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NSW cop leaves daughter in hot car while he went into a bar


Police officer charged after daughter left alone in car

Bankstown Sports Club

What to do on a lovely sunny day? I know, let’s head down to the local bowlo for a beer! Yeah, that’ll hit the spot! Oh wait, got my 4 year old daughter with me. Will she be allowed in with us? Better leave her in the car to be safe, it’s only one beer…

I think that this was the thought process that plagued this 35 year old NSW police officer when he decided to leave his 4 year old daughter in a stinking hot car parked in full sunshine while he enjoyed a cold beer and refreshing air con at the Bankstown Sports Club, in Sydney’s south-west. The off-duty copper only intended to be in the club for a few minutes. Those “few minutes” ended up stretching to 45 minutes! Passers-by found the little girl hanging out of a car window and appearing distressed. They notified club security who removed the little girl from the car and went off to find her father. She was cared for until the police arrived. Police charged the silly copper with leaving a child in a motor vehicle and causing emotional distress to a child. He has been granted conditional bail and will be facing Bankstown Court next month. Police management are reviewing his duty status.

The strange thing is, it would have been perfectly fine to take the little girl into the club with him! It would have been alright to sit in the bistro or the beer garden, Dad gets his beer and a glass of lemonade for his daughter and maybe share a plate of chips if they’re hungry. Some of my favourite memories growing up was sitting and having a soft drink with my Dad at the pub. Sometimes we’d get chips if I was good. I think this Dad wanted to go to the pokies or the TAB (where his little girl wasn’t allowed). Gambling does not come before your child! Go use Tom Waterhouse on the computer or on your phone if you absolutely have to put a bet on the Bunnies in tonight’s clash. Save the pokies for the boys’ night out. Don’t play them when you’re meant to be caring for your daughter.

Nevada boy dies, stuck in a car window

3-year-old stuck in car window dies 

So the story goes… mom drives to church, 3-year old boy is sleeping, mom runs in for “5 minutes”, boy wakes up in unrestrained car seat, boy sees cracked open window, boy tries to crawl through, boy gets stuck, boy dies.  

Mom rushed the boy to a nearby clinic after a call to 911 got disconnected. Disconnected? Fuck me. 

Family members say that the mom has never displayed a previous pattern of child neglect before.  I have to say, I’m on the fucking fence with this one. Hear me out. I am NOT SAYING that it is ever, ever ok to leave your sleeping child alone in a car for 5 fucking seconds, never mind 5 minutes. But this very stupid decision that seems to have been made by a mother who was normally not neglectful of her child(ren).  

Here’s why I’m on the fence. A couple of years ago a man that was painting my uncle’s house was working 3 jobs to keep his family afloat, his wife had recently went back to work because they were going to lose their house, and their 10-month old was in day care. The father, tired and overworked, took the 10-month old in the morning with him to drop him off at day care. Somewhere between the house and the job he was headed to, he completely forgot that his sleeping baby was in the car (rear-facing car seat) and he left him in the car and went to work. Forgot to mention this was West Palm Beach, Fl in June. Needless to say, the baby died. This was a travesty and a senseless tragedy that this father has to live with for the rest of his life. I know, how could you ever forget that your precious cargo is there with you? We can all say that we would never, could never – and we likely never will. But when you know the details sometimes, it makes the story harder to prejudge. Hope you all get what I’m saying and not attack me!   

Back to the Nevada mom… YES, she is a complete idiot and extremely irresponsible for leaving her son in the car for 5 minutes. But she was not an abuser, they didn’t find bruises and cigarette burns on the boy. Maybe, just maybe she was an ok mom who made the dumbest decision of her life. One that she’ll pay for for the rest of her life.  

Go easy on me.  

RIP little boy (name unknown) 

Thanks go to Em for the tip.

***Special thanks to Danielle for writing this one. 

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