott, 28, was arrested after they found a meth lab in her 5-year-old’s bedroom closet.

The 5-year-old was present during the drug bust – DHS called the Father and he had come to pick him up. 

Authorities had received a tip about a lab and also found several “shake-and-bake” labs in a large duffle bag. This bag also contained a propane torch, two-layer liquid in bottles and various other chemicals. A small bag of meth was also found on her bedroom floor and needles and other items found in her bathroom.

Scott told deputies of a man that would cook meth in her bedroom twice a week. He is the one that kept the bag in the child’s closet. – Yeah, I’m sure about that! 

Scott is being held in lieu of a $50,000 bond and has been charged with:

  • Possession of controlled dangerous substance (methamphetamine).
  • Possession of controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute.
  • Child Endangerment.
  • Endeavoring to manufacture a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute.
  • Seriously Horrible Eyebrows! 

Thanks go to me for finding this diamond in the ruff.

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