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Judge Drops the Ball, 8 year Old Dies as a Result



DHS wanted 8-year-old removed from mother’s care before death

Records show court refused to remove Tameria Greene from home

This is one rare story where DHS actually attempted to do their job and attempted to keep a murderous bitch of a mother away from her sweet child, but failed because some dickwad judge and court referee over-rode their recommendation.  DHS had been involved with 8 year old Tameria Greene since she was 6 years old and had recommended in November 2012 that the child and her four brothers be removed from an allegedly abusive environment. Unfortunately, because these asshats failed to oblige to DHS’s request, Tameria died on December 30th… less than two months after DHS made the request.


Tameria’s mother, 26 year old Semeria Greene, was charged with felony murder and child abuse last week as a result of the events on December 30th. On that fateful day, police were called to the residence only to find Tameria’s monster performing CPR on the little girl, who was unresponsive lying on the living room floor.  She was then rushed to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The doctors told police that, aside from the stab wound, she also had bruises, possible bite marks, and deep scratches to her face. The monster stated that the little girl was making sandwiches and had an “accident” which caused her to get stabbed in the chest. However, upon further investigation, police found no evidence of the phantom sandwiches.  That, paired with the other injuries that the girl sustained, they called bullshit and hauled the monster off to jail. Sources have stated that the monster took a knife to her daughter after a fight with her boyfriend.


This case is even more depressing ,and I know that DHS, CPS, etc gets ragged on for dropping the ball a lot of the time (mainly because they do, A LOT) but this is one case that the courts screwed this child because the idiot court ref stated that DHS had not proven that Tameria was in danger, even though they had doctor’s notes to corroborate the story in the November 23rd hearing. In 2010, the children were removed from the home because they had been left alone with no food in a house that was in total disarray, while the children sat in soiled nasty diapers. Tameria’s brothers are currently in DHS’s custody, but the paternal grandmother says she is trying to gain custody of the other children. Prayers go out to the family, as it appears they truly tried to stop this monster with no avail.


R.I.P Tameria, your smile is that of an angel. It is sad that you earned your angel wings too early.

Thanks go to all who sent this one in.

****Special thanks to Rochell for the write up!

Another System Failure: Zion Lost His Voice, Then His Life…

State Could Have Saved Maui Boy

Zion Suffered Numerous Injuries Before Death

Couple Indicted in Death of 4 Year Old

Bail Reduced for Suspect in Boys Murder


Kyle McKeown/Grace Lee-Nakamoto


4 year old Zion McKeown was taken to the emergency room by his “father”, 32 year old Kyle McKeown, and his tw*t of the month, 27 year old Grace Lee-Nakamoto.  They claimed he got his injuries from falling in the shower, attempting to perform CPR, and ant bites…

Little Zion had numerous bruises and abrasions on his body that were all caused  right before his death.  The twisted tw*t says they were ant bites…  He suffered multiple internal injuries to his lower abdomen, not the least of which was his pancreas was compressed against his spine.  Zion was half African American and was so pale from the loss of blood, the hospital thought he was Caucasian…  According to the coroner the injuries “could only have been caused by high-velocity blunt-force trauma.”  The most likely cause–someone stomping on his stomach while he lay on the ground.  That visual is killing me!  One of these worthless piles of shit stomped this poor baby to death!  I want to curb stomp both of them!!

When Zion was 6 months old DHS removed him from the care of his parents for abuse.  He was so severely injured at that time he couldn’t talk or speak normally, according to his maternal grandmother Maryann Rooney who is blaming the state for the death of this child.  “It’s their fault that he’s dead because they never even checked up.  When you do something that terrible to a child that he is permanently injured, this child could not talk, could not speak normally, why do you give him back.  He just needed a lot of love.”

She had guardianship of him and protested the states decision to give him back to her daughter, who according to Rooney has a history of mental illness and abusing her children, about a year ago.

Her daughter left Zion in the care of these two fucks.  She called to check on her son the night he was fatally injured and the prick wouldn’t let her speak to him.  The c*** got on the phone and told her, “You are no longer the mother.  He is being punished.  It is not your concern.”  She also told her not to call again.

Both have been charged with 2nd Degree Murder.  Initially they were both being held on $1,000,000 bonds but hers has since been reduced to $750,000.

If what the grandmother is saying is true this was yet another massive failure on the part of child services!!  The director of DHS in response to her allegations said, “I think in hindsight when we have a situation that involves the death of any child, I think it’s much easier to suggest there was a failure.”  Suggest??  I think the death of a child that has had previous involvement with child services due to abuse is the definition of failure, you bureaucratic pinhead!!  “We will be reviewing the facts of this case to see how it can better inform our practices going forward.”

He also says the community needs to believe the family court makes a decision based on what’s best for the child…  How was the decision to place this child, who was permanently injured from previous abuse, back in the arms of his abusers in his best interest?!?  With these kinds of decisions happening repeatedly and children being handed back to abusers for further abuse and/or death how can anyone have faith in the system??  When will there be a zero tolerance policy on abuse?  If you intentionally harm and injure your child you should lose all parental rights!  There should be no second chances!!!


R.I.P. Sweet boy, no one can ever hurt you again…




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