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Adoptive Breeder and girlfriend make girl eat in bathroom

Regina Marquez and Deanna Martinez

DA: Parents Forced Adopted Girl To Eat In Bathroom:

When I first glanced at the article I thought this was going to be another story about adoptive Breeders who were in it for the money. In a sick way that makes sense. Greed is a huge motivator for all sorts of criminal acts. Then I read the article and it turns out the Breeders in question are just evil.

In Denver police have arrested 35-year-old Regina Marquez and her 36-year-old girlfriend Deanna Martinez for severely physically abusing a 6-year-old girl who Marquez had adopted.

Marquez is the girl’s biological aunt who adopted the girl when the bio mom could no longer care for her. That is supposed to be an act of love when you adopt a relative’s child when they can’t care for them. Instead this became just another act of torture.

The girl was allegedly made to only eat in the bathroom and was not fed all that often. The girl’s hair was falling out and she had the development of a 2-year-old girl. The girl was also found to have several fractures that were in a state of healing in her arm and fingers. Marquez claimed the girl’s arm broke when she ‘fell’ while carrying a box of Legos.

To make matters worse Marquez also adopted the girl’s 2-year-old brother but I have not seen any claims of abuse on him. Was the girl singled out for some reason? Because the fact that they targeted the girl makes it seem so.

You know, there is an adult version of Legos. They’re called cinder blocks. One of the favorite implements of justice at the (P)BB Department of Poetic Justice. Which brings me to what ‘they’ should do.

Have their arms tied down and extended on a slab of concrete then repeatedly drop cinder blocks painted to look like Legos dropped on their arms. Of course this would be after they were starved for a while.

Nice neck tattoo by the way. Seriously classy.

Thanks to Twila for the tip.

"Evidence of Pain"

Parents Arrested for Death of 3 Month Old

Family Defends One, Blames the Other

Autopsy Inconclusive on Cause of Death

Calvin Pitts and Amanda Deleon


7:55am June 11th, a young mother placed a call to Denver 911 reporting a 3 month old baby boy not breathing.  Police and paramedics arrived and transported little Sinai Pitts to Swedish Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 8:40am.

Police arrested 21 year old Amanda Deleon and 28 year old Calvin Pitts on Felony Child Abuse charges.  They’re waiting on the cause of death to up the charges to murder.

3 month old Sinai had obvious signs of trauma and “evidence of pain” according to the reports.  Both old and new injuries that they say can be dated back.  This baby was just 3 months old how fucking far back can it go?!?

Bet you couldn’t guess both breeders have had issues with the law before!  Guess what the majority of the charges were…  Yep, drugs!!

Bio-bitch up there has a record of various drug charges, shoplifting, robbery, and assault.

Bio-prick’s list includes sexual assault, carrying a concealed weapon, and a long list of drug offenses.

Neighbors said they rarely saw them but some said they heard the baby crying all night…

“Mostly through the night you could hear the baby crying for hours.  Hearing stuff like that it’s kind of sad.  You don’t know if they’re hurt or what’s going on”, said neighbor Mike Sanchez.  “He was little baby.  He couldn’t defend himself.”



“Evidence of Pain”– when I first read that I was stunned for a moment.  I’ve never read that in any of the research on any other write-up.  Little Sinai’s injuries included two broken legs, a broken left wrist, a burn on his left thigh caused by the c*** scalding the skin off with a wash rag, a scab on his chin, a burn on his right foot where the swine supposedly dropped a cigarette on him,  and ear injuries!!!  The prick also said he burned him with a wet towel he heated in the microwave for 2 minutes then wrapped around the baby’s leg!  This baby had 2nd and 3rd degree burns!!  Both of these wastes of oxygen have admitted to these injuries!!  Here’s the new link


I’m not going to rant on this case.  I’m going to respond to the Cunt’s defenders who are already getting their time in the spotlight!  An aunt has come forward saying how she is not capable of doing anything like this!  Yeah.  Yeah.  We’ve heard it all before!! How she just fell on bad times and was homeless for awhile.  I’m sorry but what does that have to do with the murder of this innocent baby??

And my favorite quote: “She is a loving person and she loves kids.  She’s been taking care of kids since she was a kid, and she has never hurt anybody in her life.”  Well, let’s see, she was arrested for assault and robbery so evidently she’s not the same person she was when she was a child!!  Could have something to do with her being a druggie bitch maybe!

I can understand the need to disbelieve that someone you’ve loved and cared about their whole lives would be capable of such an atrocious act, but it’s time for a dose of reality for all the defenders!

Wake the fuck up!!  This baby was abused his whole life.  3 short months is all he got on this earth and it was 3 months of pain and suffering!!  Even if, and that’s a huge IF, the Cunt didn’t actually abuse this child she knew what was happening!  The police and paramedics recognized it as abuse on the scene!!  It wasn’t hidden!!!

She shares the same guilt as the dickless ball sack!!  They should both be tortured daily for the rest of their worthless lives!!


Thanks to Barbara and Monica for the tip.


R.I.P. Baby Boy




Bad Denver boyfriend claims fall in the hall

Denver man charged in toddler’s death:

I know you may think that I do like repeating myself but I don’t. Yet it seems I keep having to.

31-year-old Jacob Garcia of Denver, Colorado is charged in the death of his girlfriend’s 18-month-old son.

He claims that the child ran into a hallway and fell.

Medical personnel at the hospital disagreed because of the “subdural bleeding in the brain” and “bruises throughout his body.”

Now here’s the part where I have to repeat myself.

Ladies, if you’re man ain’t got no job he’s not worthy to be watching your kids while you work. I know that wasn’t the case here but it bears repeating.

Now for the abusers again you are not smarter than people who went to school for years upon years to learn their profession. They can tell the difference between a fall and a severe beating. Rather than going to jail, because you will, how about not beating the child in the first place dumbass.

Thanks to Rachelle for the tip.

Stealing Tools

Denver baby beaten so badly mom “couldn’t even recognize” him; parents charged in death:

Speaking of tools those two tools are Travis Anderson and Crystal Eccleston of Denver, Colorado. He’s been charged with murder and she’s been charged with failure to seek treatment.

It’s alleged that Anderson beat their 20-day-old son so bad that his the boy’s own mother, Eccleston, didn’t even recognize him. However instead of taking the baby to the hospital she gave him a bath where he was non-responsive. Anderson on the other hand went out to steal some tools and then came home to look them up on the internet because apparently he didn’t know what he was stealing.

Seven hours later they took their baby to the hospital.

According to a probable cause statement, doctors at Children’s Hospital in Aurora who examined Sean Anderson when he arrived Dec. 15 said he had two skull fractures, profuse bleeding of the brain; bruises on the scalp; and what appeared to be burns on his face and foot.

Sean Anderson died four days later. Doctors had to remove a part of his skull to relieve the swelling of his brain.

Anderson and Eccleston are a lethal combination of evil and stupid.

Thanks to Christina for the tip.

Denver mom pimped out daughter for cash

mmathiasMan charged for allegedly paying mom for sex with teen daughter:

“John” allegedly paid mom, had sex with girl”

Bitch!: Alleged mother from hell charged with pimping her own daughter:

Creepy looking dude over there is 48-year-old Mark Mathias of Denver, Colorado. He’s accused of paying a woman to have sex with her 14-year-old daughter from June 18, 2008, through March 31, 2009.

It seems that ‘mom’ had no issue with this because she would call different men to tell them that ‘fresh meat’ was available.

Mom is also in jail on $200K bail. No word on what she used the money for but I think it will be poetic justice once she gets inside. Then she’ll find out what it’s like to be fresh meat.

Thanks to Kim for the tip.

Denver man accused of smothering crying daughter

Dad Accused Of Smothering Crying Baby:

27-year-old Keith Weatherspoon of Denver, Colorado has been charged with first degree murder in the death of his 5-month-old daughter. He allegedly smothered the baby with a pillow because she wouldn’t stop crying.

That’s what babies do Jackass, they cry. If you can’t figure out why without resorting to violence you have no business being in society let alone being a parent.

Thanks to Danielle for the tip.

Denver woman zip tied daughter

Denver police: Mom cuffed girl to keep her away from food:

What is it with Breeders tying up their kids to keep them out of the food?

52-year-old Danelle Daunchet of Denver was arrested for using zip ties on her 10-year-old daughter so she wouldn’t ‘steal food’. The girl would have hands bound behind her back at night with plastic zip ties then Daunchet would cut them off with a knife in the morning.

The article contains a quote from the physician who examined her that said the binding may have caused permanent damage but nowhere does it say that the girl had any kind of eating disorder, not that should make any difference.

Daunchet was able to post a $50K bond so I don’t think she’s hurting for money and she doesn’t look like she’s missed any meals herself.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Woman hides kids in meth houses

Police: Paranoid Mom Hid Kids In Meth Homes:

Blanche Brown of Denver, CO was wanted on outstanding warrants of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, providing marijuana to a child and child neglect. So she did what any rational thinking mother would do. She took her 15-year-old and 1-year-old daughters from meth house to meth house avoiding police for as long as she could.

Police say…

…Brown was “very paranoid and taking extreme measures to avoid law enforcement,” while hiding her two children.

Meth tends to make people like that.

The kids are said to be ok.

Sarah Smith, Boyfriend Claim Ignorance, Not Malice, in Daughter’s Vodka Poisoning

Sarah Smith and boyfriendWhen I was traveling once for business, I arranged for a limo service to take me from the airport to the conference I was attending. I arrived in Chicago at 8am, settled into the back seat of my ride, and poured myself some water from a decanter in the sidebar. “Um, sir,” the driver asked politely, “what are you doing?”

“Uhhh…getting a drink of water,” I replied nervously. I was 22, and green in business travel. Should I have tipped the driver before drinking? Were you not supposed to drink the water in Chicago?

He chuckled. “That’s not water, sir. That’s vodka.”

I sniffed it and, sure as shit, he was right. Being a virtual tea-totaler at the time, I didn’t drink anything until I got to the conference. But damn, it would have made the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America waaaaay more interesting.

Given that, I can almost believe 19-year-old Sarah Smith of Denver, Colorado, who claims that she had no idea her boyfriend’s “water bottle” contained vodka when she used it to mix her three-month-old daughter’s formula. Kristina Delaroche damn near died after spiking a blood alcohol content of .384, which is 20 Irishmen times the legal limit in Colorado. But it doesn’t add up. At the very best, boyfriend Ryan Delaroche (the baby’s father) sounds like a total, absolute, irresponsible dick. First off, who walks around – nay, DRIVES around – with a water bottle full of vodka?! He was in the store buying diapers, and mom and baby were in the car, when the incident happened. Second, police report that Superdick dropped the mom and baby off at the hospital and drove off. Way to represent, homes. Your child is potentially dying, and you leave to…what? Cover your ass? Dispense of the evidence? Your ass should have been in that hospital with them. There was nothing more important that you had to be doing at that moment. Nothing.

The El Paso Department of Human Services has custody of the girl while they sort this mess out. I’m not buying this was an “accident”. At best, it was gross negligence. What about you guys? Do you think this was an innocent mistake…or something more?

(Hat tip: Karen Rani)

Lawrence Trujillo, Denver Hit and Run Driver, Owed Back Child Support

Scene of accident in Denver, ColoradoRecently we were witness to a horrible tragedy in Denver, Colorado, when a man named Lawrence Trujillo drove drunk through a red light and killed a mother and her two children. The incident has led people to ask: what kind of man is Lawrence Trujillo?

Answers to that question are leaking in…and they’re not good. Trujillo is the father of three kids by a previous relationship, including a 14-year-old daughter and two 12-year-old twins. PBB has seen documentary proof* that Trujillo also had an outstanding bench warrant against him for his failure to appear – twice – before a judge for nonpayment of child support. The failure to appear landed him in jail on September 20th. On the 22nd, Trujillo posted bond in the amount of $5,000 and walked out a free man – for the moment.

Unfortunately, his ability to post bond proved fatal to Rebecca, Macie and Garrison Bingham.

Not only did Trujillo inflict irreparable harm upon another family – he inflicted financial harm upon his own kids. This wasn’t a man who made a single stupid, fateful decision; this was a trainwreck of a human being who was careening recklessly through life, hurting everybody who made the mistake of loving him. And as if that weren’t bad enough, he had to destroy a family whose only crime was going out for hot chocolate.

(* NOTE: I’m keeping the details of this information private in order to protect the identity and privacy of Trujillo’s family.)

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