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Another Epic CPS Fail Claims the Life of an Innocent Baby Boy

Authorities called weeks before 2-month-old baby was found dead

Mother ‘starved two-month-old son to death until he was mere skin and bones and living in a house unfit for human habitation’


Police arrested Bambi Glazebrook, 29,  a serial neglecter out of Indiana earlier this month after police found her 2 month old son, Phillip Robey dead in a dresser drawer. The house, not surprisingly, was deemed “deplorable” and “unfit for human habitation”.


Family members are taking Phillip’s death especially hard because they notified CPS (Child Protective Services) that the baby was being neglected weeks before he died.


Glazebrook’s cousin Martha Robinson is quoted as saying “I called CPS three times and I called the police twice to come out here and try to do something… I told them every time that it was a life and death situation… that if they did not do something that the child was going to die.”


Glazebrook is not a stranger to CPS. “She’s had CPS (Child Protective Services) in her life for seven years now,” said Amanda Robertson, another cousin to Glazebrook. Glazebrook has given birth to five children, three of which were removed from her home and adopted out. I don’t understand how this woman was allowed to keep this child? Was CPS not watching her? I would think that they would be keeping an extra careful eye given her past parenting fails.


Stephanie McFarland, spokesperson for DCS (Department of Child Services which looks over CPS) confirmed that a recent complaint was reported involving Glazebrook, but was not able to confirm any specific details of the case.  She is quoted as saying “DCS did receive a report recently and was working to locate the family so we could assess the child’s situation,”


Family members feel that Phillip was failed by the system. CPS was notified of the severity of his situation. The police were also notified, but aside from knocking on the door, nothing was done and now its too late.


Phillip was reported to be about 5 pounds at his time of death. His body was emaciated, he had sunken in cheeks and eyes. Martha Robertson said it was clear that the baby was not being taken care of and even urged Glazebrook to take the child to the hospital.


Bambi has been arrested and charged with murder and Neglect Resulting in Death. She has plead not guilty.


I want to thank Martha and Amanda Robertson for trying to save Phillip. There need to be more people like you.


Thanks go to everyone who sent this in.


***Speical thanks to Amanda for the write up.

R.I.P. Phillip

Everything But the Kitchen Sink; Though the Bathroom Sink is In There

UPDATE: Probable Cause Found in Toddler’s Death Case 

Well, yet again we find ourselves faced with the same patterns we have all seen before. The live-in-boyfriend, the bio-mother who lies to protect him, the killer bathroom furnishings, and the failure of CPS to do it’s job and save the lives of children.

On October 16th, Nicolas Trukale (25) of Amsterdale in Logan County, West Virginia,  took his girlfriend; Robin Toler’s two year old son Aydin Toler and slammed him into a door frame so violently that he suffered a skull fracture. Aydin was air-lifted to a hospital in Charleston where he would die the next morning.  He would have been three in November.

Learning about this little boy makes me so mad. His Grandmother, Wanda (Danny) Walls tried so hard to get him help from CPS. There were so many points during his life where, had the right person bothered to pay attention and do their job right Aydin would still be alive. Both the workers of CPS and the Judge who granted custody fully to the bio-mother (yes we will get to that) are responsible for this, but none is more responsible then the so-called-mother who failed to save him and that sick, weak, sorry excuse for a man Nicolas Trukale.

About a year ago on a visit with his grandmother, Aydin showed up so badly bruised that Grandma took him to the hospital. He had black and blue hand-marks on his face. Hand-prints, on his face. The doctors told her the only way it could have happened was if someone had picked him up and swung him, by the face. The hospital did not contact police, but they reported the incident to CPS. CPS granted Mrs.Walls temporary custody of Aydin while his bio-mother Robin Toler faced those charges. Prior to those charges custody of Aydin was shared by Toler and the father, Jeremy Walls.

The Judge in that case gave Toler a three month so called ‘improvement period’ with supervised visits. After that three months Robin Toler was granted full custody of Aydin. When Wanda Walls met the CPS workers who helped Aydin be placed with his bio-mom on the court steps after the hearing  she told them they had just signed Aydin’s death warrant. Sadly, she was right.

Now we come back to about nine months later, on Tuesday October 16th. Nicolas Trukale faces up to life in prison for his part in the murder of Aydin Toler. I think that is too good for him. I’m sure once his new room-mates get a look at his papers they will feel about the same.  He is being held in the Southwestern Regional Jail until his appearance in Circuit Court.

Robin Toler lied her head off when police came about what happened to Aydin. First she said he fell off the kitchen counter. Then he was in the bathroom peeing, when he fell off the sink? Then he was brushing his teeth and fell. A full load of crud later it came out in court from Turkle that he had shoved Aydin into the door frame with enough force to crack skull. 


The pain that poor sweet boy must have suffered. His Grandmother tried her heart out to get him away from that woman who birthed him and her poor choices. When will these women learn that you do not trust others around your babies? Especially not 25 year old man-babies that can’t control their temper with you, so how could they do it with your baby?

Aydin’s Grandmother was quoted as saying that “He is with the angels now.”
His father, Jeremy Walls said, “There’s really no way to move on, the pain will be here forever; there’s no getting passed it.”

Rest in Peace Aydin. CPS might have forgotten about you and let you down, but you are with the Angels now. You are past all pain and loss. From now on you will be surrounded with the love and kindness that you have always deserved. 









Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip.

***Thanks go to Annette for the write up!

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