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Bad Girlfriend: Chasity Renee DuFour

Family Defends Woman Accused of Child Abuse

Mom Beat Boyfriends Boy Blind for Potty Problems

Chasity DuFour Accused of Serious Child Abuse

A 3-year-old boy was admitted to the ICU.  He was covered head to toe in bruises, partially blinded, and will have lasting neurological and physical challenges according to prosecutors.  They have charged 25-year-old Chasity Renee DuFour, the fiancée of his father, with 2nd Degree Assault on a Child and she is being held on $250,000 bond.

Prosecutors say this twisted twit shook or choked this baby boy because he had a potty training accident.  They also say she coached her 5-year-old son to lie for her.  I guess she didn’t count on that genuine honesty that children have to give away her abusive secrets.

When he was questioned by a Child Interview Specialist he told them, “Mom told me to tell she didn’t hurt ….”  He also said his brother, “hurts himself on his own,” and “gets bruises because of his allergies and because he falls off the bed a lot.”  Then went on to say that his mother would spank the 3-year-old with a spoon and shove him down when he pees his pants and when he is pushed down “he hurts from the ground and his head gets hurt.”  He said when his mother spanks she gets “super angry”…

The sperm donor/fiancée and DuFour’s family are saying the charges are nonsense.  She would never harm a child…  Her mother said in an interview, “I think that there is something medically wrong going on with him and hopefully that will come out in the end.”

For someone that would never harm a child she’s had 3 contacts/referrals to CPS.  The first was in 2008, a domestic violence report involving her ex-husband, the second was a referral in 2009 involving an assault on her son, and the third was a referral in 2011 after she tested positive for meth while pregnant with her youngest child.  But this methtard, abusive bitch wouldn’t harm a child…  Yeah right!!


Rant on:

This child has only lived with them since April and was hospitalized the end of May.  That’s one fucking month!!  In one month this child lost part of his vision and his whole life has changed!! 

How the hell could this “father” ignore all the bruising left on this child??  How could he leave a child he describes as “hard to handle” with a c*** that tested positive for meth while carrying his baby?!?  This pussy blinded, neglectful asshat needs to be charged too!!

Rant Over


Thanks go to Denise for the tip.



Mia Caito Lost Her Life As Neighbors Did Nothing!!

Man Charged in Death of 3 Year Old

Coroner’s Statements

Neighbor’s Could Have Saved Mia

Father’s Interview


Julian Gates aka Pussy Boy

That tough guy wannabe up there is 22 year old Julian L. Gates.  Pussy boy likes to beat on 3 year old little girls.  The tw*t is being charged with first degree murder in the death of his live in girlfriend’s 3 year old daughter Mia Caito.

This baby girl was covered from head to toe with bruises!  She died from “multiple trauma” according to the coroner.  Sgt Michael Hundelt stated, “In 20-plus years of law enforcement, this is one of the most heinous things we’ve seen.”

It seems that bio-bitch, Brandy Johnson, left that beautiful baby with the prick while she went to work Friday.  (That is not why I’m referring to her as a breeder and not a mother.)  At about 6:45pm a 911 call was made by the murder’s sister reporting an unresponsive child.  I need to make this clear; she was not there when he beat this child!  She came home hours after the beating and found little Mia and called 911.  Family members took Mia to the hospital before police arrived while the abusive bastard went for a walk.  One report said she died on the way to the hospital, another said she died at the hospital…

The police have a timeline because the neighbors heard the beating!  Now, let that sink in a minute…  The heard him yelling at and hitting this baby and her screaming and crying out in pain and fear.  They heard it all and not one of the worthless, selfish fucks picked up a phone and dialed 9-1-1!  They say they couldn’t intercede because they feared for their lives…  What a bunch of fucking spineless, morally bankrupt c***s you all are!!!  You don’t know true fear!!  What do you think Mia felt?!?  I truly hope that you hear those cries for the rest of your miserable lives!!  I hope they haunt you until you waste away straight to hell!!  Sadly, that would only work if you had a conscience and obviously none of you do!!!  Mia’s blood is on your hands just as much as the fucker that actually killed her!!  You deserve the same punishment!!  It took officers less than 5 minutes to get to the scene, had these worthless pricks called 911 when it was happening she probably wouldn’t have lost her life…

According to the coroner this wasn’t a one time thing.  Mia’s injuries were in various stages of healing.  So even if the breeder didn’t abuse this baby she had to know her dildo was and she still left her with him!!!  She’s being investigated for neglect.

Mia was in a foster home for a year and then sent back to this worthless c***!  She should be charged with murder just like the fuck she let abuse this child to death!!

He’s pled not guilty and is being held on a $2 million bond.

I’m going to end this with a quote from Andrew Robertson.  He and his wife Shannon were Mia’s foster parents.  He says his family is mourning the loss deeply.  “Mia was an amazing, bright, happy baby,” Robertson said.  “She was a brilliant, shining child.”

My heart goes out to them and their family.

Your smile is lighting up the heavens beautiful Mia! Be at peace.

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.


Thanks to Deena for the tip on this one.



Girlfriend Allowed Convict to Torture 5 Year Old

Iacullo Accused of Torture

Couple Charged

Couple Charged with Torture of 5 Yr Old


The Convict and his Desperate Twit!!

Once a convict always a convict!!  Now before anyone gets all irate and offended I’ll explain what I mean.

The word convict, in my mind, doesn’t refer to someone that has made a mistake and served their time in prison and straightened their life up.  To me convict is a state of mind, some prisoners serve their time just to get out and re-offend.  They never stay out of trouble for long because they can’t function in society!  These same worthless fucks look for someone weaker than themselves to prey upon!!  In this case that someone was a helpless 5 year old little boy!!

Authorities, trying to protect this little boy, will only identify him as a male relative in the care of 39 year old Lori Louisa Pincus.

This little boy’s hell started June 1st and ended June 8th when police arrived and took the piece of shit boyfriend, 33 year old Carmen William Iacullo II, back to jail for a parole violation.  Seems he was caught with paraphernalia.

In that short time span this baby endured torture!  He was beaten with fists, wooden kitchen utensils, burned with cigarettes and a lighter, stabbed with scissors or pliers.  He was picked up by his genitals and dropped to the ground!!  All by an abusive, sadistic, waste of space, fucking convict!!

The little boy’s injuries included a black eye, extensive bruising of the genitals, bruising on his entire body, multiple cigarette burns on his chest, stab and cut wounds to his leg and toes, and a burn to his anus.  WTF?!?  That poor baby boy…

Just once I’d like to write about a man/woman who actually protects the child! Unfortunately, that’s not the case here…  Not only did this trailer trashy, cum-guzzling, poster child for desperation allow the abuse she enabled it!!  She kept the boy home from school so they wouldn’t see the bruises and black eye.  When police showed up to violate bitch-boy’s parole she made the little boy hide under a bed!!

The abuse came to the attention of authorities because the Cunt left the little boy home alone while she went to visit her dildo in jail on June 9th!!  After being left alone for an extended period of time he wandered outside and was walking down the street.  A friend of the gutter-slut happened to be driving by and saw him.  She stopped to help and saw the obvious signs of abuse and called the cops.  Thank you, Friend!!

The desperate twit has been charged with Child Abuse and Accessory After the Fact both felonies.  She faces a maximum of 6 years and 8 months in prison…

The abusive tw*t is charged with Torture, Child Abuse, and Corporal Injury on a Child with a sentencing enhancement for causing great bodily injury.  He also faces sentencing enhancements for prior convictions.  2006 Felony Battery.  2003 Possession of Methamphetamine for sale.  2002 Child AbuseAs I said in the beginning, once a convict always a convict!! He’s facing life in prison if convicted.

Thankfully, this little boy is a survivor!!  Here’s hoping all rights will be severed and he’ll find a loving adoptive home that will teach him to trust again and show him unconditional love and he’ll never have to lay eyes on this bitch again!!



Thanks to DD for the tip.

Yet Another Gestational Device Chooses the Dildo Over the Kids!


A 10 year old girl complained to a school nurse of pain and reported she was being abused on January 27th.  The little girl was then taken to the hospital where doctors found several bruises:  a purple, red, and blue linear bruise across her buttocks, a bruise on her abdomen, marks on her forearm, and swelling on her forehead according to the affidavit.

The girl told detectives 27 year old Tyree Mitchell hit her with the belt because she failed to tell her mother or him, that her brother took toys to school with him.  This all happened at the apartment she lives in with her 2 year old brother, 4 year old twin sisters, her bio-mom and bio-mom’s dildo Tyree.

Now, maybe I’m missing something but what kind of school does a 2 year old attend??  If it’s daycare why is it a federal case that he took a toy??

During the investigation, detectives learned this was not an isolated incident.  Evidently, the dip-shit ordered the little girl to take a shower one day and while she did, he struck her in the stomach with a belt.  Ok, my question is what is this 27 year old “man” doing in the bathroom with a 10 year old little girl while she is in the fucking shower?!?

Detectives also learned that not only the 10 year old had been abused but 2 other siblings as well.

Police said the “mother” knew about the incidents but continued to live with Mitchell.  Yet another example of a weak-ass, worthless, c*** that chooses dick over her children!!  She chose this abusive prick over the safety and well-being of her babies and yet she still hasn’t been arrested for anything!!

Mitchell was arrested on one count of injury to a child and posted $12,000 bail the same day.  Additional charges could be pending as the investigation continues.

CPS immediately removed the children and placed them with a relative.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a picture of this dick-less scum!  If I do happen upon one I’ll definitely add it later!!



Rant On:

This is to Bio-Mom’s everywhere:

When will you GIRLS, because you most definitely aren’t women, ever going to learn the moment you get pregnant it’s time to grow the fuck up??  Put away the childish “all about me” bull-shit and start putting your babies first!  No BOY, because an actual man will not harm your children, is ever worth more than your kids!!  I don’t care how he makes you tingle, how lonely you are or whatever the fucking reason is!!  If you can’t grow the fuck up and put the kids first then find a good adoptive family and do right by your child!!

If you allow someone to harm your child, whether you stand and watch or choose to ignore it, you should suffer the same penalty they do!  You should at the very least face the same charges!!  It is your job to protect your child!

Rant Over


Thanks for the tip goes to Kim.

Good Samaritan:4, Bad Mother:0

Article1, Article2, Article3

Amber Lee Gandy, 25, of Grand Ronde, Oregon, likes to drink and then go joyriding with her babies in the car. Allegedly. Charges are expected to be filed concerning the accident in which she flipped her SUV upside down in Widow Creek with her children, 2-year old Kylie Gandy, 3-year old Austin Gandy, and six-month old Kameron Gandy in the vehicle.

Luckily, a neighbor happened upon the wreck and was able to extract Kylie and Austin, and the mother. It took a few more minutes before the incubator remembered that she had a third child, who was still in the vehicle, underwater. The hero waded back in to the creek, but by the time he got the baby out, Kameron had no pulse and was not breathing.

Medical personnel managed to revive the infant and he was life-flighted to another hospital in critical condition, and his prognosis has improved since then. No thanks to the idiot who thought that getting her drink on was more important than keeping her kids alive.

Where do these selfish hootchies come from? And why do they have babies that they have no intention of taking proper care of? How hard is it to stay sober, anyway? I do it all the time, so it can’t be that hard. Just say no. Just another public service announcement from your neighborhood crime prevention specialist, Captain Obvious.

I have yet to find an article that gives Amber’s BAC, but the wording in one of the articles makes me wonder if alcohol was the only thing she was under the influence of. According to the second article linked above, “an investigation by the Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Police revealed that Amber Gandy was under the influence of intoxicants and that alcohol was a contributing factor of the traffic crash.” If alcohol was listed as a ‘factor’, and she was under the influence of ‘intoxicants’ (plural), that leads me to believe that there were other substances that she tested positive for, as well.

Oh, and did I mention that she was driving on a suspended license? Yeah. It has been suspended since 2007. I bet it wasn’t suspended for anything as minor as unpaid traffic tickets, either. Something tells me that this ain’t her first rodeo, if ya know what I mean…..

And just so I don’t get slammed by the ‘double standard’ police….where in the HELL was the father? Surely he knew her license were suspended, and that she had a drinking problem. So why were the kiddies in the car with her? So many questions….anybody have any answers?

I sincerely hope they throw the book at this lush, and keep her away from her kids for a good long time. Like, until they are old enough to drive themselves around.

I’d like to thank Calvena for this tip.

Clint and Lynn Engstrom's Daughter Testifies That She Was "Bad"

Clint and Lynn EngstromRecently we reported on the case of Clint and Lynn Engstrom, the Oshkosh, Wisconsin couple who kept Clint’s 13-year-old daughter in her room for 22 hours a day. Today was the teenager’s turn to tell her side of the story – in court.

According to the girl, she wasn’t physically locked in her room, but merely ordered to remain their for her “bad” behavior, which included talking back, hitting, kicking, and lying. In other words, being a pre-teen. When the teen asked her stepmom why she couldn’t see her friends from an old private school, Lynn Engstrom reportedly told her that all her friends hated her. Nice. It sounds like the parents’ treatment of this girl became a self-fulfilling prophecy: the more they told her she was bad, and treated her as bad, the more she internalized it…and the worse her punishments became.

Meanwhile, the blame game continues in fierce fashion, with Lynn Engstrom saying she did only what the girl’s psychiatrist told her to do, and with psychiatrist Dr. John Korger denying he ever told the parents to lock her in a bare room with a piss-soaked mattress. And the Engstrom’s attorney continues to maintain that the two did everything they could to “help” their daughter. Spare me. Depriving a kid of two years of her childhood? Treating her like the Cinderella of the house, while her three siblings slept in rooms stocked with toys, on clean and comfy beds?

That is criminal negligence. it’s abuse. And there is no excuse for it.

(Hat tip: Sinthyia)

Francina Katina Shepard, Known Abuser, Kills One Twin and Beats Other

Francina Katina ShepardHot tipper Norma gave me the lowdown on one Francina Katina Shepard, who is apparently well known by Child Protective Services in Detroit, Michigan: three of her kids have been taken from her in the past. But that didn’t stop Shepard from bearing twins, and beating them both so severely that the 16-month-old boy died.

There’s very little information beyond that. Mostly all we have at this point are questions. Was CPS involved with these kids from the get-go, given Shepard’s history with the state? Did she give birth to them before or after the other kids were seized? In short, what (if any) is CPS’ culpability in this case? Obviously Shepard bears the brunt of the moral blame. But if this is another case of a state agency turning a blind eye to a known abuser, I’m going to blow my stack. It’s hard enough to watch what happens to some of the kids we profile on this site. It’s almost unbearable knowing that some of these tragedies could easily have been prevented.

If you have any information on this developing story – past CPS records, court records, etc. – please give us a heads-up.

(Some hot tipper supplied this link to me, but I lost their name. Sorry. It’s been a loooong week.)

Brad Reay Found Guilty After Trying to Blame Wife's Murder on His Daughter

Brad ReayWhat do you call a man who tries to blame his wife’s vicious murder, first on his wife’s lover, and then on his own daughter? You call him “somebody’s bitch in county”. You can also call him Brad Reay. The 47-year-old dad from Pierre, South Dakota got desperate when accused of killing 41-year-old Tami Reay after she declared she wanted a divorce. Days later, her naked body was found nearby, with several penetration wounds running to the hilt of the blade that had stabbed her.

During his court testimony, Reay testified that he had found his daughter Haylee by her mom’s bed, holding a bloodied kitchen knife. (It was just coincidental that this freak-out happened days after Brad’s marriage fell apart, you see.) After supposedly cleaning her off, Reay dumped his dear departed wife’s body, stripping her naked and shoving a condom up her ass to make it look like a rape.

All to protect his daughter. Right? Right.

Not surprisingly, Haylee had quite a different story. According to her, she woke up one day and found her mother gone – and her dad insisting that she not talk about it to anybody. She also maintained that her dad had always been cold with her, and that the two didn’t have a good relationship. The jury believed Haylee more than her old man, and found him guilty of first degree murder. The jury also considered manslaughter, but apparently decided that this wasn’t an act of passion or rage: it was an act of cold-blooded calculation.

The murder of Tami Reay is horrifying. But blaming it on your daughter? Lord, what a scumbag.

I can’t find whether the prosecution intends to seek the death penalty. Given that South Dakota hasn’t executed anyone since the mid-1970s, I doubt it. Ah well. He’ll rot the rest of his life in prison…and those of us on the outside will ensure his name lives on in infamy.

Brandy Blair Granted a New Trial for Son's Death by Electrocution

brandy-blair-2.jpgBrandy Blair of Lincoln, Nebraska was sentenced to 30-to-40 years in prison after her 22-month-old son, Christian Reifler, accidentally electrocuted himself after being left alone in a bedroom for 36 hours.

The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that the trail court’s refusal to give the jury instruction that included the offense of negligent child abuse entitled Blair to a new trial.

On a Monday, Blair fed her son, then put him in the room where he was later found dead. Blair then left and went to a neighbor’s house to smoke meth. She was gone all day Tuesday. Blair came home and checked on her son on Wednesday morning. Seven hours later she visited Lincoln’s Pawnee Lake without checking on Christian. Blair asked her brother and another person living at her home to watch the boy Wednesday evening. When they went to the room to feed him at 5:30 p.m., he was dead. The autopsy later declared that Christian died when the flow of electricity stopped his heart after he inserted a staple into an outlet. He was also severely dehydrated and malnourished.

Rules are rules, so I understand the court’s decision. Yet, the expense of another trial is a waste of taxpayer funds. Even with the introduction of the offense of negligent child abuse in a new trail, I hope those good Huskers will award Blair with another sentence of 30-40 years in prison.

And maybe add a few more years just for the hell of it.

Teorry Henderson Shoots 4-Year-Old Son with BB Gun (Yes, ANOTHER One!)

Teorry HendersonHoly fracking SHIT, people. This very well might signal the End Times.

Shortly after I posted the story this morning about Shawn Michael Mohan, the dad who allegedly shot his 12-day-old son with a BB gun, commenter Mommy made a rather snide remark about how I’d gotten the facts of the case wrong. The boy, she insisted, was six years old, not 12 days.

I was going to issue a well-meaning smackdown and tell Mommy to read the article I had linked to, when tipper Sinthyia emailed me. She had indeed sent me a story about a dad shooting his son with a BB gun…but it wasn’t Shawn Michael Mohan. I looked at the link she sent and, sure enough, another dad was accused this week of the exact same crime. Teorry Henderson of Groveland, Florida told police that he shot his 4-year-old in order to teach him a lesson. Why? Because the 4-year-old had shot his sister with the gun! In a “punishment” worthy of Saddam Hussein, Henderson made the boy take his shirt off and then fired at him. Unfortunately for dad, his kid blabbed about the shooting at preschool, leading Henderson to face felony child abuse charges.

Um…Mr. Henderson? Can you straighten out a few things? Like, what the FUCK was your 4-year-old doing with a BB gun in the first goddamn place?! Isn’t it your responsibility to keep your little guy away from loaded weapons? How is this anyone’s fault but yours?

I see a perfect punishment for Mr. Henderson and Mr. Mohan: a 21-BB-gun salute. Only the shooters won’t be aiming into the air.

What the hell is with the multiple BB gun incidents this week? Outside of these two cases, there are other incidents of BB gun vandalism springing up all over. Is the NRA holding some sort of contest? Sigh. I yearn for that simpler time, when I could see the words “man shoots son with BB gun” multiple times in my inbox, and safely assume that they all referred to the same story.

(Hat tip: Sinthyia. For real this time.)

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