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To exploit and serve up child porn (or how not to impress your date)

Policeman exploited daughter to impress online date

Former constable, 39, sent indecent picture of daughter, 7, to woman he met online, court hears

“To protect and serve” is the police force’s motto in the US. The NSW Police Force’s motto is in Latin, same as the Queenslanders. I don’t know what it means, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean “make child porn of own offspring and send it to people online”.

A former police constable (or should I say Cunt-Stable) took a disgusting and exploitative photo of his 7 year old daughter and sent it to a woman he met online. She, of course, reported it because most people do not respond positively to being sent child porn (and those that do should be immediately shot dead). Cunt-stable had no business being on a dating website anyway, because he’s married! And he’s terribly, horribly out of touch with today’s women if he thought that sending child porn to a potential date was the way to win a woman’s heart. Yes, that’s right folks. Our Cunt-Stable somehow thought that sending child porn to someone he met online would hold some sort of sexual currency. It sounds like Cunt-Stable has gotten into the evidence locker and sampled some of the narcotics…

When his fellow colleagues seized his computer, laptop and mobile phone, they found that their former colleague had downloaded 185 child porn images. They also found that he’d been priming himself for the abuse of his daughter by looking at these images, and that he’d been Googling things such as “RU13”, “sweet kids under13” and “images sweet young”. Imagine having to bust someone that you’ve worked with, possibly for years, with such a vile and disgusting crime. I hope those poor officers got counselling and can overcome any trust issues that they may have with future colleagues. They would never think that one of their own could be guilty of such an abhorrent act, one that they work so hard to eradicate.

The photo of Cunt-Stable’s daughter was so vile that the prosecutor didn’t even want to look at it. She ordered it to be sealed. The judge was disturbed by the fact that Cunt-Stable saw nothing wrong with sending the picture or looking at child porn, and that he’d introduced his daughter to the online mistress. How tacky and tasteless. Introducing his daughter to the woman that he’s cheating on her mother with. Speaking of the “mother”, she’s not entirely blameless either. Despite the fact that he cheated on her, despite the fact that he took a pornographic photo of their daughter and sent it to his mistress, SHE SUPPORTED HIM IN COURT!!!

Cunt-Stable was sentenced to 15 months in jail after pleading guilty to Commonwealth criminal offences of distributing child exploitation material and using a carriage service to access child porn. He also pleaded guilty to a State criminal offence of indecent treatment of a child. The judge ordered him to be released after 3 months (WTF??) to a 2 year good behaviour bond under supervision from a probation officer. I hope that sentence is torture for him, considering that pedophiles are the last rung on the prison food chain and that many prisoners resent the police for putting them there. You get more time for a drink driving charge!

As for the girl, I hope she is taken far, far away from Cunt-Stable and his enabling, child abuser supporting penis sheath.

Bad two-headed boyfriend rapes toddler

Man admits raping 2yo girl

There’s not a lot on this one – Australian media is really good at suppressing names and photos of child abusers and offenders.  Don’t want to get sued and all of that, in case some vigilantes hand the offender’s arse to them on a plate.

A Tasmanian douchebag has pleaded guilty to raping his girlfriend’s 2 year old daughter and producing child porn. Now, now – I know that there’s a lack of fresh genetic material on that island, all closed off to the mainland down there. Your girlfriend was probably your sister and the baby was also your sister too. But children are off-limits, no matter how starved you are for fresh DNA.

The sicko raped the toddler at his girlfriend/sister’s North Hobart home and filmed the depraved act on his phone. It seems even if you have two heads, it doesn’t make you any smarter, because the po-po seized it and now have solid evidence that this bad boyfriend is a freakish fuck. Not only did he rape the toddler at her home, but he also raped her in some public toilets and filmed that too! Disgusting vile pustule! How could the birth vessel let this pin-dick take her baby girl into the toilets with him, let him spend excessive time around her? Did she think he was being a good daddy? Well guess what sunshine? Good daddies don’t rape children. They don’t rape anyone!

The festering boil on society’s arse originally pleaded “not guilty” to the rape. Soooo…what was on the film? Was it consensual? Was she leading him on, teasing him with those nearly see-through Huggies? Bleugh, I don’t even want to try to think of a motive. And why would you film it? So you can show all your mates what a “big man” you are for dominating a two year old girl? The silver lining is that the cops have evidence of the rape, so his arse is going to the slammer, where Brucie and the big boys await. You’re never going to sit down again, rock spider. Sicko has also pleaded guilty to the armed robbery of a video shop in Hobart. What a winner! Choice babysitter, knows how to provide for his family /sarcasm. Ladies, control yourselves!

In a victim impact statement, the girl’s breeder said she was going to have nightmares about it. Excuse me? What about your daughter who was RAPED by your piece of rotten meat that you let hang around her? Your bed warmer, who you thought was a good substitute for her real dad? You’re only thinking about “your” nightmares, what about the damage done to your daughter by your sex toy’s pin-dick? I hope she’s taken far away from her selfish tw*t incubator and her countless c***-plugs.

Homophobic hag allows daughter to be raped, films it

Anti-gay activist found guilty of filming child porn

Anti-Gay Zealot Guilty of Child Pornography After Videotaping 14-Year-Old Daughter Having Sex

Anti-gay lawyer Lisa Biron, 43, faces 25 years in prison for forcing her 14-year-old daughter to have sex with two men.

Intolerant and incestuous hag

I had to save this until I got back from work. I cannot get my head around it. Firstly I am disgusted and saddened that “anti-gay” activism exists. I was brought up to be tolerant of others’ differences. I have many gay friends who are awesome and beautiful, inside and out. My neighbours growing up were a transgender couple who were the nicest people. I seriously cannot believe that some people cannot appreciate others for who they are, and are full of so much vitriol and hatred for their fellow humans.

Lisa Biron (43) of Manchester, New Hampshire, is an intolerant homophobe and a religious nutjob. She is also a child molester. She got her 14 year old virgin daughter drunk and filmed her being raped by two men. She also filmed herself sexually assaulting her OWN DAUGHTER!! Argh!! She also took another teenage girl to Canada for the purpose of making more films. She has been found guilty of child pornography after the jury deliberated for all of less than one hour, and now faces a minimum sentence of 25 years – 10 years for the transportation charge and 15 years per child exploitation charge, of which there is 8. Fuck yeah!! Now to find the two perverts who raped her and charge them with rape, sexual assault and child porn…

Wanna know the real kicker? Biron (or should I say Bigot) has been working with a virulently anti-gay Christian right organisation which actively demonises the LGBTI community by making up stupid bullshit like how homosexuality and pedophilia are linked, and that gays take away freedom of speech. Bigot just proved that it’s actually homophobia that’s linked with pedophilia, and that deep down inside, she has lesbian tendencies. But she’s not one of the people she dehumanises. You know why? Gay people would never molest their own children, gay people do not advocate rape, gay people are good parents. Bigot hates them so much because she wants to be one of them, but never can become part of their community. She wants them to be like her instead.

Bigot claimed on her Facebook page (which has been shut down) that her favourite book was the bible and that she worked with the “Alliance Defending Freedom”, the aforementioned homophobic, religious whackjob organisation. The ADF have since removed any mention of her working with them and deletes any comments mentioning her on their website. They are ashamed of her. Bigot has nowhere to go but the slammer, where Big Bertha and her lackeys will be waiting with open arms and open legs. Although I don’t think Bigot is pretty enough to be Bertha’s bitch. They might just shank her with a sharpened crucifix instead.

I think Bigot’s daughter was coming out as a lesbian and Bigot didn’t like that, so she tried to “convert” her by having men rape her. I don’t know why Bigot sexually assaulted her own daughter, it makes no sense. Maybe she wanted to see if her daughter still liked women. Maybe Bigot wanted a lesbian experience. Who knows, I really don’t want to delve into her sick and twisted mind.




Mother arrested for sexual abuse and beastiality

Krystal Violet Norby


Mother arrested for criminal sexual assault 

On January 14th, 25-year-old Krystal Violet Norby was charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual assault and one count of bestiality. 

The story begins on January 7th, when the US Postal Service Inspector, relayed a report from the Child Exploitation Unit of the Toronto Police Service, to the Chisago County Sheriff’s department.  

The report, resulting from an undercover Internet investigation, stated that on Dec. 21, 2010, numerous images were downloaded from a peer-to-peer file-sharing network, know for trafficking child pornography.  The images depicted a woman, identified as Norby, two small children and a dog engaging in sexual acts.  

A search warrant of Norby’s residence, found the structure and decorations to be the same as the ones shown in photos.  Toronto police had located the address after an undercover agent engaged in a chat with Norby and verified her identity. 

She was book on January 12th, her unconditional bail was set at $60,000 and conditional bail was set at $40,000, the conditions being, no contact with the children in photos, or any children, no access to computers, cameras or animals. 

The children have been taken into protective custody. 

This story makes me want to vomit.  I cannot understand how anyone could do something so heinous to a child let alone their own. 

 The link below is unrelated but has a photo of Krystal and her 11-month-old daughter.

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