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The benefits of keeping kids tied up….

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What do you get if you have a blind five-year-old, a convicted sex offender, ten other children under the age of 12, a pregnant woman, ten other adults, plenty of rope and filthy conditions – all in a 1700 sq. ft. house? Sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke, doesn’t it? Well, it’s really bad, but unfortunately its no joke. In addition to all I listed above, one of the women there has already been investigated multiple times by CPS – once for punching one of the children in the stomach. The children were not named, but there were seven boys, ages 4 mos., 6 mos., 1, 2, 4, 8 and 11; and four girls, ages 2, 3, 4 and 5 years. Oh, and the five year old girl is legally blind. And the two youngest infants were taken to the hospital with what was believed to be pneumonia. The eleven year old boy had a black eye, finger-mark bruising on his arms, and a knocked-out tooth. And all of these are believed to be the grandchildren of the owner of the house, Tanda Marsh-Smith, who, incidentally, is also the one that has been investigated by CPS multiple times already.

Had enough? I have. But there’s more. The son of the grand-beast, Mark E. Marsh III, 34, is a convicted sex offender – in 1997 he was convicted of criminal sexual conduct with a 15-year old girl. In addition, both 2-year olds, and the 5-year old, were all tied up. And all were living in squalid conditions. And none of them attended school – who wants to take bets that the grand-monster was ‘home-schooling’ them? Or pretending to. It was also mentioned in one of the links that this was being investigated as possible cult activity. I wonder if they were members of some obscure fundamentalist church in the area? Wouldn’t that just make this the best ‘FAIL’ story of all time? And then we could also be assured of having several of the other members of the church come here to tell us all that we are going to hell for being mean to such GOOD people.

As far as the restraints for the children, the adults in the house said they didn’t see anything wrong with it, and that it was only done to make sure the kiddies were safe while they were sleeping. Oh, well, then – I guess that makes it all OK doesn’t it? No….not really… The children gave a completely different account, with at least one of them stating that they were locked/tied up for most of the day. Ooooohhhhh….the kids’ll tell on you every time won’t they? The little beasties – they should probably be beaten for that – oh, wait, they already have been…my bad. Oh, and the coup-de-grace? There were also two sixteen-year-old runaways from another state living there – because they had been told that it was a FUN place to live….dear God….

I could go on with this for pages, but in the interest of time (and what’s left of my sanity), I’ll let all of you read the many other interesting details in the six linked articles, and add anything I left out that you think appropriate.

Personally, I think all of the parents of these children should be sterilized and then imprisoned. The grand-beast should be tied to a filthy mattress in a small dark room – shoot, put them all in the same small dank cell together – with a convicted rapist. Oh, wait, if they are all in there together, they’ll already have one of those won’t they? Give ’em a couple more just in case any of them get lonely. Really big, mean guys named Butch or Bubba……or Bruce.

Thanks for the tips go to Danielle, Deb, April, and one other whose e-mail tip I have misplaced, but I will include them as soon as I find it.

China Arnold: Accused Microwave Momma Indicted for Murder (UPDATED with Court Docs)

China ArnoldDid she or didn’t she? A jury will decide that question soon, as China Arnold has been indicted for aggravated murder after allegedly cramming her baby into a microwave. Defense attorney John Paul Rion believes there’s enough reasonable doubt to drive a truck through; he says he has the forensics to prove his client’s innocent. But the prosecution sounds equally c*cksure: they’re aiming for the death penalty.

Judging by the last thread on this subject, a lot of visitors to PBB feel there may have been a different culprit. As noted in that last report, Arnold’s no prize of a mom, having been convicted for abduction and verbal forgery. But does that make her a baby-microwaver? I dunno. The state sounds overly confident about their odds of conviction, given that they’re trying this case a year after the murder. I’m holding judgment until the trial begins, and both sides lay their cards on the table.

UPDATE: Here are Arnold’s 2000 guilty plea, a copy of her 2002 conviction for check forgery, and a copy of the grand jury indictment in the death of her daughter, Paris Talley.

China Arnold Accused of Microwaving Baby to Death

Microwave ovenOh Holy God. I know I say “this is the worst thing I’ve ever read” at least once a month week, but…truly, folks. This may be the chart-topper. China Arnold’s three-week-old baby, Paris Talley, died last year with an abnormally high body temperature. Over one year later, police have arrested the 26-year-old on charges that she stuck her child in the microwave and pressed the “Baby” shortcut button.

What took so long to bust the bitch? The method of execution. Little is known about what effect microwave radiation will have on a child because…well, because no one’s been cruel and inhumane enough to commit such an atrocity. Sure, folks have floated the idea of using microwaves against electronics equipment and grown humans…but babies? And at the hands of one’s own mother nonetheless? Jesus. What an awful, awful way to die.

What are the prosecution’s chances of proving this case in court? I don’t know. I imagine most of their case will boil down to scientific testimony, an exclusion of all other possibilities, and an assault on the mother’s character. If China Arnold’s defense can float one or two alternative theories of death, it may be enough to keep her out of jail.

There seems to be little information about Arnold available. Was she in trouble with child services before this? If anyone can testify to this woman’s character as either a person or a mother, speak up.

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