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Torture in Tulsa

Forced to perform sex acts for food and beaten with a paddle called ‘Mr Awesome’: Horrific life of four children ‘tortured by adoptive parents’ is revealed
‘Torture’ is alleged in Sperry child-abuse investigation

Thomas's Torture House of Tusla

I don’t even know where to begin.

The 2 specimens above are none other than Lora Lee Thomas, 47, and Aubrey Stuart Thomas, 58, of Tulsa, OK. They have been arrested for torturing their 4 adopted kids over the course of many years. They were arrested and Lora has been charged with child abuse and is being held in the Osage County Jail with bail set at $50,000. Aubrey is charged with enabling child abuse and was released from jail after posting $50,000 bond.

Here’s the awful laundry list of what the children reported as abuse they suffered at the hands of these animals in the “house of horrors”:

  • The children were made to throw up and eat their own vomit,
  • The were beaten with a large paddle called ‘Mr Awesome’,
  • They were made to soak in a bath of ice to reduce swelling from the abuse,
  • They were sexually abused, claiming they were forced to eat gum off Aubrey Thomas’ penis,
  • They were made to perform oral sex on their adoptive siblings in exchange for food,
  • They were forced to put urine soaked underwear in their mouths if they wet the bed,
  • They were also forced them to eat horse manure for not cleaning a horse pen.

What in the ever-loving fuck? The Thomas’ originally had 6 adoptive kids back in ’01, but 2 were removed by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services after them finding evidence of abuse. But they left the other 4 there? Whatthefuck?? How come they weren’t removed by the OK DHS?? I need answers, you’ve ruined 4 children’s lives.  What the fuck were you thinking?

These kids were “home schooled”, of course. Read: kept home so no one would see that they were malnourished, bruised, and battered.

They were only found out because the 13-year adoptive daughter was put into a psychiatric hospital, and told one of the counselors. After being interviewed by Osage County Sheriff’s office, it was made obvious to them that the kids were coached to deny, deny, deny. But thank God, one of them cracked and told the authorities what was going on in the house of horrors and they were promptly arrested on abuse charges.

No word on where they all are, but I assume in some kind of state custody. Let’s hope Oklahoma doesn’t fuck that one up too.

Thanks to Carrie, Erin, Mrs Kelly, and Deena for the tips.

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