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Myrtle Beach Breeder arrested for choking son

Amanda Faith Kuzmin

Amanda Faith Kuzmin

Myrtle Beach woman arrested for alleged child abuse:

Myrtle Beach mom arrested for beating, choking teen son:

38-year-old Amanda Faith Kuzmin of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was recently arrested for choking and beating her 13-year-old son. Police say that Kuzmin came into the room where the boy was sitting and began assaulting him while yelling things at him like “no one cares about you!” and “run away, I don’t care!”

The boy ran up a tree for safety until neighbors could get him away and police were called. No word yet on what provoked the alleged attack.

I’ll have to be honest here. The main reason I picked this story to do is because her mugshot reminds me of this…


Derp! Dad’s Son Got a Diaper Wipe in His Throat

At just 5-days-old, the baby was treated for a detached eye lens, but the incident was not reported.

Dad charged after infant son chokes on baby wipe


This one’s from Cleveland. Derp! Dad, Joshua Rains, was arrested at the hospital where his son was rushed into emergency surgery to remove the wipe from the baby’s throat.

Now I know baby wipes smell okay, but it’s not meant for consumption. It’s not supposed to be used as a type of chloroform or gag either, and it’s pretty much diaper area only, hence the term, y’know? But nah, this said that while he wiped his son’s mouth with one – Damn, I hope it was a clean one, the way this story sounds I can’t be sure of that – and it ‘disappeared’.

 Then the dim bulb upstairs turned on and he noticed the baby swallowed it – so he tried to ‘pull’ it out, but Derp! Dad had to have push and pull mixed up for it got jammed further into his son’s throat. How else would that bloody wipe get down further? I am quite convinced at this time that the IQ level Rains is sporting makes this bullshit believable to him, but cops isn’t buying it.  Have to admit, cops are experts of knowing when they’re fed lies – it is part of the job unfortunately.

So Derp! Dad’s in the pen for child endangerment with the little one in the hospital on life support. It’s not the baby’s first round in the hospital either, for he was treated for detached eye lens when he was only five days old (previously not reported). Holy fuck, really? How the… Never mind, I really don’t want to know what happened to cause that – it caused me to shudder to think of the injury. Positively horrifying to think about – just day five out of the womb and poor baby had to go for eye surgery.

Thanks goes out to Joy and Haydee for the tip



***Special thanks to Eccentric Lady writing this one.

Acts of douchebaggery times 2

Father Accused Of Beating, Choking Infant Twins

Duncan Couple Arrested In Abuse Of Their 3-Month-Old Twins


Jason and Misty Ausmus were blessed 3 months ago with twins.  WHY these two evil sacks of horse shit were bless with (not just one but) 2 babies is beyond me, but they were.  Both of those precious babies are now in the custody of CPS due to their father being a complete asshole and their mother just being plain old stupid.

The Ausmus twins were taken to the hospital by their (un)loving parents whom were “claiming” that they were having “breathing
problems”.  My son had a little asthma when he was a baby, so I can certain understand a new parent being wigged fucking out if that perfect, tiny person is in distress.  The thing is… the Ausmus twins “breathing problems” were not caused by a medical condition.  It was cause by a dickhead condition.  One of the babies was found to have broken ribs and a hand print around the neck.  At 3-months-old, it was highly unlikely that this was a case of sibling rivalry gone a little too far.

Mr Ausmus must have known his goose was cooked.  He went on ahead and fessed up to choking and beating his baby… wait for it….. Because he wouldn’t stop cry.  There you have it, folks; Another fuckwit asshole who was oblivious to the fact that BABIES FUCKING CRY.  Lots, even.  Something when your on the crapper or watching TV.

Mr. Ausmus was arrested and is being charged with child abuse.  He is being held on $500,000 bond.  His blushing bride, Hogzilla, is
being charged with enabling child abuse because the dumb c*** witnessed the abuse and didn’t do shit.  I take that back; she told him to stop.  That’s what any of would have done, right?  Except, I would have done it while he was trying to pull a meat cleaver out of his fucking head – but that’s just me.

Here’s hoping that both of these morons are sterilized and the babies are given to a loving family who who see the blessing having double the crying infants and double the love in their home.

Thanks go to Roxy for the tip.


Another “Clueless” Mother and Her Live In Vag Filler

“I didn’t do it and I ain’t talkin”

Lake Butler man charged with abusing three children


Lake Butler Man Accused Of Abusing 3 Children


There is not a whole lot of info on this one but I will share what I have found:

Tough guy over there is one Paul Martin of Lake Butler, Florida. (What’s in the water in this God forsaken state?) On March 17th the Grandfather of 3 pre-school children, ages 4, 3 and 2, noticed fresh bruises on one of his grandchildren. He had noticed bruises on the children before but it had always been explained away as normal kid stuff and them falling down the stairs. (They really do have a book of excuses for child beaters don’t they? And there are only 3 excuses in it “killer bathtubs, killer beds and killer stairs, and all of them try to use them at least once right? But these people live in a trailer so how many stairs can there possibly be?)  But this time Grandpa thought this ain’t normal for these kids to be getting so many injuries so he called DCF.                                                                                         

Shocking though it may be with their history, Florida DCF responded immediately and upon examining the kids they found bruising on all of the children as well as cigarette burns and evidence of choking/strangulation consistent with long term abuse. The children were removed immediately. The Police were called and Paul Martin was arrested and charged with 3 counts of aggravated child abuse. The injuries are new and old and investigators believe that the abuse has been happening for at least 6 months. Tough guy stated that he didn’t harm any of the children and refused to answer any questions asked by investigators. Unfortunately for him, the children and other witnesses are cooperating fully and are answering every question asked. One of the children even showed investigators how Martin used the cigarettes to burn them.

All 3 children have since been placed in the custody of a relative (no mention of who but I hope it is the loving grandfather) The mother who is not identified in any of the reports is now undergoing training on how to identify child abuse. Really? A mother needs training on how to know that her dirt bag penis is beating and burning her kids? She can’t really be that stupid can she? She should be charged too for allowing this to happen to her kids not trained in anything other than what a mother is and what a mother isn’t. Martin has since bonded out on $12,000.00 bond. I wonder if it was momma who bailed him out. As for the other witnesses, if they saw the abuse happening they should all be ashamed of themselves for not doing anything sooner.

I am going to say this again. Although it has been said so many times I can’t imagine how anyone could not know this yet: Penis is not, never was and never will be more important than your children. Never! Never! Never!

Hurray for DCF actually doing their job for a change and thank God this was caught before any of the children was more seriously injured or killed. 

Thanks go to DodiaFae for this tip in the open thread.


***Special thanks to abusehater for sriting this***

The Devil made me do it!





Here’s another one from my home state, Michigan.  Meet Randall James Caballero (35), from Warren, MI.  Back on December 19th, at approximately 10pm, while watching wrestling the devil paid him a visit and told him to kill his 3-year-old stepson.  Crazy much there Randall or maybe drunk who knows… but the devil told you to?  Hmmmm. 

Randall was watching wrestling and the devil told him to kill the 3-year-old and so he took the little guy outside and choked him out.  He immediately panicked, went to a neighbors and told the occupants he had just killed his son.  The neighbors, who are not friends with Caballero, called the police.  Imagine their shock when some guy they have never met, knocks on the door to tell them he killed his son.  Wow!  When the police arrived they detained Caballero and searched the area surrounding his home.  While they were there the boy’s mother arrived home and reported that her son was missing.  Poor woman, she had to have been scared shitless, first she is told he killed her son then she cannot find him anywhere.  Within in minutes the little guy was found around the corner crying and wearing only pants… poor thing, he had to have been scared out of his mind.  Firefighters treated him and transported him to the hospital for treatment of hypothermia.  He had red marks on his neck but suffered no life threatening injuries was treated and released. 

While in custody, Caballero confessed to the alleged actions, telling them he left the boy outside the home and indicated he thought he had killed him.  He was arraigned on charges of attempted murder and first-degree child abuse and was held on a $1 million bond. 

According to police, the young boy’s twin brother, Caballero’s own three children and two other adults were in the house at the time.  The adults were sleeping and had no knowledge of what had happened.  The boy’s mother said she had no prior indication Caballero might harm her son. 

Wow!  This one has a happy ending for the most part.  The little guy will need some counseling but he is alive and that is really what matters.  Caballero…. well he is a different story, crazy, drugs, drunk, whatever…. you never choke a child… even if the devil tells you to.

Crabby, flabby daddy got a little stabby…

got a little stabby

Man sentenced to 18 years in baby’s stabbing
Dad Accused of Stabbing, Choking His Baby Girl
I Stabbed Her With the Knife: Court Records

I don’t know how this one was overlooked, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on the site, so I am posting about it now. Back in July of 2009, Orlando Figueroa, 35, of Waterbury, Connecticut, Stabbed his 8 month old daughter in the head and back as she lay in her crib. Why, you ask, would a father do this to his baby? Why, to get even with her mother, of course! Orlando suspected his girlfriend, the baby’s mother, of having an affair, and he stabbed the baby to get back at her. WTF? There seems to be a rash of this kind of crap going around lately. Just a few days ago, we had the guy who raped his girlfriend’s baby because he was mad at the mom, and now we have attempted murder for the same reason. My theory is that these animals are such cowards that they pick on the baby, because they know if they went after the mother, she would probably kick their arses. And babies are helpless. Plus, lets face it ladies – what is the one thing that would make us mad enough to kill? Someone hurting our babies. These lowlifes use our love as a weapon against us.

Continuing with Orlando…..after he choked and stabbed the baby, he went to tell a neighbor, and then went to his other apartment to hold his other child at knifepoint until the cops arrived. The other baby was 18 months old. That means the two kids were only ten months apart…I wanna know how his girlfriend had time to find another guy when she was staying so busy with stabby devil-boy? The baby he stabbed was named Keilyn. Fortunately, little Keilyn lived, and the other child, Kiara, was rescued before Orlando could hurt her. Both children were placed with DFCS.

Incidentally, DFCS had opened a case on the family just a week prior to the stabbing when the older child drank gasoline and was severely injured. Oh, and the knife wielding bastard also had a prior record for domestic charges and assault. So…..WHY was he left alone with the baby?

Fast forward to August 24, of this year…..the savage beast pleaded guilty to attempted murder and two counts of risk of injury to a child. He was sentenced to 18 years. The only info I could find about the mother was a statement that the judge put a full protective order in place for her and the children after this incident. If anyone has anything further on this, please share it with us.

Thanks for this story go to me…..again.

Is the judge as messed up as the step-penis?

Man accused of choking stepdaughter faces child abuse charge

This ones gonna be relatively short – because all the articles I could find on it were exactly the same and only three paragraphs long. If anybody finds any new info, or a pic of this abuser (or the judge), please let me know….

Richard Eugene Graham, 43, of Bessemer, N.C., has been arrested on child abuse charges. Allegedly he attacked his 13-year old step-daughter, choking her and throwing her against a wall. I guess she’ll think twice before mouthing off to him again…..

The charge against Dick is a misdemeanor, and he is already out on (unsecured) bond. That’s not the worst of it though. The judge who set his bond, one Magistrate Judge R.B. Stacy, was kind enough to place conditions on the accused before he was released. Anyone want to guess what kind of conditions he placed on Dick? Anyone? Anyone? Ferris? Did the judge order him to move out of the child’s home? Did he order the POS to stay 500 feet from the girl at all times? Did he? NO!NO!NO!NO! HE DID NOT! Although those would have been appropriate conditions, he chose an even better one……he ordered, as a condition of Dick’s release, that Dick NOT ASSAULT THE GIRL!!!!!!!! How’s that for a WTF move? I can only imagine the conversation…….

Dick: “I didn’t mean to!”
Judge: “I believe you, and if you PROMISE not to attack her again, I’ll let you go.”

Am I the only one who thinks this is an unacceptable situation? Somebody needs to smack some sense into that judge, IMHO….

Once again, I did my own research. Which is probably why all I could find on this was three paragraphs…….lazy me…..

7-month-old chokes on bag of weed in ambulance

UPDATE: Couple arrested after baby chokes on bag of pot:

In possibly the most Jerry Springer-like arrest I have ever seen Amanda Monique Mallit, 18, and Horace Phillip, 18, of Waterloo, Iowa have been arrested. Before I tell you the charges let me tell you how it allegedly came about.

Rescue services were called to the house after the pregnant Mallit was assaulted at their house by a third party.

While in the ambulance being transported to the hospital Mallit’s 7-month-old daughter began to choke. What a stroke of luck that they were in the ambulance at the time and the girl was able to be saved. What was not so lucky is that the girl was choking on a plastic bag with weed in it.

Which gave police probable cause to search the house which turned up even more weed. Phillip copped to the weed allegedly. I’ll give him points for at least allegedly manning up. But wait, there’s more…

After Mallit was released from the hospital and police tried taking the child into custody she allegedly shook the girl.

The only thing missing from this story is Maury and a paternity test. Or maybe Geraldo and some folding chairs.

Thanks to Suzanne for the tip.

Update to De La Rosa story

I originally posted about this infant here

current article

It seems that the mother, a 16, year old girl, has also been arrested in connection with the death of this 7-week old infant. Jayda was slapped and choked for having the audacity to cry while her sperm donor was present. When Ramiro was done with his abuse, the baby was dead. He and the egg donor thought it would be a good idea to leave the baby at a local fire station. Here’s a clue for anyone who thinks this might be a viable option after killing your child: safe haven laws only apply if the child is still ALIVE.

Anyway, the teen mother has been charged with injury to a child by omission. She is being held without bail until a hearing on Oct. 9. The reason the judge gave for this action is because, “she could be a danger to herself or others if she was released.” And a prosecutor for the DA was quoted as saying, “We just want to make sure all children are safe, whether they’re babies or children having babies,” . Personally, I am more concerned about the dead infant.

The sperm donor is being held on $100,000 bond. Really? That’s all a baby’s life is worth these days? How sad…..

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

18-year old Fugitive Sperm Donor Chokes Infant

Baby in distress got no help

I could begin this story by calling it a comedy of errors – only none of it is funny, and ‘errors’ doesn’t even begin to cover the level of farked up that defines this case.

Ramiro De La Rosa has been accused of choking his 7-week old daughter to death – after slapping her face repeatedly “because she wouldn’t stop crying”. Yeah….because slapping them quiets them down, right? I’ll say it again – the only way striking a baby will stop the crying is if the blow renders them unconscious, or kills them…..or both. It will, however, get the abuser free accommodations at the local pokey. No babies crying there.

The 16-year old mother, a high school dropout, was living with De La Rosa and their two children (the older child is a one-year old) in a house that had been trashed and was devoid of furniture, according to the landlord. She had frequently gone to neighbors, begging for money, and one neighbor said she seemed disappointed when she was given diapers instead of money. Boy, I’m shocked…are you?

After choking the baby to death, the two dropped the baby girl off at a fire station not far from their home. I know paramedics are good, but did the idiots really think they could revive a dead baby? Or were they just trying to cover their butts?

Now, for the ‘errors’. First, Ramiro was a juvenile drug offender, who had been sent to a drug rehab. Only, he didn’t remain there – he was sent to a children’s shelter when the rehab center was threatened by a hurricane. He walked away from the shelter, and a warrant was apparently issued. While he had these outstanding warrants, he was arrested twice – but since they were ‘juvenile’ warrants, the cops released him both times. Good call, officers.

A neighbor also said he sometimes heard the sperm donor yelling at the children, and he suspected abuse. He also noticed a bruise on the baby’s face two weeks prior to the murder. He didn’t report the abuse, because he said he would feel bad if the child was taken away. I bet he feels even worse now. This same neighbor also told authorities that De La Rosa told him that he didn’t want the baby and thought he could get cash for her. Ummmm….hey, stupid….that’s illegal, too. It would have been better than killing the kid, though. Maybe. If he sold the kid to a child slavery ring, or a child molester…that would be worse….wouldn’t it?

The 16-year olds’ mother knew Ramiro was living with her daughter, and where they were. She didn’t report him, either. She said he wouldn’t let her talk to her daughter.

With the condition of the residence, and the dropping off the baby, we can also add filthy home and baby dumping to the list of atrocities these parents subjected their children to.

There’s more, but you can check out the link for the rest of the details. I can’t continue. My head is about to spin into another dimension.

Summation: Incompetent cops, and probably judges and probation officers to boot + incompetent grandma + incompetent neighbors + incompetent landlord + incompetent mother = one dead baby. Any ONE of those people could have saved the life of that baby, but they didn’t.

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