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Dumbass Dad Leaves Injured Children After Car Accident

Utah dad arrested after police say he left injured kids in car after crash


Most people know that DD stands for Designated Driver.  Unless, of course, we are referring to this case involving David Michael Stoltenberg, 27.  Because he is a fucking moron, he has earned the designation DD for Dumbass Dad.  Coming from Utah, DD apparently did the most logical things after rear-ending a car with his children with him… he called the cops, checked to see if his two babies were ok, and did the right thing…..right?!?! Um, nope!  DD ran from the scene, leaving behind his children, who were injured as a result of the crash. The police had to coax him back to the scene of the crash to make sure the children involved, a 2 year-old and 9 year-old, were ok.


Here on BB, we have the BAC Board of “winners” who have done really dumb shit while drunk with their kids in the car. DD here actually beats out Elizabeth Marie Durbin  who had a BAC of .297% and earning the spot of #4 on the list after being apprehended because his BAC was a .302%, I am actually surprised this fucker could run being that wasted. Apparently this DD has a history of driving while wasted as he had a DUI back in 2006.  He was also driving on a suspended license.


The up side to the story is that there were no dead babies. The children were taken to the local hospital and were treated for minor injuries and are currently in the custody of their aunt and grandmother.  DD is facing multiple charges stemming from the crash, including a DUI, child endangerment and hit and run.


Thanks for the tip and the write up go to Rochell.

Lindsey Morgan did a drunken demo-derby with her toddler in tow


Pregnant Mom Leads Deputies on Drunken Chase in Wexford Co. 

Wexford County Sheriff’s Office: Pregnant woman charged with drunken driving

Mom with baby on board arrested for drunk driving 

The title pretty much wrote the story for me.  Good thing, too.  I’m sleepy as fuck.

That sloppy, sobbing sack of shit there is 31-year-old Lindsay Morgan.  Late last month, Miss Morgan was drunk as fuck.  I’m all for partaking in libations.  What I’m NOT all for is partaking while being 7 months pregnant.  Even more than that, I’m not okay with a pregnant woman partaking and then jumping in her ride with her 2-year-old.  That’s exactly what Morgan did right before leading officers on a chase which ended with Morgan driving into a wooded area where she crashed into some trees.

Around10 p.m.on March 28th,Wexford County,MIofficers approached a suspicious vehicle.  Behind the wheel was pregnant, repeat DUI offender, Lindsey Morgan.  Instead of being a good girl and pulling over, Morgan decided to take officers on a scenic tour of a local wooded area.   After drunky crashed her car, officers discovered that, not only was the driver in the “family way”, she also had her 2-year-old daughter in tow.  The good news(as if there is any)?  The toddler was in a car seat.

Morgan’s BAC was more than twice the legal limit.  Is there a fucking legal limit for a pregnant woman with a child in the car?  The legal limit should be ZERO!

Morgan is sobering up behind bars.  Of course this isn’t her first time at the rodeo.  She has had previous drug and alcohol arrests.  Her charges this time are fleeing and eluding, operating while intoxicated-3rd offense (THREE MOTHER FUCKING TIMES???) and driving on a suspended license. Prosecutors are trying to charge her with child endangerment.  What is wrong inMichiganthat this broad hasn’t already been given an endangerment charge?  This could have ended with the death of her daughter and her unborn baby.

Thanks go to my darling, Deena, for the tip.

Play date ends with a crash

Trial set for Iowa woman in baby’s crash death

A Kanawha area mother is set for trial after killing her 6-month-old.

Around 2 in the afternoon on October 8th 2010 Nicole Jacobs, 37, put her 6-month-old son Lincoln in the van along with his 4-year-old sister Kailyn and her 4-year-old girlfriend Mackenzie .

She was already drunk and well above the legal limit when she got into her van. In her pickled state she forgot to buckle any of the children into their seats. I am sure everyone can guess what happened next.

Nicole Jacobs lost control of the van, rolled into a ditch and all the children were ejected. The van landed on top of poor little Lincoln, killing him. I could not imagine what went through the mind of the two 4-year-olds as they experienced the accident.

Nicole Jacobs was arrested at the scene and but had to be hospitalized due to injuries she received during the accident. For some reason I have no feelings of sympathy for the useless hag.

Nicole Jacobs has since been charged with:

1) Homicide by vehicle, class B felony

2) Child Endangerment causing death, class B felony

3) Serious injury by vehicle, class D felony

4) Child Endangerment causing bodily injury, class D felony

5) Child Endangerment causing serious injury, class C felony

6) Operating while intoxicated, 1st offense, serious misdemeanor

Damn right!

I’d like to charge her with being a reckless and selfish cant. Her trial is set for September 2011 and I expect nothing less then prison time for the trauma she subjected these kids to.

Thanks Lisa Marie for the tip!

Rest in peace Lincoln Jacobs, 4/9/2010-10/8/2010.

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.**


Burns, belts and potty training

Mother and boyfriend charged with scalding daughter


Child Endangerment charges for scalding of toddler

On June 10th a grand jury in Dayton, OH handed down indictments against Christina Allen (26) and her boyfriend Jeremy Ely (27) in the scalding of her 3-year-old daughter.

Acting on a tip one week earlier, from the little girl’s grandmother the Dayton Police paid Ely and Allen a visit.  There they would find Allen’s daughter suffering from severe burns to her hands and marks to her body that appear to be left from a belt, on of them measured 11 inches.  The burns were so severe that the baby’s skin was peeling off her fingers… did I mention that the burns had been there two freaking weeks! Yep, she let her baby suffer in pain for two LONG weeks, probably felt like eternity to a 3-year-old, no worries though mom was treating them with over the counter medications.

Why would some one let their baby suffer for two long weeks with burns, well if you ask Allen she’ll said she was scared to seek treatment for her baby because she was scared her “man” would hurt her and if you ask Ely he’ll tell the truth (shocking I know) and that is that they didn’t take the baby to the hospital because, he’s a RSO on parole and didn’t want CPS notified or his ass to be sent back to jail.

Ely told police that the little girl had burned herself while washing up after a potty training accident, ok that’s possible, but what about the 11 inch belt mark.  Explain that, did she hit herself with the belt too?  With severely burned hands? Jeez, she’s one tough 3-year-old.  I think I figured it out… she was trying to frame him… yep that’s it those crafty 3-year-olds, always trying to manipulate the law to their benefit.

Ely has been charged with four counts of child endangerment and Allen has been charged with two counts of complicity to commit child endangerment and one count of child endangerment.

Kudos to grandma for standing up for granddaughter and calling the police.  We love her bunches!




Six children in protective custody

Six Children Taken Into Protective Custody After Alleged Child Neglect

27-year-old Robert McNamara and 29-year-old Katherine Beam were arrested this week, accused of child neglect after officers responded to a call that an 8-year-old girl was wondering the streets alone.

When police took her home they found McNamara sleeping on the couch while a 3-year-old was playing by himself on the side of the house unsupervised as well. After he woke up he informed the police that there were 3 more kids within the home ranging from four months to four years old – and a 10-year-old who was at school. 

The children where all taken because the officers felt the home was unsanitary, unsafe and unfit – that’s when Child protective Services stepped in.

McNamara was jailed for six counts of felony child endangerment.

Lovely Beam resisted arrest and had to be physically restrained – she was booked for child endangerment and resisting. She posted bail of $28k, but meanwhile her man still sits with $25k over his head. 

Thanks go to my April for this one!

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