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“Should I kill her or give her another chance?”

Enabling foul snatch Lucienne Cauwenberghs


Depraved step-penis Bennie Nauwelaerts

Bad Belgian breeders (article in Dutch)

Our tipster kindly sent in a translation of the article, with some interesting combinations of words that I’ll add to this post.

These Bad Breeders are from Belgium, proving that Bad Breeders can be found all over the world.

Lucienne Cawenberghs (43) and her snatch-steamer Bennie Nauwelaerts (39) are very, very bad breeders indeed. Lucienne encouraged Bennie to act out his perverted sexual fantasies on her intellectually disabled daughter, known only as S. Bad Bennie also abused S and tried to kill her by suffocating her with a plastic bag. The abuse had been going on for 5 years! The relationship between Bennie and Lucienne was violent and turbulent, with lots of booze and “insatiable sex hunger”. Bennie would drink a crate of beer every day, and boy was he a mean drunk. He treated S. as a punching bag, laughing stock and later on a sex toy. If Lucienne didn’t like the perverted fantasies that Bad Bennie suggested, she would say “You do that with our daughter”. UGHH!!!

Bad Bennie’s excuse for abusing his stepdaughter was that “I got the creeps from that child” and that “she did everything wrong with that little sense of her”. She’s intellectually disabled, fucktard! She’s going to get things wrong, she’s going to learn things a bit slower than the average Joe. And that’s awfully intolerant of you to say that she’s creepy because she’s intellectually impaired! And then why would you rape her if you thought she was creepy?

One night, S. was having a bath and slopped water over the sides of the tub. This enraged Bad Bennie so he held her head under the water for 15 seconds. When she surfaced, he punched her and then held her under again! Lucienne came and saw the whole thing, and did fuck-all to stop it! Bitch! Apparently Lucienne hated her daughter because she saw her as a sexual rival. Because the step-penis was raping her and not having sex with his wife. Doesn’t this remind you of the film Precious? Where her egg donor hates her for “stealing her man” because her sperm donor is raping her?

The night that S. got away from those perverted freaks, Bad Bennie raped her and beat her unconscious. As she was lying on the floor Bad Bennie said “We’re going to get into trouble anyway, so why not just destroy her?” Lucienne said “Go ahead. But we have to make short work of it” So she put a plastic bag over her daughter’s head and watched as she struggled to breath. “It will not be long” Bad Bennie gloated. After two minutes Lucienne couldn’t stand to see her daughter like that anymore and begged Bad Bennie to stop. He agreed and said “Maybe we should giver another chance”. He tore the bag off of her head, while the egg donor tied S.’s hands and feet and put her on the rug in the loungeroom. Then they went to bed. At 6am, the egg donor came downstairs and freed S. and sent her to bed. 5 hours later, she woke her daughter and said “Run. Go to the police. You don’t have to be afraid anymore”. S. took her chance and ran. The Mechelen police found the girl on their doorstep, severely beaten and raped. They gave her some food and listened to the recount of her ordeal. When detectives rocked up to collect Bad Bennie and Lawless Lucienne, Bad Bennie of course went beserk. He lashed out at the police with a knife, which earned him smooches from Lady Pepper Spray. Lucienne went with the police willingly, along with two small kids that she has with Bad Bennie.

After her arrest, Lucienne learned that she was pregnant yet again. I hope they take that baby right away from her!! She doesn’t deserve any more children after what she did to her eldest daughter! The two younger kids are now in foster care, where hopefully their little brother or sister will join them. S. is now in an institution, where she can get all the care she needs in a safe environment.

This story is quite convoluted but at least there are no dead children.

Thanks go to Mauz for the tip!

Christina Meeks Didn’t Stand a Chance

Hall and Meeks II






Muskogee police arrest two in connection with 4-year-old’s death

Affidavit details abuse allegations in Muskogee girl’s death

Family: Wrong person arrested in death of Muskogee girl

Family of deceased 4-year-old confused by charges

Hearing in child’s death delayed until August 23

All children deserve to be protected and loved by all those who encounter them.  Those babies with special needs deserve that love and protection a thousand times over.  Unfortunately those who need the most love are often times the easiest to neglect and abuse.  Such is the case of little Christina Meeks of Muskogee, OK.  Christina was a beautiful little 4-year-old girl who was born with a rare form of diabetes which affected her kidneys.  She also had a tracheotomy, feeding tube, heart monitor and was unable to speak.  All of that should have made her a perfect candidate to be one of the most beloved little babies on the face of the planet right?  Of course not.  All of that made her a perfect target for abuse – she couldn’t defend herself and she couldn’t tell anyone what happened to her.

Christina’s paternal grandparents were given custody of her after DHS determined her very young parents – I have seen 14 as the mother’s age in some of the comments but nothing official (14-year-old mothers seem to run in the family, the maternal grandmother got pregnant with Christina’s mother when she was 14, also) – were not equipped to care for her with all of her medical needs.  Now, having a child taken away by DHS certainly doesn’t automatically qualify you for a spot here on our pages so, what does?  Christina’s uncle, Robert Meeks II (22) is accused of raping little Christina and her grand-breeder Betty Hall (42) is accused of having full knowledge of the assault and failing to report it.

According to police, a little after midnight on June 18th Hall woke up because Christina’s heart monitor alarm sounded.  She came out of her room and saw her son, Meeks II, come out of the bathroom, “look around suspiciously” and go quickly into his bedroom.  Apparently that wasn’t enough to trigger any sort of concern so she went back to sleep.  Five and a half hours later she woke up and went to change Christina’s diaper and that’s when she noticed something was wrong.  The diaper wasn’t as she had put it on earlier and was only partially on.  When she went to wipe Christina she noticed blood and only then realized Meeks II had “done something bad” to Christina.  This is the part where she freaked out, called 9-1-1 and beat her son senseless to pass the time while the police arrived, right?  Yeah, not so much.  She finished changing Christina’s diaper and crossed her little piggy’s hoping the injuries would just heal on their own.  Seems she was scared of her son and her husband so she didn’t want to say anything.  Yet another worthless POS who was “scared” and so chose to save her own ass rather than protect the most helpless of innocents.  Well guess what, the injuries didn’t go away.  Christina was finally taken to the hospital on Sunday suffering from a heart attack and high fever – nothing to do with seeking treatment for injuries from the assault.  Police were notified after examination revealed signs of a “violent” sexual assault.  Christina died at the hospital early Monday morning.

Hall is being charged with one count of neglect stemming from her failure to seek medical attention for Christina and failing to report the assault.  Meeks II is being charged with one count of child sexual abuse.  No charges have been filed in connection with her death because the ME’s preliminary report states she died as a result of her pre-existing medical conditions.  The DA’s office is hoping to determine whether the abuse exacerbated the medical conditions or in any way contributed to her death – I’m going to go out on a limb here and say duh, of course it did!

Warning: Opinions follow; quit reading now if you feel you may get your panties in a twist.

As you all may be able to guess, this super classy family doesn’t seem too concerned with Christina’s actual death just in trying to get their 15 minutes by lobbing claims left and right about who did what and not a single damn one of them seems to take any responsibility in this whatsoever.  Of course only one person (probably) actually sexually assaulted this little girl but where the hell was everyone else?  Her 14-year-old “mother” (who is now 18, I assume) was no where to be found, her bio-dad was no where to be found, the “mother’s” family only seems to be concerned with getting their scary mugs on TV claiming Meeks II didn’t know enough about Christina’s equipment to disable it long enough to assault her but yet they have not named anyone that they believe is actually responsible.  The paternal grandfather just outright denies anything happened.  All of you seriously need to spend a little more time teaching your barely pubescent children not to have sex and a little less time blaming everyone else for your epic fail.

RIP baby girl.  Everyone who knew you failed you.  You deserved so much better.

All charges against Meeks II have been dropped without prejudice but he remains a person of interest.  Hall is still in jail without bond facing a felony child neglect charge.

Thanks Yes_ive_dreamt_of_you_2 for the update.

Thanks go to Ruth and our very own CynicalMe for the tips.


Little Christina Meeks


Shoulder pressure

Mother Accused Of Stabbing Disabled Son 35 Times:

Pouty McBitchface over there is Robin Foster of Mansfield, Connecticut. She’s been arrested for stabbing her 16-year-old disabled son 35 times. 32 times in the back and 3 times in the chest.

At first she tried blaming a teen from the neighborhood. No word on if Foster is originally from South Carolina. If you get that joke +1 for you.

Police say she eventually admitted to police that she killed her son because she’s a lazy bitch. Not her exact words. Those were more like “she wanted the pressure of taking care of him off her shoulders”. If she thought that was pressure wait until she gets to lock up.

Surprisingly and thankfully the boy is hospitalized but alive.

We can only pray that he’ll get a real caretaker.

Thanks to Yarbz.

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