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Amanda Hein left her newborn in a bar toilet tank because she was ‘depresssed’

Amanda C. Hein. Any guesses on what the C stands for?

Amanda Hein, accused of killing newborn, ‘suffers’ from major depression, says her attorney:

Defense: Woman accused of killing her newborn at Starters Pub suffers from depression:

Last August 27-year-old Amanda Hein gave birth to a baby boy inside the bathroom stall of a Pennsylvania pub. Instead of, you know, trying to take care of the baby police allege that Hein placed the baby inside a trash bag that was used to line the bathroom’s trash can and then placed the baby in the toilet’s tank, before returning to her friends at the bar. Her attorney is now offering up the defense of Hein suffers from depression, self-mutilation and other mental problems. Shit, he’s not even trying postpartum depression, Just regular old depression.

Let’s stop right there. It’s no secret that I suffer from depression. I have since I was a child. I attempted suicide on multiple occasions. My depression has allowed me to do some pretty embarrassing things even as an adult but murder was never one of those things. I realize everyone’s depression and metal health is different but I refuse to buy that she hid her pregnancy and killed her baby because of depression. If you suffer from major depression you’re not exactly a social butterfly wherein you party with your friends at bars. The prosecution seems to agree with me…

“I think that it’s going to be admitted that she was pregnant, that she gave birth in that stall that she in fact suffocated this baby and killed it. I think that what we’re going to see in this case is some kind of mental health defense perhaps at best,” Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said during a November interview with WFMZ.

The prosecution is deadly serious too. They are seeking the death penalty against Hein. For Pennsylvania that’s pretty serious since the last person they executed was Philadelphia’s own Gary Heidnik who raped, tortured and killed several women in his house of horrors. Unfortunately that was 15 years ago under Governor Tom Ridge. Don’t hold your breath on seeing Hein strapped to a gurney.

Not only that but lawyers need to stop making it seem like any one with even the slightest mental health issue is a potential danger. This is one of the reasons why too many people are afraid to seek help for themselves.

Thanks to Jessica for the tip.

No, we don’t want her back.

Canada to deport Aust killer mum: report

Deportation to Australia for child killer Allyson McConnell despite appeal

Australian mother Alyson McConnell drowned her sons in a bath, Canadian court hears


Alyson McConnell

Selfish bitch c*** Allyson McConnell

A selfish bitch c*** who drowned her two little sons is being deported back to Australia after serving a measly 10 months of a 15 month sentence. For “manslaughter”. All because she was “depressed”.

Authorities say that Allyson McConnell, then 31, drowned her two little boys, Jayden (20 months) and Connor (3) in the bathtub of their Millet, Alberta home in February 2010. She allegedly left their little bodies to rot while she tried to kill herself by jumping off of a bridge. Unfortunately she did not succeed. Why is it that these selfish fucks who kill their kids and themselves get it in the wrong order? It’s “Kill yourself” first! The selfish bitch c*** only got a few broken bones and was taken to a hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. They should have let her die. Broken bones can kill and it’s a lovely slow painful death.

The boys’ father, Curtis McConnell, told the court that trouble had been brewing for months. They had split, and the selfish bitch c*** wanted to take the boys and move back to Australia. He was afraid that she’d take off with the boys without his knowledge. Even though the couple were separated, they still lived in the same house, and Mr McConnell was seeking joint custody of the boys, or sole custody if Allyson did indeed move back to Australia. Mr McConnell returned from work to find his sons’ lifeless bodies on the bathroom floor. Neighbours tried to console him and helped him call the authorities. The selfish bitch c*** was convicted of manslaughter and was sentenced to a lousy 15 months in a psychiatric hospital. 15 months. Shorter than the lives of her sons, which she so brutally snuffed out. She only served 10 of them.

Fast forward to 2013. The selfish bitch c*** has served her blip of a sentence and is being deported to Australia. She is now 34, still young enough to have more children that she can kill when things don’t go her way. There has been a review of the decision to deport the selfish bitch c***, following protests from her ex husband and Alberta authorities who opposed her lenient charges and sentencing. She was deported today. I hope her plane never makes it to Sydney and that she dies in a firey bleeding mess.

Allyson McConnell

RIP Jayden and Connor


She used four bullets when one would have sufficed….

Idyllic family....almost
St. Louis County family grasps for answers in deaths of 3 girls, mother
Missouri Campground Deaths May Be Murder-Suicide: Woman, 3 Children Killed

Woman, 3 daughters shot to death at Mo. campground

The photograph above is s one most people look at and think, “What a lovely family!” And they would be correct – at least until last Saturday, when Christine Adewunmi made her husband, Leonard, a childless widower within the space of just a few brief moments. Christine (allegedly) drove her three beautiful girls, Lauren, 8, Samantha, 6, and Kate, 3, out to a remote campground along the Meramec River, where she shot each of them to death and then turned the gun on herself. Out of respect for the father and family who might inadvertently find their way to this blog, I will refrain from my usual tirade against the mother. All of our regular readers should know by now what kind of feelings I have for this murderer, and can apply that knowledge on their own. To the father and family: My heart goes out to you, and you will be in my prayers for a long time. May God heal you and give you peace. That said, any family members who have been reading this should probably stop here – because the rest of this article will be dedicated to my personal views concerning this act of senseless violence against the children. And some of them may not be pretty.

From all accounts, the Adewunmis were a close and loving family. Both parents loved the children and each other, and the girls were well cared for. That is what makes this story so difficult to write. I actually ran across this story myself a couple of days before April sent me the links, and thought, “I would hate to have to write this up for BB.” Then April asked me to, and I just could not bring myself to tell her no. It took me another 36 hours before I could begin, and I’m still not sure I if I will be able to do it justice.

I will start with Christine, since she is, ultimately, the reason I am writing this. What in the name of all things holy happened?!?! Her friends, neighbors, family and church all said the same things – it’s like a broken record – she loved the girls, they were her life, she was a good mother. Only she couldn’t have loved them THAT much, since she killed them. And if ‘they were her life’, then why did she show that by being the death of them? As for good mother….maybe at one time she was, but any woman who kills her children ceases at that very moment to be a ‘good mother’. When she takes the life of her babies, she becomes a murderer. Yes, everyone knew she was depressed, so lets not get into that ‘mental problems’ excuse. I don’t buy it. If you are depressed, and want to off yourself, fine. Do it. But for the love of Pete’s panties, man, don’t take the babies with you!

I understand depression, people. I’ve suffered from it most of my life, and had it compounded by PPD for a few months after the births of most of my children. I know what it feels like to be in that dark, black place. I know what it feels like to think that nobody would miss you if you died, and that the world would probably even be a better place without you in it. I KNOW!!!!!! BUT – never once did I think of taking my kids with me. The world in general, and my life in particular, have been a much better environment since they were born, and I would not even think of taking their lives – of taking their light out of the world. How could this woman KILL her kids? Not only that, but how could she shoot them all, one after the other, and think her actions were in any way acceptable? HOW?!?!

I cannot imagine the terror those children had to be feeling when their mother shot them. Even if she killed the first one without warning – at the point she fired the gun, the other two KNEW what was going on! To watch the woman you love, the woman who raised you, loved you, and tucked you into bed at night, kill your sisters and then turn the gun on you: it must have been horrifying. I have cried buckets of tears for these babies in the past few days, and every time I see their pictures, I tear up again. She didn’t have to take them with her. Either to the river, or to her grave. She could have left them in the care of a friend or relative, and only taken herself out. Hers was an act of pure selfishness. It was all for her. She took something from everyone when she left, instead of leaving the best parts of her to continue their lives. I know that a lot of people say that a mother thinks her children are better off with her – even in death – than without her. What a load of horsehockey! My children are important to me, yes, but even more important for the great things they will do in their futures. If I had to choose between saving myself and saving my kids, they’d win every time. I would die a thousand deaths to save my children. And this selfish person put her own personal problems ahead of the well-being of her kids. She was depressed – so they all had to pay for it. What a waste of precious lives….

Apparently, I am not the only one who is confused about this heinous act. Most of her friends and neighbors have given variations of the “I never would have thought it,” statement. One said “they were very gentle, peaceful people,” and another was quoted as saying, “She was real happy.” Apparently not. Another quote from a neighbor was, “I’m just blown away.” No – that would be the children.

I am so heartbroken over this tragedy, and the fact that I think it was preventable makes it even worse. Many family members admitted knowing she was depressed, but none of them thought it might be a good idea to protect the children. I’m not blaming them, just questioning their judgement. The blame rests squarely on Christine’s shoulders.

The only good thing I could come up with was that, at least for the short time they were on earth, they were loved. By all accounts both parents doted on them and made them a priority. Small consolation though, since they will never be able to share that love with children of their own – or anyone else, ever.

Rest in peace, Lauren, Samantha and Kate.

Thanks for the heads-up go to Jennifer, Erin and our friends at Conservative Babylon. And to April who sent the links to my inbox.

"My daughter is dying."

Naiyana Gauri Patel killed her young daughters with hatchet, blames ghost

Mother attacks daughters with hatchet then turns it on herself

Mother who attacked daughter with hatchet blames ghost

I am not sure how to start this one, because the images in my head of the last minutes of 7-year-old Jiya and 4-year-old Piya Patel’s lives are so horrific, I feel sick.  Unfortunately, I don’t think there is an easy way to tell their story or a way to lighten the mood surrounding it so I am just going to give it to you straight.

On August 27th, Lalji Patel returned home from work to find, what I can only imagine was the most horrific thing a man could see, his two beautiful daughters both dead and their mother Naiyana seriously injured.

According to police reports Lalji was seen by neighbors leaving for work that Saturday morning, as he waved goodbye to his family he had no idea what would happen next.  Shortly after her husband left for work Naiyana went on a bloody rampage, attacking and killing both her young daughters with a hatchet.  She then turned the hatchet on herself and struck herself repeatedly in the head.  Employees at the convenience store the family owned said Lalji returned home an hour later, after an employee sent to pick up his family received no answer at the door.

According to the neighbors they heard his screams as he ran out of the house begging for help, as he called 911 he was heard saying, “My daughter is dying.” This poor man, my heart breaks for him; I can not imagine the pain he is feeling.  When police and emergency personnel arrived Naiyana refused treatment for her wounds, but was transferred to hospital where she underwent surgery to save her life.  She was listed in serious but stable condition.

The 33-year-old mother is now telling investigators a ghost attacked her and the children.

Relatives are saying she was being treated for depression after losing a baby and had recently switched medications because the first one was not helping.  Investigators removed the medication from the home during the investigation.

Just too sad…I can’t wrap my mind around it.

Rest in Peace Jiya and Piya.

Thank you to Laura, Marcy and Nichole V. for the tip.

Mother who makes you want to sleep with one eye open.

Margarita Obando denied bond after murder charge

Mother stabs 12-year-old son

Margarita Obando, 45 of Florida (honestly, again with this state?) is a confirmed lunatic who was still allowed to care for her son. Really?

I’m holding back from making more comments about Florida since the state does have a couple competent residents. I would hate to include them in what I am beginning to believe is a cesspool.

Margarita has a past mental history that included severe depression along with a host of other (scarier) issues.

On Friday May 6Th Margarita woke up in a batshit crazy mood. Around 7am her 12 year old son woke to find her in his bedroom watching him, frankly just reading that made me feel the heebie jeebies. Somehow he managed to doze off again. He awoke again but this time his mother was on top of him. She started stabbing him (mind you it was 2 days before Mothers Day) in the chest while telling him “I am going to kill you. I don’t want you to hurt anyone.” Isn’t that a bit of a contradiction?

The little boy got away, ran into another bedroom to hide and called 911. Meanwhile he had severe stab wounds to the chest, what a strong solider.

Margarita is clinically insane though and I am almost positive it will also be her excuse defense.

In 2009, she agreed to go to the South County Mental Health Center in Delray Beach after deputies responded to a call of a mentally disturbed person. Her husband said at the time that she was depressed and was talking about death. Last year, Obando attempted to jump from a friend’s car as they were driving to the mental health center. She was taken there for treatment.

She was so determined NOT to receive any help for her illness that she jumped from a moving-fucking-car and tried her best to kill her son, but wasn’t determined enough when it came to taking her own life? Seriously she could have just done us all a favor and saved her poor son the
memory of his mother stabbing him.

Where the fuck was this child’s father and/or her husband at the time? Is she married to Waldo? How the hell was she allowed to have visitation with her son or custody? I find it hard to believe in 2009 she was whacked out her mind for a hot second but did not have another episode of
craziness since.

Another completely disgusting fact, she was found about four hours after stabbing her son, walking her fucking dog.

Are you kidding me?!

Was struggling to kill your son not enough of a work out that morning? Blood is easy to clean up but like hell she would clean up a little dog shit in her house. Maybe she needed some fresh air? Fuck her either way.

The judge denied her bond; she currently has her ass parked in a jail cell charged with first degree attempted murder.

I can’t even congratulate the judge on revoking her bond. It’s slightly obvious that she can not function as a human being in society. I will just say that thankfully he exercised some common sense.

Before leaving court she did remember to ask about her son’s condition. The judge told her that he had read that the boy had survived, which the boy did.

No word about who has custody of the little boy though. Foster care was not noted. I like to think he is with someone who loves him, treats him well…. and lives a few states over.

**Rant on**

As far as Florida goes, I know I am going to catch a little crap for my statements (most of it’s in humor).  Frankly I checked the statistic’s and it’s hard to tell if Florida really has more abuse reports per capita.  Many states fight over who has more abused children.  Everyone wants that title. However again I will say I vacation in Florida, I know allot of good parents and families come from Florida. I would like someone, possibly a senator to read BB and feel the need to focus on child abuse though.

Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.


Chilling 911 Tape: Dad Describes How He Murdered Twin Daughters

David CrespiThis next tragic tale comes courtesy of fellow the True Crime Blogroll member Stephen McCaskill of Crime Scene Blog. Stephen links to a 911 call from David Crespi of Charlotte, North Carolina, who dialed the police immediately after “freaking out” and killing his two twin daughters. (The original link to the 911 call came courtesy of Crime in Charlotte.)

This call is one of the most disturbing things you’ll ever hear. Crespi begins the conversation by bluntly telling police, “I just killed my daughters”. Various police and emergency personnel spend most of the call attempting to assess the state of the girls. Despite Crespi’s repeated insistence that “they’re dead” and that there’s “nothing you can do…nothing”, the operators are obviously holding out hope that there’s something – anything – they can do. They spend a little time trying to assess why Crespi wigged out, positing that perhaps he had a fight with his wife, who had just left the house.

And that brings us to the most disturbing facet of this call: David Crespi himself. Here’s a man who has just done the unforgiveable – a man who will rightly go down in history as a murdering bastard. And yet, at the same time, he sounds so…pathetic. So…broken. The 911 operators (who, as Crime Scene Blog points out, deserve special honors for remaining so calm and professional in the face of such a tragedy) manage to learn that Crespi has a history of depression. What’s more, Crespi had just switched antidepressants a week ago, and hadn’t been sleeping as a result. In short, Crespi was fucked up. His mental state brought him to a fork in the road, where he had a choice between crying for help or letting himself snap. He chose the latter path. You can tell from the trembling and anguish in his voice that he knows he chose the wrong prong of the fork…and that there’s no taking it back.

I can only guess what Crespi’s wife must be going through. Can you imagine going out to get a haircut, and coming home to find your family demolished in a fit of insanity? She must have known, of course, that her husband was ill. But did she ever in a million years believe that he would be capable of such a thing?

Above is a picture of Crespi with his wife and daughters, in happier times. Here is Crespi’s booking photo. They don’t even look like the same human being…

David Crespi

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