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Couches and Bathtubs Vindicated!

Man Charged w/Abuse and Murder

Man Charged w/Murder of 18 Month Old Boy


Kerry Hawkins


I guess 29 year old Kerry Hawkins has read the child abuse for dummies handbook and decided the abusive couch and killer bathtub just wasn’t going to cut it when he beat his girlfriend’s 18 month old son to death.  So he hatched a master plan in that tiny pea brain of his.

He called 911 and reported a home invasion.  Jerk-off told police that two black males broke into his home, assaulted the baby and him and then fled.  Officer’s found the baby unresponsive; he was taken to the hospital and listed as critical but died the next day.

“Due to a meticulous and thorough investigation, the investigators identified the boyfriend as the suspect who (allegedly) physically assaulted the victim,” police said.  Hawkins was arrested and charged with first degree child abuse but now faces a murder charge.

Of course the defenders are lining up for their 15 minutes of fame…  His sister claims he could never do this because he has 5 kids of his own!  Since when has that ever mattered in these cases?!?  Not to mention, this wasn’t HIS child!!  Then there is a neighbor that states he’s lived there for 2 years and even worked with him a few times and never had any problems.  He says he’s a “good guy”.  Of course you wouldn’t have problems with this tw*t!!  This “good guy” beats on babies not grown men you fucking moron!!

According to the sister he was helping the mother out by letting her stay with him for a short while.  So here again we have a “mother” that leaves her precious baby in the care of the new boyfriend and the results are disastrous!  Neighbors say the “mother” has “moved on”…

I don’t know about anyone else but he doesn’t seem to have any injuries in his mug-shot above!!  One would think if “they” were callous enough to beat that baby to death then he’d at least have oh, I don’t know maybe a black eye, broken nose or jaw…  Something!  Here’s hoping the cowardly dildo actually does get assaulted in jail, repeatedly!!


R.I.P. Baby Boy


Thanks for the tip goes to Deena


Drunk Michigan Mom blows a .28 trying to pick up daughter from school

Police: Drunk Mom at Ferndale High School:

Cops: Drunken mom tries to pick up girl from Ferndale school:

53-year-old Bernice Davis of Detroit, Michigan is your new champion standing high atop the PBB BAC Board. While trying to pick up her daughter from Ferndale High School Davis was allegedly so drunk that her daughter, wisely I might add, would not get into the car with her. School staff contacted police who say Davis blew a mind numbingly .28 on the breath test. That’s is more than 3 times the legal limit in the US.

Not surprisingly weed and Xanax were also said to be found in the car.

Congratulations Ms. Davis. Currently you are our Most Drunken Parent To Put Their Kids At Risk on PBB.

Thanks to Sun Runner for the tip.

Guilty pleas in boy’s grill cremation and death

Detroit couple plead guilty in child’s death:

In 2007 Detroit police were investigating Nickella Reid and Joseph Miller on child abuse claims when their 1-year-old son Nicholas Miller was brought to the hospital with burns over 35% of his body. During that investigation Reid told police of 2-year-old Deuntay Miller’s death and that they cremated Deuntay’s body on a barbecue grill to avoid funeral costs. Except further investigations found that while they were avoiding funeral costs the pair were still collecting welfare benefits in Deuntay’s name.

Monday they entered pleas to the charges against them…

Nickella Reid, 23, pleaded guilty in Wayne County Circuit Court to involuntary manslaughter and welfare fraud in connection with the death of her son, Deuntay Miller, prosecutors said.

Joseph Miller, 28, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for Deuntay’s death.

When one of these welfare fraud cases happens it always makes me wonder what they spent the money on that they deemed more important than the death of their own son.

Thanks to Angie for the tip.

Francina Katina Shepard, Known Abuser, Kills One Twin and Beats Other

Francina Katina ShepardHot tipper Norma gave me the lowdown on one Francina Katina Shepard, who is apparently well known by Child Protective Services in Detroit, Michigan: three of her kids have been taken from her in the past. But that didn’t stop Shepard from bearing twins, and beating them both so severely that the 16-month-old boy died.

There’s very little information beyond that. Mostly all we have at this point are questions. Was CPS involved with these kids from the get-go, given Shepard’s history with the state? Did she give birth to them before or after the other kids were seized? In short, what (if any) is CPS’ culpability in this case? Obviously Shepard bears the brunt of the moral blame. But if this is another case of a state agency turning a blind eye to a known abuser, I’m going to blow my stack. It’s hard enough to watch what happens to some of the kids we profile on this site. It’s almost unbearable knowing that some of these tragedies could easily have been prevented.

If you have any information on this developing story – past CPS records, court records, etc. – please give us a heads-up.

(Some hot tipper supplied this link to me, but I lost their name. Sorry. It’s been a loooong week.)

Jacqueline Ellen Vuich Pleads Guilty to Injecting Nephew, Niece with Heroin in Her Mom’s Drug House

Jacqueline Ellen VuichCrap, I better blog this before another person emails it. Hot tippers Joanie, mgraber and April all thought of me when they saw the tale of Jacqueline Ellen Vuich, a 26-year-old Mount Clemens, Michigan woman who confessed to injecting her 15-year-old niece and 12-year-old nephew with heroin while they ate dinner. She was sentenced this week to serve eight years for the assault.

Good God. How fucked up is that? See, this is an idea that doesn’t even occur to a normal person. This is outside most people’s scope of possibility. Who sees a child sitting at a dinner table and thinks, “You know what that kid needs? A big dose of dope in his veins!” That’s twisted on the order of Infected Blood Mom. Why would anyone inflict this kind of torture on a child? According to the kids, Vuich did it just for the hell of it. She asked the boy if he wanted to try some smack and he, innocently, said he didn’t care. The overdose almost killed him.

But Vuich isn’t the kids’ mother, right? So why am I blogging this? Oh, friends…this whole family is fucked up. All of this happened under parental eyes. 47-year-old Jan Ruby Catton, Vuich’s mother, was also slapped with various charges, including running a drug house and a whore den. In the understatement of the century, Macomb County Circuit Judge Matt Switalski said that Catton was “probably not a good caregiver”. The house was constantly under CPS’s gaze before the incident occurred; the kids reported that Catton, their grandmother and guardian to a total of nine children, would order them to clean the den of all syringes and other paraphernalia before case workers showed up.

Catton insists that she tried to stop the drugging and the hooking. The judge sentenced her to two years probation anyway. Needless to say, she won’t be responsible for raising children for a while.

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