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Takota Hasty got his angel wings

Bubba's gonna love them ears!

Bubba’s gonna love them ears!

Mom, boyfriend charged in Takota Hasty’s death

Baby dies after accusations of abuse

Father remembers son’s ‘bright smile’

Father warned officials of abuse

Thankyou to Shadyhellyeah for the tip-off on this one. It’s so sad, yet it’s the same old pattern. Egg donor puts her sex toy above the needs of her child, sex toy seriously injures/kills child. Egg donor does sweet F-A about it.

This sad tale comes to us from Dayton, OH. Little Takota Hasty (19 months) was taken to Dayton Children’s Medical Centre with bruising on Sunday morning. He has since gained his angel wings on Monday afternoon :'( The hospital contacted detectives who were with the violent crimes unit, after they discovered that the little boy’s injuries were NOT accidental. According to his Dad, Takota had bruises on his face and back, and cigarette burns all over him, like someone had used him as an ashtray.

Guess who was behind the little boy’s death? His egg donor’s sex toy! The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Dustin Rybak and Crystal (Meth) Laurel, both 25, were taken into custody at the Montgomery County Jail. They have been charged with involuntary manslaughter, child endangering and tampering with evidence. An extra charge of allowing child abuse has been tacked on for Crystal. No conviction has been recorded as of yet, but the fact that they were charged with tampering with evidence (i.e. cleaning up bloodstains, hiding bloody clothes, hiding weapons) just screams that they’re guilty. I mean, if your child has just been rushed to hospital, you wouldn’t bother cleaning up for the police now would you?

The violent sex toy and the permissive egg donor are still in jail, on a million dollars’ bond each. Go Ohio! Good luck to any enablers trying to afford that much to get them out! They are scheduled to go to court Wednesday morning. This wasn’t their first run in with the law. The egg donor was convicted of theft in 2008 and the sex toy was convicted of domestic violence in 2009 and heroin possession a little less than a year ago. Wow, just goes to show that criminals attract other criminals. Drugs and domestic violence? What a winning combination!

Dad Justin Hasty had warned officials time and time again that the sex toy was abusing Takota and his 4 year old brother Trayton. A spokesperson says that they did get a referral from Dad a week before the little boy went to hospital, but they couldn’t find the egg donor. Just another lame excuse as to why they didn’t do their job. Dad lamented that he should have done more to get Takota out of there, but he couldn’t have done more – apart from taking Takota. But then he’d be up on kidnapping charges and would never see him again. 

A candlelit vigil was held on Monday night outside the Medical Centre. Balloons were released into the sky. Dad’s last words to his son were that he’ll be seeing him someday. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to take your child off life support, knowing that they won’t survive without it. It’s just so terrible and sad. And all because the bitch who birthed him put her sex toy above his safety and wellbeing.

RIP little Takota. You'll see your Daddy again one day. Fly with the balloons!

RIP little Takota. You’ll see your Daddy again one day. Fly with the balloons!

Justin Hasty has set up a Memorial Fund in memory of little Takota. Be warned. There are graphic photos of Takota’s beaten and bruised little body. It’s very sad to look at, but if you can, dig deep.

Thanks again to Shadyhellyeah for the tip!

School of Hard Knocks. Literally.



Dashawn Harris discovered at his Philadelphia home covered in bruises and cigarette burns



Homeschooling really does get a bad rap sometimes.  For some families, it’s a great way to ensure that their children get a quality education.  My sister lives in the middle of no where NC, and she homeschools her children.  She belongs to several homeschooling clubs, and her children play sports, have homeschool outings with other kids, boy/girl scouts, and music lessons.  Sadly, for some children, like 5 year old Deshawn Harris of Philadelphia, homeschooling means you never get a break from torture, and you never have the chance for someone to pick up on the abuse and try to get you help.


On December 1,2012, Deshawn’s little body was discovered by the police, who described him as being covered with bruises, cigarette burns and belts marks.  His waste of a life mother, 23 year old Lashay Patterson, and her child beating lover, 25 year old Christian Patrick, have been charged with is murder.  It’s being reported that Patrick lost his temper while trying to teach little Deshawn how to read during a “home schooling lesson” and he tried to beat him with a hair dryer and a belt. Really? That’s OK on what planet?  I’d hate to know what this fuck’s idea of “discipline” was for math..


Grace Fitch, the paternal grandmother is quoted as saying “I can’t believe she did that. Shay was just the sweetest person you could meet and when she got with this guy she just started getting distant.”  Fitch also says her son was unaware of how his young sons were beating treated. Patrick has a record with police and is a known drug addict.


Leshay and Deshawn’s father also have another child, 3 year old Daqwon.  Relatives believe that he too was abused, but he is thankfully safe in the custody of his father.  No information on what’s going on with Mommy dearest Patterson and her bed warmer Patrick.  The Philadelphia Department of Human Services refused to comment on the incident or comment if they had an open case involving the family.


Thanks for the tips go to Digchild and Marshlette.


Special thanks for the write up goes to Jackie.

Girlfriend Allowed Convict to Torture 5 Year Old

Iacullo Accused of Torture

Couple Charged

Couple Charged with Torture of 5 Yr Old


The Convict and his Desperate Twit!!

Once a convict always a convict!!  Now before anyone gets all irate and offended I’ll explain what I mean.

The word convict, in my mind, doesn’t refer to someone that has made a mistake and served their time in prison and straightened their life up.  To me convict is a state of mind, some prisoners serve their time just to get out and re-offend.  They never stay out of trouble for long because they can’t function in society!  These same worthless fucks look for someone weaker than themselves to prey upon!!  In this case that someone was a helpless 5 year old little boy!!

Authorities, trying to protect this little boy, will only identify him as a male relative in the care of 39 year old Lori Louisa Pincus.

This little boy’s hell started June 1st and ended June 8th when police arrived and took the piece of shit boyfriend, 33 year old Carmen William Iacullo II, back to jail for a parole violation.  Seems he was caught with paraphernalia.

In that short time span this baby endured torture!  He was beaten with fists, wooden kitchen utensils, burned with cigarettes and a lighter, stabbed with scissors or pliers.  He was picked up by his genitals and dropped to the ground!!  All by an abusive, sadistic, waste of space, fucking convict!!

The little boy’s injuries included a black eye, extensive bruising of the genitals, bruising on his entire body, multiple cigarette burns on his chest, stab and cut wounds to his leg and toes, and a burn to his anus.  WTF?!?  That poor baby boy…

Just once I’d like to write about a man/woman who actually protects the child! Unfortunately, that’s not the case here…  Not only did this trailer trashy, cum-guzzling, poster child for desperation allow the abuse she enabled it!!  She kept the boy home from school so they wouldn’t see the bruises and black eye.  When police showed up to violate bitch-boy’s parole she made the little boy hide under a bed!!

The abuse came to the attention of authorities because the Cunt left the little boy home alone while she went to visit her dildo in jail on June 9th!!  After being left alone for an extended period of time he wandered outside and was walking down the street.  A friend of the gutter-slut happened to be driving by and saw him.  She stopped to help and saw the obvious signs of abuse and called the cops.  Thank you, Friend!!

The desperate twit has been charged with Child Abuse and Accessory After the Fact both felonies.  She faces a maximum of 6 years and 8 months in prison…

The abusive tw*t is charged with Torture, Child Abuse, and Corporal Injury on a Child with a sentencing enhancement for causing great bodily injury.  He also faces sentencing enhancements for prior convictions.  2006 Felony Battery.  2003 Possession of Methamphetamine for sale.  2002 Child AbuseAs I said in the beginning, once a convict always a convict!! He’s facing life in prison if convicted.

Thankfully, this little boy is a survivor!!  Here’s hoping all rights will be severed and he’ll find a loving adoptive home that will teach him to trust again and show him unconditional love and he’ll never have to lay eyes on this bitch again!!



Thanks to DD for the tip.

Scary zombie clown burns kids with cigarettes

You mean she looks that way on purpose?

Mom arrested after sons hospitalized with burn marks, police say:

Rock Hill mom charged after sons found with burn marks:

Chalk one up to social Services for once. In Rock Hill, South Carolina Social Services were able to remove two boys, ages 4 and 5, from the home of 25-year-old Laura Barker. Again, she looks a lot more than 25. I guess it’s from being one of the undead.

Barker was arrested after it was discovered that she was allegedly burning both of her sons with cigarettes. The 4-year-old supposedly told his foster parents, after he was removed from the home, that an unidentified man was allowed to beat him with a broomstick.

I smoke. I’m not proud of that fact but I do. When my kids were growing up I didn’t want to smoke anywhere near them so they wouldn’t start smoking themselves. Not only that but I didn’t want to even accidentally burn them. Yet Zombo the Clown here was obviously within arms length with a cigarette in order to burn her kids.

What brand of smokes do you think zombie clowns like her use?

What ‘they’ should do is bound her arms and legs together than put an entire carton of cigarettes between her arms and legs and light them and let them slowly burn down so she can feel the same pain that she inflicted on her children all at once.

Thanks to Louisiana Lori for the tip.

Another “Clueless” Mother and Her Live In Vag Filler

“I didn’t do it and I ain’t talkin”

Lake Butler man charged with abusing three children


Lake Butler Man Accused Of Abusing 3 Children


There is not a whole lot of info on this one but I will share what I have found:

Tough guy over there is one Paul Martin of Lake Butler, Florida. (What’s in the water in this God forsaken state?) On March 17th the Grandfather of 3 pre-school children, ages 4, 3 and 2, noticed fresh bruises on one of his grandchildren. He had noticed bruises on the children before but it had always been explained away as normal kid stuff and them falling down the stairs. (They really do have a book of excuses for child beaters don’t they? And there are only 3 excuses in it “killer bathtubs, killer beds and killer stairs, and all of them try to use them at least once right? But these people live in a trailer so how many stairs can there possibly be?)  But this time Grandpa thought this ain’t normal for these kids to be getting so many injuries so he called DCF.                                                                                         

Shocking though it may be with their history, Florida DCF responded immediately and upon examining the kids they found bruising on all of the children as well as cigarette burns and evidence of choking/strangulation consistent with long term abuse. The children were removed immediately. The Police were called and Paul Martin was arrested and charged with 3 counts of aggravated child abuse. The injuries are new and old and investigators believe that the abuse has been happening for at least 6 months. Tough guy stated that he didn’t harm any of the children and refused to answer any questions asked by investigators. Unfortunately for him, the children and other witnesses are cooperating fully and are answering every question asked. One of the children even showed investigators how Martin used the cigarettes to burn them.

All 3 children have since been placed in the custody of a relative (no mention of who but I hope it is the loving grandfather) The mother who is not identified in any of the reports is now undergoing training on how to identify child abuse. Really? A mother needs training on how to know that her dirt bag penis is beating and burning her kids? She can’t really be that stupid can she? She should be charged too for allowing this to happen to her kids not trained in anything other than what a mother is and what a mother isn’t. Martin has since bonded out on $12,000.00 bond. I wonder if it was momma who bailed him out. As for the other witnesses, if they saw the abuse happening they should all be ashamed of themselves for not doing anything sooner.

I am going to say this again. Although it has been said so many times I can’t imagine how anyone could not know this yet: Penis is not, never was and never will be more important than your children. Never! Never! Never!

Hurray for DCF actually doing their job for a change and thank God this was caught before any of the children was more seriously injured or killed. 

Thanks go to DodiaFae for this tip in the open thread.


***Special thanks to abusehater for sriting this***

Update on Mila Petrov

The original article on this was written up here by Joel back when it happened. I am just letting you know the current status, since one of our readers, Kathryn, sent us an article about it. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Kathryn! The article Kathryn sent us can be found here.

I won’t go into all of the details of this one, because it’s been written about already, and you can use the link to get to it. The pertinent facts are that Mila Petrov and her husband Carlos Beltran were arrested for the murder of their 5-year old daughter Melanie Beltran, in March of 2007. The death blow was caused when the child was beaten for throwing up her dinner. I guess we all know how effective beatings are in making sick children well again, don’t we?

Anyway, the prosecutors had asked for the death penalty, but Mila managed to walk away with only 39 years for the murder of her child. I guess that’s more appropriate than what Carlos got – he only got 20 years. The defense played the “she was an abused child herself” card, and it seems to have worked out for her, since she avoided the electric chair. I won’t even go into what I think of people who blame their abuse of their own kids on what happened to them as children. Most of the regular readers on here know already. It’s a crock of B.S.

So, Carlos will be walking the streets in less than 20 years, and Mila in less than 30, more than likely. But Melanie will not receive a parole from her sentence. She will still be dead. I just hope the DNA donors will be locked up long enough that all of their remaining children will be grown and gone before these two animals are allowed out of their cages.

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