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The Fuckers Leave Their Babies Alone to Get Methadone


Couple Accused of Leaving Preschoolers Alone in Tent

Two Kids Left to Fend for Selves While Parents go to Methadone Clinic

Girls Desperate for Food and Water After Being Left by Parents


When 26 year old Kathy Lee Tucker and 25 year old Mark David Tucker left their home May 9th, I’m sure they didn’t think they’d be sitting in jail later that day.

It seems when the moronic couple hopped in a transport van heading to a Gainesville methadone clinic, they were so looking forward to their methadone fix they thought the family dog was the perfect baby sitter for their 3 and 4 year old little girls!

All of this came to the attention of investigators when a woman who knows them and takes the same transport van asked them about their kids.  They told her the 5 year old was at school and that the 3 and 4 year olds had remained at the tent the family was living in…  I’m sorry but 3 and 4 year olds don’t remain anywhere…  They get left!!  Fucking idiots!!

She said she noticed the brain-dead duo weren’t lining up for the ride back from the methadone clinic.  They then informed her that they were planning on returning home later after they sold their plasma.  Seriously??  They actually pay addicts for blood products?!?  WTF?!?

The witness then convinced the van driver to take her to the place he picked the dipshits up.  She found the babies wandering around the woods in their pajamas dirty, hungry, and thirsty and one had lost a shoe.  She then went to the tent and found there wasn’t any food or water left for the girls.  She took them to her home, fed them, gave them something to drink, and called deputies!  Bravo Madam, Bravo!!!

Deputy Hanlon found the tent behind a trailer that was undergoing repairs but had running water and electricity.

The deputy also spoke with 2 of the kids grandparents.  They told him the 2 worthless slugs would sometimes drop the kids off without their knowledge.  One said they told the couple they were unable to care for the girls due to health issues.  A grandparent also said the idiots have left the babies alone before while they went to the methadone clinic!!

The Fuckers have been charged with child neglect.

All 3 children have been placed with a relative.  Thankfully, all were safe and not hurt!


Rant On:

How does a person think that trading one addiction for another is helpful??  I don’t care if methadone is legal and handed out like fucking candy it’s still a fucking drug!!

I’ve read comments on these articles where people are blaming this shit on the economy and these fucking junkies being poor.  BULLSHIT!!!

These worthless, brain-dead fucks chose to leave a 3 and 4 year old to fend for themselves in a tent in the woods!!  That has nothing to do with being poor and everything to do with being a neglectful, selfish, piece of shit junkie that is more worried about their next fix than they are about the well being of those babies!!

They sit in jail and I guarantee you someone is handing them their regular dose of methadone!!  That’s bullshit in my opinion!!  Detox their asses!  Cold turkey!  They should also have their parental rights severed and be forcibly sterilized!!  This isn’t the first time those babies have been left alone!!!  If you intentionally harm or place your child in harms way that should be it!!  No second chances!!  Why give someone a second chance to do more harm to a child???

Unfortunately, this happened in Florida.  We all know what the outcome will be.  A slap on the wrist, parenting classes and the children will be placed right back in harms way once again!!

Rant Over

For some reason I can’t seem to get a picture to upload…  I’ll update with one as soon as I can!!


Thanks to Emilie and Cathy for the tip!

Target Practice–The New Form of Punishment??

Dad Shoots Kids with Air Gun

Idaho Man Accused of Using Air Gun to Punish Kids

Dad Sentenced for Shooting Kids


"Daddy" Dumbass!!!


29 year old Joshua Alan Brotherson of Idaho Falls was charged in March with 4 counts of misdemeanor minor injury to a child.  It seems this candidate for Dumbest Dad of the Year thinks a proper form of disciplining is to shoot his kids with an Air Soft Gun!

His 2 sons and 2 stepsons, all under the age of 10, go to the local elementary school.  A school official noticed welts on the boys’ lower legs and notified authorities.  When they examined and questioned all 4 of the boys they were told that as punishment for misbehaving dipshit lined them up against a wall and would then shoot them in the lower legs with an Air Soft or BB gun leaving welts and small open wounds…

Dumbass was facing up to a year in county or 10 years in prison.  After being arrested this man was released on his own recognizance!!  Are you fucking kidding me?!?

Apparently, he took a plea bargain.  In exchange for his guilty plea 3 of the 4 charges were dropped.  He was sentenced to 5 days in jail!!  WTF?!?  5 DAYS??? He was ordered to one year probation and also got an additional 90 days in jail, all of which were suspended!!  Don’t you just love our judicial system?!?  NOT!!!


Rant On:

There is one question that has been screaming in my mind through reading and writing about this case.  Where the hell were the mothers?!?  Did they condone this shit??  There is no way in hell that they didn’t know!!!

When I was a kid and dumb as hell my cousins and I got in a BB gun war.  None of the adults knew about it because they were gone to the store.  Back then BB guns weren’t Air Rifles.  You couldn’t pump them to get more force behind them like a pellet gun.  It stung like hell but didn’t break the skin or leave welts!!

The fact that these poor little boys had to stand and endure that shit because of this depraved asshole sickens me!  It makes me want to have a little target practice with my 9mm and his knees!!  Actually, his testicles would be a better choice!  Forced sterilization anyone!!

While researching this and reading comments there were two comments that drew my attention.  The person claims to be the grandfather of 2 of these boys and says this piece of shit almost killed one of them when he was 3!  He states he has a history of abuse of both children and women and is a convicted felon.

I searched for conformation on this but couldn’t find anything but the recent charges.  Either way these mothers need to get their heads out of their asses and get their children away from this motherfucker before he kills one of them!!  Thankfully, he hasn’t yet!  I hope this is a wake up call for the authorities and the families of these boys!!!

Rant Over



Thanks to SarahT for the tip.

“Mummy and Daddy are asleep.” A Murder/Suicide with a Twist…

Mother Murdered in Front of the Kids

Father Killed Wife then Himself:  Leaving Kids Alone w/Bodies

Barry Harrison

34 year old Amanda Harrison was murdered in front of her two young sons.  5 year old Aiden and 3 year old Owen were in the home alone for 24-48 hours.

47 year old Barry Harrison is believed to have strangled his wife with a piece of washing line.  He was found in the bedroom with her where he had taken an overdose and hung himself.

A family friend had tried to contact Amanda by phone, became worried and contacted her sister, who was also the apartment manager, and asked her to check on the family.

Pat Cannon knocked on the door and Aiden answered saying “Hi Pat.”  She asked where his parents were and his response was “We can’t wake Mummy and Daddy up.”  He said, “Mummy is lying down and Daddy is asleep standing up.”

Aiden later also demonstrated how his father attacked his mother.  He reenacted his father grabbing the mother by the throat and her trying to push him off.  “Daddy had blood on his face.”

According to police the apartment was in disarray.  “There was a lot of mess on the floor of the whole flat, in the kitchen area the fridge was open, there was a red substance smeared on the dining table which looked like jam, a white substance on the floor of the kitchen, a bleach bottle lying on its side, bits of biscuits lying on the carpet.”

“Foodstuffs were scattered and smeared over the floors and furniture and the lower shelves of the fridge had been cleared and emptied.”

”The children told me they had been making potions and having fun. The children appeared happy and had been playing.”

According to reports, Barry had lost his job, due to the plant shutting down, and the couple was struggling in a mountain of debt.  They lost their house and had been having marital issues due to financial strain.

Barry Harrison’s first marriage ended because of an affair his first wife had and he was terrified it was happening again.  The couple had decided to take a 3 week break.  He went to stay with his sister and her and the kids stayed with a friend.

Stacey Harrison, Barry’s daughter from his first marriage, told the inquest that when her father left to return home he had been “on edge”. “He seemed to have made his mind up,” she said. “He said he wasn’t sure if he could cope with losing the boys in the same way he had lost me and Lee.”

Amanda confided in a friend that she was in a relationship with 19 year old Alex Harmer-Wood, a fact that he denies.  He says they went out for drinks and he was no longer interested because of her age and marital status.  He has said she had become obsessed with him though.

During their time apart, Amanda Harrison allowed Alex Harmer-Wood and his girlfriend to stay at their home, but her husband found the young couple in his bed. The following day was the last time the Harrisons were seen alive.

R.I.P. Amanda

-Rant On-

The only good thing about this story is he didn’t touch those boys!  The bad thing is it seems he didn’t think of them at all!!

How do you plan to leave your children on their own in an apartment with their dead parents?!?  Why not send them to a neighbor’s or if it’s that urgent call the authorities before you kill yourself!!  Hell, leaving them outside would be a better alternative!!!

I was very hesitant to say this and had a lot of issues writing this story until a friend helped me out.

Barry Harrison is just another selfish SOB that placed his feelings and/or dick in front of his kids!  I am sorry for his family and the loss, but it’s obvious those boys and their well-being never entered his mind!  It was all about the woman that was going to leave him!

People cope with money problems and infidelity everyday.  Cowboy the Fuck Up and deal with it it’s not the end of the world!!

At the same time I’m thankful his thoughts didn’t stray to his sons.  That’s probably why they are still alive!

Thankfully, the boys didn’t realize what had happened!  Hopefully, their little minds will completely block all memory of the event!!  There are so many things that could have happened to make this story more tragic!

-Rant Over-


Thanks for the tip goes to Emilie!


**A special thanks goes to Abusehater for the virtual kick in the ass I needed on this one!!  I Love You, Girlie!!**

Doctor Do Wrong and His "Chickies"



Dr. Do Wrong

Feb. 28, 2011 Former car salesman,  Steven Demink  of Redford Township, Detroit, Michigan pled guilty to six charges of sexual exploitation of children. Demink told U.S. District Judge Gerald Rosen that before his arrest, he worked as a car salesman for about six months and before that for about five years at a local bank. He said he completed a U.S. Customs and Border Protection training program in 2002 and worked for the Immigration and Naturalization Service for about a year. He attended college for about two years but did not earn a degree, he said. So much for The Department of Homeland Security.

This demented road apple posted himself on the single-parent website as a single father of a 14 yr old girl and in at least 1 case he stated he had a doctorate in psychology in order to coerce weak minded women into abusing their own children and sending photos and streaming videos. “Demink intimated to these women that the result of the therapy would be healthier children,” one court document.

According to his plea agreement he engaged in online chats with a mother in Oregon about the sexual development of her 8 yr old son who suffers from autism. He told her to engage in sexually explicit acts with her son in order to teach him about sex, while he watched via webcam. WTF!!!! How does a mother concerned about the welfare of her child especially an autistic child allow herself to be “coerced” into something so fucking heinous? I just can’t fathom that kind of betrayal.

At least 3 women have been charged all from several states. Seems to me that a sexual predator found other sexual predators to interact with. Of course I’ll probably get flamed for my viewpoint but it is what it is. If these worthless gyps had not already been abusers not one of them would have thought twice about contacting their local authorities and getting him offline and into a prison gang rape as soon as possible.

A mother in Idaho, one Ms. Eileen Schwab, reported her own daughter’s conversations with this fuck in 2009 kicking off the investigation that led to the end of this predation. I applaud you Ms Schwab, for have the courage and moral fiber necessary to stand up for your grandchild.

“I don’t know how he wrangled her in,” Schwab said. “She could have turned off the computer and gone the other way. He must have had a power over her.” I don’t, however, applaud you for this grievous insult. Don’t defend her she deserves to be raped with a pimp stick everyday for the rest of her natural life. Not coddled by our overly cushy justice system.

This case encompasses woman and children in several states including , New Hampshire, Florida, Indiana, Georgia and others. Seven children were “rescued” and at least three mothers have been arrested. According to prosecutors all the children , ranging in age from 3-15 are safe. Let us hope they haven’t let any slip through the cracks.


Thanks to JJ for the tip.


***Special thanks to Cyn 2 for the write up.***

Aswad Ayinde – liar, rapist, famous music producer

Raped five of his daughters

NJ Father On Trial: Rape, Incest Charges ‘lies’
Man on trial for impregnating his daughter is cross-examined
New Jersey man
Father to resume testimony at NJ incest trial

Yes, this is old, but the trial is just starting, and this case had not been covered here, anyway. I don’t know how this was missed in 2006, but it was, so here we go…….The horrid hyena you see above, trying to look all bad and in control, is none other than Aswad Ayinde, 52. Back in the day, he was a successful music producer with hits such as “Killing Me Softly” to his credit. That used to be a favorite of mine, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to listen to it again after this without getting nauseated. On the up side, maybe that song will prove prophetic for Asswad (yeah, I know I misspelled it, but I think it looks more appropriate this way, don’t you?), and he will be killed when he gets to the big house. But I digress.

Asswad is on trial for raping five of his daughters and producing a total of six children with them. Presumably the mother knew about it, but I’ll get to that later. Asswad is pleading not guilty, and saying that his family’s spiritual adviser (Satan, anyone?) made all of this up and somehow brainwashed his wife and five daughters into going along with it. I guess the adviser was also a geneticist, and was able to manipulate the genes of his children/grandchildren so that they would appear to be Asswad’s children. Anyone buying that load of manure? Yeah, me neither.

Asswad (I love typing his name that way) is using several other lame excuses than the “my evil guru did it”. Here are a few:

1. He loves his kids and never harmed them. (I’m not touching that one – I’ll let y’all have a go at it.)
2. His wife is lying.
3. His daughters are lying.
4. The DNA of the children of his daughters is lying. (OK, I made that one up…)
5. We were just living in a peaceful polygamous household. (Am I missing something here, or does this moronic statement completely negate the necessity for all of the ones listed above?) I think my brain is bleeding……

I am now going to address the last statement above in detail, because it just BEGS for attention…. OK, the polygamy thing – besides the fact that is illegal in and of itself, isn’t polygamy supposed to mean multiple wives who are NOT related to you in any way? Sorry, Asswad, raping your own children is not polygamy – it’s incest. And disgusting. I hope you become the polygamous wife of six or eight big guys in prison.

It is also reported that Asswad beat his wife and children, and forced them to refer to him as “My God”, while telling them that the entire human race was polluted, and they needed to produce a “pure” bloodline. The only thing pure about this animal is his capacity for cruelty, arrogance and evil.

Oh, and he lied about his intelligence, too (big shocker there, right?). He said he got near a 1500 on his SATs, but his school records show he only scored a 70. I thought you got 400 points right off the bat just for filling in the bubbles with your name and other personal info…..what did he do? just write his initials?

There are so many levels of WTF to this one that I cannot possibly cover them all, but I included several links, if you care to read more.

I saved my final bit of loathing for the “mother” in this fiasco. She knew and did nothing. As far as I am concerned, she is worse than he is; because even if you buy the line about stuff like this being an illness, and that pedophiles can’t help the way they are (for the record, I think that is BS on an astronomical level), the “mother” COULD have done something. She claims she was terrified of him, too. Who gives a purple piss if she was scared? I’ll guarantee you those kids were more terrified than she was. It was her job to protect them, and she FAILED! She needs to be in jail too, not being pitied for being a victim. Victim, my left tit. She’s guilty of abuse. She betrayed her children, and allowed a man to abuse them for years. Screw her, and the dick she rode in on.

I’ve said all I can about this, I need to go puke now. Credit goes to me for finding this one, because for once I did my own research. If anyone sent in a tip to the tip line after I began this, I will be happy to give you credit, if Trench e-mails me.

There is a use for a bicycle tire pump – it doesn't involve a baby!

Monroe man allegedly beat toddlers with bike tire pump
Monroe man allegedly beat toddlers with bike tire pump

WHY can I not find pictures of these warped animals? If I find one I’ll post it – I’m hoping he gets killed in jail, and I can post a morgue photo or one from his obit. I am so pissed off I can’t see straight right now. This is one of those times when I would happily choke the life out of an individual myself, with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

Ivan J. Belardo, 37, was arrested for abusing his girlfriend’s babies (twins), and I have a few choice words for her as well, but I’ll get back to that later. Ivan claims he was looking for diapers so he could change the boys, when one of them walked up to him and hit him in the groin with a bicycle tire pump. Ivan claimed that the blow caused his penis to bleed, and he “lost control”. How did he lose control, you ask? He grabbed the tire pump and beat the living hell out of BOTH of the babies! Did I mention that the boys are only 22 months old? I have several things to say about the few facts I’ve already shared, but WAIT! There’s more! Both babies were beaten so severely that they had massive bruising on their groins, and one was bleeding from the penis. And did I mention the prick responsible had been doing heroin all day? No? Yes. He had.

I will go through my list of complaints against this man and my disbelief for his story one line at a time, so bear with me, please.

First he said one of them hit him so hard his c*ck bled. I sincerely doubt that, since having had six of my own, I have serious doubts that a 22 month old could strike a grown man hard enough to cause bleeding – even if he did use a bicycle pump. Children that age simply don’t have the upper body strength necessary to inflict that type of damage. Unless, of course, the little boy was playing with the pump on the roof of a two story building, and fell off, using Ivan’s dick to break his fall. Even then, any reasonable adult would see that it was an accident, and crawl away to soothe their hurt nads. Ivan, on the other hand, told authorities that the boy ‘looked like he meant to do it’. So, now Ivan can determine intent of a 2 year old from the way he looks? OK. Moving on….

Secondly, one child hits him, and he beats both of them? WHAT? Was he doing preemptive punishment on the innocent one, or did the twins run and he couldn’t tell them apart and so decided to beat both of them to ensure that the right one was punished? Or maybe…..the little boys ganged up on him……. Yeah, I bet that was it. The babies got together, planned the assault, carried it out, and were high-fiving each other when butt-munch came to exact revenge. Because we all know how these little babies can be. Vicious, evil, plotting babies.

Third – I’m not even a man, but I know that hitting a man in the groin will usually completely incapacitate him (especially if you hit him hard enough to make him bleed). I’ve only done that intentionally once in my life, and that was to get a guy off of me. It worked. By the time he recovered enough to walk, he had had time to reconsider his attempted assault, and walked away (and I didn’t even make HIM bleed, just curl up and cry). Smart guy. So the “I lost control” excuse doesn’t work for me either. By the time he recovered enough to go after the boys, he should have had enough time to realize that beating two toddlers with a tire pump was a bad idea. Not to mention that with the degree of pain a ball shot causes, no man should ever want to do that to another man, let alone a child. I hope they at least made this sperm spewer sterile with their shot – if it happened, which as I said already, I doubt sincerely.

Fourth – Did he not realize how hard he was hitting the children – or where? Of course he did! He had to have seen the damage he was doing, but he just kept on. Those babies had to be screaming! I hope to all heaven that somebody in lockup makes him scream louder and longer than he made those babies scream.

Fifth – why in the name of Satan’s underwear was this guy doing heroin when he was supposed to be responsible for two small children? Which leads me to my choice words for the mom….why the freak would any mother in her right mind leave two helpless babies with a known drug user? And no, I don’t believe that she didn’t know about it. If he had been doing it all day that day, then you know he sure as hell had done it before. You don’t go from clean (not a drug user at all) to doing heroin all day long one day. It doesn’t happen.

At least there’s one intelligent person in this whole saga….the judge set bail at $500,000.00. Way to go judge! I hope Ivan’s cellies take $500,000.00 worth of hide off his arse while he’s in there, too. I think the guy needs to have his groin beat until his thing falls off, and the woman should have the crap slapped out of her too. I can’t write any more.

Thanks go to me for this one too. I found, it I read it, I wrote it.

Butts Found in a Snowbank

Article1, Article2

Kathleen Butts picked up her kids from daycare on Nov 10, 2009, at 5:15, but she never made it out of the parking lot with them. She did however, manage to find her way into a nearby snowbank, which is where a maintenance worker found her at 7PM. Her two children, 2 and 4 years old, strapped into the car, and had been sitting there for an hour and a half, with the door wide open. Both were cold, and no doubt scared, but after a quick trip to the hospital they were released to other family members, and both of them are doing fine.

It’s a good thing that the maintenance worker found her, or those children could have frozen to death. This happened in New Hampshire, and it was 30 degrees outside.

Butts admitted to drinking before going to get her kids, and is being charged with aggravated DWI, and child endangerment. That said, I have another bone to pick……If Butts was so drunk when she picked up her kids from daycare that she passed out in a snowbank outside, somebody at the daycare had to have noticed. Why in blue blazes was she allowed to take the children from the facility in that condition? Were the workers THAT eager to clock out that they would let a couple of kids go with a drunk? And how is it that none of the workers noticed the car, with it’s door open, when they left for the day? I think the daycare needs to be investigated as well. They are guilty of endangerment just as surely as the mother is. At the very least, the employees need a class or two on how to keep kids safe from idiot parents who show up schnozzled.

Thanks to jakes_daddy for the tip.

Elect Rhonda Mays Mayor – But Don’t Let Her Kiss Your Babies!


The attractive brunette above is Rhonda Mays. That was sarcasm, BTW. Not the name, the description. Anyway, wonky-eyed Rhonda, 39, has pleaded guilty to child pornography, and offering a child for sex. She’s a child molester, and procured children for other child molesters. She allowed her boyfriend, Tanner Stickney, 29, to molest a 4-year old relative, while she VIDEOTAPED it; and when she couldn’t get the same child for a second round, she offered him a 2-year old relative. Class act, there. But at least she was stupid enough to provide undeniable proof on tape of what a filthy hag she really is.

Mays once ran for the office of mayor for the city of Umatilla, FL (don’t they do background checks on these people – or at the very least competency checks?), and she has children of her own, but no ages were available for them. I sincerely hope that they were not in her custody. Her lawyer has said that Rhonda is not a danger to the community (no, only the children, I guess), and that she is ‘sick’ and needs help. Anybody here have any suggestions on how we might be able to ‘help’ such a sick woman?

The court documents say that she faces up to 30 years in prison (only 30 years?!?), and that the boyfriend only faces 15, because he helped authorities incriminate another child molester. The molester he handed over to them was none other than Frank Lombard, associate director of the Center for Health Policy at Duke University. Lombard was arrested when he offered his own 5-year old son for sex in an undercover sting set up with the help of Stickney. He has since been fired from the University. But I digress.

Apparently Mays’ lawyer is trying to use a mental deficiency angle to try and reduce the sentence for his client. Again, this woman’s stupidity might be a boon to prosecutors. She was kind enough to leave an internet ‘chat’ record in which she said “I am pretty much declared incompetent so even if I get caught, I can play it off and not get into trouble,”. Good job. That proves competence, knowledge of wrongdoing, premeditation, and probably conspiracy. Also in her chats, she suggested that she and Stickney could adopt children that ‘nobody wants’, and use them as sex slaves. And that they should stick to children 6 years old and younger, because they would not be able to give the details that an older child could. Again….a lot of thought and planning went into this, so the prosecutors should have more than enough ammunition to annihilate her in court. I hope they nail her to the wall, and then some.

The boyfriend’s lenient sentence is a travesty of justice, in my opinion. I don’t care if he handed them a Jeffery Dahmer clone on a silver platter, he should still have to serve the rest of his life in prison. Give him his choice of a steak or chicken dinner plate once a week or something, but reduce his sentence? I don’t think so. Is anyone going to reduce the damage done to those children? Can they take that away?

I wonder what the parents of the family members she offered up for sex are thinking right about now? If it were me, she would never have made it to trial, let alone sentencing. I would have ended her child molesting permanently. With extreme prejudice.

Thanks go out to Lauren for the tip on this article.

Update on Mila Petrov

The original article on this was written up here by Joel back when it happened. I am just letting you know the current status, since one of our readers, Kathryn, sent us an article about it. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Kathryn! The article Kathryn sent us can be found here.

I won’t go into all of the details of this one, because it’s been written about already, and you can use the link to get to it. The pertinent facts are that Mila Petrov and her husband Carlos Beltran were arrested for the murder of their 5-year old daughter Melanie Beltran, in March of 2007. The death blow was caused when the child was beaten for throwing up her dinner. I guess we all know how effective beatings are in making sick children well again, don’t we?

Anyway, the prosecutors had asked for the death penalty, but Mila managed to walk away with only 39 years for the murder of her child. I guess that’s more appropriate than what Carlos got – he only got 20 years. The defense played the “she was an abused child herself” card, and it seems to have worked out for her, since she avoided the electric chair. I won’t even go into what I think of people who blame their abuse of their own kids on what happened to them as children. Most of the regular readers on here know already. It’s a crock of B.S.

So, Carlos will be walking the streets in less than 20 years, and Mila in less than 30, more than likely. But Melanie will not receive a parole from her sentence. She will still be dead. I just hope the DNA donors will be locked up long enough that all of their remaining children will be grown and gone before these two animals are allowed out of their cages.

She’s as Stupid as He is Nasty


I would like to thank Bridget for the tip and the title to this story. The title idea was all hers, and I hope she doesn’t mind me using it in my article…it was just too good to pass up.

We have a couple of real winners here folks – an abusive sperm donor, and an idiot for an incubator. Thomas Campo, 43, has been accused of abusing his triplets – 2 boys and a girl. They were only 5 months old when Campo was arrested, and he had allegedly been abusing them since they were born. One of the boys had at least five fractured ribs on the right side, and three on the left. Medical experts have said that the injuries are more consistent with shaking than with squeezing. Another of the babies, also a boy, had bilateral skull fractures and also some rib fractures. The baby girl had injuries to an ear, and a bite mark on her abdomen. So I guess the guy thought biting the baby was a good parenting technique. I would be willing to bet that he abused the kids because they would not stop crying – like most other idiots claim. Well….how’d that work out for you Campo? Oh, right, you’re in jail. So now you don’t have to listen to your babies cry anymore. I guess that worked out all right for you then….not so much for the babies, though.

Now for the gestation device, Zoya Campo. This quote is directly from the article folks: ” “Zoya Campo told me that her husband has a history of anger and acts out towards the babies,” Caggiano wrote.” OK. So the woman knew her bedmate had anger issues, and that he took out these issues on the babies, and yet, she did…….nothing?!? WHAT!?! Now you know where the stupid comes into the title, folks. I think she should be charged with abuse as well, since she knowingly permitted it. She’s as bad as he is. The bite mark on the little girls abdomen occurred in April, right after the babies had come home from the hospital. She was three weeks old. This tells me a couple of things folks. The babies, being triplets, were probably born early, and SMALL. That would be my guess as to why they were three weeks old before being allowed to go home. So in addition to being defenseless, and fragile, these babies ALREADY had another reason to be treated with special care – they were preemies. Instead they were abused by Thomas, and betrayed by Zoya. She said that she had confronted him several times about his abuse of the babies, and he had apologized to her each time. Oh. OK. That makes everything alright, then. Maybe in her world, but certainly not in mine.

Another thing – and this is purely speculation on my part, based on the age of the sperm donor. If he is 43, then I would imagine that she is probably in her late 30’s to early 40’s. She had triplets. This suggests to me that there might have been some sort of medical help to conceive, such as fertility drugs, or in-vitro. Now….if she wanted a child so badly that she was willing to undergo medical treatment in order to conceive, and then willing to go through the entire pregnancy (which I would think was probably difficult, and even dangerous, with triplets), you would think that this idiot would have taken better care of her babies – protected them more.

A final note, then I’ll go away and leave you all to discuss this: Zoya also said that her husband would take the babies (one at a time) into another room and shut the door, not allowing her in. The reason he gave her was that he needed to learn how to comfort them himself, without her help. But she could hear the babies in distress while he was alone with them. I’m sorry folks – but that freakin’ door would have come off the hinges, if it had been my child in there. You don’t take one of my babies ANYWHERE, and then deny me access to them. Not without killing me first.

Oh, and Thomas has been indicted on 37 counts stemming from the abuse of his babies. The mother, as far as I can tell, has not been charged with anything. They should charge her with gross stupidity, for starters, and work their way up.

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